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Monday, August 7, 2006

At their room at The Beacon, Lizzie tries to con Jonathan into going with her to an appointment with her doctor, which would cause Jon to have to stand up Tammy. After he leads her on that he's ready to trade in his motorcycle for a mini-van he tells her that he's on to her and tells her to cut out the rich, spoiled girl crap and come clean with him when she wants him to help her. He tries to call Tammy to tell her he's running late, but she doesn't answer. Lizzie says he should go find her. Jon leaves to find Tammy and Lizzie leaves to go to the doctor.

At Cedars, Lizzie tells the nurse to change the birth father from Henry Bradshaw to Jonathan Randall. When the nurse asks if Randall is with "one L or two," Lizzie doesn't know. She tries to figure out a way to get Jon to meet her at the hospital and makes a phone call, telling the person that she needs help tracking somebody down.

Meanwhile, Jon has found that Alan forced Tammy away from Company and took her to Outskirts. Alan has been making veiled threats to Tammy about how Jon will eventually push her out of his life as he bonds more and more with his child and Lizzie. Tammy holds up strong against Alan. When Jon finds them, both Tammy and Alan say that everything is fine. Tammy reveals to Jon what Alan said about the baby pushing she and Jon apart, but insists that she'll never abandon the baby because the baby is part of Jon. As Tammy and Jon kiss, Alan tells them that "You kids think you have it all.....for now."

At the Greek Festival, Coop and Buzz argue about Olivia's treatment of Ava during the fire. They never come to a resolution, although Ava tells Coop that Olivia came between Buzz and Frank, and now she's coming between Coop and Frank. Coop says that he's going to get Olivia out of the picture. During these scenes, Coop continues to cough due to smoke inhalation from the fire.

Reva has also gone to the Greek Festival to see who it is that Josh is meeting. She watches as Josh gives Cassie flowers, touches her hand, and brushes back her hair. Reva calls Billy, telling him what she saw and that she wants Billy to tell her she's not seeing what she's seeing. She then says that dying lets you do things without worrying about consequences. Billy shows up to take Reva back to her room. After joining in some Greek dancing, Josh and Cassie worry together about where their relationship is going. Josh goes to get them some water and Cassie disappears.

In her room, Reva realizes that Billy knew all along that Cassie and Josh were drawing closer to one another romantically. When Billy asks her if Josh should have just twiddled his thumbs while she was away, Reva says, "Yes!" She tells Billy that she went through all of the treatments and surgeries to spare Josh and her kids so that Josh could make his mark on the world with his hospital project, while all along he was making a mark on her sister. Reva becomes physically ill while she rants. Billy tells her that the only one to blame for the outcome is Reva herself. Her response is "Screw them, and screw you, Billy." She begins packing. When Billy asks where she is going, she replies, "To see my kids." She tells him she'll visit them for as long as she can. She says that when a doctor says that all hope is up, you could have months, weeks, or days to live. Reva is very hurt and very angry. She yells at Billy to get out. As he's leaving he tells her to call him if she needs him. When he's gone she says that she doesn't need him or "You," as she picks up a photograph of Josh. She throws it against the wall.