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Monday, May 1, 2006

Dinah is preparing to take Mallet home from the hospital. When Mallet asks, Dinah tells him that Gus didn't visit him while he was being treated for the gunshot wound. In the hallway, Dinah leaves a message for Alan-Michael saying that she is frustrated with him not returning her calls and asks about the photos of Gus popping the pain killers and wants to know how his plan to get Harley to step down as CEO is going. Mallet joins her in the hallway just as Frank (who has just arrived after an uncomfortable encounter with Buzz at Company) arrives to question Mallet about the shooting. Mallet is fuzzy but Dinah snidely comments that Gus let Mallet take a bullet for him. Frank, thinking that Mallet had spoken with Dinah about their suspicions concerning Ross's plane crash, reveals to her that they suspect that Ross's crash might not have been an accident. Dinah gets very angry and demands to know if they think Ross was murdered. Frank asks her if she knew of anyone who had a beef with Ross. She reminds him that everyone loved Ross. As Frank and Mallet are telling Dinah the details, they mention Ross's assistant. Dinah asks, "You mean the one he was having an affair with?" Frank tells her that Ross wasn't having an affair, that his assistant was actually a lesbian private investigator. Dinah asks Frank if he thinks the culprit is someone in Springfield. Frank says yes, someone in the House of Spaulding. Dinah assumes that he means Alan, but Mallet corrects her, saying that Alan-Michael had met with Ross in Washington a dozen times recently. He asks her if she has any ideas about their meetings. She says no and tells Frank that she's not heard from him. As he leaves he tells them he'll keep them informed. Alone, Dinah vows to get Alan-Michael if he killed her daddy. Mallet and Dinah return to their room and Dinah leaves to get them some food. Outside the room, she again calls Alan-Michael, leaving him a message that whereas he had looked to her to be his friend, he has now found himself a mortal enemy and that she's coming straight for him.

At Cedars, Coop shows Ava the sonogram of the baby. She hands him the letter he has written to Oxford turning down the fellowship. When he goes into the examining room to get Lizzie, Mel is about to tell Lizzie the date of the baby's conception. Lizzie stops her, but we are able to see the date of April 10 on the chart. Mel leaves the room and puts Lizzie's chart in the file slot outside the room. Ava eyes it from across the hall. When Ava approached the doorway, Lizzie invites her in. Ava tells her that she's not there to cause any trouble for Lizzie and Lizzie thanks her for that. When Coop leaves the room for a minute, Lizzie rubs her pregnancy in Ava's face, telling her that she (Lizzie) is the one with history with Coop and tells Ava she can't compete with this, pointing at the sonogram. Coop returns to walk Lizzie to her car and Ava stays behind. As she's just about to go through Lizzie's chart, Coop returns and begins telling her how he already feels a connection to the baby. Ava tells him that's why he's worth fighting for, he does the right thing.

Alan and Beth enter Company just as Frank is leaving to go interview Mallet at Cedars. Alan tells Buzz and Beth that he doesn't want Coop involved in the raising of Lizzie's child. Buzz wants Coop involved and Beth says she wants whatever makes Lizzie happy. Beth leaves the two to go baby shopping. Alan tells Buzz that he is going to handle the baby situation the right way, that is, HIS way. Having left Jonathan to run Outskirts, Tammy goes to Company to ask Buzz for advice on what to get Jonathan for his motorcycle to show him she's not trying to domesticate him with babies. When she leaves Company, Tammy runs into a crying Lizzie, who blames the tears on hormones. She then admits that Coop will indeed love the baby but will never love her. She says that she now feels truly alone. Tammy tells her that she can count on her and Jonathan to be by her side. Lizzie says she doesn't deserve Tammy's friendship and starts to tell her why, but stops herself. Tammy and Lizzie go into Company where Buzz is very sympathetic to Lizzie. When Buzz goes outside he runs into Coop and Ava. Showing Buzz the sonogram, Coop introduces him to his grandchild. Coop asks Buzz to mail his letter to Oxford for him. While disappointed that his son is passing up a wonderful opportunity, he tells Coop that he is proud of him.

After leaving Company, Alan and Beth stroll along Main Street laden with more baby things and bantering back and forth about their power in their baby's life. Alan reveals that he is excited to be having this child with Beth, especially in light of her behavior over the past couple of months, and that he looks forward to their future battles. They go to Outskirts where they continue arguing about Coop's role in Lizzie and her baby's lives. Jonathan blatantly eavesdrops and Alan tells him to go away. Jon tells Alan that he should listen to his wife, that Coop will be the perfect baby daddy. Jon and Alan continue to spar about Alan's parenting history and Alan tells him that he's made mistakes but is going to do it right this time. Alan tells Jon that he's glad he ran into him because now Coop doesn't look so bad. At least the father of Lizzie's child isn't Jonathan. After Alan and Beth leave, Jonathan laughs eerily and tells his bartender he's leaving to "talk to a man about a baby."

Jon arrives at Company just after Buzz has left to mail Coop's letter. He taunts Coop about how Coop was with Lizzie, then Ava, then Lizzie, and now Ava again. He point blank asks when Coop and Lizzie did "it" the last time. Coop sends Ava away and tells Jon that since he (Coop) had just given up his entire future that day, it wasn't a good time for Jon to mess with him. Jon sarcastically remarks that he's shaking in his boots. Inside Company Tammy is telling Lizzie that she thinks Jon would make a great dad because he'd want to make up for all of Nate's mistakes. Just then Coop and Jon come crashing through the window, landing on Tammy and Lizzie's table.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Blake blurts out to Cassie that she slept with Jeffrey, and Cassie is upset despite herself. Later, Frank comes upon Blake and Jeffrey and reassures Blake that they're doing everything they can to get to the bottom of Ross's murder. This is news to Blake, since Jeffrey neglected to tell her what he knew. She also realizes that Jeffrey knew Ross didn't have an affair with Nikki before they slept together. Lizzie is horrified to learn that Jonathan and Coop's window-shattering fight was about her baby. To keep Jonathan from saying anything when the cops show up, Lizzie leaps in to swear the melee is all her fault. Later, Lizzie gets a call from Ashlee, who reminds that Lizzie owes her for fixing the records at the clinic. Jonathan watches from afar, wondering what the deal with the two girls is. He invites Ashlee out for coffee...and learns that she works at an OB-GYN clinic. Josh helps Reva "escape" the hospital. They go home and celebrate their reunion. The fugitives returns to the hospital figuring no one's the wiser, but get busted. After Josh leaves, the doctor gives Reva a check-up...and asks when she last had a mammogram.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Reva reluctantly goes for the mammogram she's been prescribed. The results lead to a biopsy. Her doctor offers to call Reva at home with the results, but Reva tells her not to. As she's waiting for the results, Reva gets a pleasant surprise in Jonathan apologizing for lying to her, and an emotional Reva apologizes right back. Unable to wait for the results by phone, Reva returns to the clinic, where she runs into another doctor, Colin McCabe. He tells Reva he was just about to call her. He's an oncologist. He explains to Reva that she needs more surgery so that he can take a closer look at the mass in her breast and determine if it's cancerous. Reva responds by railing at the doctor, but he gives it right back to her, pointing out that Reva's health is her own responsibility and she shirked it by skipping out on mammograms. He announces that surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Later, Reva lies to Josh and claims that everything is fine. The next morning, she doesn't tell him where she's headed. After surgery, she tries to keep herself occupied while waiting for results. She checks her cell phone and realizing it's dead frantically tries to have it replaced. Cassie comes to the rescue. The doctor calls...and Reva learns that her tumor is malignant. Reva arrives home, numb, only to have Josh sweep in and try to take her away to his waiting surprise. He spirits her to the redecorated Cross Creek and reveals that it's all theirs again. She tries to tell him her own diagnosis, but Josh is too full of plans for the veteran's hospital. Reva, realizing that Josh has constantly put his dreams on hold because of something she did, decides to keep her news to herself.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Harley tackles Gus when she sees him taking a pill, only to learn it's an antacid. Gus tells her he needs it to go face Mallet and admit why he was out of it when Mallet got shot. Gus interrupts Mallet just as he's accusing Dinah of trying to investigate Ross's death on her own. Mallet hears Gus's confession and says that he can make it up to Mallet by watching Dinah. Gus agrees. Meanwhile, Dinah is tearing Alan-Michael's room apart, searching for evidence. Gus comes in and tells Dinah he knows how she feels – his dad was killed too. Gus offers to work together to nail his brother. Olivia goes running to Buzz with a hotel problem, and Buzz asks if she's trying to ruin his relationship with his son. Meanwhile, Frank is ranting to Harley about Buzz and Olivia. Harley orders him to make up with Buzz. Pronto. Frank tries, but it only ends in another fight, which Olivia breaks up with a shrill whistle. She demands that they make up, too. Lizzie catches Jonathan on a "date" with Ashlee, but before she can do anything, Beth calls to say that Alan has invited Coop to the Beacon for a "chat." Lizzie arrives in time to overhear Alan urge Coop to step away from his unborn child...for Lizzie's sake. Coop responds by saying he intends to take care of his child...and its mother. The two take a walk and run into Mel, who hands Lizzie her file, including date of conception. Coop is dying to take a peek. Meanwhile, Ashlee tells Jonathan she's no fool. She knows why he's with her – he's trying to get dirt on Lizzie. Well, Ashlee will give him the dirt, but only after Jonathan has wined and dined her all over town so that people can see that a guy like him would go out with a girl like her. Jonathan agrees. But when he plants a hot kiss on Ashlee, he also steals her keys to the clinic.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Tammy sees Cassie at Company making calls and asks her to come to Outskirts for a Parent-Student dinner. She tells Cassie to dress up. Who knows, she might meet someone. She quickly figures out Tammy is matchmaking so Cassie won't focus on her and Jonathan. Tammy admits it's true, but she also thinks Cassie deserves a guy to make her happy. Cassie tells Tammy that she's enjoying being independent and asks her to back off.

Downtown, Mel gives Lizzie her test results, which include the date of conception. Lizzie is dismayed to read that she conceived in April. When Coop grabs the report so he can see it, Lizzie snatches it back and then fakes being in pain. She starts to recover quickly and tells Mel it must have been something she ate since she had a big lunch. Mel buys her story but suggests she have tests run to be on the safe side. Lizzie agrees and asks Coop to come with her.

Later, at Cedars, Lizzie asks Coop to hold her because she's scared. A sympathetic Coop holds her, telling her that she'll be fine and he'll always be there for her and their baby. Thinking that her pensive mood means she's skeptical, he reassures her that he's not going anywhere. He starts raving about how amazing having a baby will be. However, Lizzie's pensive mood isn't because she thinks Coop will leave - it's because she knows Jonathan's the father. Imagining the kind of father Jonathan would be Lizzie suddenly freaks out, but quickly covers, telling Coop how lucky the baby is that he's its father. She tries to beg off having the test, but Coop wants her to stay and have it. He tells her he has to make a call first and steps out. His call is to Ava - he has to cancel their date. Soon, he sees Tammy who compliments him on sticking by Lizzie. Coop points out that they're connected for life. Coop talks about how his life changes so quickly. Just a few weeks ago, he had his own drams, now he's going to be a father. He decides he has to make a choice.

Jonathan sneaks into the doctor's office at Cedars to get a look at Lizzie's file. Before he gets a chance to look at it, he's interrupted by Ashlee, the candy striper. Ashlee knows exactly what he is doing. She asks Jonathan what his obsession with Lizzie Spaulding is. Jonathan states that Lizzie did something to him and he's hoping to get back at her by digging up some dirt. He then preys on Ashlee's dislike of Lizzie, hoping she'll tell him something. It works. She knows something, but he has to meet her on Main Street at 9:00 p.m. wearing a tux. Jonathan goes to Outskirts to get his tux but is interrupted by Tammy. He quickly puts the tux away. When Tammy finds it behind the bar, Jonathan lies that some customer left it in the bar. He carries Tammy off to their bedroom, but suddenly "remembers" he has a family thing with Reva. He rushes out of the bar, after grabbing the tux.

On Main St., Jonathan finds himself at Ashlee's senior prom. She's hoping to make herself look good by having the coolest guy in town as her date. Jonathan doesn't want to be there at all and tries to leave. Ashlee tries to get him to dance with her. Suddenly, she blurts out that Lizzie's a liar - she never went to the clinic.

Josh comes home from his business meeting very excited; the governor is on board with his support. Reva likes seeing Josh this happy and points out it makes it all worthwhile. Reva gets a call from her doctor but won't answer it right away. When she finally does, the doctor tells her he needs to see her right away. Reva quickly brushes him off and hangs up, without giving Josh any indication of who was on the phone. Before leaving to go to the office, Josh starts raving about his new project. When he mentions that he thinks this will be a terrific year for the family, Reva starts tearing up but quickly covers. When Josh leaves, Dr. McCabe calls again telling her he needs to see her ASAP. Reva gets upset at his insistence and tells him she'll see him in a few months. After all what could it hurt? McCabe says it could be the difference between life and death. He tells her if she doesn't want to take responsibility for her health, he's through as her doctor.

Josh meets with Cassie at Company and starts raving to her about Reva's reaction to them having Cross Creek back and his new project. Cassie points out since Reva's going to be helping him with the project, he won't need her anymore. Confused, Josh tells Cassie he still needs her help, but she insists she's out. Josh tries to talk Cassie into working for him, stating that he needs her business experience. He seems to wear her down and when he asks if she wants to work for him and change people's lives or stay home all day. Cassie reconsiders.

Reva rushes to Cedars, upset at Dr. McCabe's ultimatum. Dr. McCabe tells Reva that although the tumor was removed, there's a chance some cancer cells spread, so he recommends radiation therapy. Reva doesn't like the sound of this and starts freaking out that she might need to have chemotherapy, too. The doctor suggests they handle it one step at a time. Upset, Reva asks him to promise that if she undergoes the procedure, she'll be fine. But the doctor can't promise that. Reva gets angry and McCabe points out he's only being honest. Did she want him to lie or sugar-coat it? He can't guarantee anything except that she'll get the best possible care. Reva suggests they hold off on the treatment but he doesn't think it's a good idea. He bluntly asks Reva why she never had yearly mammograms. Was it because she was afraid of having to face what she's facing now? Reva's really not happy with McCabe's attitude. She thinks he enjoys harassing cancer patients. Suddenly, it finally hits her - that's what she is. Though she's accepted it, she's still not ready to face it. Reva points out that her husband is working on a big project and the last thing he needs is to take care of her. McCabe tells Reva he'll be sure to tell him that when she's gone. An angry Reva fires the doctor and tells him to go to hell.

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