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Monday, August 9, 2004

Danny's world blows apart when Vinnie tells Michelle live on TV that her husband was responsible for the explosion that nearly killed her.

Michelle is upset but Danny levels with her and tells her he was undercover with the mob, but he never meant for her to get hurt. Michelle admits she doesn't believe he'd put her in harms way. Josh, Reva and Rick are upset at what Danny did, especially since Bill's girlfriend was a casualty. They take him to task and Tony defends his cousin. Rick and Danny nearly come to blows for what Danny did to Rick's sister and Danny vows he'll make the town proud of him again. But, Michelle tells him not to back down. The man she fell in love with was a rebel and that's okay by her.

Beth rescues Gus from the bar fight and she takes him home. She explains how important it is to keep in touch with your roots. Meanwhile, Harley goes to ream out Alex in jail for what she did to Frank, but Alex gets to her in a way no one else has and Harley ends up back at the Spaulding house, looking for Gus, just as Gus has gone to Harley's, seeking her out. Finding her not at home, Gus leaves town.

Jeffrey tells Cassie she's in danger from this person who's stolen her identity. He offers to keep watch on her and though initially she's resistant, she worries about her family and accepts his offer. Unbeknownst to all, an angry Dinah sees Cassie give Jeffrey a spontaneous hug through the window. Later, Bill and Dinah bond over the 'deaths' of their loved ones. Bill goes to Jeffrey and says in exchange for keeping quite about Eden, he wants Jeffrey to help bring Dinah home and get her leniency.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Yesterday, the news of Danny's involvement in the explosion broke on live television. Today, the news breaks again on the cover of the Springfield Journal.

Today's headlines on the Springfield Journal features Salerno blowing the whistle on Danny. Bigger headlines, though, are on the horizon regarding Danny's loan payments - which are late. Michelle asks Danny why he would have to prove himself to anyone in this town. Danny says he will own Springfield again.

Later, Cassie tells Danny that since she co-signed loans, she could go down with him. Cassie informs Danny that she knows the loans are overdue, and that she could be in danger of losing the hotel. Danny tells Cassie that he has a meeting with Josh today, and he will be able to get more than enough to cover the loan payments.

RJ sees Dinah, and she treats him to an ice cream cone. Dinah asks RJ to help her deliver a VERY IMPORTANT message. A hotel clerk informs Cassie that RJ has gotten away from him. When Cassie goes to look for RJ, Josh arrives to see Danny. Dinah has RJ call Jeffrey O'Neill. He tells Jeffrey to come and play with him and his imaginary friend. RJ tells him that they are at the Beacon. When Jeffrey calls and leaves a message for Cassie, Edmund overhears it and follows Jeffrey to the Beacon. Cassie calls for RJ. Dinah sends him back over to her. RJ tells Cassie that his imaginary friend got him the ice cream cone.

Josh announces that he has decided not to do business with Danny. When Danny questions why Josh is pulling out, Josh tells Danny that it is because the investors do not want to back a deal that Danny is involved in, because he is Carmen's heir. Later , Danny breaks the news to Cassie - and tells her that he will find someone to make a deal with. Dinah stands on a balcony overlooking them.

Shayne is pitching in the low 90s. Josh asks Shayne if that is what he really wants. Josh says he knows Shayne has much more on his mind than baseball. Josh tells Shayne they will talk later, as Josh heads to a business meeting. When Marina takes a call phone call, Reva points out to Shayne that he is miserable. Josh announces that the GM at the Cubs wants to talk to Shayne about playing ball. Marina goes to find Shayne to tell him the good news.

RJ runs off from Cassie. When Edmund comes up behind her, Cassie expresses that she is bothered by Jeffrey O'Neill. Cassie tells Edmund that the imposter may be in town. Dinah looks on. Tammy offers to take Edmund to lunch. She needs advice. Tammy tells Edmund that she is upset about the Spaulding internship competition. Tammy asks Edmund to help her get even. She tells Edmund all about how Lizzie set Joey up with the phony record executive, and how she filmed the whole thing with her cell phone camera. And Sandy overhears. Tammy says she wants to stick it to Lizzie.

As Ross and Blake are having breakfast at Company, Jeffrey arrives to see Ross. Jeffrey tells Ross that the matter regarding Danny has been taken care of. Jeffrey says that he is not going to investigate the explosion. Ross strongly disagrees. Just then, Ross receives a call from Dinah. Ross slips away to take the call. Dinah tells Ross that she is concerned about Jeffrey and her situation. She finds out that he is with Blake and Jeffrey. Blake seems to suspect something. Ross tells Blake to mind her own business. Michelle arrives and tells the BOTH of them to mind their own business., when Ross and Blake start in on her about Danny. Blake appeals to Michelle. Michelle announces that Springfield is full of hypocrites. Later, Shayne tells Ross that he wants to do something that may take the life that he has just gotten back.

When Jeffrey arrives to see Cassie, an angry Dinah aims for Cassie - and throws down a big clay potted flower. Cassie watches in horror as the pot comes toward her.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The flower pot thrown from the balcony by Dinah just misses Cassie, as Jeffrey sees what is happening and dodges Cassie out of the way. As Cassie, Jeffrey, and RJ emerge from the floor, Cassie experiences deja vu - then she and Jeffrey wonder if it really was an accident. Edmund arrives and learns about the near flower pot accident. When he goes to check things out, Dinah arrives at the scene of the crime. A hotel nanny takes RJ. Dinah lies to Edmund and says that she knew nothing about the accident. Dinah and Edmund examine the relationship between Jeffrey O'Neill and Cassie. Later, Cassie asks Jeffrey if the imposter has arrived in town. Cassie demands answers from O'Neill. Dinah tells Edmund that Jeffrey will go after Cassie and get what he wants, if he wants Cassie. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he will ensure that there will not be a second attempt on Cassie's life. Edmund asks Jeffrey why he just happens to be around whenever Cassie is in trouble. When Jeffrey goes to investigate the accident some more, Edmund drills Cassie about Jeffrey. Edmund swears it's his job to take care of Cassie and the family, not Jeffrey's. Cassie vows to Edmund that no one, not even the imposter, will come between them.

While Reva phones Sandy looking for Shayne, Ross listens as Shayne makes plans about his future. Later, Reva and Josh deliver the news of the Cubs to Shayne. Shayne decides that he does not want to play baseball anymore. Shayne, with the help of Ross, announces that he is going to Bosnia to start a mini peace corps. Josh appears to agree, while Reva does not. Marina looks shocked. She walks away. Shayne follows Marina. Reva asks Josh if they can really let him do this. Josh declares that Bosnia is not as dangerous as it used to be. Reva worries that something could happen to Shayne. Meanwhile, Shayne apologizes to Marina for not telling her his plans. Then, Shayne asks Marina to join him in Bosnia. Sandy questions Reva and Josh's attitude about Shayne's decision. Sandy tells them that there should be more guys in the world like Shayne. Josh tells Reva he hates it when Sandy is right. Reva expresses that she will have a hard time letting go of Shayne. Reva asks why the kids keep leaving. When Shayne announces that he is packed and ready to go, Reva and Josh say they'll stand by him.

Frank has searched New York City for Darcy, and has come up empty handed. No sign or trace of Darcy. At the same time, Harley tells Frank that Gus may as well have vanished, too. Harley vows never to be hurt by a Spaulding ever again. Ross arrives, and Harley asks if Frank can have his job back. Ross points out that he did aim a gun at Alan in front of a lot of people. To ease Frank's jobless woes, Harley tells Frank that he's moving in - and Harley also asks Buzz to move in, too. Buzz thinks they should take some time to think it over. Harley believes they can get Frank's job back, and rebuild their lives by doing it together. Buzz receives a special delivery, announcing that Company is being torn down by order of the government.

Phillip returns home. With Gus away, and Alexandra in jail, Alan [upset over having been stuck in the house with Olivia] tells Phillip he got so lonely that he phoned Amanda Spaulding. Alan says that Amanda did not mention Roger Thorpe. Phillip announces that his divorce from Olivia is now final. Phillip fears that the Spauldings have fallen, and plans to take back what is rightfully theirs - starting with Springfield. Phillip's remark sparks Alan's interest. Olivia arrives at that moment. Phillip tells her that there is no rush to move out. Alan picks up on the fact that Olivia is coming after them. Later, Phillip unveils his new vision of Springfield.

Olivia tells Bill she plans to take everything Phillip has. Bill once again declines to help. Later, Dinah arrives to "take care of Bill." Bill tells Dinah of Olivia's plans to take down the Spauldings. Meanwhile, Jeffrey investigates where Cassie's accident took place. Jeffrey suddenly thinks back to Dinah in Europe. Ross arrives and asks Jeffrey about Dinah's case. Jeffrey tells Ross that if Dinah ever sets foot in Springfield, he will throw the book at her. Dinah tells Bill of her prison experiences in Europe, and how she earned the respect of the biggest bullies in there. Dinah tells Bill that the way to earn respect is to just slap 'em in the mouth. When Bill goes to see Olivia again, he tells her that he has changed his mind - he says he will help Olivia with her vendetta against the Spauldings. Jeffrey tells Ross that Dinah must pay for her crime. When Ross phones Dinah requesting that they meet in person, we discover that Jeffrey has overheard.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Buzz is devastated over the government's letter advising that they are taking Company. Harley accuses a new customer of being a spy. Buzz stops Harley. Buzz thinks back to the time that he lost the diner, and then acquired Company - how can they tear it down? Harley tells Buzz that she will stop this, and she knows exactly where to start. Harley goes to see Jeffrey O'Neill. Harley tells Jeffrey about the imminent domain regarding Company. Jeffrey advises Harley to seek legal advice. Harley accuses him of not wanting to help. Harley points out how she helped him in the antimonius drug ring, and so why can't he help her with Company? Later, Harley and Buzz find out that Phillip is behind what is going on with Company.

Outside Company, Tammy contemplates blowing Lizzie out of the water. She asks Sandy for help. Suddenly, Lizzie and Joey arrive. Lizzie and Sandy go inside, while Joey stops for Tammy. Tammy shows him a photo of the meeting between Lizzie and the phony record producer. Tammy tells Joey that Lizzie is setting him up. Later, Sandy tells Lizzie what Tammy is up to. Joey accuses Tammy of lying, while Lizzie watches them. Joey swears Lizzie is telling the truth, as they have just came from the record producer's office. Joey believes it is real.

Tony, while working out, has visions of Michelle in a bikini. Suddenly, Tony's dream is interrupted when Michelle trips over a bar bell and falls on him. Tony questions Michelle's visit - and then Michelle asks Tony if Danny is having financial problems. Tony tells her to ask Danny. When Olivia arrives at the gym, she makes small talk with Michelle. Michelle suspects Olivia is up to something. Olivia runs into Lizzie at company. Lizzie insults Olivia, while Olivia points out that Tammy and Joey look so happy together. Joey asks Lizzie if what Tammy is saying is true. Lizzie denies it completely. Lizzie tells Joey that she gave the record producer $$ singles to pay for the valet. Joey forgives Lizzie. Later, Phillip finds a distraught Tammy. When Phillip asks is he can help, Tammy asks him to make Joey love her again. Tammy tells Phillip that since Joey came from a poor family, Lizzie is only trying to buy Joey. Phillip calls Lizzie, and asks to talk to Joey. Phillip tells Joey that they need to get better acquainted, and invites him to dinner.

Danny approaches Phillip with a new deal. He offers Phillip some vacant Santos owned lots. Phillip declines, and Danny tries to get him to reconsider. Phillip advises that there are outstanding debts on those properties that the buyer would have to assume. Phillip tells Danny to check the want ads if he is hard up for cash. Later, Tony offers Danny his help by giving him a job. Danny flatly declines Tony's offer. Michelle blasts Danny for turning down Tony's job offer. When Danny tells Michelle that it's fine and that they don't need the money, Michelle tells Danny that he is lying right to her face. Michelle announces that she knows about the overdue loans. Michelle insists that Danny take the job. Danny says he does not want to take a step back. Michelle announces that she doesn't like the fact that Danny is waiting for the "old Michelle" to come back.

Ross shows up in the park for his meeting with Dinah, while Jeffrey watches. When Jeffrey intervenes, he discovers that Ross is meeting with a Mrs. Blaine from the soup kitchen - not Dinah! She looks just like Dinah. Meanwhile, Dinah takes measures to make sure that it appears that she is still in Europe. While Dinah looks over photos of Cassie, Ross arrives. Ross tells Dinah that she must leave Springfield today. It is not safe. Ross believes Jeffrey knows Dinah is here. Ross says he would rather miss Dinah, than to visit her in prison. Ross hands Dinah some cash, and tries to send her on her way. Ross says he is proud of Dinah. In a flashback, Dinah and Jeffrey call each other Cassie and Richard. Jeffrey tells Dinah that she will end up back in that prison cell if she tries to cross him. Back in the present, as Dinah prepares to leave Springfield, Jeffrey appears outside Dinah's door.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Michelle and Danny are arguing about his refusal to work with Tony in order to help pay his debts. Michelle thinks Danny should take the job but he feels as if that would be a step backward for him. He tries to explain that she was the reason he got out of the mob business to begin with, but that just exasperates Michelle who asks if he can live with who she is now. She tells him that she's angry that he keeps hiding things from her and tells him to tell her exactly how bad his financial problems are. He does and that asks what good did it do. Michelle tries to tell him that it was good because now she can help him. Danny's skeptical that Michelle can help him. His doubts frustrate her and she stalks off.

Angry, Michelle goes to the lighthouse and calls Tony to meet her. When Tony arrives, Michelle tells him that she has a solution for everything. She notes that the lighthouse makes her feel better and she thinks it could do the same for others too. Her idea is it turn the lighthouse into a restaurant-type gathering place and she wants him to go in with her. Tony's very resistant at first, telling her it's a bad idea. But Michelle's convinced it can work. Tony tries to dissuade her by stating that Danny won't be happy that she's using his money since the way he (Tony) does business is not normal. However, she's able to sweet talk him into agreeing. When he does, an elated Michelle jumps into his arms and they kiss passionately.

Harley is shocked that Phillip is the head of Springfield Corp. He tells her that he has plans for that part of town and Company is in the way. When Harley and Buzz get upset, Phillip ties to convince them that's it's a good deal and tries to encourage Buzz to take the money. When Marina walks in and learns what's going on, she gets upset and attacks Phillip. Nonplussed, Phillip tells the Coopers that it's nothing personal, it's just business. Again he encourages Harley to look over the contract and encourages Buzz to take the money. When Harley states that they'll stop Phillip, he smugly asks her if she really thinks they can. After almost getting attacked by Buzz after that remark, Phillip leaves. With Phillip gone, Buzz seems resigned to his fate and tries to make the best of it, but neither Harley nor Marina believe that he wants to give up Company and encourage him to fight. Suddenly, Harley gets an idea on how to bring a Spaulding down--use a Spaulding. Knowing she's talking about going to Gus for help, both Buzz and Marina try to dissuade her but she's determined to find Gus.

Cassie sees Bill at the gym. After some small talk she tells him she wants to talk about putting a security system in her home. He tells her that although he doesn't do that kind of work, he'll refer her to someone else.

At the Beacon, Edmund gets some information on Jeffrey. It seems Jeffrey has been on a leave of absence--hence he's not conducting any official investigation. Later, he questions Cassie about her faith in Jeffrey, specially how if he's trying to help her find her imposter, why is it taking him so long? After a small argument on the subject of Jeffrey O'Neill, Cassie changes the subject and tells him that she's having a security system put in the farm.

Jeffrey picks the lock on Bill's apartment and lets himself him, planning on planting a bug. Unbeknownst to him, Dinah is lurking in a corner, holding a dagger. Soon, Jeffrey's caught by Bill, who accuses him of breaking and entering. Jeffrey covers though by stating that the door was left open. Jeffrey lets on to Bill that he knows he's hiding Dinah and warns him that she's a lost cause. When Jeffrey leaves, Bill confronts Dinah and asks her if she was lying when she told him she was in town to turn herself in. Dinah maintains that she didn't lie, she just lost her nerve. Bill warns her that she's not safe and she tells him that she knows--she needs to disappear. When Dinah thanks him for everything he's done, Bill persuades her to stay so they can enjoy one last dinner together. He goes out to get food after she assures him that she'll be there when he returns. However right after he leaves, she starts packing. While packing, Bill's phone ring--it's Cassie wanting to talk about the security system. Hearing Cassie's voice on the answering machine, Dinah picks up, but doesn't speak.

Danny sees Bill outside and proposes that they work together again, this time to rebuild Fifth Street. It's obvious that Bill's not fond of this idea at all. Bill's still resentful of how Danny lied about not using dirty money last time and how that ended up hurting not only Eden but Michelle as well. Finally, he lashes out and shoves Danny!

Jeffrey returns to Bill's apartment, this time to see Dinah. He knew she was there since he could smell her perfume. Dinah, who is still holding the dagger, tells Jeffrey that he could just let her walk away. No one would have to know. Just then, he pulls her into a passionate kiss.

At that moment, Cassie and Edmund (who had decided to visit Bill in person to talk to him) arrive outside the door.

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