GL Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on Guiding Light
Michelle and Danny admitted their love. Rick suspected romance for Phillip and Beth. Olivia set up Alan and ensured payback for him tampering with her birth control pills. Cassie and Danny's associates questioned their relationship. Alexandra kept “secrets” about it, but Gus believed Miguel Santos could be his biological father.
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Monday, February 17, 2003

Beth was getting drunk at the Beacon, since it was her birthday and Valentine's Day, and she was all alone. Beth had a few words with Olivia, saying that Beth had tried to do the right thing by Phillip, Bill, and Lizzie while Olivia had been going after a man who was spoken for and pitting father against son. She pointed out that Olivia had two men fighting for her, and Beth had nobody. She left and moved on to Towers to have a few more drinks.

After Bill told Michelle his feelings of wanting to get a room and make love to her, Michelle told Bill to get them a room. While they were kissing, waiting for the elevator, Beth stepped out of the elevator and said, "Well, if it isn't my ex, with the woman he left me for..." Bill told Beth to go get some sleep, but Beth just kept talking and told Michelle how Bill had made her feel like he would love her forever, and what he had done was love her long enough for her to leave Phillip and ruin her relationship with Lizzie. She said she understood how easy it was to fall for Bill because she had fallen so far in love she had fallen on her face.

When Beth finished, Bill didn't feel like going up to the room and told Michelle she was right and that they needed to take it slowly. Michelle was trying to convince Bill that she wanted to spend the night with him, but Bill kept arguing that it wasn't the right time. Michelle was mad. When Bill offered to take her home, she told him she would take a cab, and he should stay and go after Beth to nurse his guilty conscience.

Back at the Beacon, Cassie walked in with her kids, and they were running around and caused a drink to spill on Olivia. Olivia jumped up and screamed, "Control your brats!" Cassie got her kids taken care of then went over, kind of popped Olivia in the back of the head, and asked her what her problem was. Olivia started bawling, and Cassie said, "Are you pregnant?"

When Olivia confessed, Cassie said she was worried about Olivia being a mother and referred back to Olivia screaming at Cassie's kids. Cassie explained that kids ran and played and spilled things. Cassie said it shouldn't matter because Olivia could hire a nanny so she'd never have to raise the child. Olivia said she was doing it on her own, explaining there would be no father to help either. Cassie said, "That's stupid! You didn't get pregnant on your own, and you can't raise this child on your own, either."

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan was talking to Alexandra, saying he planned on telling the whole world that Olivia was pregnant with his baby. Alex, remembering the photos she had found, asked Alan how he knew Olivia was carrying his baby. Alan said that Phillip would never go as far as to sleep with his father's wife. Alexandra accused him of using the baby as a pawn when he said he already had a trust fund set up for the baby. When Alan left, she deleted a message from the answering machine of Olivia calling for Alan then she called Lizzie and asked her to call and invite Alan up for a visit.

Zach fell asleep on Harley's lap, and Gus picked him up to carry him to bed; the doorbell rang. He answered it with Zach still in his arms, and it was Phillip. He offered to let Phillip carry Zach up to bed, but Phillip said, "No," and Harley invited him in. While Gus was tucking Zach in bed, Harley and Phillip talked, and she found out something about him she had never known.

Phillip had had a special nanny at one point when he had been young that he had loved. He said she had been like a second mother to him. He had called her Reggie T, although that had not been her real name. It had been shortened so Phillip could pronounce it. When Harley asked what had happened to her, he thought back and said she had disappeared one day, and he had thought Alexandra had gotten rid of her. She tried to push for more information, but Phillip wondered why she was so interested in an old nanny.

When Phillip left, Gus asked what that had been all about. He said he knew Harley's style, and she had been "interrogating." Harley confessed that she knew what had happened to Roy Baker and explained how Alexandra had gotten him transferred, which was why she had been at the hospital that day when he had left for Chicago. She told him of the paper Roy had dropped for her that had had the name Gina on it. She told Gus she was wondering if there could be a connection -- Gina or Reggie, which could be a short form for an Italian name like Regina.

Harley and Gus got out the records they had gotten from Danny and found an R.T. that had made weekly payments to the Santos family and had lived at the same address that his mother and the dead Jane Doe had. The payments had stopped the week of her death. They sat around and tried to figure out what Alexandra could possibly be hiding.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Gus had Alexandra and Edmund taken into the station for questioning. Alexandra asked Ben to have her lawyer meet her at the station. Ben informed Alexandra that her lawyer was not available. Ben went to Company and mentioned to Buzz that Alexandra had been arrested. Buzz asked Ben if he had seen Edmund at the station as well. Ben confirmed that Edmund had also been at the station and asked Buzz not to divulge the information to anyone.

Later, Ben sought Ross's advice regarding his job. Gus questioned Alexandra and Edmund separately. Alexandra finally admitted to Gus that his father was Miguel Santos and that his mother was Phillip's au pair, Regina. Alexandra admitted that Regina had been under Miguel Santos' protection. A devastated Gus ordered Alexandra to get out and to take Edmund with her. Later, Alexandra revealed to Edmund that Gus did not know the whole story, but if her ever found out, he would be sorry. Harley comforted Gus by reminding him that his real parents were the Augustinos.

As Olivia fantasized about Phillip, she realized he was standing right in front of her. Olivia asked Phillip if he regretted the night they had shared. Phillip regarded the past as the past and was glad they had not hurt more lives. Monica, Alan's P.I., approached Olivia. Monica revealed to Olivia that Alan had replaced Olivia's birth control pills with a placebo. As Monica left, Phillip approached Olivia and said that he did not regret sleeping with her. Olivia wanted to tell Phillip that she was pregnant, but she held back.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

At the Bauer house, Rick was talking on the phone when he heard a car pull into his driveway. Danny entered. He said he was there to pick up Robbie. He then asked where Michelle was. Rick said that Michelle's schedule was crazy. However, Danny noticed that her car was parked in front of the house. Rick asked him to cut her some slack. He yelled and said he was leaving. Danny exited.

When Michelle entered the kitchen, Danny was there. He wanted to get things out in the open. He said the games they were playing had to stop. She said that she and Bill were more connected than he knew. He wanted to know if she had slept with Bill. She replied, "What if I had?"

Danny wanted to know why Michelle was answering his questions with a question. She told him that maybe it was none of his business. He told her she couldn't help being in love with him. He knew that they were meant for each other. He told her he was scared too. He said he would continue to hope that she would give him another chance.

Danny said he couldn't stand the thought of living his life without Michelle. Bill entered. Danny told Bill to return later, since he and Michelle were talking. However, Bill said it would be a mistake for him to leave. Danny added that it would be an even bigger mistake if Bill stayed.

At Towers, Bill was showing Billy some construction plans. Billy asked him what was wrong. He felt as if Bill didn't like the idea of Danny being his boss. Bill saw Beth enter. As Bill watched, Beth walked by and sat at another table. Bill told Billy that he needed to talk to Beth.

Bill joined Beth at her table. He told her he wasn't angry with her. She remembered enough of what had happened the night before to know how she had acted. Bill couldn't find fault with what she had said the night before and agreed that he hadn't been treating her right. Bill exited.

Rick asked Phillip what was going on. Phillip said that his world had changed. He said there wasn't anything to tell because he had returned to his senses. He felt that what he had done with Olivia was wrong. Rick said it seemed as if Phillip was still in love with her.

Phillip entered. Beth agreed to go with him to see Lizzie. He exited to use the payphone to call the airline to get a ticket for her. Rick told her that she had invited herself to go along. Rick wanted to know if it weren't an amicable gesture. Beth and Phillip exited.

At the Beacon hotel, Dr. Sedwick told Olivia about the birth control pills. She said she had ordered the lab to check them. Olivia said there was a problem with the pills. Dr. Sedwick told her that the pills were sugar pills. She said Olivia had been victimized and needed to have an investigation. Olivia said she needed to consider her options. Olivia said didn't know what she was going to do with the information. Dr. Sedwick exited.

Olivia called Alan to tell him that she had left a message for him. She said that she would like to talk to him. She asked him to meet her at Mystic Island. She played the part of a romantic wife. Olivia began to daydream that Phillip would lose everything if the baby was his. Then she reverted to remembering how life would be if it was Alan's baby. She dreamed that she would be happy. Then she saw Phillip entering the room in her dream. When she returned to reality, she realized that the baby should be first.

Alex entered the Spaulding mansion. She was surprised to see Phillip. Alex wanted to know if he was going to see Lizzie. He told Alex that she seemed anxious to get rid of him. She explained that she thought Lizzie was homesick. She didn't want him to disappoint Lizzie and not show up. He doubted her opinion. He informed her that he wasn't interested in Olivia or Alan. Phillip exited.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

At the Bauer house, Danny told Bill that he and Michelle had been having a private conversation. Danny suggested he leave Michelle alone. Michelle said to leave. Michelle clarified she was talking to Bill and wanted him to leave. Bill exited.

Michele said she wasn't going to move backwards because she was starting a new life on her terms. Screaming, Danny told her that she wasn't willing to try. Michelle told him that it was over and begged him to let her find her happiness. Danny exited.

Bill entered. Bill said he hadn't liked being sent to his room like a child. She kissed him passionately. Michelle told Bill that he was the one that she needed and wanted and for him to lead the way. They walked to the bedroom. As they were beginning to make love, Michelle saw Danny's face in place of Bill's. Bill told her she wished he were Danny. Bill started to dress again and said that he wasn't gong to stick around. Bill left.

At Towers, Tony and Cassie were wondering where Danny was, since he was supposed to meet them. Tony told her that she was also Danny's mouthpiece. Tony said that he had worked closely with Danny before she happened along. He commented that before, Danny had never been late for meetings and had been more focused. He felt that the reason was Cassie.

Tony wanted to know if Danny and Cassie's relationship had gone beyond being business partners. He apologized for being so personal, but he wanted to know if the Towers job was going to succeed. She reminded him that she had invested a lot in the project. Cassie said that all Danny thought about was getting Michelle back.

As Tony was leaving, Danny entered. Standing, Tony told Danny that he was an hour late. Cassie said they had been worried about him. Danny said that the project was on his list of priorities. He apologized for being late. Cassie said they had the bridge loan. Cassie said even if they opened the next day, it wouldn't help him get Michelle back. Cassie exited to make a telephone call.

Danny reassured Tony that he wasn't keeping him in the dark. He wanted to know if the expansion ideas included Cassie. Danny said they needed her because her name wasn't Santos. Danny wanted to give the Santos name a good reputation. Tony agreed to stay with him. Cassie entered. Tony said he was going to see if he could find them some seating options. Tony left. Danny said he needed to leave to pick up Robbie at the sitter's.

At the Beacon Hotel, Alex wanted to know where she was going on the Spaulding jet. Alex said Olivia's situation was a little difficult with the involvement with Alan and Phillip. Olivia said she had a plane to catch. Alex said there was a solution, and that was for Olivia to divorce Alan. Then Olivia could get back to her carefree ways. Alex reminded Olivia that she would be at the mercy of the Spaulding men if she had the baby. Alex suggested a clinic in another country.

Olivia took the information. She said without the baby, she and Alan would be finished, and she would be out of Alex's life for good. Alex admitted that she did have a stake in the situation. But Olivia said she liked a challenge, and she thanked Alex for helping her to make a decision. She said that she wanted the baby, and she couldn't wait to meet the little one. Smiling, Olivia exited.

Olivia called Alan to let him know that she was on her way to the airport and would see him soon. Alan said he had been waiting for the reconciliation. Olivia told him that there was something they needed to talk about. She wanted to be sure they would be alone. Alan said there was nobody around.

Olivia entered the cottage at Mystic Island. She commented on how beautiful the cottage was. Alan said he had done it for them. Alan said he wanted her more than ever. He said nothing could stop them. Olivia said it would be a good idea to get their relationship back on track. He noticed that she wasn't drinking.

Olivia heard footsteps. Alan said he would go and check. She poured him a glass of wine and handed it to him when he returned. They decided to toast to her pregnancy. He said she had made him the happiest man in the world. He wanted to know why she hadn't told him sooner. Olivia said it had worked out perfectly for him because it was like he had planned it. Olivia said the stars had gotten a little help. She reminded him of the private investigator that he had hired to switch her birth control pills. She told him that he was going to pay for what he had done.

Alan didn't deny what he had done. But he said that he had always believed that the end justified the means. He said he and Olivia had what they wanted with her being pregnant. Alan felt the baby would bind them together, but Olivia said it would be like a ball and chain. She told him he was delusional if he wanted her to thank him.

Olivia said Alan knew nothing about love. He said he loved her. However, she reminded him how he had behaved with faking heart attacks. Olivia told him there was no baby because she wasn't pregnant. She said she had miscarried. She told Alan that her doctor had told her she would never conceive thanks to Alan.

Alan didn't believe Olivia because he said Monica Parker had only put sugar in the pills. Crying, Olivia said she would be infertile for the rest of her life. Alan wanted to know why he was feeling so tired. Olivia told him he had ingested poison. But then she said it was only a sedative, and he would have a very long and sound sleep.

Olivia told Alan that it could be months before anyone found him. She took his cell phone and said she was going to cut the power and phone lines before she left. She told Alan she would be with his son if he needed her. Olivia exited. The power went out in the cottage.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Reva called a family meeting, which included Bill, Billy, Marah, and Cassie, to tell them that they thought the stalker had gotten the phone numbers from her address book. She wanted everybody to change their phone numbers and not give her the new numbers until they caught the person stalking her. Marah informed them that she had just left the police station because she had received a call from the stalker, too, and the person had said, "Time is running out."

Blake, Holly, and Ross were discussing a possible lawsuit against WSPR when Ross got a phone call from the police station, asking if Holly could account for her whereabouts an hour before and explained that Marah had received a phone call from the stalker. Holly was mad and asked, "What do I do? I wish they would put me on 24-hour surveillance to prove I'm not doing this!" When Blake asked her to move in with them, Holly said, "To have a built-in babysitter?" Blake said, "No," in a way that showed she doubted her mother's innocence.

Holly said, "You think I did it, don't you?" and Blake tried to convince her that she didn't, but Holly flew out of there and went to Reva's. There, she swore to Reva that she was not doing all those horrible things and would never threaten Marah. She also informed Reva she had been fired from WSPR, and Reva was shocked and upset. Josh walked in and made it clear he thought Holly was guilty, upsetting Holly all over again. Holly left saying, "Fine!" Reva was mad at Josh for thinking Holly was guilty and said she was going to make this creep go out in the open. She vowed it was going to stop.

Rick could tell Michelle was upset and asked her what was wrong. She told him that she thought she had just ruined her and Bill's relationship and was not even sure they were still friends. She was mad at herself for hurting and using him. Rick encouraged her to go find him and work it out.

Michelle didn't have to find Bill because Bill showed up at her house. Bill told Michelle she should work things out with Danny. Michelle apologized several times, and Bill assured her that they were still friends. Their conversation took place in the doorway, and Bill left without even entering the house.

When Frank visited Rick, Rick confided in him about Michelle's problems with Danny and Bill. Frank said to send Michelle his way. Rick said, "Don't even think about her." Frank sounded like he was teasing, saying he would make the perfect brother-in-law, and showed Rick that he had taken his wedding ring off. Rick seemed very serious and irritated when he said, "Stay away from my sister."

Danny was at Towers, trying to get things together. Gus showed up while Danny was telling the cook to not cook with grease that had peanut oil in it because a lot of people were allergic to peanuts. Gus was returning the boxes of records he had taken. Gus asked Danny if he had ever known any of his dad's women friends, and Danny said no, explaining that his dad had never been home and had never taken the kids around any women or business. Gus said that what Danny had told the cook was a good idea because he was allergic to peanuts, and Danny said, "So was my father."

Bill and Cassie showed up at Towers together to talk about renovations, but Bill backed out when he got there and told them he didn't want to be part of the project anymore. Danny said that what had happened the night before with Michelle was nothing and had nothing to do with business. He added that Michelle had thrown him out. Bill said he didn't want any part of it, and as he left, he told Danny he would have to find another way to push Michelle's buttons.

Danny felt that he had let Cassie down and was apologizing for screwing everything up. Cassie tried to tell him that he was fine and that it was not his fault. Danny said, "No, it isn't okay. I want to be a good business partner for you." He left. He showed up at Michelle's door. She gave a sigh like she was disgusted to see him.

Harley told Buzz about the possibility of Miguel Santos being Gus's father, and Buzz was concerned about repercussions if Miguel was, in fact, Gus's father. Buzz volunteered to try to get information out of Alexandra. He told Harley that if Gus's mother had been Phillip's nanny, there had to be a picture of her somewhere in that house.

Harley went to the mansion and told the butler that she was there to collect some of Zach's clothes and pictures of Phillip when he had been baby. When the butler informed Alexandra, she said to herself, "You never give up, Harley."

When Harley was leaving, Alexandra stopped her from taking the pictures. Alexandra told Harley that Gus needed to just get over it because he has a nice girlfriend and had a nice family situation with Harley and her kids. The information he was trying to find could change all that. Harley still managed to get out with a picture marked "Phillip and Reggie" on the back.

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