GL Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on Guiding Light
Father Ray and Cassie helped Danny and Michelle. Rick covered for Jesse's faked heart attack. Rick feared Michelle would be captured. Richard “courted” Cassie and confessed he loved her. Edmund told Beth he knew Phillip was the father. Harley demanded to know what Edmund had on Phillip.
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Monday, March 20, 2000

In San Cristobel, Cassie opened the door to Richard, who handed her a bouquet of flowers. She invited him in, and he accepted, but he told her that he needed to tell her something first. He told her that he didn't mean to insult her or make her think he was pressing for them to have an heir. She told him that she didn't feel pushed or insulted.

He tried to explain that he thought the idea of the arrangement of her going to him when she was ready to make love was a bad idea and that maybe they should try dating. However, it didn't sound the way he had intended, and Cassie thought he meant that he thought the whole marriage was a mistake. She got upset, had tears in her eyes, told him goodnight, and closed the door. Richard stood outside the door and looked confused. "Now what did I say?" he wondered.

Cassie was upset, thinking Richard wanted to dump her, and Richard was upset that Cassie had taken what he had tried to say the wrong way. He finally knocked again, but Cassie had already taken all her makeup and fancy pajamas off and put on sweats. She opened the door, and Richard entered.

Richard told Cassie what he had been meaning to say, that he didn't want their marriage to be an "arrangement" but something that was more. He asked how she felt about them dating and getting to know each other better. She loved it. Their first date would be the next night. Richard left, pleased but clumsy. He stumbled nervously all over the foyer.

Phillip and Harley had a snack at Millennium. Phillip was preoccupied. He was worried about Lizzie. He wanted to call and see how she was. He was worried that Beth and Jim might have forgotten something that the doctors had said to do. Harley told him that she was surely fine but that if it made him feel better, he should go ahead and call. He decided not to call, and his phone rang. It was Beth; something was wrong with Lizzie, and she was heading to the hospital. Phillip and Harley left to join them.

Phillip and Harley rushed into Cedars, and Lizzie was sitting there with hives all over her face. She said that nothing hurt but that Beth was worried. Rick wasn't there yet, and she saw another doctor. He looked her over and said that it was a reaction from all the strawberries she had eaten at dinner. Besides that, she looked fine.

Lillian was worried about Beth. She wanted Beth to eat more, sleep more, and worry less. It was not good for the baby. Harley and Phillip returned and invited Beth to eat with them at Millennium. Lillian would take Lizzie home, and since her car was still wrecked, Harley would drive them both home and then join Beth and Phillip later.

Jesse was in the Emergency Room. He wanted Dr. Bauer. The nurse hooked the EKG up and told him that Dr. Bauer would be there soon.

The nurse took the EKG reading and left. Rick walked in. Jesse admitted that he was faking and that the nurse had taken the EKG. Rick said that he had gotten it from her and showed him the crinkled-up paper in his pocket. He also told Jesse that he had realized it was an act and that Jesse definitely needed to rehearse his cardiac arrests.

Rick looked out and saw David. He went out to where David was. David insisted that he see Jesse's chart. He knew Jesse was faking and was going to arrest both of them. Rick told him that he would not break doctor/patient confidentiality. David threatened to get a court order; Rick told him that there wasn't a judge in the state that would ask him to break that confidence.

Phillip and Beth were at Millennium talking about how they were upset about Lizzie and how both of them were taking it out on everyone else. Harley entered and talked to them both.

Harley told Beth that the best thing she could do was to let everyone help her. "Just know you are not alone. Jim and me and Susan, Lillian, and Alan..." Harley listed. Harley said maybe that was what Lizzie's dream had been about -- all of them being a family. Phillip and Beth were thankful for Harley's words. They both seemed to feel better.

Harley told Beth that Jim had told her they wanted her and Phillip to be the godparents of their baby. Beth was taken aback. She had no idea what was up. Phillip looked upset too. Harley was thinking that maybe it was a good idea, since they were all family.

Michelle and Danny were in a van outside the jail, and David was holding a gun on them. He told them that he was going to shoot. He went over to the driver's side and reaches for the door. Danny slammed the door open, knocking David down, and sped off. David was furious and put out APBs and roadblocks everywhere.

David looked around and couldn't find one of the officers. He was actually still in the van. David questioned Rick about Jesse's "heart attack." Rick said that he needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible. They called an ambulance, but David was not convinced.

In the van, the officer tried to grab the wheel and take over. Danny slammed on the brakes, and the officer fell back, hit his head, and was out. Danny and Michelle ran off on foot to a shed on a back piece of their property at Laurel Falls.

David received a call that they had found the van. He went to where it was, pulled his gun, and told Danny and Michelle to get out with their hands up. He opened the door and found the guard tied up and handcuffed in the back.

Michelle and Danny made it to shelter, a shack in Laurel Falls. He got a saw and cut her out of the handcuffs. She thought they needed to go back to Jesse. He could be dying. Danny told her that it had been a setup. Michelle was amazed that Jesse had helped them that way. She still thought they shouldn't have run. He held her close and told her that he would never let her go. They cuddled up under a covering they had found in the shed and just held each other.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

In San Cristobel Richard served Cassie breakfast in bed. He had fixed it himself and wanted to start the courting early. He told her not to worry that he had canceled their morning meetings. They teased around a little while and talked about Texas. He was still determined to beat out his competition, "Dwayne," for her affections. He left, telling her that he had a surprise for her and would be back.

Richard returned and showed Cassie all the real estate photos; they all looked like resorts, Cassie told him. He told her that he wanted her to choose which one she wanted, and he would get it for her, for a sort of retreat. Richard noticed that Cassie didn't look too happy. He thought he had done something else wrong. Cassie assured him that she was happy, but the lavish lifestyle just wasn't her. She wanted their lives together but not all the gifts. She was happy with what she had.

Richard apologized for trying to give her so much and said he would try to cut back. Just then, his aide arrived with another gift for Cassie. Richard told her that "timing is everything." Richard told her to open the gift; it was a little different. She opened it, and it was a bracelet that was engraved with Stella and Dwayne, to help them remember their time together. She loved it and gave him a hug.

Jesse was in the hospital at Cedars, having hospital food. The nurse entered and wanted to take his vitals. Jesse fought her, asking for Rick. Rick finally walked in. They talked about Michelle and Danny and wondered where they were and if they were okay. Rick was scared; he said he hadn't slept all night. Jesse said he was scared too. Rick asked Jesse if he and Danny had had the escape planned all along. Jesse said that it had been totally spontaneous.

Rick said that he had to keep Jesse a few more days to make things look good, but if David got a judge to issue a warrant to look at the records, they were both in trouble. Rick said that he was not afraid to help his sister escape. Jesse said that he was scared for Michelle and Danny because he had grown up on the other side of the law, and Rick couldn't imagine what it was like. Rick said that it was not the first time he had broken the law. Rick told Jesse about helping Phillip elude arrest and paying for it dearly, but it had been worth it. Rick said that he would handle David.

Rick started telling Jesse what he needed to do when Drew rushed in. She wanted to know what had happened to him. He told her that he was fine, just like it had never happened. She cried and blamed herself for not going with him to see Michelle. Jesse told Drew that it wasn't her fault. She pleaded with him to let her back in and promised that she would be different.

Jesse felt guilty and tried to tell Drew to stop feeling like everything was her fault. She told him that she wouldn't take anything for granted anymore. She said she would be at the hearing with him to support Michelle, but David interrupted and told her that Michelle had escaped thanks to Jesse. Drew wanted to know what was going on. She wanted to know if Jesse had done it as a distraction. Jesse stuck to his story. Drew believed Jesse. David tried to convince her that Jesse was lying.

Meanwhile, Rick called Lizzie to see how she was doing. He pretended to be Prince William calling, but Lizzie knew her Uncle Rick. He asked her about her reaction to the strawberries. Lizzie gave Harley the phone, and Rick told her a few things to do with Lizzie and then they talked about Michelle. Harley told him that Phillip wanted to help if Rick needed anything.

David popped in. He realized Rick didn't know where Danny and Michelle were. However, he said that he would find them. Rick remembered when David had been on the other side of the law, when he had been on trial for murder and how he had run. He didn't understand why David had become so "untouchable." David said that situation and the situation with Michelle and Danny were two totally different things.

At Company, David was disgusted at the paper with the headline about "Manny's" escape. Selena took him his order asked him how she would tell Drew that Michelle was out. She had been trying to make Drew see that Michelle was innocent, but the jailbreak made her look guilty. David told her that he was the one who had been transporting her. He told her about Jesse's part in the escape. Selena went off and read the article then she called the hospital to check on Jesse.

Vicky walked in and talked to David. He was happy to see her. She told him about life in New York and how well she was doing. She said she missed him and wanted to return. He missed her, and they caught up a little. He gave her the keys to his room and asked her to stay with him there. He said he would be back as soon as he could. He went off to the hospital.

At the cemetery, Drew talked to Ben. She felt bad about her and Jesse. She wished he could tell her what was going on. She said she wanted to feel again. She wanted to love again. She wanted to trust again, but she couldn't. She remembered that he hadn't approved of Jesse very much, but she knew he was a good and honest man, and he only wanted the best for her. She wanted Ben to help her get through it.

Drew's phone rang, and it was Selena telling her Jesse was in the hospital. Drew wasn't aware of anything because she had not been home all night. Selena told Drew about Jesse's heart and that he was at Cedars. She was on her way to see him. She hung up before Selena could tell her the rest.

At Laurel Falls, helicopters flew over the shack. Danny watched out the window. Michelle couldn't believe that they had escaped. "How long can we stay here before they find us?" she asked. Danny tried to convince Michelle that they would be fine. He kissed her. There was a knock at the door. Danny picked up a wrench and creeped toward the door. He told her to be quiet and opened the door.

Michelle hid while Danny went to the door. It was Ray. Michelle wants to know how Ray had known. Danny had called him for help. Ray said he could help; he would talk to the police and tell them why Michelle and Danny had run. Danny said that they didn't want help turning themselves in. He wanted Ray to help them escape. Ray didn't think he could do that, but Michelle said he owed her because he had known all along she was innocent.

Danny demanded to know what she was talking about. Ray admitted to knowing the truth long before the trial. Danny cursed his cousin for not helping them. He asked Ray what kind of man would do that to his family. Ray said that he was a priest and could not tell what he heard in confession. Danny got an idea and said that was fine; he wanted to confess a few things as well.
Ray told Michelle and Danny that they couldn't escape; their pictures were everywhere. Danny wanted to confess so Ray would be sworn to secrecy. Ray agreed to hear the confession so long as it was a real, honest confession and Danny understood that Ray had to convince Danny that what he was doing was wrong. Danny said it had been a year since his last confession. He said he had broken the law and helped his wife escape from jail, but he was only guilty of loving her. She had not committed the crime she had been accused of.

Ray tried to convince Danny to turn himself and Michelle in. Danny said that they needed to find a place to go until they could prove that Michelle was innocent. He turned to Ray and asked him as Danny's cousin to help them. Ray asked, "What do you want me to do?" Unfortunately, they didn't really have a plan.

Ray said that Michelle and Danny had to get out of the country. Michelle suggested San Cristobel because Cassie could help them there. Ray agreed. Danny wasn't too sure. Ray thought he had an idea. Michelle said she trusted him, trying to convince Danny to trust him too.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

At Company, Phillip and Harley discussed how great Lizzie was doing with the chemotherapy. Phillip felt guilty about not spending every minute hovering over his daughter, but Harley told him that he wouldn't be any good to Lizzie if he were tired and obsessed. He agreed. Edmund walked in and asked to speak to Phillip. He asked Phillip to step outside.

Phillip and Edmund went out, and Edmund told Phillip that he had a problem, and since he had the goods on Phillip, that meant Phillip also had a problem. Edmund wanted Phillip to talk to Richard and get him back on the San Cristobel project. Phillip said Richard wouldn't listen to him, but Edmund said Phillip had to do it, or Edmund would reveal what was on the tapes. Phillip said Edmund could blackmail him all he wanted, and it still wouldn't help if Richard didn't allow it.

Ross and Blake were having dinner. Ross was worried about Michelle. Blake said she wished she could write a happy ending for him. Ross said he wouldn't stop until he had that happy ending and everyone knew Michelle was innocent.

Blake talked to Harley. She said everything in her life was perfect, and she had nothing to write about. Harley gave her a few ideas, telling her to write about her friends -- the beautiful P.I. and the stripper turned princess. Blake had some good ideas and started writing all over napkins.

Ross went to talk to Phillip. They talked about children, and Phillip revealed upset he was about the godparents thing. Ross told him to think about it before he decided, but Phillip says he had already decided. Harley overheard and went to talk to Phillip. She told him that she understood why he felt that way.

At the hospital, David was arguing with Jesse. He wanted the test results. Jesse said, "No!" Drew was getting upset, thinking that Jesse was hiding something. Rick walked in. David wanted Jesse to waive the confidentially rules so David could see the tests. Jesse told Rick that David wanted his tests, and he was arguing with him over them.

Rick argued, too, and told Drew that Jesse didn't want to give David the results because it was David who had put him in there. He said that he had pushed Jesse down and pounded on his chest, trying to kill him. David denied it all. Rick said the only way to get David off his back was to let him see the results, then he would have to go away, and Jesse would be able to rest.

Rick pulled out some bogus results and showed them to David. David looked at them and doubted what he saw. He went to the cardiologist on call and asked him if those results could be from some sort of coronary distress in the past 24 hours. The doctor said that they could be; there was definitely something wrong.

David then looked at Rick and asked the other doctor if those test results could have been "dummied up" by a doctor. The doctor refused to answer and said he wouldn't know. Rick stared at David and told him that he had messed up big that time. He said that accusing Rick of such a thing in front of one of his colleagues was going too far, and he would see that David lost his badge over that.

Drew stayed by Jesse, crying all over him, telling him how she was sorry and how even when David had been saying all those things, she had doubted Jesse, but she should have known better. Drew wanted Jesse to move back in. She said that when she had heard of his heart attack, she had forgotten all their problems and fights and realized how much she loved him. She went out to David and told him that Jesse was telling the truth. David told her that he and Rick were both lying, and he would prove it.

At Laurel Falls, Ray told Michelle and Danny that they could go to San Cristobel under the guise of a priest and nun. He went to make the arrangements, and Danny asked him to go by the Santos house and get their fake passports and the cash he had stashed behind a Shakespeare book. Ray told them that he loved them and would pray for them both. He left.

Danny talked to Michelle and tried to get her to understand what was happening. He told her that he wanted her to realize that when they left, they would not be able to return and would never see their families again, unless they could prove her innocence. She told him that he was her family and all she would ever need.

Ray returned with passports and clergy clothes. They got dressed while Ray went to get the car. Outside, Ray bumped into David. David said he knew why Ray was there because he was there for the same reason: for Michelle and Danny.

At the Santos Estate, Carmen was on the phone when Bernardo and Theresa entered. They were there to offer her support and to see if they could help. She told them that the police and all her "friends" couldn't locate Danny and Michelle. Theresa was a little concerned, and Carmen was glad to see that she still loved Danny. She hoped they were okay. Carmen said she hoped Danny was okay and hoped Michelle went to hell in a blaze of gunfire.

Ray walked in. He needed to borrow a book to work on a sermon and would like a word with Carmen. They went in the foyer. Carmen told him not to preach to her. Ray said that Carmen should step forward with the truth before the cops killed Danny.

Ray told Carmen that every moment Danny was on the run was a moment he was in danger, and if Carmen loved her son, she would help him. He told her she had done terrible things, and she had to make up for them. Edmund approached and told Ray to get lost. Carmen told him not to forget the book he wanted.
Ray went in and got the money. Edmund interrupted him again. He told Ray he wouldn't let him get away with what he was trying to do. Ray hid the loot and told Edmund he didn't know what Edmund meant. Edmund told him that Carmen would not go to jail, and he would see to that.
Ray left. Theresa and her dad left, and Edmund and Carmen kissed.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Harley was with Phillip at Company. They were talking about the godparents thing. He still wanted no part of it, and Harley thought she understood. Harley told Phillip that she wanted to be a godmother, maybe not to Beth's baby, but they should do it for Lizzie. It would make it easier for everyone, including Beth, if they just agreed. Phillip didn't want to. They argued a little.

Jim and Beth walked in, and Jim told them they had pictures. He was very excited. Harley asked about the ultrasound. They showed it to her. Phillip got up; he had to go make a phone call. Harley was excited for Beth and Jim. Jim wanted duplicate prints of the picture. Harley said they could get a video of the ultrasound, if they asked for one next time. Beth went to check on Phillip. Harley and Jim talked.

Phillip hung up, and Beth asked if he was okay. He said yes; he wasn't trying to avoid her. He just couldn't be around with all the talk about the baby -- his baby -- and Jim being so excited about it. He told her that he remembered well how excited he had been when he had first seen Lizzie on the ultrasound screen. He knew what Jim was feeling, and he just couldn't be a part of it.

Jim wondered if he had made a mistake asking Harley and Phillip to be the godparents. Harley told him that Phillip just had a lot on his mind and was upset. Jim thought he understood but wanted Phillip to understand why he had asked them to do it. Beth and Phillip returned, and Jim and Harley stood up. Jim apologized for pressing the subject but told Phillip that he did have a reason for asking.

"A part of it is for Lizzie, but mostly for the child Beth is carrying. If anything was to happen to us, this child would have to go somewhere, and I want to keep this family intact. In my heart, this is the best thing for my child," Jim said. He trusted his baby with Phillip and Harley. He gave the picture to Beth and started to leave.

Phillip stopped Jim and said, "Jim? I'll do it." He said he was sorry if he hadn't seemed enthusiastic about it. He'd had a lot on his mind, but regardless of what was happening with Lizzie, he would like to be the godfather. "I think it's a fine idea," Phillip said. They shook hands. Everyone hugged.

Bill walked in, on the phone with Matt. Vanessa was apparently doing a lot better. Bill said he had to hang up, and he went outside and saw Carmen there. He asked a question about Michelle and Danny, and she talked about how upset she was over the whole thing. Bill got angry and told her that it was her fault they had run. "You made him do it. If you had told the truth, none of this would be happening," Bill said.

Bill told Carmen that it would all be revealed in the end, and she would be left all alone. He told her that he knew she had poisoned his mother. "You tried to kill her. Give me one good reason why I should not do the same to you," he said.

Carmen made some comment about Bill just being upset that his mother was sick, and Bill grinned and said, "I must have forgotten to mention this to you, Carmen. My mom's awake and getting better everyday." She acted like she was happy for him and asked when all that had happened. He told her it had happened right after Matt had taken the lip balm to an independent lab for testing. Carmen looked panicked. Bill told her that she could deny her part in it all she wanted, but he didn't buy it, and no one else would when Vanessa told her story.

Lizzie, Beth, and Jim went to the first sonogram at Cedars. Lizzie wanted her to have the baby sooner. Rick told her that it would be at least five months unless something unexpected occurred. Lizzie asked him if he meant the baby might have leukemia. He told her that no, that wasn't what he meant. Beth looked upset again.

Alan entered to pick up Lizzie. They were going to work at Spaulding. Beth and Alan were going to Company and said they would see them later. Lizzie told Alan that they needed to swing by the house and pick up her briefcase.

Rick was in a room when Abby entered. She could tell something was wrong and asked him about why he had been so down and unable to sleep lately. Rick told her that he was just tired, but she told him that he didn't have to lie to her. He admitted that he was scared for his sister and for Lizzie. Abby reassured Rick. She said he couldn't hide his emotions from her. He was scared to walk by radios and televisions in case he heard about Michelle being found dead somewhere.

Rick told Abby that he was also scared about Lizzie, and he said he knew there was no escape when he looked into her eyes. There was a five percent chance she would not make it, he said, and he loved Lizzie. All they could do was wait, and he was sick of waiting for the police to call, for the chemotherapy to take effect, for the next test results, or for the cops to arrive and take him to jail.

Rick told Abby about Jesse's fake heart attack. "I helped my sister get away, Abby, and David is coming after me." Rick told Abby everything about the escape, Jesse on the ground, and how Rick had played doctor. Abby asked if he had known Jesse was faking, and Rick said he had been suspicious but he hadn't known for sure. He had since learned, though. Abby asked if they could prove Rick had had something to do with it. Rick didn't know. However, he told her to look on the bright side: "If they find her, Michelle and I can have a adjoining jail cells."

Abby told Rick to not give up. He yelled, very angrily, that Michelle was "not going to be cleared." He broke down and cried, and Abby was stunned. "There is no hope! That is why Danny broke her out of jail. There is no hope. She will get the death penalty or spend her entire life in jail. I'm sorry, Abby. I didn't mean to yell at you, it's just...I wish I had the faith in God that you do, I really do. I wish I could believe God will protect my little sister, but I just don't. I don't know what I believe anymore."

Rick cried. Abby told him that he needed to step back and take a rest. There was nothing he could do to change anything. Abby said Rick couldn't change what had happened to Lizzie and Michelle, but he could take a step back because it was taking a toll on him. His hands were shaking, and he was tired.

"It's been a long day," Rick said. "Then come home with me, and shut the rest of the world out. You need it. We need it, Rick," Abby said. He said he couldn't. "Rick, come home with me. We need to talk this out," Abby insisted. Rick said it wouldn't do any good. "I'm sorry," he said, and he left the room.

David rushed inside the little shed at Laurel Falls after seeing Father Ray. Thankfully, Michelle and Danny had gotten out in time and had hidden in the bushes. Ray was relieved and told David that he had said they weren't here. David questioned Ray, and Ray told David that he had been hoping they were there and all right. David didn't believe him.

Ray said he had no idea where they were. "Look, I don't care what you think," Ray said and started out the door. David stopped him from leaving.

Michelle and Danny were still hiding. There was another cop walking around, so they couldn't get to Ray's car. They had to get away on their own. They left.

In the shed, David still didn't believe Ray. He wanted to take Ray to the station. "You will take a priest?" Ray asked. "When the priest is a Santos, yes," David replied. Ray said that he admitted it; he had flown in by helicopter and swept Danny and Michelle out of the country early that morning. David told him to stop joking around; he knew Ray knew where they were.

Ray leaned over to pick up a piece of paper he had dropped. David grabbed it. It was concerning two reservation for plane tickets in an hour. David grinned and asked Ray where his collar was. David accused him of giving it to Danny for a disguise. David didn't believe anything Ray said. He dragged Ray out of the shed and said that he was going to take Ray to the airport with him look for himself.

Ray yelled that Michelle and Danny were not at the airport. Cops were all around, looking for them. Ray had to get to mass, but David wouldn't let him leave. David looked around and saw a nun and a priest. He grabbed them by the shoulders and shoved them around, telling them they were under arrest. They weren't Michelle and Danny.

The priest and nun said, "Father Ray, what is happening?" Ray introduced the two and told David that they were the ones with the itinerary David had found. David asked why Ray hadn't told him. Ray smiled and said David wouldn't have believed him. "Damn," David muttered.

The young Santos couple had made it to the Santos Yacht. They thought the airport would be invaded with cops. Michelle asked if anyone would notice the yacht missing. Danny didn't think so. He said the yacht was out at sea all the time, so they wouldn't notice right away. "This is it. This could really work," she said, and they hugged. "Nothing's going to happen," Danny said and added that they would not catch them, repeating, "I swear to you, they will never catch us."

Lizzie was in Alan's office at Spaulding. They had lots of work to do. Alan said he had some stocks, and he had no idea what to do with them. Lizzie told him which ones to buy and which ones to sell. Then, they moved on to bills. He asked her if they should pay her doctor bill. He asked if he was a good doctor or if he had hurt her.

Lizzie said they should pay the doctor because she hadn't even felt the needle and wasn't sick at all. So Alan paid the bill and went on to the next matter at hand. He had a business pal of his on the line, and he had to complete the deal. He told her what to say, told the man on the line that he would have to discuss the matter with his partner, and handed her the phone.

Lizzie told the guy on the phone, "Okay, let's cut to the chase. 25 million, and that's our final offer!" She hung up. Alan smiled. The guy called back, and Lizzie did the same thing. Alan said she had closed a 25 million dollar deal all by herself.

Friday, March 24, 2000

At Spaulding, Lizzie was showing her mom, dad, and Harley all the work she had done. Alan was very proud of her and told her that she was just like her dad had been when he had been her age. Beth wanted to go out for ice cream. Lizzie thought she should work some more, since she had only been there a half-day. Alan told her that he thought they should all go for ice cream, since the labor laws provided for each employee to have a break. They left.

Edmund entered to talk to Phillip. He wanted Phillip's board seat. Phillip emphatically told him, "No." Edmund reminded Phillip about the tape he was blackmailing Phillip with, and Phillip told him to go for it. Phillip said to show it to whomever he wanted -- then he would have nothing and get nothing. Phillip said that Edmund could hurt Phillip and his family, but he would only be able to do that once then he would have nothing over Phillip.

Phillip said that was when Edmund would have to look out, because Phillip said he would take care of Edmund, and Edmund would be left all alone and with nothing. Phillip said that left them both with a "nothing to win, everything to lose proposition." Edmund advised Phillip not to call his bluff. Edmund was not going to crawl away with his tail between his legs.

Alan and the gang went out, ready to leave, and Alan gave Edmund some documents and announced that he was recommending Edmund for a seat on the board. Phillip adamantly said, "No." Alan said that he had already decided and that Phillip had too much on his plate, so he should just deal with those things, and Alan would take care of the rest. Phillip went into his office to finish some work, telling Edmund that he might get a nomination, but there was no way he would get the votes to get a seat.
Everyone was gone but Beth and Edmund. Beth apologized to Edmund for Phillip; she had no idea why he acted that way. Edmund told her that he knew why; he told her about the plane and the tape and that he knew the true parentage of the baby. He also made it seem as if he had just happened upon the tape, had seen what it was, and had taken it to Phillip so it wouldn't get in the wrong hands. He said he was on their side and knew that they had both thought they had been about to die and had reached out to each other.

Edmund said that for some reason, Phillip thought Edmund was trying to blackmail him, but he wasn't. He told her how much he cared and liked them all, and he apologized for not telling her sooner, but Phillip had said that she was too fragile to handle anything. Edmund said of course he thought she was a strong woman who was very smart and could handle her own life. Beth apologized to him and went in to talk to Phillip. She told him that she knew everything, and she believed Edmund wasn't trying to hurt them. She told him just to let Edmund have Phillip's board seat and forget about it.

Phillip went out and started to confront Edmund when the ice cream gang showed up again. Lizzie had gotten her dad chocolate chip and cherry ice cream and asked him to taste it. He looked at his daughter and understood that he needed to think about what was important in life. He hugged her, ate some of his ice cream, and told Edmund that he had changed his mind and wouldn't stand in Edmund's way for the board seat.

Harley followed Phillip into his office and asked him to tell her the truth. He shied away from that and told her that he didn't want to fight anymore, so he had caved in. Harley got upset, knowing that he was lying to her. She left and thought about it for a minute. She thought Edmund was blackmailing Phillip.

Rick and Drew took Jesse home to Drew's. Drew was trying to take care of him. Rick checked his vitals. Drew thanked Rick for taking care of Jesse. She also said that she hoped wherever Michelle was that she was safe. Jesse pushed it, and then Drew got upset and told him that she knew Michelle was guilty. She just hoped Michelle was okay.

Max went out in the hall and talked to Susan. She was glad everything was fine. They kissed and talked a bit. Drew left to do something and left the door open. Rick told Jesse that he had to keep it together and not say anything. Max entered and overheard them talking about it all being a fake attack. Rick left, and Max confronted Jesse with what he had heard.

On the Santos Yacht, Michelle and Danny were headed to San Cristobel . She called Cassie and asked for Richard's help. Cassie told her that Richard would be in trouble if he were caught but that she would help them. Michelle said that they would be there in the morning. Cassie told them to be careful.

Danny thought he and Michelle should get a boat and sail around the world. He knew where some offshore accounts were, and he could get the cash there. Michelle wanted to know how they would prove her innocence if they were sailing around all the time. Danny told her that they might not be able to. They cuddled up on the couch and were talking about how much they loved each other when a voice called out, "This is the Coast Guard. Prepare for us to board!"

Cassie chatted with Richard in San Cristobel. A lady entered to tell them how they should act in public together -- how close to stand, how to hold hands, and that sort of thing. She left, and Richard leaned in for a little kiss. They started getting romantic and kissing until they fell back on the couch.

Richard stopped. He told her that he couldn't keep up the lie anymore. He couldn't keep pretending that he felt the same way she did. Cassie got upset and said that she should leave then. Richard asked her not to. He told her that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that he knew they had an arrangement, but he had to be honest with her. He said he was totally, uncontrollably, madly in love with her. Cassie stared at him in disbelief.

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