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Monday, December 6, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Phillip is working on getting them out of the plane after the avalanche. Beth is upset and Phillip reminds her of Jim's military training and he says that he will come back for them. Phillip admits to Beth that he is scared. They talk about Lizzie and begin thinking back to the day they brought her home from the hospital. They go from there to their wedding day. Phillip told Beth that whatever happens to them Beth will always have a very special place in his heart. The radio goes off, Phillip runs to answer it. He can't get the radio to work. He gets angry, Beth begins to cry and Phillip takes her in his arms.
Jim tells Edmund he wants to help out. Edmund tells him that Phillip and Beth are dead. Jim is really upset and wonders how he will break the news to Lizzie and Harley. That sparks Edmund's attention. Jim wants to see them. Edmund won't permit it. Jim tells him that they should at least recover the bodies, but Edmund says it is too dangerous. Edmund leaves. The guard begins arguing with Jim and when Jim asks if the Parkas weren't enough to keep the two on the plane warm, the guard told him that the jackets didn't help. Jim fakes a being hurt and knocked the guard out. Jim stood over the guard and said, "They weren't wearing coats." Jim runs out. He try's to find Phillip and Beth but all the landmarks are covered by snow. He says aloud "Beth I'm going to find you,"

At the Courthouse:
Danny is trying to talk to David, telling him that Michelle did not murder Ben. David reminds him that there was an eyewitness placing her at the scene of the crime. Danny asked him to reveal who the witness is but David refused. David leaves. Drew comes in and asks Danny where Michelle was the night of the murder. Danny says that she was with him but Drew doesn't believe him. She tells him after the night they shared together she feels that he owes her honesty. Danny repeats the alibi he has for Michelle. Then she tries the "if it was her father..." and she knew something wouldn't he want her to tell him the truth. Danny's reply, like when I came to you for help when my brother was murdered? Drew was speechless and Danny says "thought so." The guard from the Jail came in and told Drew not to pull a stunt like that again. Danny finds out that Drew was visiting Michelle and begins yelling at her. Drew says Michelle will pay and leaves.

At Company:
Max is with Jesse. Jesse is adamant that Michelle isn't guilty but Max feels that there has to be something to it or Michelle wouldn't be in jail, since they don't just arrest people for fun. There must have been enough evidence for the judge to think she may very well be guilty. Jesse says she's in jail because she is married to a Santos. Marah comes in and talks to Max about how things are. She asks and finds out that there is a lot of tension between Drew and Jesse. She takes this information and approaches Jesse. She tells him that she understands what is going on and is there for him. She tells him that he is a great guy. Jesse appreciates the compliment and tells her so.
Meanwhile, Max and Drew are talking and Max tells her that he understands her point of view but that she needs to talk to Jesse. Drew tells Max that Jesse will have to choose to stand by her or to stand by Michelle.

At the Church:
Pilar comes in and tells Ray that she needs to confess. Ray assures Pilar that whatever she tells him is confidential. Pilar tells him she knows who killed Ben. Pilar tells him what happened the night Ben died. Ray tells her it took a lot of courage to tell him but that there is an innocent women in jail for it. He assures her he won't say a thing but tells her she has too. He tells her that he took an oath not to revel her sins but he also took an oath to help wash them away and that's up to her. He says that the guilt will weigh heavy on her. Ray tries to convince her to tell the truth. She is worried about the consequences her mother and grandmother will face. Says she can't go home. Ray offers to let her stay with him. Pilar thanks him and ray says don't thank me yet, I am going to use every waking moment to try to convince you to do whatever it takes to free Michelle

At the jail:
Drew asking Michelle why she killed Ben. She says there was a witness that saw her. Michelle is upset about how Drew is treating her and starts to talk to her but Rick runs up and tells Drew to leave. Rick yells at guard and gets rid of Drew. He tells Michelle that she has to come up with a good alibi. Michelle says she can't believe Rick thinks she could actually kill Ben. He tells her that he believes her but that she needs to tell people that she was with Danny all night because of the overwhelming evidence against her. Michelle says she was at her mother's grave and if she can't hold on to the truth she has nothing to hold on too. Danny overhears her. Rick tells her he loves her and leaves telling Danny that he tried. Danny comes over and says hi, he tells her he's working on getting her out. Guard tells him visiting hours are over, he kisses her and leaves. She's left crying.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

At Company:
Drew continues to berate David and tell him that she does not want Michelle to get off on some technicality, just because she is a Bauer. She thinks that everyone in town would turn there back on the crime because Michelle is so good and Ben was so very bad. David tells her that there is no preferential treatment going on and that he and Frank are doing what they have to do, but they would not leak information to her about their case. Drew is ranting on and on and on about how nobody cares about her father. All she wants is the truth. David leaves. Drew says she is Sick and tired of hearing how innocent Michelle is. Drew says she has been waiting for an hour for Jesse and wanted to know where he was. Jesse tells Drew he went to see Michelle. She got very angry about it.

Reva comes in hoping to speak to Buzz but Selena informs her that Buzz had to go to San Cristobel for a family thing. Reva starts to talk to Selena about her problems with Josh and Richard. To top it all off, Reva is stressing over Cassie's engagement to Richard. Selena says that she will listen if Reva wants to talk. They talk. Selena calls her on how she really feels about Richard. Reva says it's not about being jealous; she's just concerned for Cassie. Reva says she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Josh. Selena thinks that Reva is "not done with the Prince." Reva says, "Everyone thinks I'm the one that's selfish." Selena says, maybe you should consider what it is that you want. Reva says it's wonderful to talk to someone that won't judge her...and that she might have residual feelings for Richard. Reva starts crying. She's remembering about her love for Richard and Jonathan. She rants about how Josh can't understand what she's feeling and everyone thinks she is wrong. Selena is very sympathetic to Reva and realizes that Reva has been through so a lot. Selena says Reva should decide what she wants. Selena tells her, "You're a good person in an impossible situation." Reva says she loves Josh and Selena says you still have feelings for the prince that you can't make go away. Then Selena tells her that maybe she is supposed to live Happily Ever After with Richard and not Josh.

At the Lewises'
Bill is talking to Josh about the business and that his Dad had filled him in on Josh's personal problems. Olivia is introduced and goes to get coffee. Bill tells Josh that Billy thinks Olivia is a BIG problem in Josh and Reva's marriage. Josh disagrees and they continue their business. They are talking about building a shopping mall. Olivia has an "in" with a Congressman's wife. She picks up the phone and makes a call and sets up an appointment. Josh thanks Olivia for the meeting. Bill is excited and impressed by Olivia. He leaves. Josh thanks Olivia and tells her he's not surprised. Josh says you realize we'll have to work together on this project.

At the Carriage House:
Holly tells Ross she needs to know where everyone stands. Ross says nothing has changed. Blake is in trouble but that's all there is to it. Blake is typing away on her novel and talking to her characters, Amand and Clarissa. Ross walks in. Ross wants to know whom she was talking to. She says to herself. Ross wants to know what she is writing, a letter, to Joe? Blake says yes. Ross says hey that's your business but I gotta tell you anyone walking away from an unborn child is a creep. Blake says well I'm not great at picking mates either. Ross says as a former husband how am I suppose to take that? Blake tells him that he is and always was, wonderful. Blake looks at the groceries that Ross brought and found that Ross had gone across town to get some of her favorite goodies. She is touched. Blake can't believe he remembered what she liked. They share a nice little moment on the sofa. Ross seems like he's about to say something and Holly jogs in the house from running. She realizes she has interrupted something. Ross says no you didn't. Holly sees that he got the goodies that Blake likes. Holly wants to know if they are still on for dinner. He says sure.

At the Jail:
Michelle tells Jesse that Danny wants her to lie. She tells him about going for ice cream, the store was closed, went to Mom's grave. Right about the time of the murder. Jesse wants to know why someone says they saw her. Michelle says she doesn't know. Someone is setting her up. Jesse wants to know who would set her up. She doesn't know. She can't lie. "If Drew knows me and thinks I'm capable of can I convince others."? Jesse says I wish you hadn't told me about this. Michelle looks worried. Michelle says I should not have told you. Now you know I don't have an alibi. Jesse still believes that she didn't do it and told her that he will support her. He tells her that they were as close as two people can be. Michelle says you love Drew now and you'll tell her. Jesse says he will not tell because Michelle saved him. Because of Michelle he looks at life different. I have your Mom's heart beating in my chest. I won't betray you. Jesse says he will be right behind her. He gives her the book (Shakespeare). Michelle thanks him for being a good friend. He leaves. Michelle starts reading (Shakespeare). She begins crying and saying that she just wants to go home.

Tuesday, December 8, 1999

In Jail:
Michelle is still in the cell, sitting on the bed. Danny comes in and tells her he misses her. She tells him that she's scared. Danny asks if she's thought about what he said. Michelle won't lie. Danny says nobody knows the truth and Michelle tells him she told Jesse. Michelle truly believes that Jesse is her friend and won't betray her trust. Danny convinces her to stick to the alibi. He tells her that she will see an attorney tomorrow. Danny is going to talk to Jesse and find the witness. Michelle asks what he will do when he finds her. She makes him promise not to hurt anyone. Danny says he's not going to go looking for trouble but that he will do anything for her. He kisses her quickly and leaves.

In San Cristobel:
Harley wants to go back out and look some more for the plane. Richard tells her there was an avalanche and everything was covered with snow and there is no use right now. Harley is upset, crying when Buzz walks in. Harley goes up and hugs him. Richard says they have to wait until the storm clears but Harley believes that it could be too late by then, with the dire circumstances they are in with no food or anything to keep them warm. Richard wants to make an announcement to the press but Alan doesn't want him too. Harley realizes Alan's intentions and can't believe Alan would risk Phillip's life over share prices dropping. Alan apologizes to Harley. Tells Harley he feels helpless. Harley says that she may lose her husband the father of her child. Alan says Phillip loves her more then anything in the world. He admits that she isn't his the ideal daughter in law Beth was but that he knows how much Phillip loves her because he tried to break them up, but he observed Phillip with her and feels Phillip is a very lucky guy to have her. Richard says the storm has intensified and all the planes are grounded until further notice. Harley is angry.

Jim is tromping through the snow looking at his compass trying to find the plane. He is thinking about Beth. Jim can't find landmarks because of the snow. He remembers Beth's proposal and wished he had said yes. Goes back to looking for them. We see a red cloth, Jim doesn't.

Beth is scared and crying. Phillip holds her and says "We are going to survive this I promise you. Phillip and Beth make a flag to put above the plane as a signal to where they are. They are freezing. They begin to find food to eat and celebrate. Caviar, Pate, champagne. Talk about favorite foods and restaurants. Phillip promises they will eat in a restaurant in Arizona when they get out of there

At Company:
Drew rambling on about Michelle. Asks where Jesse was, he tells her he went to see Michelle. She starts an argument and Jesse just looks at her. Says that Drew is full of hate that she can't see beyond it. Drew says that if she is wrong so is all the evidence against her. She believes that Jesse is still hung up on Michelle in a way and that is why he would believe such a phony alibi. Drew says Michelle will suffer for what she did. Jesse asks if she can forget about Michelle for one minute. Drew says she will not rest until...Danny walks up behind Jesse and accuses Jesse of "telling her." He argues with Jesse now, saying that Michelle trusted him. Jesse says they were just talking about Michelle. Drew says that Jesse believes Michelle's phony alibi. She goes into Company and Danny understands that Jesse didn't tell her. He apologizes to Jesse. Says that he knows Michelle talked to him about her alibi. Jesse told him that he had no idea what he was talking about. ;)

Pilar and Ray come in and Carmen tells her that she was worried about her, she wants to look after her. Pilar says God's the only one that can help her now. Carmen wants to know what Pilar did. Carmen tells Ray not to believe anything Pilar said. Ray says they both know what she said but that he is bound by the seal of the confessional and can't say anything. He wants the family to reconcile though. He leaves Pilar with Maria and Carmen. Grandma Santos says that Ben Warren hurt a lot of people and they shouldn't be punished for killing him. Pilar says Michelle shouldn't either. Carmen promises to come forward and confess if Michelle is convicted and sentenced to jail, because she feels that the Bauer name will keep her out of prison. Pilar is naive enough to believe her and says she will keep quiet until then. Pilar leaves and Carmen tells Maria they will convince her that God's will is for all of them to suffer in silence.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Reva reports to Josh that there was a story in the morning paper announcing Cassie and Richard's engagement. The two take a moment to talk about the love they shared and the current state of their relationship. Though Reva insists that they can make their marriage work, Josh admits that he can't do it at this point in his life. With tears in his eyes, Josh states that there is a part of Reva that still wants Richard and their son and he can't compete with that. Danny and Rick try a "good cop/bad cop" scheme to try to find out the name of the witness. Danny issues a threat in front of David and Frank so that they will get a protective custody order on the witness. Danny then sneaks back and finds the file on Ruth. Meanwhile, Ruth demands that Carmen meet her at Petula's and pay her the money she promised before she'll take the stand. Carmen does so but only pays her half the money. Drew is caught off guard when Selena advises her that she doesn't think Jesse did anything wrong by going to visit with Michelle. Selena urges her to be a good daughter in honor of Ben and stop her anger and threats of revenge. Richard argues with Cassie about what he wants her to be as his wife.

Friday, December 10, 1999

At the mansion in SC
Buzz arrives in SC to give Harley moral support. Harley begs Richard to re-activate the search. Susan lashes out at Harley to do something to find her father. Harley agrees and she and Buzz get a plan going and try to take matters into their own hands. Buzz, attempting to impersonate a military officer, is apprehended by Richard's guards, and returned to the palace. At the same time, one of Edmund's defectors is captured and brought to the palace. He, in turn, overhears everyone discussing the search, and gives important information to Harley about the crash. He reveals that Jim is still alive and that the plane crashed on the other side of Mt. Winslow. Harley, Richard, and Buzz prepare to search for Jim, Phillip and Beth.

At the crash site
Though Phillip tries to keep Beth's spirits high, they both realize that they may be running out of time. They decide to record their thoughts to their loved ones, especially Lizzie, on the camcorder that is on the plane. After Phillip records a very emotional message, he tells Lizzie that her Mom wants to say a few words. Beth is overcome and breaks down in Phillip's arms. She and Phillip reflect on their past love for each other, and how very important their relationship was in their lives. As one thing leads to another in a moment of despair, Phillip and Beth begin to make love, but the camcorder has every moment preserved on tape. Elsewhere in the blizzard, Edmund rescues a near-frozen Jim en route to the crash site. Jim, in an eleventh hour plea to save Beth and Phillip, makes a deal with Edmund to help him rescue them. Jim promises to tell Richard that it was Edmund who saved them which would allow Edmund to return to SC as a hero. Edmund agrees, but warns Jim to keep his promise, or else....Edmund and Jim set out to rescue Beth and Phillip.

At Company
Carmen strongly advises Ruth to get out of town before the police arrive and put her into protective custody. Danny finds Ruth, and tries to scare her into answering some questions about why she is lying and who put her up to this story. To protect her lies, Carmen hits Danny from behind and knocks him unconscious before Ruth can answer him. Frank and David arrive just as Danny is coming to, find the police file on his person and arrest him. Danny tries to explain what happened, but they are not interested.

At the police station
Frank and David realize that Danny stole information from Ruth's file, the only witness against Michelle. Frank questions Michelle about Danny. After assaulting her own son to protect herself, Carmen visits and comforts Michelle in jail, and tells her that she will do anything to prove she is innocent and to get her out of jail. Carmen tells Michelle that she is family, and she will do anything for her children. Danny joins Michelle in jail. Danny's actions cause more problems for Michelle's defense.

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