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Monday, August30

In San Cristobel:
At the Palace, Edmund has taken Reva through the secret passage in her room and is holding her at gunpoint when Josh and Olivia arrive in her quarters. All they find is the bloody dagger that Reva used to stab Edmund in the leg in an attempt to get away from him. Josh and Olivia break through the locked passage and follow it out. Cassie is still trying to detain Richard who gets by her and through the palace. Richard comes into Reva's room and finds the picture of Jon and puts it in his jacket pocket still thinking it is Shayne.
Beth is still harassing Jim until he spills the whole plan to save Reva from the Prince and about the explosion. He asks her time and time again to go back to the hotel and he would meet up with her as soon as he could but she wouldn't leave. After she was convinced about what Jim was telling her, she wanted to stay and help him. He pulled her by a guard to get her to the exit and dropped the remote device that set off the explosives that made pandemonium break out at the ball. Beth "fell" and retrieved the device. The guard informs Cassie that Princess Catherine has disappeared. Richard is upset and looking for her. Meanwhile Edmund has a gun pointed at Reva. She tried to negotiate with Edmund while she leaves her bracelet behind for Josh to find. Shortly after, Josh finds the bracelet. He and Olivia know they are on her trail. Jim and Beth are still bantering back and forth about her leaving San Cristobel and back to Springfield. Cassie comes up and tells Jim that Reva was gone so Josh must have gotten to her. Richard overheard her and followed her out of the palace.
Now out of the view of the palace, Reva wants to know if Edmund intends on letting her go but he only answers, "We'll have to see about that."

At the Santos Estate...SC:
Danny is apologizing to Michelle promising that it will never happen again when the police show up. While they bang on the door Danny puts the documents in the grill. They have a search warrant and come in and tell Danny that they know all about him and his family and will tear the house apart until they find what they are looking for. They try to talk to Michelle to get her to spill information and she finally does. She offers to help them. Danny tells them that he is going to return to the grill where he has been cooking dinner for he and Michelle. He went out while Michelle took the officers over to the television and explained that she had told Danny that their getting Cable free all this time was illegal and that they would be caught. The officers got angry and started tearing their suitcases apart. When they realized the suitcases were empty, they commented on the tip that said the bonds where in the suitcases. Meanwhile, Danny barbecued the documents to a charcoal briquette. The Officers leave and Danny and Michelle think of the expensive barbecue they just had. Michelle is still upset about the whole situation and picks up their argument where they had left off earlier. Carmen calls and Danny tells her that he burned the bonds. Carmen yells at Danny and he explains the situation with the feds. Carmen asks him what they are going to do pay their debt.
Michelle reminds Danny that he was supposed to go legitimate. She wants him to tell his mother "no" the next time she wants him to do something illegal. Danny doesn't answer her about this promise.

  • On the Yacht: Cassie asked Matt about Reva. He tells her that Josh hasn't located her yet and that he was searching for her now. Richard has followed Cassie back to the yacht and asked about Reva. He knows about Cassie and wants to know where his wife is. Richard demands to know where Cassie is hiding her. They figure out that both of them have no idea where Reva is. Josh comes in and tells Richard that Reva is his wife.

  • At the Santo's Estate...Outside Springfield: Pilar comes in and Carmen questions her about where she has been. Ben and Carmen talk about how much she loves her children and wants them safe. Carmen leaves and Pilar comes back in and starts hitting on Ben. He doesn't respond to her seduction. Ben tells Pilar that he knows why she is upset with her mother and why she is doing what she is doing. He says that her mother loves her and cares for her very much and that she would die for her. Pilar gets angry and barges off. Carmen, overhearing comes in and plants a big kiss on Ben. She says no one has ever stood up for her like that before. She goes to the phone to call San Cristobel for the scoop. After the phone call, Carmen tells Ben that Danny burned the bonds. She is upset until Ben tells her that now Danny is obligated to his mother and that the deeper he gets involved with the family the more he will pull away from Michelle. They kiss again and Pilar looks in with disgust at her mother and Ben.

    Tuesday, August 31, 1999

    In San Cristobel:
    Richard is arguing about where Reva is with Josh and Cassie. Olivia comes in and Richard berates her being there after her multi- attempts on Reva's life. Olivia explains that it is all Edmund behind his shooting, Reva's stabbing, all of it. Richard refuses to believe her but between her and Josh they get through to him.
    Richard drops the picture of Jon and after Josh assures him that it is not Shayne, Olivia tells Richard to turn the picture over. He discovers that it is his son, Jon. He talks to Olivia and wants to know why she kept him away from him all these years. She tells him that Jon is with her sister and is safe.
    Richard says that he is going to go search for Reva and Josh insists that he is going to go with him. He can find the clues like the bracelet Reva left behind. The two decided to work together to bring Reva back.
    Edmund has taken Reva to a cave with shackles in it. Reva provokes him telling him that he isn't half the man his brother is and that he is only mad because he wants her and hates that Richard had her. Edmund grabs her and kisses her and she knocked him down when he was off guard. He grabs her and throws her to the floor knocking her out.
    Edmund (looking maniacal) calls Richard up and tells him that he will meet with him the next morning. Richard tells him that he will give him anything he wants to release Reva unhurt. After getting off the phone, Edmund secretly wished that Richard and Josh aren't able to meet his demands so that he can kill her.

    At Drew's Apartment:
    Drew and Selena pack for their Chicago trip. Selena and Drew talk about the guy with the scars that she had slept with all those years ago that could possibly be Drew's father. They get up to leave and Drew protests the idea of calling Jesse, telling Selena that if he loved her, he would have never left her. She takes off her engagement ring and leaves it on the table with the phone. The phone rings but she leaves without answering it. (It was Jesse from the airport on his way home, he leaves a long mushy, "I love you" message on the machine and heads for the apartment.)
    Jesse comes in looking for Drew. He sees that she has not picked up his message and that she left her ring on the table. He says something like, I guess she didn't miss me like I missed her and since the ring is here it must really be over. He erases the message, leaves and goes to Company.
    (At the airport) Drew is upset so she and Selena go back to the apartment to pick up her ring. She puts it on, checks the messages, none, and they leave again.

    At Company:
    Bill gets advice on women from Max and then from Buzz. Pilar walks in and tells Bill that she put the moves on Ben and that she was upset. She also told him that she really cares for him but isn't interested in pursuing sex with him yet. She tells him that she realizes that he will want nothing to do with her (Because of the abstinence) and leaves. Bill follows her out and they make up. He didn't care about the sex, it was the lying and he will wait until she is ready.
    Jesse comes in and receives the cold shoulder from Max. He tells Buzz about the ring and Buzz tells him that Drew had left with Selena to go to Chicago.

    At the Santos Estate (Springfield):
    Carmen and Ben are kissing. Pilar leaves and Ben talks to Carmen about discussing men with Pilar. Carmen agrees to do it and then she wants to talk about him. She asks about his first sexual experience and he told her about his scars and how he was set up with a prostitute and how she turned his life around and made him feel like a real man instead of a freak. Carmen loved the story and told him that Mr. Santos was her first and that Ben was the first one since then that she had accepted into her bed.

    Wednesday, September 1, 1999

    In San Cristobel:
    Danny and Michelle are still arguing about the barer bonds. She doesn't want to be involved with illegal activities and he is trying to tell her that he had to bring the bonds in. Michelle figured out that Carmen was behind Danny bringing the bonds into the country. Michelle calls Aunt Meta and then comes back to tell Danny that she has arranged to get her trust fund that her father set up for her and that should help them settle the debt that they owe for burning the bonds. They yell at each other, Danny doesn't want to take her money, both end up saying things they shouldn't and Michelle storms out of the house and goes out to the pool. When she gets there she sheds her robe and goes skinny-dipping in the pool. Danny comes out and jumps in after her and tells her that he can promise her that he will always love her. They kiss and start making up.

    At the Santos House, Outside Springfield:
    Carmen goes in and talks to Pilar. They talk about the past and about Pilar's relationship with Bill and that Pilar is going to wait to have sex until the time is right for her. Carmen is please until Pilar starts asking about her and Ben. She tells Carmen that she understands that she may be lonely but she doesn't really care for Ben and wonders if her mother is falling in love with him. Carmen doesn't want to answer this and Pilar takes that as an affirmation.
    Blake comes in to thank Ben for listening to her and to ask him not to spill the beans about her little one to Ross. Ben agreed and they talked a little about him and Carmen. Carmen overhears Blake outside her study and goes out right as she leaves. She asks Ben why Blake was there and he replied that it was a personal matter. Ben left for work and Carmen got on the phone and told Deitz to follow Blake and to call back and tell her where she goes.

    At the Journal:
    Holly comes into her office to find Sam there reading the editorial she wrote about him and his prosecution. He tells her that as much as he would like to have something with her all these sparks between them were only going to lead to their incarceration. He leaves and goes to the farm where he starts packing his things. Holly thinks over what to do when the police come in and arrest her for parole violation. They take her out of her office in handcuffs.

    Thursday, September 2, 1999

    In San Cristobel:
    Cassie, Olivia, Josh and Richard await Edmunds arrival. When Edmund shows up he says that Reva is alive but for her to remain that way Richard must renounce his throne. Richard refuses. They fight. After some pleading with (from Josh and Cassie), Richard accepts Edmunds offer. When they went to shake on the deal, Edmund announced that Richard was lying, that he had no intent of relinquishing his reign. Edmund tells him that he loves his brother and he loves their country but that Richard has let the country go to pot ever since Reva washed up on the beaches. Richard said that Edmund was only interested in power, not helping the country. Edmund grabbed Cassie and held a gun to her head and used her as a human shield to flee the palace. When he made it to his car he released her and drove off. Richard chased after him in his Hummer with Josh close behind on a motorcycle. Richard took a shortcut through the woods and eventually cut Edmund off at the pass. He and Edmund scuffled and both men fell off the side of a cliff. Josh came and helped Richard up but Edmund fell to his "apparent death." Richard got up and fought with Josh for letting his brother die.
    Meanwhile in the cave shackled in a hole, Reva is fighting off the tide. Each time the tide washes in, she is covered with water and it is building up past her neck. Some children here her screaming and noted that there are ghosts in this cave. Reva tried to tell them that she wasn't a ghost but alive and in real danger but they got scared and left. Reva kept yelling for Josh but Josh never came. Reva prayed to God that he return her to her children. She promised Him that she would never leave them again.
    Back at the palace, Olivia started thinking about how Reva will take Jon back with her and not let her sister keep him. Cassie came up with a plan to go search for Reva and Olivia said they should do it separately. Olivia runs out.

    At the Santos Estate (outside Springfield):
    Carmen gets a call from Deitz and the two put it all together and decide that Blake is pregnant. Carmen assumes that Ben is the father and gets very upset. Ben comes in ready to bed Carmen down for the night and she gives him an opportunity to come clean. He only tells her that Blake has a problem and had asked him for help. He leaves the room and Carmen said that Ben is "such a liar."

    At A Doctor's Office in Clayton:
    Deitz has followed Blake and is outside the Doctor's office waiting on her to leave. Blake goes in under a phony name and gets a check up. She asks for a guarantee of confidentiality, which he assures her of.

    In the Judge's Quarters:
    The judge begins to let Holly off with a warning until she refuses to divulge the name of the man (the ex-con) in the article. The judge sends her to jail until Sam comes in and tells the judge to lock him up instead. The judge thinks awhile and tells them that he wants to get to the bottom of this alleged "miscarriage of justice" that Holly wrote about in her article and gave her the option of investigating it and reporting back to him any malfeasance that she may find in Sam's case. He says that they can meet together only if Ross is present. They all agree and go off to the Jessup farm for their first meeting.
    Meanwhile, at the Jessup farm, Blake is in the stables crying talking to Hart. She misses her brother and knows that he would know exactly what she should do if only he were still alive.

    Friday, September 3, 1999

    In San Cristobel:

    Once again Edmund and Richard were on the cliff fighting. They fell over the edge and Josh came to help them. He pulled Richard up but could not rescue Edmund who fell to his "apparent death." Richard got up and hit Josh because he let his brother die. Josh said we have to find Reva and questioned Richard about where Edmund would have taken her. Richard drew a blank saying only that when they were children, Edmund had a vast love for the ocean. Josh begged Richard to work with him to find Reva and rescue her. Richard remembered the caves that he and Edmund had played in. They went to search it. They got to the vicinity and finally Josh found a piece of Reva's gown and they went into the cave.
    While all this was happening, Reva had completely gone under water and her life with Josh was flashing before her eyes. She remembered their weddings, having her babies, all there moments together at Cross Creek. Josh found Reva but she was already unconscious He dove under the water to save her and found the shackles that were holding her down.
    Cassie had followed Olivia back to her sisters and met Jon. She was awe struck when she first saw her nephew. She begged Olivia not to flee with him. Olivia told her sister to pack all their things that they were leaving San Cristobel ASAP. Cassie told Olivia that if she really loved Richard, she would give him his son back. Olivia told how she had been in love all these years with Richard and that it almost killed her when he fell in love with Catherine, her friend. She said that she couldn't take Jon away from her sister. Cassie talked to her until Olivia seemed to agree to take Jon to Richard. Cassie watched her and apparently didn't believe her. When Olivia went into the closet to take the suitcase, Cassie shoved her in and locked the door. She then went to Jon and asked him to go with her.

    At the Santos Estate (outside Springfield):
    Carmen told Deitz that she was giving Ben one more try to tell her the truth about Blake and the baby. Ben came in and was lovey dovey to Carmen who responded by kissing him and ultimately stabbing a knife into the chair he was occupying. Ben asked what was up and she announced that she knew all about his pregnant girlfriend Blake.

    At the Jessup Farm:
    Holly and Ross come up to the farm and Ross notices Blake's car. Blake however, coming from the stables sees him and Holly together once again and it just happened to be at the same time that they were hugging. Holly went off to be with Sam and Ross went to find Blake. He found her and they both made excuses as to why they were there. Ross eventually did get around to asking her about the new man in her life. Blake didn't want to talk about it. They both danced around the subject of their relationship by talking about the weather, while each were thinking to themselves how much they loved each other.
    Sam and Holly were talking in the stables. Sam turned on the music and asked her to dance. He agreed to talk to her after she danced with him. They danced and eventually kissed.

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