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Monday, December 22, 1997

Along with everyone else, Hart is astonished at Dinah's surprise wedding. He glances over at Cassie, and sees her giving him a forlorn look. Hart tries to tell Dinah that this is not what he wants, but she definitely is not giving him a chance to say one single word. She whisks off to change into her wedding dress.

Hart and Cassie meet outside, where Hart tells her that he made a solemn promise to someone (Vanessa) and he has to do what is right. Hart reflects back on when he told Vanessa that he would stay with Dinah, so that she shall not be alone if she happens to die).

The bandages are removed from Michelle's eyes, and she says that she is able to see at least fuzzy objects. The opthamologist asks to follow his pen-light with her eyes, but "the light is too bright", Michelle says.

Jesse is getting pushy with his wedding plans, and causes Ed to lecture him on letting Michelle fully recover.

Rick can tell that something is wrong, and asks Michelle to follow his pen-light. It is then obvious that Michelle cannot see. She cries on Rick's shoulder, and begs him not to let Jesse know.

Reva and Blake brainstorm together, and decide that there is no way that they can let this wedding proceed, and they must come up with a plan.

Ross asks Ben why he would leave his prosperous law practice in NY city to become district attorney? Ben says that he will do whatever it takes to destroy his brother's life. Ben also tells Ross to ask Blake about the bet he has with Blake (that if Ben wins the case against Abby, she will sleep with him).

Vanessa overhears Annie and Dinah laughing and making fun of Cassie. Vanessa asks for some time alone with Dinah, and gives her the third degree about whether she is marrying Hart for the right reasons. Dinah assures her that she is marrying Hart because she loves him, and not to win a foolish fight against Cassie.

Alan comments to Annie that it is apparent that she will stop at nothing to hurt Reva and her family, and Annie whole-heartedly agrees.

Frantically, Jenna looks for Buzz, since he took off after hearing that she is really carrying Jeffrey's baby. She and Harley end up at Hart's farmhouse, where they meet up with Nola. Harley warns Nola to stay away from her family, and dumps a bowl of punch all over her! Nola promises that she will wait at home, since she knows Buzz will come to her for support.

Buzz goes to the bus station and asks for a one-way ticket as far away from Springfield as $45 will buy.

The wedding starts to commence, and Blake starts this outrageous moaning of abdominal pains. Hart rushes to her side, with Dinah hollering that there is no way he can fall for this ploy against their marriage. Hart ignores her and gets into the car with Blake to the hospital. As they drive away from the party, Blake hugs him, and says "Merry Christmas", since she is giving him time to think about this major decision.

 Tuesday   December    23, 1997
by Sarai Long

Dinah is frantic with worry since Hart did not come home all night. Vanessa comes over, and reassures her that Hart cares very much for her. She relates the conversation that she had with Hart a few days ago, but leaves out the promise that was made (that he will stay with Dinah in the event that Vanessa passes away due to her illness).

Hart shows up at Cassie's hotel room, and explains to her the promise that he made with Vanessa. She understands, even though they both know that they want to be with each other. Reva invites him to Cross Creek for Christmas, but Hart says that he already told Dinah he would be with her. As he walks out of the hotel room, he says to himself "sorry, Vanessa...I just can't be with your daughter anymore."

Billy and Josh find out that Cross Creek is under several feet of snow, and there is no way to get there.

Michelle begs Rick to help her in hiding her blindness from Jesse, because she knows that Jesse will feel indebted to her forever. Rick shines his pen-light into her eyes again, and she still sees nothing. He says that he has done some reading, and her sight may return soon.

Jesse comes into Michelle's room with a bunch of balloons, asking her which she likes the best. Rick covers for Michelle and answers for her. Later, when they are alone, Jesse gives her a poem he has written, and asks Michelle to read it; she stalls him by telling him she would rather hear it from him.

Jenna and Harley are still waiting to hear from Buzz. He definitely did not go to Nola's house. Frank finds out that Buzz bought a bus ticket to Chicage, but is unsure if he has actually used it yet. Jenna is glad that Buzz now knows the truth, but wishes she was the one to have told him.

Asleep on a park bench, covered by cardboard, Buzz is awoken by a police officer. He shares some booze with a wino, who invites him to the soup kitchen for dinner. Buzz declines, and goes into a church, where he finds an abandoned baby by the altar.

Annie convinces Beth that she still has a chance with Phillip, especially if they can spend Christmas Eve together. Phillip comes over to ask Beth if Lizzie can come to Harley's for Christmas Eve; he explains about Buzz missing, and the need for Harley to stay home. Beth refuses, and makes Phillip agree to come to the Spaulding house that night. Harley is not pleased with this news.

Hart calls Dinah, and tells her that he has something to say to both her and Vanessa. When he finally arrives, Dinah never gives him a chance to talk, and pushes him into accepting an invitation to spend Christmas at the Spaulding home.

Matt comes to pick up Vanessa at Hart's house, and mentions something about everything being all ready. As he is putting on her coat, it seems as if Vanessa is having a relapse in her illness.

Tammy runs out of her room holding a red envelope, left by Santa. It includes a map, and says that there will be a surprise for them!

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Wednesday, December 24

Today's recap was written by Dionne Lewis

Frank and his family visit Jenna and Harley bringing gifts. Frank tells a frantic Jenna he still has no word regarding Buzz, but the Chicago police was out searching. Harley confides to Frank that she asked Phillip to come by for Christmas but he decided to stay with Lizzie and somehow she is "losing the man she loves", because he's with Beth but Frank tells her Beth is no match to his little sister.

Buzz finds a baby abandoned at the bus station with a letter stating "to take care of the baby", he later takes the baby to a church and has a heart to heart talk with a priest. Michelle is released and brought home by Rick , Michelle pleads with Rick not to tell Jessie she cannot see and he promises with a kiss. Jessie surprises Michelle by being there. He tries to kiss her but is pushed away by Rick. Blake, Ross and the kids also show up.

Reva, Josh, Cassie and the kids ends up in Matt's and Vanessa's old house after finding a surprise letter ( the house is decorated ). They later find out it now belongs to them, which had Reva crying. Josh surprises the kids with some of their old toys which he actually bought at the mall, and for Cassie and Reva their mother's cameo. Billie tells Cassie he knows how she feels about Hart and he wants her to be happy and not worry about him because he's not mad.

Dinah is over by the Spauldings waiting anxiously for Hart. Annie tells Dinah she thinks she will be getting her ring from Alan, (which she finds in a briefcase that Alan surprises her with) and for Dinah not to worry because she will be with Hart just as Phillip and Beth, and her and Alan. Hart shows up and leaves Dinah in tears after telling her he will not be marrying her, that it is over. ( Hart ends up with Cassie and tells her that they belong together.) Beth invites Phillip up to her room for a gift ( a book he had started writing) and apologized for ruining things with them. Phillip stated she was the one who wanted a divorce and he walked out leaving her crying. Phillip then goes over to Harley and told her what happened with Beth and that ,that part of his life was over he wants her (Harley) and then they kiss.

Buzz surprises everyone when he shows up, he gestures to them not to let Jenna know he is there. He wishes Jenna a Merry Christmas as they embrace both proclaiming their love.

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Thursday, December 25, 1997
by Soap Central

Due to the Christmas holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

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Friday, December 26, 1997
by Soap Central

Due to the Christmas holiday, Guiding Light did not air today.

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