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Monday, December 15, 1997

The firemen ask a shaken Annie if there is anyone left in the house; she hesitates to answer and Abby speaks up and says that Reva is still in the flaming house, Josh arrives and against Frank's orders, rushes in to find Reva. He is almost hit by several burning rafters, but finds Reva, and follows her out through a window.

Nobody sees poor Michelle lying on the floor in agony. She stands up and knocks out a window pane, but collapses again.

Jesse waits for Michelle in anticipation of their wedding. He fantasizes about their first night together, complete with white gauzy bed sheets and candles. But when she never arrives, he talks to Ed Bauer, who becomes upset that Jesse doesn't know where Michelle is. Jesse agrees to call him when he finds her and heads Reva's house.

Harley and Jenna discuss telling Buzz about the baby really belonging to Jeffrey. Jenna is adamant that she wants to tell Buzz the truth, because she is not only having difficulty keeping such a secret, but also because she knows Buzz is only there for what he believes to be his unborn child. She also fears Nola, since she is after Buzz, and knows the true paternity of her child. For now, Harley has convinced Jenna to keep quiet, and she will try to keep Nola away.

Phillip and Beth end up kissing somewhat passionately under the mistletoe. Lizzie is so happy to see her parents behaving the way they used to and is misled into thinking that they will get back together. Phillip tells her that they just kissed out of friendliness.

Back at the diner, Lizzie slips and tells Harley that "her Daddy kissed Mommy." Harley is especially furious even though Phillip tries to explain that the kiss was for Lizzie's benefit.

After Josh successfully rescues Reva, they speculate about what could have caused the fire; then, Reva sees Annie standing off to the side, looking guilty. Roy's friends watch the fire from behind a firetruck, and wonder if Michelle is still in the house.

 Tuesday   December    16, 1997
by Sarai Long

Harley agrees to come along to the Spaulding house with Phillip and Lizzie. Beth is there when they arrive, putting up Christmas decorations. She makes a point to show Harley that she had some special ornaments shipped from Arizona (ones that she had when she was married to Phillip). Phillip goes upstairs to put Lizzie to bed, and Beth has a talk with Harley. The conversation consisted of Beth making it clear to Harley that she wants Phillip back with her, and Harley says that it will never happen.

Later, when Beth promises a sleeping Lizzie that she will make everything right again, and will reunite their family.

Alan rushes to Reva's burning house, and is not pleased to find Annie. Cassie outwardly blames Annie for the fire, and Alan plainly does not come to her defense.

Jesse is screaming for Michelle and is convinced that she is in the fire. The firemen brush him off, and tell him that she is probably at home waiting for him; Josh interrupts, and makes the firemen go back into the house, where they find Michelle.

Buzz remembers Jeffrey Morgan, and realizes that he was not a good person at all, and brought him much unhappiness. Later, when he and Jenna go to the fire, he remembers the fire at the diner and gets the impression that before he lost his memory, he was a complete loser.

Reva and Josh are distraught that all their belongings and memories are gone, but Reva says that she is almost glad that the fire happened, proving that Annie and Alan are cruel, inhumane people.

Annie demands to be taken to the hospital, where she is questioned by Frank concerning the fire. She is outraged that she would yet be accused of such wrongdoing, and Frank tells her that she can just come down to the station if she won't cooperate. Alan again does not defend her, and assures Frank that he will bring her to the station.

Rick and Ed work to get Michelle stabilized, and she finally reaches consciousness. When the bandages are removed from her eyes, she exclaims that she can't see!

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Wednesday, December 17

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Thursday, December 18, 1997
by Angela Vogel

Cassie takes Hart up on his offer to let her and Tammy stay on the farm. Hart asks her why she changed her mind. Cassie says it's because she now realizes that she needs the help and that it's okay to ask for it. She also says that Hart is different from any man she has ever known -- he doesn't want anything in return. She asks him if he needs to clear the idea with Dinah. He says no, he'll just go stay with Dinah at the penthouse. Cassie abruptly changes her mind when she realizes Hart won't be living at the farmhouse with her. An upset Cassie leaves Hart alone to think back to his promise to Vanessa to make Dinah feel loved and secure.

When Dinah shows up, Hart asks her to go away with him tonight "to reconnect." She says, "We can't! It's your birthday, and I planned something already. We can go away tomorrow."

Buzz laments the bad parts of his life that he remembers.

Jesse stays at Michelle's side at the hospital. Rick expresses his fear to Abby that his sister won't regain her sight, but assures Michelle and Jesse that she will.

Vanessa, Matt, Harley, Phillip, and Abby visit Michelle at the hospital.

Nola shows up at the hospital. Harley sees her and says, "You keep turning up, like a bad penny." Jay tells his mother that he got a job offer in California but isn't taking it because of "this Buzz thing" she's been going through. Nola takes her son aside and tells him not to worry about her, that "this Buzz thing is going to work out just fine." Harley overhears and takes Nola aside. "What will it take to get you to back off from my father?" she asks. "I'm not going to back off from your father," Nola says. "Because when he hears the truth (about Jenna's baby), he's going to be devastated. And I'm going to be there to pick up the pieces."

Michelle recounts the time she found Phillip raiding the Bauer fridge in a towel. Harley laughs at this story which leads to Phillip announcing that he's in love with her to a room full of people -- right as Lillian walks in. Later, Phillip asks Lillian if Beth can stay with her for the remainder of the holiday season because it is getting uncomfortable for all involved. Lillian reads into this that Phillip is uncomfortable because he still has feelings for her daughter, Beth.

Detective Levy tells Rick that Frank is questionning the three boys who confessed to starting the fire, but has learned that there's a fourth party involved -- Jesse's father, Jack Blue, who incited the boys. Jesse overhears this and vows to get revenge, but Rick reminds him of his integrity and steers him away from doing anything dumb.

Blake visits Cassie at Lewis Oil, telling her, "I think my brother would be a whole lot happier with you than with Dinah Marler." She points out that Hart doesn't love Dinah the same way he used to and that she doesn't know why he hasn't broken up with her yet. She then convinces Cassie to come to Hart's party.

Nola goes to see Buzz at his apartment and learns that he's getting parts of his memory back and not all of it is good. She says, "I know. That's why I told you the bad parts of it that I was involved in. I couldn't look you in the eye knowing I had kept something from you." This last part she says while looking at Jenna. Buzz gets angry at her inference and demands she apologize. He informs her with certainty that Jenna is not keeping anything from him. Jenna keeps quiet as Nola extends a shaky apology. After she leaves, Jenna is happy that Buzz has defended her, but leaves for Nola's restaurant to confront her in private. Nola learns that Jay is going to accept the job offer in California after all.

Jesse says his prayers in the hospital chapel. He asks the pastor if he performs marriage ceremonies for people in the hospital. Meanwhile, Michelle tells Rick that she knows the truth -- that she may never see again. She tells him that if she is blind she won't marry Jesse, because she doesn't want him to sacrifice his life in order to take care of her. She asks Rick, as her big brother, to be strong for her.

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Friday, December 19
CourtesySoap Central

Annie and Dinah are excitedly finishing the plans for the birthday party. It will show Cassie once and for all who Hart really loves. Annie can't wait to see the look on Reva's face when her new sister finds out that her world is crashing down around her.

Blake has trouble keeping Hart "out on the range." Returning home from their horseback ride, Hart discovers Buzz in the barn preparing for the night's festivities. Cassie arrives and presents him with a gift for his birthday. Dinah isn't pleased that Cassie let the cat out of the bag, but Hart says he already knew what was going on. Later, Dinah complains to Annie about finding Cassie kissing her man.

Jessie tells Michelle that he has talked with the hospital chaplain and they can get married right there in the hospital. Michelle tells him that she can't get married now, but Jessie doesn't understand what the difference is. He tries to convince her that she will be able to see once the bandages are removed. Michelle needs this reassurance just now.

The guests are arriving at the big party. An overly sweet and ebullient Annie greets Cassie. Annie scores some hits, especially when Reva arrives. She makes sure that all the assembled guests know that she didn't set the fire, as she has been accused. Cassie is ready to leave, but Reva talks her into staying for Hart's sake.

Ross is enjoying a close dance with Blake when Ben cuts-in quickly, leaving Ross standing alone and Blake dancing against her will. Once the dance is finished, Ben returns to Ross and stuns him with the announcement that he is now the district attorney and will be prosecuting Abbie.

Jenna and Nola are outside the diner, arguing over whether Buzz should know the truth about the baby. Jenna tells Nola that he will soon know the truth. It is only a matter of time until he has his memory back. Nola is sure that once he knows the truth, he will want nothing to do with Jenna. And she will be there to pick up the pieces! Jenna decides that she will go to the farm and tell him tonight. She leaves with Nola following right behind her.

Fletcher and Holly arrive at the party. Fletcher thinks that the school he researched is the best for Meg. Holly thinks that the schools they have here in Springfield are just as good. Fletcher thinks that they should have the best for their daughter. Holly doesn't want to send her daughter so far away and she doesn't want to move away. Holly cannot believe it when Fletcher accuses her of wanting to stay in Springfield to be near Roger.

When Dinah sees Hart and Cassie dancing, she quickly stops the band to make an announcement. She has the cake brought out and Hart is puzzled when a triple tiered wedding cake, complete with bride and groom on the top, is wheeled out. Dinah tells him that this is the real surprise. They are going to be married tonight in front of all their friends. She calls for the pastor to come out to perform the ceremony.

The eye doctor finally arrives at Michelle's room to take the bandages off her eyes.

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