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Monday, November 17, 1997

* Due to an interruption from Bill Clinton & Dan Rather, some of the show was not seen, and will cause some lack of continuity in the re-cap *

Reva bursts in the door and sees Cassie in bed with a mostly unconscious Josh. She rushes to Josh's side while Cassie starts wailing and apologizing. Reva makes it clear that she is not interested in Cassie's excuses, after the Lewises took Cassie into the business and home, and loved her like she was one of the family. Cassie finally gets the whole story out, about Annie and Alan finding her in Chicago and setting her up to destroy Lewis Oil and the whole Lewis family. Reva still refuses to believe her, and says that she had found out from Tammy that Cassie was "Annie's friend." Cassie is floored to hear that Reva has seen Tammy, but Reva refuses to tell her where she is, saying that at least Tammy was smart enough to get away from Annie.

Somehow, the subject of the cameo comes up, and Cassie says that she has had that cameo all her life until she lost it in Chicago. She tells Reva that this all makes sense...and she is her sister, and Annie stole it from her. Reva denies her story, and says that she has heard it many times from Annie and all the other "actresses" that Annie has set up to fool her. Cassie argues that this is why she and Reva have felt such closeness!

Dinah leaves the courthouse with Ben and are in the elevator up to the Towers Restaurant. In the elevator, he asks her if she is with him just for revenge against Ross, who didn't have time for her when she needed someone. Dinah admits that is part of it, but she tag along with anyone who gives her all the champagne she can drink. After Dinah makes some comment about how Ben is "so bad", and Ben retorts that he is "actually very good." Dinah says that she thinks they will definitely have fun together. Hart meets up with them in the elevator, and is introduced to Ben, who invites him for a drink. Hart hangs out a while at the bar, but leaves to get something to eat after the tension between he and Dinah gets incredibly thick!

Hart sits with Blake, and points out Dinah and her new boyfriend, who are getting in the elevator to go up to his room. Blake frantically runs to catch them, but is too late. She says to herself that Ben certainly wouldn't stoop so low as to sleep with his niece, but then rethinks and decides that he may do anything.

The Bauers, Jesse, and Abby are getting ready to leave the Towers, when Jesse's father comes in. He says that he is planning to testify in Roy's behalf, because he wants the Bauers to suffer any way possible. He is convinced that Ed Bauer deliberately put Maureen's heart in his son. Jesse says that he has Ed Bauer to thank for his life.

Michelle and Abby are about to leave in their car, when the car won't start. Jesse checks under the hood and sees an aparatus with a blinking red light and yells for Michelle and Abby to get out of the car.

Alan and Annie decide to go to Josh's room with the photographers, to catch their moment of glory, finding Cassie in bed with him. Instead, they are surprised to find the tables turned, and see Reva in bed with him!!

Monday, November 18, 1997

Alan and Annie are shocked to find Reva in bed with Josh instead of Cassie. Reva proudly poses for the photographers, and asks why anyone would be surprised to find her in bed with the man she was to marry? She tells Annie and Alan that she now knows that Cassie is her sister; Cassie comes out from another room, and Annie starts screaming that they won't get away with this, and Cassie will never see Tammy again. Annie is again astonished to hear that Tammy is safely at Reva's home, playing with her new cousins. Alan forces Annie to leave the hotel room. Reva takes Josh into the bathroom to try to revive him from his drugged sleep. Hart is also in the hotel room, and Billy is upset to see he and Cassie share a few close moments together. Billy later tells Cassie that they just need to be friends now.

In the hall, Alan scolds Annie, and tells her to calm down, and keep her sights set on the future. He is concerned with his Lewis Oil takeover plan being thwarted, but Annie is focused on losing her little girl, Tammy. Alan tells Annie to quit fantasizing and obsessing with Tammy, and get on with her life. She tells him that she will never forgive him for this.

Meanwhile, Reva tells Cassie that she has another surprise for her, and brings in Tammy. Alan and Annie are still in the hallway, and Alan has to restrain Annie from grabbing Tammy. Cassie and Tammy are thrilled to finally be reunited. Cassie makes an apology to Billy, Josh and Reva, and expresses hope that she will someday be accepted into the family, and be forgiven for what she has done to them.

Blake is too late to stop the elevator from taking Dinah and Ben up to Ben's room. Dinah and Ben start to share some caviar and champagne, while making several suggestive comments to each other. Blake calls Ben and demands that he get rid of Dinah, since she wishes to take him up on his offer to sleep with her (so he will quit the court proceedings). Ben tells Dinah that the night is over, and on the way out the door, she runs into Blake, making it clear that she will tell Ross where his wife is.

Blake comes into Ben's room, but confesses that she does not want to sleep with him. He fakes her out, and tells her that everything is on tape, when it actually is not. Blake is absolutely disgusted with him, and leaves. Ben says "she'll be back."

Ben then goes into Towers Restaurant, and meets up with a distraught Annie. He offers to buy her a drink, but she declines, says that she stopped drinking, but may take it up again. As she leaves, she impresses Ben by telling him that she always gets what she wants.

Jesse diffuses the bomb in Michelle's car, and finds a note that says, "boom, you're dead." There is also a microcassette recorder attached, and when he plays the tape, it is a disguised voice saying that Abby better not testify. Ed convinces Jesse to spend the night at their house, since it is surrounded with police protection. Rick asks Abby to just elope with him, and leave all this Roy mess behind, but Abby is insistent on staying. He stays in her room while she tried to sleep, but is awoken by a terrible nightmare where she hears Roy's voice.

Wednesday, November 19

Thursday, November 20, 1997

In court, Ben Warren presents a new line of questioning posed to make it look like Abby has a history of falsely accusing men of attacking her. He brings up the case of a man who tried to take her picture 10 years ago in Lancaster and how she became frightened and summoned the police. Ben paints the picture of Abby as a scared, confused deaf girl who made a mistake then and is making one now. Ross cross-examines Abby, pointing out that the incident occurred when Abby was only 16, and couldn't speak or sign. He also points out that the incident was resolved when Abby apologized to the man whose actions she misunderstood.

Ben Warren re-questions Abigail. He further makes it looks like she's a confused girl, pointing out that Jesse Blue actually told her Roy was her attacker before she identified him in the police line-up. He also points out how Frank Cooper is a personal friend of Abby's, and how this may have influenced her decision to finger Roy in the line-up. Abby is so visibly confused on the stand that Rick yells out, "Leave her alone!" The judge orders Rick to be seated, to the delight of Roy and his friends. A fed up Rick walks to the back of the courtroom and whispers to Jesse, "Get me a gun."

Annie reminds Alan that he has temporary legal custody of Tammy. She kisses up to him after their fight. "I really, really want her," she tells Alan, making a case for why they should fight for custody of the child. "You owe me, Alan. You owe me," she says. As they're discussing it, Josh shows up, saying, "It's not going to happen." He appeals to Alan, trying to convince him it's not worth it. Annie steps in, gloating, "Maybe I wasn't worth it to you, but to Alan, I am." Alan reinforces this, telling Josh he'll provide Annie's every need. Josh threatens to make Alan's life miserable if he goes against the Lewis', and when Annie indicates that they're welcoming a fight, Josh says before leaving, "I warned you. This is a fight you'll never recover from." Afterwards, Annie seduces Alan in an attempt to thank him/coerce him into doing her bidding.

Ross urges Ben not to use Abby to get back at him. He asks him where his conscience went. "I must have lost it, along with my birthright," his corrupt brother answers. In a speech about how Ross knew who Ben's birth parents were the whole time he searched for them, Ben admits he plans to destroy Abby on account of his brother.

Dinah is getting live coverage of the trial with her news team. Blake accuses her of handling the trial the way a tabloid would. Dinah ignores her, changing the topic to what Blake was doing in Ben Warren's hotel room. Later, Dinah interviews Ross, presenting a slanted view of the case. Blake asks her why she's reverted to being a witch. Dinah feels that being nice didn't get her very far. She sends her news crew to dig up some dirt on why big-wig attorney Ben Warren came to town to defend a two-bit thug. Blake warns her to leave it alone, but when Dinah presses on, Blake says to herself, "I've got to put an end to this."

Cassie tells Reva that she thinks she should take Tammy and run away from Springfield while she still can. Reva says absolutely not! She is to stay with her family and let them help her through this custody battle. Reva makes it perfectly clear that she is not going to let Annie or Alan mess with her sister or niece ever again!

Michael shows up at Matt and Vanessa's house just as Vanessa is pushing Matt out the door and Matt is teasingly accusing her of seeing another man behind his back. Vanessa pretends it's a surprise visit, but it is not. Though her tests have come back clean, indicating that she's still in remission, she is not convinced that she will remain that way. She asks Michael to safeguard her baby's life "no matter what." The implication is that she is asking him to take her own life if it turns out the baby's is in danger at any point. He agrees. Matt is left out of this decision.

Vanessa hears Dinah's television broadcast and gets angry with Dinah. She drives to the courthouse and interrupts her, saying it is disgusting how she is making a mockery out of another woman's pain.

Friday, November 21
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Vanessa is trying to reason with Dinah about her coverage of the trial. Dinah brings up the baby Vanessa is carrying and says she hopes she takes care of this child and doesn't turn it over to "Carney People." A hurt Vanessa just turns away from her and walks into the courtroom to meet Michael. He asks her is she is okay and she says she just doesn't know what's gotten into Dinah, but she plans to get her back on track.

Hart walks into the park and sees Marah and Shayne playing with a little girl, he asks who she is and Marah tells him it's Tammy. Hart tells Tammy that he knows her mommy and he's heard a lot about her. She asks how he knows her mommy and he tells her it's a long story. She says she likes long stories. Cassie walks up behind Hart and tells Tammy to stop asking Mr. Jessup so many questions. Hart and Cassie are talking and Cassie tells him that she's sure things will be better for him and Dinah during Thanksgiving. He tells her that he's not planning on being with Dinah for Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, he's not planning to spend it with anyone. Cassie tells him she can't stand to think of him alone for the holiday. They walk to the courthouse together (Katie is taking the kids home). When they walk in the door, Hart goes to help Rick look for Abby and Cassie heads into the courtroom alone, but Dinah stops her and tells her she hears Cassie is Reva's long lost sister, but that won't mean much in Springfield. Drugging Hart and Josh, you don't deserve to be a mother she snaps. Cassie tells her maybe if she were a little less childish, Hart might not be dumping her.

At the end of Abby's testimony, Ben Warren makes a motion for dismissal based on evidence that he claims makes Abigail's identification of Roy inadmissible. He says that Abigail just testified that Jesse told her that Roy was her attacker when he caught Roy outside the Bauer house before the line-up. The judge calls a recess and says she'll give her decision when they resume. While the judge is in chambers, Roy tells Ben he needs some air. After he leaves the courthouse, Abby decides to go for a walk, unaware that Roy is outside too. He finds her in the park and tells her that she over-reacted to what happened. She tells him he isn't a man and he says when the judge lets him go, he's going to find her and show her he's a man. A terrified Abby runs back into the courthouse.

Back in the courthouse Blake motions Roger over to her and tells him she wants him to get rid of someone for her. He tells her he's not a hit man and she says she doesn't want the guy killed, just gone from Springfield. He asks who, when she points to Ben, Roger asks for more information. She confides to him that Ben is Ross' brother and that Abby's trial is just the beginning of what he's planning to do. "Ross isn't the only one he's out to destroy", she says and tells him that Ben propositioned her. Roger tells her not to worry, he'll take care of everything. Holly overhears and asks him exactly what he'll take care of. He tell her that one day she's going to realize that he's not as bad as she thinks, then he leaves to confront Ben, he tells him, he'd better leave the Marlers alone, all the Marlers...

Harley shows up at Phillips office to go to the airport with him to pick up Lizzie. "you're going with me?", he asks puzzled. Of course not she says. I feel like an idiot. You want to meet your daughter at the airport alone. No, he reassures her, he just didn't realize she wanted to go. He tells her he's sure that Lizzie will adore the woman he loves. Harley makes him repeat what he said because she's sure she misunderstood. Of course I love you, he tells her. This gets him a kiss for a reward. He leans Harley over his desk and accidentally into his coffee. He tells her she has time to wash her clothes in the shower and dry them with the hair dryer before they have to leave. She informs him that since she didn't get that coffee on her all by herself that he should help clean it out. He tells her if he joins her, they'll never get to the airport. A freshly showered Harley comes back into the office wearing one of Phillips spare shirts. As he starts to help her out of it, a voice from the door yells daddy. He turns to see Lizzie standing there. A nervous Harley is even more surprised (along with Phillip) when another voice says "she wanted to surprise you, so we took an earlier flight." They both look up to see Beth standing in the doorway.

The judge reconvenes the trial and breaks the news that under the guidelines of the law, she has no choice but to dismiss the charges against Roy. Shouts erupt from the courtroom and Roy looks at Abby and slides his finger across his throat, mouthing to her "you're dead." A distraught Abby grabs the bailiffs gun and shoots Roy, sending him reeling backwards.

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