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Monday, April 28, 1997

Amanda showed up at Ross' office, looking for some files. Her phone rang, and Amanda asked Ross to answer it, it was Roger. Roger told Ross that Amanda asked him to call, and Ross figured out that Amanda set him up. Amanda and Ross began talking about when Ross gave up his Senate seat to be with Blake. Amanda asked Ross if it were true that he is up for the DA spot. Amanda made a remark about how Blake cost Ross that Senate spot, and Ross told Amanda that she is somewhat responsible for his situation with Blake. Amanda said she doesn't feel responsible at all. She said that Blake never should have slept with Rick. She said that Blake should be the only one responsible. Blake came into Ross' office to talk to him about Annie, and Amanda came out with Ross. Amanda invited them both to her party. Amanda left, and Ross asked Blake why she was there. Blake left angry, without telling Ross about Annie as she had planned.

Blake was talking at the hospital with Lillian when Reva came in and asked to talk to Fran. Blake overheard this. Reva went to Blake and said she has some questions about Annie. Reva asked Blake why she warned her about Annie a while back. Blake told Reva that she isn't very friendly with Annie anymore. Reva told Blake that she knows there is something she isn't telling her. Blake was having flashbacks to when she agreed to help Annie with her plan. She said that she needs to go talk to Ross. Lillian and Reva began talking and Lillian told Reva that Fran's last job was at the fertility clinic.Reva aasked Lillian if the fertility clinic has a sperm bank. Lillian said she supposes so, and Reva asked for the address of the clinic. Reva went to the fertility clinic and asked for Annie's records. They would not give them to her. Annie called Reva on her cell phone, and asked to see her. Reva left the clinic.

Alan took Annie home, and said he does not trust the doctor she saw, and he wants to take her to Cedars to be re-examined. Alan told Annie that she should now face the fact that she will not get Josh back. Annie said she will never give up on Josh then collapsed. Alan helped her back up, and Amanda came in and invited Alan and Annie to her party. Amanda told Annie that she is sure Josh will be there. Annie began thinking to herself if she lost the baby due to Reva, that could be to her advantage.

Hart and Dinah argued about whether they could ever be happy again. Dinah said she realized one day that Hart is not that thrilled with the person she is anymore. He said she doesn't realize that she is the reason he gets up out of bed everyday. Hart asked Dinah if she still loves him. Dinah said it really doesn't matter anymore. They argued some more, then Dinah found some old things of her mothers, including some old letters from Matt. Hart put some music on, and they began to dance. Hart told Dinah that he still loves her very much.

Amanda was on the phone with Jim, a candidate for Senate and told him that Spaulding is backing him. She asked for his support in backing Ross, who is running for his old DA position.

TuesdayApril 29, 1997

Annie was thinking about her baby, and said she was sorry that the baby died, but that maybe that would help her to get rid of Reva. Reva came to the door, and came in and started talking to Annie. Reva asked her about the fertility clinic. Reva said she knows Annie was so desperate to hold onto Josh she would do anything, even tell Josh she is pregnant with his baby. Reva said she had just come from the clinic, and knows everything. Annie denied everything. Reva told her that she has been talking to Fran. Annie said the baby is Josh's, but Reva said Fran believes otherwise. Annie swore on her baby's life taht the child is Josh's. Reva said when Josh gets back in town, she is going to tell him the truth about Annie not being her sister. Reva asked Annie to admit that she is not her long lost sister. Annie admitted it, and apologized to Reva. Reva wanted all the details of how Annie did everything to pretend to be her sister. Reva asked her if she has no conscious. Annie said she was desperate to hold onto Josh. Annie told Reva that she really regrets that Reva was not really her sister. Annie told Reva that she didn't pretend to be her sister to hurt her, she did it for love, Josh's love. Reva told her she is a sick woman. Annie said she just wanted Josh to love her without Reva breathing down her neck. Reva got angry and began telling Annie how her game is keeping her from her real sister! She threw a picture around her room. Annie clutched her stomache, and said: "you don't understand, it's my baby"!

Annie just had a cramp, and Reva told her to stop using her pregnancy to manipulate her. Annie asked Reva to let her tell Josh about pretending to be her sister. Reva said no, and left.

Hart and dinah slept together, and Dinah asked Hart what did that mean? Dinah told him that she thinks the two of them should just stick to sex, and not let anything ruin that. Dinah reasoned that this way they would never fight. Hart told Dinah that he loves her, and doesn't want to be with any other women. Dinah said she doesn't want to be with anyone else either, and she doesn't want it to be only about sex, but she doesn't like their problems. Hart said that what they have is worth fighting for. Matt unlocked their door, and Dinah thanked him and then gave Matt the old letters that she found. Dinah told Hart that she still loves him, and always will.

Matt began reading the old letters, and said that he would do anything to have Vanessa back.

Josh was at Matt's calling around looking for Reva. Shayne came down and said his stomache hurts. He said he wants Annie because she is a nurse and could make him feel better. Shayne asked if they could go see Annie, and Josh got ready to take him there.

Josh and Shayne came in, and Josh found the picture that Reva had thrown. Josh asked her what happened, and Annie told her Reva did it. She told Josh that Reva forced her way in and began wrecking things. Josh said that something must have set Reva off. He said Reva would never do anything to hurt Annie or the baby, and said he was going to call Reva- she didn't answer the phone. Annie told Josh that she wants Shayne to spend the night at her house. Josh said he won't stay the night. Annie said she is trying to make things easier for Shayne. Josh agreed to stay, and Annie went and took the phone off the hook.

Vanessa was with her physical therapist, and agreed to keep working hard to get better. She told him that her husband's name is Matt. Vanessa asked the therapist if she would ever be a healthy and functioning woman again. She said that she misses everything about Matt. She told the therapist that she wants him to make her well again so she can go back to Matt. Vanessa was daydreaming about going back home and seeing Matt again. She dreamed that Matt was angry at her for letting him believe she were dead. After the daydream, Vanessa said that even if she does get well, Matt may not want her because she lied to him.

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