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March 31, 1997

Amanda called Roger and asked him to come to her house to pick up some papers. When he got there, she let him in, and said to her that she takes his breath away. Roger was saying to himself that he has Amanda where he wants her now. Amanda apologized for conducting business in her bedroom. Roger said that he would look over the papers, then be on his way. Amanda got very close to him and asked him to look over some other papers. She was leaning all over him, and he said that it was getting too hot in the room. He said then that he would have to leave because getting so close to her was too hard. Roger told Amanda that it was hard being this close to her, that he really wants to be with her. Amanda asked if it is just sex he is after. Roger asked her if this feels like just sex, and kissed her. Amanda went to change, and when she came out, she found a note from Roger saying that it hurt to much to be near her.

Annie went to see Reva and got her cameo back. Reva asked how much Annie knows about the cameo, and Annie said that she had been told that it belonged to her real mother. Annie saw the picture of Sarah on the mantle, and said that she is beautiful, and she is sorry that she never met her. Annie asked Reva what she meant when she said that things are never going to be the same again. Reva apologized to Annie for her closeness to Josh. She said that she should have been more senstive to Annie's feelings. Annie said that that would have helped alot. Annie told Reva that the way she is always running into Josh has been very hard on their marriage. She said that she and Josh had fallen in love with each other, and they had a wonderful relationship, until Reva came back. Reva told Annie that she wants to make things easier for her now. Annie told Reva that she hopes that her baby loves her as much as Reva loved Sarah. She also thanked her for agreeing to back off from Josh. Annie told Reva that no matter what they have been through in the past, that she feels some connection to her.dAnnie told Reva that if anything were to happen now, that she would have a real problem battling with her addiction- that it would be so easy to just take a pill. Reva told her not to even think of doing that, that she deserves a happy life. Reva promised Annie not to come to visit any more without calling. Annie told Reva that she appreciated it, and that under different circumstances, they could probably have been good friends.

Josh and Matt got together to talk about the hospital wing. Josh was getting very angry at Matt, and Matt kept asking Josh what was really bothering him. Josh asked why Matt was taking on another construction project when they are already so busy. Matt said because it is being done in Vanessa's honor. Josh told Matt that he is married to Annie, a woman who loves him, but that he is in love with Reva. He said Reva told him she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. He said he can't imagine his life without the woman he really loves. Matt told Josh that he will never find the type of love that he had with Vanessa with anyone else. Josh told Matt that seeing HB made him realize that he and Reva are just wasting time now by not being together. Matt asked Josh if Reva said she didn't love him anymore. Josh said no, that she just said she is tired of lies, and is worried about Annie. Josh asked Matt what he would do in his place. Matt said he would go for Reva and not let anything stop him.

Vanessa was given a flower by a nun, and she was able to identify the type of flower by the smell. She talked about spring back home. Vanessa told the nun that even if she does get well, she can't imagine going home to Matt after what she has done to him. She told the nun that she had faked her death. The nun said surely her family would understand.

Jenna and Buzz were looking frantically for Coop, meanwhile,Jef was talking to him, and told him that Jenna is very worried right now, and that this would all be worthwhile eventually. Buzz told Jenna that he feels so useless, but that as Coop's father he should be able to help. He told Jenna that he swore to himself that if he ever had another child that he would stand by him. Back at the hotel, Jef pick Coop up, and told him it was showtime. He took Coop to the park where Jenna and Buzz were, and told Jenna that he had found their son.

April 1, 1997

Jeffrey arrived in the park with Coop, telling Jenna that he found him, near the goldfish pond in the park. Buzz said it was very lucky that Jeffrey was there, exactly when Coop was. Buzz said that he and the cops had searched that area several times, with no sign of the boy. Buzz showed Jeffrey how dirty his shoes were from searching that area, yet Jeffrey's shoes were so clean. He said that Coop is also very clean for having just come from the pond. Buzz then came right out and accused Jeffrey of taking Coop as a setup. Jenna got angry with Buzz, but Buzz said that this is not the first time that Jeffrey stole Coop. He then told Jenna that that is Jeffrey's way of trying to get Jenna back, by pretending to rescue her son. Jenna told Buzz that she was going back to the hotel with Jeffrey. Buzz told her that was crazy because she was breaking parole.

Rick went to Company where Abby was having coffee with a man from the hospital. Abby got angry, but Rick insisted that she talk to him. Rick told Abby that he has not been able to get her out of his mind. He told her about how he had seen her in the park talking to her friend, and how beautiful she had looked. Abby told him that she is not interested in how he feels, because they are not together any more. Abby got angry because she said she does not want him near her anymore. Rick grabbed Abby to try and force her to listen to him. He told her that that he loves her and always will. He said that what happened between him and Blake happened long before he met Abby. She said that she has no problem handling what happened between him and Blake. The problem she has is dealing with the fact that he lied to her. Rick said he wants to work to rebuild the trust between them again. Abby said she is paranoid about things that he may not have told her. Rick said he was trying to protect Abby by hiding the truth.d Rick began telling Abby that she and him belong together, that they met for a reason. Abby's date came out at that point and told Abby that they had to leave. Rick was left standing on the porch.

Blake arrived at Ross' office to have the meeting with Ross about their divorce. Ross was surprised to see her, since she had said that she would not agree to a divorce. Griffin was there to represent Blake. Griffin asked for a full disclosure of Ross' financial records. Ross' attorney could not understand why they wanted a full disclosure, and Griffin said that Blake has reason to believe that Ross has a large amount of money hidden away in the Carribbean. Blake said that one time when they went on vacation, Ross asked her to carry a large suitcase for him through customs. She said that she now believes that the suitcase contained a large amount of money. Blake asked Griffin if Ross could be cited for abandonment. He said that yes he did leave her, but that he left her well cared for. Ross asked to speak to Griffin privately. He said that he was disappointed in Griffin, as he was the one to ask Griffin to help Blake. Ross then asked to speak for Blake, privately. He told Blake that her legal games were not going to work. He told her that he is not taking this divorce lightly. He said that everything they had is over. Blake told him that he should stand back and look at things objectively and try to make their marriage work. She said she is trying to keep him from making the biggest mistake of his life. Blake grabbed Ross and kissed him, then left the room, and told him to try to forget that.

Josh came to Reva's house, and found Annie there. Reva told him that she had a new schedule worked out for visiting the kids. She also told him that she would be popping in and out less, to make things easier for Annie. Josh told her that he didn't like the idea, that it would be bad for Marah and Shayne. Annie told Josh that she and Reva had turned over a new leaf, and worked things out between them. Josh asked Annie where all this came from suddenly, and Annie said that she and Reva just agreed that this would be best for all of them. Annie left for home then, and Josh stayed to talk to Reva. As Annie left, she went and gave Reva a hug. After she was gone, Josh asked Reva what she was doing, and Reva said she is doing what is best for all concerned. Josh said he just does not want to live a lie with Annie any longer. He said that he and Reva are meant to be together. Reva said she doesn't believe that any longer. Josh demanded to know why Reva has changed her mind. He said that she cannot lie to him. Josh told Reva that they need to tell Annie the truth. Reva said that she is tired of hurting people. She told Josh to leave to go be with his wife. Josh said that he doesn't believe a word that Reva just said. After he left, Josh called Billy and told him that Reva is up to something, and he needs his help in figuring out what it is.

April 2, 1997

Hart came to see Blake. She told him that Ross still wants a divorce, but that she just doesn't want to let go. She told Hart that she has a plan to keep Ross, and told him about what she and Griffin are planning. She said she is going to fight for him with everything she has. Blake told Hart that he should be working to get back together with Dinah. He said that first they had to fix Blake and Ross. Hart asked if it would help if he were to move in with Blake, but she said no, that she needed to work on this by herself. Hart left, and Blake went and sat looking at the picture of her and Ross. At the same time, Ross was in his office, looking at the same picture.

Amanda came to see Phillip. She asked him if he meant what he said about taking her on at Spaulding. He told her that he doesn't hate her, that he understands her. She said that she didn't create this mess, so why is everyone blaming her for it. Amanda told Phillip that Alan once told her that she was too much like him. Phillip told her that she shouldn't give Alan that much power in her life. Phillip told Amanda that he understands how much she is hurting because of the family. He told her that she deserves to be loved, not to be hurt by Roger. Phillip asked Amanda if she loves Roger. She said that she really doesn't know. Phillip told her that she should not give up and settle for Roger. dHe said that she has a right to be happy. Amanda went to Phillip and hugged him.

Vanessa was resting when Roger came in. She asked what he was doing there. He said he was happy that she could see. She asked if he had told her family that she is alive. He said that he hadn't. Vanessa asked Roger why he was there. He said he came to thank her for the tip on what Alex was hiding. Vanessa asked him what he was up to, then told her that Amanda was not Alan's daughter, that she is his sister. Vanessa asked if Dinah and Hart had a wedding date set yet. Roger told her that Dinah and Hart are having problems, but that they will probably work them out. Next, she asked about Peter and Bill. Roger said that Peter is fine, and that Bill is better now that Billy is out of jail. Then Vanessa asked about Matt. Roger told her that Matt has been very busy working on the hospital wing in her honor. Vanessa was pleased that Dinah and Matt were working on it together, and that they were getting along. Vanessa told Roger that love is the only thing that matters, and told him not to be with Amanda for any other reason than that he loves her. She said that he should try to find the kind of love that he had with Holly. He said that he did love Holly but that was in the past, then left. Vanessa had a dream that she was ready to leave, to go home, and Matt came to her.

Buzz was in the park, and he was asking people if they had seen Jeffrey in the park the day before.

Jeffrey and Jenna were together, and Jeffrey told Jenna that now that Coop is back safe and sound, he wants Jenna to spend the morning in bed with him. She said she needs to leave because she is breaking parole. Jeffrey began telling Jenna his plans for him and Coop for the day, but Jenna said that she had already hired a sitter for Coop. Buzz called, and Jeffrey told him that Jenna had already left. Jenna came back into the room and Jeffrey told her that he wants to pack up her and Coop, and just all leave Springfield together to be a family.

Dinah went to see Ross, and got him to talk about how great Blake was. Ross asked why she was defending Blake, since they aren't friends. Dinah said it was because she knows that Ross still loves Blake.

April 3, 1997

Ross and Bridgett are talking at Company. Fletcher and Blake come in with the twins.

Reva has written a letter to her mother to help get her thoughts out about finding her "sister" Annie. Abby comes downstairs. She and Reva talk briefly. Annie asks what is wrong.

Josh and Billy are talking about Reva. Josh asks for Billy's help in finding out what is going on with Reva. Josh is suspicious and wonders why Reva and Annie have gotten so close lately. Annie arrives.

Abby tells Reva that she wants to know what is wrong. Reva tells her that she kept her promise that she made to her mother and that is all. Abby tells her that she is not going to leave her like this. She says that she lost the man that she loved and she is not going to lose her. Reva says that she knew that Abby still loves Rick, just like she still loves Josh.

Rick, still suspended from the hospital, is waiting to see Dr. Grant. A man comes in and begs him to help him. Rick had saved his daughter last year, and the man begs him to help. Rick tries to find someone else to help, but everyone is busy. He goes with the man to his car to help.

At Company....Blake is feeding the twins. Fletcher asks her if she knew that Ross was going to be there. Blake says that she called his office and the secretary told her that he was going to be with Bridgett. She tells him that she has to do something to get him back.

Bridgett tells Ross that she has been waiting a long time to get Hart to look at her and Peter like a family. She has finally realized that it is not going to happen. She is thinking about moving away. She needs to get her life on track. Ross tells her that when she decides to let him know. He leaves and walks right by Blake, Fletcher and the twins. He stops and turns back. Blake tells him that she hoped this wasn't uncomfortable for Ross, if she had known that he was going to be there she would not have come. He told her that it gave him a chance to see his son. Blake asks him, rather innocently, if he should because of all the legal ramifications with the divorce. Can he just see them accidentally?

Abby tells Reva that Rick is the man that she loved, not loves. Reva asks Abby to keep her secret. She tells her the story of how she and Josh were going to be together after the baby was born. She tells her that Annie is her sister.

Annie asks Billy to stay for dinner. She leaves the room. Josh asks him to speak to Annie and try to get information out of her about her new relationship with Reva. Billy tells him that he is not the right guy to do it, Josh is. Billy tells him to seduce the information out of Annie. Josh asks Billy to go to Reva's house and get information from her. Billy makes an excuse to leave so he can go to Reva's.

Reva and Abby are talking about Annie. Reva says that she couldn't tell Annie. Abby tells her that she needs to tell Josh.

Rick managed to save the little girl from her asthma episode. The father thanks him and they leave the hospital. Dr. Grant and Rick bump into each other as Rick leaves the ER.

Blake asks Ross again if he is sure it is all right for them to see each other accidentally. He is the lawyer, right? He says that it is perfectly fine for him to see Jason, that is unless she has a problem with it. She says absolutely not, Jason loves to see Ross.

Abby asks Reva how she is going to live without Josh? Reva says that she promised her mother to take care of her sister. Abby tells her that she is so unselfish. Reva tells her not to put a halo over her head, she is far from a saint. Reva says that it wasn't right for Annie to suffer all these years. Reva says that she is trying to be strong.

Abby leaves to go to the hospital for a singles' group meeting. She tells Reva that she is trying to be strong, too.

Annie asks Josh what is wrong. She says that he acts tense. She massages his shoulders. She keeps asking him what is bothering him. He says that he was thinking about she and Reva. He thinks that it is sudden that they became such good friends. She asks why question a good thing?

Rick tells Dr. Grant that he was working in the ER while he was on suspension. He tells Charles that he came to ask for his job back, but he understands that under the circumstances that it wouldn't work. Charles tells him that he saw what Rick did for the little girl and her father. He says it was a stupid, bonehead thing to do, but it was beautiful. He tells Rick to go and apologize to the administrator and then he can start back to work. Rick thanks him and leaves the ER almost bumping into Abby on the way in.

Blake and Ross are chatting. Blake spills her drink all over her. She says that she spilled it on her blouse. Ross tells her that she looks good in that color. She tells him that it is the color of his eyes. They look at each other lovingly. Fletcher walks up and tells Blake that Holly is expecting she and the twins over for dinner. He asks if Ross would like to come along. Ross declines.

Annie and Josh are talking. He tells her that he is just busy and that is what is on his mind. Josh asks her again about Reva. Annie gets upset and tells him that Reva is just giving her the respect she deserves as his wife. Annie says that she doesn't want to talk about Reva anymore. She wants to talk about nice things. She kisses him. Josh thinks about what Billy says about seducing her to get information about Reva.

Rick and Abby are talking at the hospital. Rick leaves to go to the administrator's office. Abby asks Dr. Grant why Rick was there. Dr. Grant tells her that Rick is back to work. Abby smiles.

Blake, Fletcher and the twins are leaving. Blake tells Ross that this was really nice, just like before.

Reva comes downstairs all dressed up in a slinky black dress. There is a knock at the door. It is Billy. She tells him that he always shows up just when she needs him the most.

Annie notices that Josh is not responding to her kiss. She gets up and says she is going to start dinner. Josh gets up and asks her to go upstairs with him. He puts his arm around her and they start up the stairs.

April 4, 1997

Billy tells Reva that he has one night out of the Halfway House and he wanted to see his best "ex-gal." Reva tells him that she is feeling great and she wants to celebrate.

Annie and Josh are getting ready for bed. Annie puts on her best nightgown. She is brushing her hair. Josh takes over and brushes her hair. She tells him that she has missed him, she has missed making love to him. Josh hugs her. He remembers Billy telling him that if he wants to get information out of Annie he needs to seduce her and sleep with her. They go into the bedroom and sit on the bed. Josh tells her that it has been so long since they have made love that they are going to have to get to know each other all over again.

Buzz asks Frank to help him prove that Jeffrey kidnapped the baby. Frank tells him no because he always gets in trouble if he helps Buzz. Eleni tells Buzz that the baby is just fine and why does Buzz want to pursue this. Eleni tells Buzz that she thinks that it is a problem with his ego. Buzz says that he wants to help the woman he loves.

Eleni points out that Buzz said Jenna is the woman he loves.

Jenna is packed and leaving Jeffrey. She thanks him for taking care of Coop. Jeffrey asks Jenna why she was unwilling to share their bed last night. He wants to talk about their wedding vows.

Josh begins to undress Annie. He stops. When Annie asks what the matter is, he says that he just wants to savor the moment. Josh starts to massage her back.

Reva tells Billy that she is free. She says that there is a whole town out there to be set on fire. Reva tries to talk him into going dancing. He says he wants to have a party right there.

Eleni tells Frank that she thinks that he should help Buzz. Buzz says that he is convinced that Jeffrey kidnapped Coop and he is going to prove it. He asks Eleni to look for the charge account slips so they can get Jeffrey's charge account number.

Jeffrey and Jenna argue about Buzz. Jeffrey says that Buzz didn't take very good care of Coop. Jeffrey tells her to take a good hard look at Buzz. Jeffrey says that Buzz hasn't been around the last two years, he has. Jeffrey tells her that their marriage is not over. Jenna tells him emphatically that it is.

Annie and Josh are still in bed. She tells him that he has way too many clothes on. Josh touches her cheek and calls her his dear, sweet Annie. Annie tells him that she is sorry. She says that she doesn't know if she can do this.

Billy gets Reva a drink and turns on some music. Billy tells her that he just wants to catch up a little bit. Reva tells him that he knows her too well, she says that she can't put anything over on him. She says that she is glad he is there. Reva tells him that she doesn't want to drink or talk, she says that she needs something else tonight. She starts to undress him. He is trying to get away from her. She laughs and tells him the game is over. Joshua sent you here tonight, didn't he? she says.

Josh asks Annie what happened. She is crying. She says that being with him and having him touch her is so wonderful. She tells him that she has been thinking about it for so long, she has dreamt about it. Josh tells her that he is there for her. He asks her to talk to him.

Billy says that he doesn't know what she is talking about. Reva says that she is not stupid, she knows that Josh sent him to get information. Billy tells her that Josh is really hurting. Reva says that it will change once the baby comes. Billy says that Josh will not just walk away from her. Reva says that Billy does not know what is going on. He says to tell him. Billy thinks that Annie has something on Reva is it blackmail.

Buzz and Frank are looking through the charge slips for Jeffrey's account number. Buzz finds the charge slip. He calls the credit card company pretending to be Jeffrey and asks for the addresses of his last few purchases.

Frank and Eleni are kissing and talking about how lucky they are. Buzz says that he has found out that Jeffrey rented an apartment on the other side of town two days ago. Buzz asks Frank to go with him to check it out.

Jenna and Jeffrey argue about their marriage. Jenna says that it was never a marriage. Jenna said that they helped each other and they were good together. Jeffrey tells him that she cares about him, but she doesn't love him and she never will. Jenna says that she couldn't stay with him out of convenience and he wouldn't want her to. Jeffrey says that she wants to dump him for Buzz. Jenna tries to get Coop so she can leave. Jeffrey grabs her, pulls her back and says that they are not done talking.

Jeffrey asks her what she is going to do. She says that they need to take a break from each other. They argue. Jeffrey grabs her and shoves her against the door.

Buzz and Frank are at the apartment complex. They are trying to get the manager to let then in.

Annie is telling Josh that she feels wonderful that they are going to be together again. She has waited so long to make love to him again. She kisses him. She tells him that she will be right back. She goes into the bathroom. She is having severe cramps.

The manager of the apartment building tells Buzz and Frank to get out before he calls the police. Frank tells him that that he is the police and that he better let them in.

In the apartment, they find Coop's bunny. Buzz says that it is the proof that they need that Jeffrey kidnapped Coop.

Jeffrey is holding Jenna and tells her that he is not letting her go. She is begging him not to, it is not like him. Jenna tells Jeffrey that she loves Buzz. Jeffrey says that he doesn't care he is not going to let her go, she is not going to leave him.

Reva tells Billy that she knows what she is doing. She and Billy argue about Josh. Reva tells Billy that if he wants to do something for his brother, then tell him to leave her alone. Billy notices that Reva is hurting and asks what he can do. She tells him to dance with her.

Josh asks Annie if she is all right. Annie is on the floor in the bathroom. She is bleeding and crying that she can't lose the baby. Josh is walking toward the bathroom.

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