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Monday, March 3, 1997

Josh met up with Reva at Simon House to find out what she is doing. Reva tried to get him to leave, but he refused. She broke down and told him that she is looking for her sister. He immediately thought she meant Roxie. Reva said no, and explained that Sarah had another child out of wedlock. Reva told Josh that she doesn't want his help until he is away from Annie, but Josh insisted that he was going to help her. Beverly came in, and introduced Reva and Josh to Lena, a woman who lives at Simon House, who knew Danni. Lena told Reva and Josh that Danni had moved in with a great foster family, and told them what her address had been, but told them that the foster parents had been killed in a car accident. After that, Danni went back to living on the streets. She hooked up with a guy who got her into drugs. She was living with the guy, but he eventually kicked her out. One day, Danni was desperate for drugs, and tried to get back into the guys apartment, and the guy beat her up. Danni ended up in the emergency room. After recovering from that, she began mixing drugs and alcohal for a bigger high. Lena said that the last time she saw Danni, was in the winter when Dani showed up at her door half dressed, looking for a fix. Lena offered her food and a bed. Danni took a pocket knife out, and began cutting her wrist. As she started bleeding, Lena gave her all the money she had. Danni left, and that was the last Lena saw of her. Reva told Josh she was even more determined now to find Danni. Josh said that he intends to help her. Annie was with Alan, and they were discussing whether Reva would believe the story told to her at the Simon House. Annie then agreed to help Alan with Amanda. Alan wants Annie to find out about Amanda's marriage to Roger. He said that he knows that Roger wants half of everything Amanda has, but he doesn't know what Amanda wants from Roger. Annie is to find out. Amanda was outside Blake's house looking in the window at Roger and Holly taking care of the twins. She became very angry and left without going into the house. She went to wait for Roger at his house. Roger and Holly were feeding the twins. Roger told Holly that his grandsons will inherit great traits from Holly. Holly said that Blake is going to need help taking care of the twins, and Roger said he wanted to help. Fletcher came in, and Holly told him that Ross had moved out. Fletcher said that Ross just needs time. Roger left, and Fletcher told Holly that he was sorry she had been alone so long with Roger. They worked out a schedule for helping Blake. Roger got home, and was in the hallway daydreaming about him and Holly. When he went inside, he found Amanda there. Amanda asked Roger where he had been, and he told her he was at Blake's helping Holly with the twins. Amanda said that their business should be taking precedence over his family affairs. Roger told Amanda that her long ago belief that Blake's babies had two different fathers was correct. He explained that Ross was not the father of both twins, and that Ross had left Blake. Roger asked Amanda if she were mad at him because he was with Holly, she denied it. Roger told her that Holly can't stand him, that they are only together to help Blake. Holly called then, and asked Roger's help with the twins the next day at 2:00. Roger said he would be there. Amanda got angry that Holly called, and Roger told her that he and Amanda need to stick together.