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Monday, September 14, 2009

During a phone call with Vanessa, Reva promised to make sure Billy got to the country club on time for the wedding, and that he'd be clean after his fishing trip. After the call, Reva insisted that Jonathan attend the wedding to show Sarah that they were no longer in hiding.

Ed decided to release Alan from the hospital, but warned him to take it easy, since his body was still regenerating bone marrow. Alex stated that Alan should just relax, and be thankful that Phillip had made it. Alan replied that it was the best gift he'd ever received. Ed said that Alan had done a fine thing in saving his son, but Alan concluded that Phillip had saved Alan.

Later, Jonathan lurked outside Alan's hospital room. Olivia and Natalia strode into the room with Emma, who had a homemade "get well" card for Alan. Jonathan listened in as Emma explained that the whole family was attending Billy and Vanessa's wedding. Alan assumed that meant that Olivia and Natalia were together, and wondered if Emma liked her new family. Emma said she had the best two mommies and daddy in the world. Alan agreed that she did.

Alan hugged Emma, and sent her to get a lollipop from the nurses' station. When she left, Alan stated that Emma was happy, which was all that mattered. Olivia and Natalia thanked Alan, and left. Alex said it was a lovely thing that Alan had done. Alan said that Natalia and Olivia had the kind of happiness he'd used to run away from. Alan vowed not to run anymore, because everything could be taken away in just a few moments.

Jonathan entered Alan's room after Alex left. Jonathan seemed hostile, but Alan said he wasn't the same man that Jonathan had fled from. Jonathan stated that Sarah needed her mother, but that didn't mean that Jonathan trusted Alan. Alan swore that he was a different man. Jonathan replied that he hoped so, and left.

Reva found the Lewis men fishing on a rocky slope. She offered them some food, but Billy said that it was tradition that they ate what they caught. Dylan responded that he'd caught a boot and some underwear. Reva hollered that there were no fish in that stream, and they weren't in Tulsa. Billy felt a pull on his line, and announced that he'd gotten the catch of the day twice.

At Company, Blake saw Buzz and Lillian kiss, and she wandered to the computer to instant message her online friend that love was in bloom for everyone, but her. At the Cooper house, Frank messaged back that he felt the same way. Frank asked her to accompany him to "a thing." Blake typed back that she already had plans. They both sighed, saying, "Figures."

Blake and Lillian squealed when Nola and Bridget entered Company. Nola joked that the boarding house had been in better condition when she'd run it. After chatting about Peter, Bridget said they were there to help Matt deal with Vanessa's nuptials. Buzz hurried everyone to depart for the wedding. Bridget and Nola took one last look around the place before leaving.

As Phillip complimented Beth in the mansion parlor, Emma rushed in to hug him. Natalia and Olivia strolled in, standing close together, holding hands. Phillip said that Emma's cookies had worked. After Olivia and Natalia left with Emma, Beth noted that the two women seemed close. Phillip said that they were very close.

James asked Daisy to be his date for Billy's wedding. James went home to change into a suit, and then told his parents that he had a date. After James left, Beth said, "He has a date." Phillip extended his arm, asking, "Do I?" Beth took his arm, and they exited.

When James arrived at the Cooper house, Daisy announced that she had a date. Marina told a worried Frank to calm down, because the kids hung out together all the time. Frank insisted a date was different, and asked what time James would have Daisy home. Daisy quipped that she was over 18. "What time?" Frank repeated. Daisy said she'd call him.

Emma, Natalia, and Olivia stopped at Frank's house to ask Rafe to join them at the wedding. Rafe told them that he was already going with Ashlee. Natalia hugged him, and said she was proud of him. "One step at a time," Rafe said.

Maureen, Mindy, and Lizzie helped Vanessa prepare for the wedding. Lizzie dangled a garter, joking with that it was Vanessa's "something blue." Later, the ladies arrived at the country club in a white limo, just in time to see the Lewis men pull up in an old pickup truck. Billy hopped off the truck, and kissed Vanessa. Everyone cheered as they entered the building.

Mindy talked to Billy by the lake later. She said she was proud of him, and they hugged. Inside, the guests mingled. Doris introduced Ashlee and Rafe to Doris' girlfriend, Jemanda Weeks. Ashlee thanked Doris for letting Ashlee get to know Doris, and they hugged.

On a deck by the lake, Lizzie told Bill that she loved having Sarah back, but she worried that Jonathan would change his mind. Bill promised that he wouldn't let that happen. On the other side of the deck, Remy joked that Christina and he should divorce and remarry after Vanessa and Billy's ceremony. Christina said they'd just renew their vows when they got home.

Reva found Josh and Shayne down by the like, and said they smelled like fish. The men explained that they'd cleaned Billy's catch. Reva warned them to wash their hands before they touched anything else. She shrieked when they tried to touch her.

Inside later, Josh and Reva congratulated Olivia and Natalia on their expected daughter. Natalia and Olivia wandered off, and Reva commented that Olivia needed a friend like Natalia. Josh replied that Olivia and Natalia were a couple. Reva thought it was great, because life was too short. "Since she couldn't have you, she went for the next best thing," Reva quipped.

Vanessa told Nola and Bridget that she was glad that they were there. Nola joked that she'd called ahead to make sure they weren't wearing the same dresses. Nola gave Vanessa a relic, saying that it was from one of Quentin's digs. Bridget hugged Dylan, glad to see him.

Buzz watched Lillian standing on the deck overlooking the water. He approached her, and said, "Now I'm sure. Come here. Watch this." Buzz eased himself down on one knee. The wedding guests gathered on the upper deck, cheering. Buzz said he didn't want to waste another second of his life. He asked Lillian to do him the honor of being his wife. She tearfully agreed to marry him. "Now will you help me get up?" Buzz asked.

Everyone cheered as they kissed. "Today! Get married today!" Billy yelled from the upper balcony. Vanessa continued, "You're going to get married right here, right now, with us!" Billy reasoned that their friends and family were gathered, and no one would look that good again. "Two for the price of one. Let's do it," Buzz decided. Lillian kissed him, and said there was one thing she had to do in the short time before the ceremony.

James and Daisy thought it was great that their grandparents were marrying. Daisy didn't want to hear about their honeymoons. James figured everyone was watching Daisy and him, because they were on a date. He said they should give them something to see, and he kissed her.

In the cemetery later, Lillian visited Maureen's grave. Lillian apologized for the mistakes she'd made that had led to Maureen's death. Lillian said that the guilt had finally lifted, and she wanted to move on with Buzz. Lillian had wanted Maureen to know, in hopes that Maureen would understand. Lillian kissed some roses, and placed them on Maureen's headstone.

Before the weddings, Lizzie gave Lillian her bridesmaid bouquet. Lillian tearfully said she'd never been a bride before. Beth commented that no one deserved it more than Lillian.

Later, Phillip walked Lillian down the aisle to Buzz, who said Lillian had never looked more beautiful. Bill walked Vanessa down the aisle, wishing that Dinah were with them. Alex, Alan, and Jonathan slipped into the back aisles just as Father Ray commenced the ceremony.

Lillian told Buzz that she thanked God for him, and they deserved love and happiness "now and forever." Buzz said that he'd given up after loving and losing so much. He felt that he didn't deserve to have a brilliant light like Lillian as his wife.

Vanessa told Billy that her father had written a letter to her before he'd died. Henry had written about a sense of belonging. He'd said that after traveling the world and seeing its glories, nothing made him happier than returning home. Vanessa proclaimed that Billy was her only home, and that time, they'd get it right. Billy said that he couldn't believe they were even there, after the hell they'd been through. He swore they'd get it right, because he'd be a good boy.

The brides and grooms took their vows in unison. Father Ray pronounced them husbands and wives. The couples kissed.

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