Friday, January 4, 2013

At the accident site, Michael called out for help when he found Ellie's unconscious body. Starr warned Johnny that she wasn't through with him and then ran to Michael's side. Starr immediately recognized Ellie, so Michael explained that Ellie was Spinelli's girlfriend. Michael was concerned because Ellie's pulse was weak, so he and Starr pleaded with Ellie to wake up. Ellie's eyes slowly opened as she softly whispered Damian's name, but it was clear that Ellie had been gravely injured. After Michael and Starr covered Ellie with a coat to keep her warm, Michael decided to walk around until he could pick up a cell phone signal.

By Connie's car, Connie insisted that the young woman that she had struck had jumped into the path of her car. Johnny was disgusted with Connie's excuses, so he warned her that she would be charged with kidnapping and assault. Connie pointed out that she would see Johnny in lockup because he had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. Kristina cried out for help, so Johnny raced over to check on Trey. Kristina was distraught because Trey had collapsed, so Johnny urged her to calm down and promised to try to get help.

Johnny started to walk in the hopes of flagging down a driver, but Connie accused Johnny of trying to get away and leave her "high and dry." Outraged, Johnny pointed to Trey as he shouted, "Look at him. He's your son and he could be dying. Does that not mean anything to you?" Connie appeared rattled.

Eventually, Michael was able to get through to Dante to let Dante know what had happened. Everyone waited anxiously for help to arrive, so Starr approached Johnny to ask him if he had lied to her about shooting out Anthony's tires to stop her from letting Connie fall to her death. Johnny wished that he could say that he had lied, but he couldn't. Starr was devastated by the betrayal, so Johnny admitted that he had been sick about what he had done and that he would change things if he could. Starr angrily pointed out that he couldn't and then blasted Connie for covering up for Johnny.

Starr decided that Johnny and Connie deserved each other. Michael heard Starr's shouting, so he asked what was going on. Starr was too upset to talk, so she marched off. Moments later, the police and ambulances arrived. As the paramedics checked Ellie and Trey and then loaded them into the back of the ambulances, Connie thought about Johnny's threat to make certain that she was charged with kidnapping. Connie refused to stick around, so she went to her car.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu lounged in bed and snacked on ice cream after they had made love. Lulu confessed that she felt guilty because they were able to do whatever they wanted, while Maxie had to live like a "nun" during the pregnancy. Dante was relieved when Lulu decided to stop worrying that something bad would happen to the baby. Moments later, Dante's cell phone rang. It was Michael calling to tell Dante about the accident.

In Steve's apartment, Olivia snuggled in bed with Steve after they had made love. Steve confided that he needed to ask her something important and then wondered if she recalled the first time that they had made love. Olivia chuckled fondly at the memory. Steve confessed that he had known then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Olivia was startled when Steve opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out a black velvet box. Her eyes filled with unshed tears as Steve opened the box and asked Olivia to marry him.

Olivia was at a loss for words, so Steve suggested that she say yes. Olivia pointed out that it was a big step, so Steve assured her that he intended to only get married once. Olivia felt the same way. Steve promised Olivia that he loved her, so he was ready to make a permanent commitment to her. Olivia confessed that Steve's sister, Elizabeth, and the rest of his family had feared that Steve would never settle down. Steve admitted that Olivia had changed him because she was not just beautiful, but smart, kind, sexy, and skilled with a socket wrench.

Olivia laughed, so Steve proposed to her again. "Yes," Olivia answered as he slid the diamond engagement ring onto her finger. A short time later, Olivia extended her hand to admire the beautiful ring, while Steve answered the phone. Olivia quietly muttered to herself, "I did not see this coming. That's weird because I see everything else." Steve ended the call and explained that he had to go to the hospital because there had been an accident.

Later, Olivia stopped by the loft to visit Lulu. Olivia realized that it was late, but she suspected that Dante had been called to the scene of the accident that Steve had been notified about. Lulu suspected that Olivia's visit had something to do with the hallucinations that Olivia had had about the puppy. Lulu told Olivia about Maxie's encounter with the puppy and the fall, but assured Olivia that everything was fine, so the vision hadn't been a bad omen. Olivia admitted that she hadn't stopped by to talk about the vision.

Lulu was startled when Olivia proudly showed off the diamond engagement ring. Lulu squealed with delight as Olivia explained that she had been desperate to share the good news with someone. Olivia was thrilled that they would soon have two new family members: Steve and the baby.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie and Spinelli kissed. They pulled apart for several heartbeats and then resumed their heated kiss. Moments later, they shed their clothes and had sex on the sofa. Afterwards, Spinelli was filled with regret. "We just made a terrible mistake," Spinelli quietly said as he looked off into space, while Maxie's eyes filled with sadness. Maxie put on a robe as Spinelli got dressed. Spinelli insisted that his actions had been inexcusable and that he had no one to blame except himself. "Or maybe the demon alcohol," he added.

Maxie reminded Spinelli that she had been a willing participant and confessed that it had been nice. Spinelli worried that they might have harmed the baby, so he suggested that they go to the hospital to have Maxie checked out. Maxie assured him that they couldn't hurt the baby. Spinelli wondered how she could be certain about that, so Maxie started to tell him about the miscarriage but Spinelli's phone rang. Spinelli saw that the call was from Ellie, so he let it go to voicemail. Maxie was curious if he intended to call Ellie back.

Spinelli suspected that Ellie had simply wanted to gloat about what a wonderful evening she'd had or she had accidently dialed his number as she rolled over on her phone, while in bed with another guy. Spinelli was determined to forget about Ellie, so he reminded Maxie that she had been about to tell him something. Maxie admitted that it was about Lulu and Dante's baby. She struggled to find the right words because Spinelli was the first person that she would tell. Maxie finally admitted that she had lost the baby, but Spinelli hadn't heard her because he had passed out. Maxie curled up on the sofa and rested her head on his lap.

In the afterglow of making love, Carly couldn't find the words to express how she felt about Todd, but she admitted that it had been surprising. Todd didn't know if that was good or bad, so Carly clarified that she was happy. Todd relaxed until Carly asked what sex with her had meant to him. Todd carefully explained that it meant that they had been attracted to each other for a long time. Carly tried to downplay the importance of being intimate with him by suggesting that they had just given into an "urge."

Todd wondered how Carly would feel if he told that it had been more than that to him. "Are we together?" Carly suddenly asked. Todd didn't immediately reply, so Carly jumped out of bed, pulled on a robe, and went to the living room to pour herself a drink. Todd followed her and asked her if she wanted more than a casual relationship with him. Carly refused to answer him, so Todd confessed that he had a hard time believing that she wanted a relationship with him at all because of his terrible history.

Carly insisted that Todd's bad deeds were in the past and that he had promised her that he wasn't hiding any deep dark secrets. Carly reminded him that neither of them was perfect, so perhaps the smart thing for them to do was end it before things went further. Todd was relieved that neither of them was smart. Carly chuckled, so Todd clarified that he wanted to move forward and have a relationship with her. "Good answer," Carly replied.

Todd announced that they were officially "going steady," so Carly kissed him. Moments later, Michael called Carly to let her know about the accident. Michael heard Todd in the background, so he told Carly to let Todd know that Starr was okay.

At the accident scene, Connie was frustrated when her car failed to start. Dante, flanked by two police officers, appeared as she climbed out of the car. Dante was curious where Connie was headed, so Connie immediately accused Ellie of jumping into the path of Connie's car. Dante warned Connie that he knew about what Connie had done to Starr and Johnny. Connie insisted that she had intended to take Johnny to the police station because he had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. "That bastard blamed me for what he did," Connie added.

Dante ordered the police officers to handcuff Connie to her car, while they investigated the crash site. He then assured Connie that he intended to address her accusations with Johnny. A short time later, the police officers returned to fetch Connie, but she had managed to escape.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised when she saw Sabrina working because she had thought that Sabrina had New Year's Eve plans. Sabrina smiled as she confessed that it had been a wonderful evening. Elizabeth appeared skeptical, since Sabrina had spent the evening babysitting. Sabrina told Elizabeth that Patrick had returned home early, so they had rung in the new year together. Sabrina confided that Patrick had been about to kiss her when Britt had called and then later had shown up on Patrick's doorstep dressed in nothing except a trench coat, which had been wide open when Sabrina had opened the door.

Elizabeth admitted that she would have been mortified. Sabrina revealed that Britt had been furious because Sabrina had still been at Patrick's house, so Britt had ordered Sabrina to finish up Britt's paperwork at the hospital. Elizabeth was disgusted. Sabrina changed the subject by asking if it had been busy in the emergency room. Elizabeth explained that it had been quiet. Moments later, Elizabeth received a call about the accident.

A short time later, Trey was rushed into an examination room. Kristina followed closely behind, so Sabrina suggested that Kristina wait in the waiting area. Kristina refused to leave Trey's side, so Sabrina allowed Kristina to enter the room. Steve examined Trey and determined that Trey had abdominal bleeding. Connie managed to sneak into the hospital and made her way to Trey's room just as Trey flat-lined. "Please come back," Kristina tearfully begged Trey as Steve worked to save Trey's life.

In another examination room, a doctor examined Ellie, who hadn't regained consciousness. The doctor thought that Ellie seemed familiar, so Sabrina revealed that Ellie was a lab technician at the hospital. The doctor instructed Sabrina to notify Ellie's family, so Sabrina picked up Ellie's cell phone. Sabrina saw that the last call had been from Damian Spinelli, so she decided to call him. Spinelli's voicemail picked up, so Sabrina explained that Ellie had been in a car accident. Afterwards, the doctor told Sabrina that it appeared that Ellie had suffered a spinal cord injury.

In the waiting area, Elizabeth spotted Michael and Starr, so Michael asked Elizabeth to examine Starr because Starr had lost consciousness. Elizabeth noticed Johnny standing behind Michael and Starr with a deep gash to his head, so she decided that Johnny needed stitches immediately. Elizabeth promised to return to fetch Starr once Johnny's injury had been attended to. Michael hugged Starr and assured her that Trey and Ellie would be okay. He then decided to call their parents to let them know what had happened.

A short time later, Starr glared at Johnny when he emerged from one of the examination rooms after being stitched up. Johnny approached Starr and asked for an opportunity to explain things. "You have no idea what it did to me," Johnny said in reference to realizing that he had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. "What it did to you, Johnny?" Starr asked in disbelief. She informed him that he had taken her whole life from her and a joy that that she would never get back. Johnny realized how callous his comment had sounded, so he apologized.

Starr made it clear that Johnny could never make amends for what he had done. Michael overheard the commotion, so he walked up and demanded to know if it was true. "Yes," Johnny admitted. Michael was outraged that Johnny had tried to blame Hope and Cole's deaths on Sonny at one time. Johnny assured Starr and Michael that he regretted everything that he had done, except for picking up Starr's recording contract because he had hoped that it would allow Starr to heal.

Starr explained that the loss of her daughter and fiancé was an aching wound that would never go away. She accused Johnny of being a liar and a snake. Johnny realized that Starr was hurt and felt betrayed, but he assured her that he would always care about her. Starr was unmoved. She screamed at Johnny and pounded in anger on his chest with her fists until Michael pulled her away. Johnny assured Starr that he would face the consequences for his actions, but Starr insisted that it wouldn't make a difference because Hope and Cole would still be gone.

A short time later, Dante arrived. Michael updated him on Trey and Ellie and then asked if Dante had seen Connie. Dante pointedly looked at Johnny as he revealed that Connie had had a lot to say, so Dante was curious if Johnny had anything to add. Johnny revealed that he wanted to turn himself in. Dante was in the process of arresting Johnny when Carly and Todd arrived, so Starr explained that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires. Carly refused to believe it, but Johnny admitted that he had tried to tell her several times.

Carly recalled Johnny's various attempts to confess, so she realized that it was true. Carly wondered why Connie would lie for Johnny, so Johnny revealed that Connie had had her own reasons. However, Johnny revealed that he had married Connie to make certain that she would keep his secret. Carly couldn't believe that Johnny had lied to her for so long, but Johnny assured her that he had never lied about his love for Carly. Johnny insisted that the last thing that he had wanted to do was hurt innocent people.

Carly felt sorry for Connie and hoped that the truth would give Starr closure like it had for Carly. Carly was happy that she had moved on with Todd because Todd, at least, had been honest with her. Johnny snorted because he doubted that Todd had bared his soul to Carly. Carly's brow furrowed with concern when Johnny invited Todd to tell Carly the truth. Todd glared and remained silent, so Johnny offered to tell Carly what Todd had done.

. . .

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