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Friday, July 24, 2015

At the mansion, the teary-faced and disheveled Steffy limped into the living room. In her mind flashed the events from Pacific Coast Highway. Liam entered, exclaiming that he'd been looking for her. He took one look at her and asked what was wrong.

Steffy explained that she'd had a nail in her tire, and as she'd gotten out to change the tire, a car had rushed at her, stopping inches from hitting her. Liam asked what kind of crazy idiot would do that. Steffy said it had been Aly, who'd tried to reenact Darla's death with Steffy.

Steffy stated that she'd had to defend herself. She'd thought Aly would kill her. She'd tried to calm Aly down, but Aly had attacked her. "And then something happened!" Steffy sobbed, flashing back to the car headlight and Aly falling. Steffy muttered that Aly was dead. "What?" Liam exclaimed.

Just then, Thorne entered, saying he'd thought he'd heard voices. He was worried about Aly, who wasn't answering her phone, and he asked if Steffy had seen his daughter. Thorne apologized for his daughter's retreatment of Steffy. Steffy said she had to tell Thorne something.

Thorne wanted to speak first. He said Aly had had a lot of ups and downs, and he'd tried to fix things for her; however, the wound ran deep, and Aly always seemed to regress after therapy. He realized that he needed to be there for Aly, so he was taking her to Paris. He wanted to spend time with her and get her therapy, and he foresaw a readjusted Aly returning to Los Angeles someday.

Thorne wished Aly would answer her phone. "She won't," Steffy uttered. Steffy explained that Aly had punctured Steffy's tire and had attacked her on the highway. Thorne couldn't believe it and said Aly was not dangerous. He wanted to talk to Aly, but Steffy said he couldn't. He asked what that meant and demanded to know where his little girl was.

Steffy began explaining that Aly had tried to kill her, but Thorne roared at Steffy to stop and tell him where Aly was. Steffy sobbed that Aly was gone. "Gone? Like what? Ran away? Like she's done before?" Thorne asked. Barely audible, Steffy repeated, "She's gone..."

"No. No..." Thorne said with an obstinate shake of his head. Steffy sobbed that it had been an accident, and she hadn't meant to do it. Thorne ran out of the house, and Steffy cried in Liam's arms.

At Forrester, Ivy was in Rick's old office, thinking about the highway incident. Wyatt arrived and asked if she'd found Aly. Noticing how frazzled Ivy was, Wyatt assured her that Thorne would get Aly the help she needed and that Aly would be okay. Ivy replied that Aly wasn't okay; Aly was dead.

Wyatt was shocked and asked what had happened. Ivy said it had been on PCH, and he assumed it had been an accident or Aly had taken her own life. Ivy stated that Aly hadn't taken her own life, and Aly had died because of Steffy. Wyatt wanted to hear the story from the beginning.

Ivy recounted seeing the women on the side of the road. She said that even if Aly had grown unstable, Steffy hadn't had to kill Aly. Wyatt decided it was beyond reason, and Ivy hadn't seen what she thought she'd seen. Ivy said she had proof, and Wyatt asked what kind of proof it was.

Ivy went for her phone. She said she didn't know why she'd done it, and as horrific as it sounded, she'd caught everything on video. Ivy didn't know why she'd pressed record, but she was glad she had. She showed Wyatt a few seconds of the clip of Steffy rising off the ground and swinging at Aly, who looked as if she bounced off the front of the car and hit the ground.

Ivy said asked if Wyatt believed her. He said he just didn't understand why. Ivy added that Steffy had told police that Aly had tried to hit her with the car and had attacked her. Ivy said Aly had needed help and hadn't deserved to die. Wyatt remarked that she'd had her whole life ahead of her.

Ivy stated that her best friend and cousin was gone, and she wanted to know why Steffy had lied to the police if she wasn't guilty. Ivy claimed that Steffy had told police that Aly had gone at her, tripped, and hit her head on a rock, which wasn't what had happened.

It didn't make sense to Ivy. Wyatt agreed, but he believed there had to be another answer. He couldn't understand why Steffy would kill her own cousin and lie about it. Ivy stated that they needed to accept it. She couldn't pretend not to have the footage. She said Aly deserved justice, and she'd get it. "This wasn't an accident. This was murder!" Ivy declared.

In the showroom, Nicole and Zende were cleaning up from the show because Pam had directed them to do so after the party. Cooing about how wonderful the show had to have been for Maya, Nicole revealed her aspirations to be on the runway. Zende urged her to get up there and strut it.

Nicole was hesitant, but Zende talked her into doing some playful runway walks, and he clapped for her. His grasped her by her waist and lowered her off the stage. Nicole swooned, and he said he could read her mind. She asked what she was thinking. He believed she wanted him to get on the runway, and he was sensing that she was happy.

Nicole agreed that she was, and he asked why it surprised her. She replied that she'd never been one to believe that things would work out for her, but she'd begun to believe that things were changing.

. . .

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