Fiona Hutchison
Doug Hutchison opts to leave GL
Posted Wednesday, July 06, 2005 4:34:30 PM
Doug Hutchison (Sebastian Hulce) will be exiting Guiding Light later this summer, but his exit is not part of the so-called bloodshed that has rocked the show's cast in recent weeks.

Hutchison joined the cast of Guiding Light in September 2004 in a role that was supposed to help wrap up some loose ends that the show had never before addressed. Among them was the death of actor Michael Zaslow (ex-Roger Thorpe).

Now comes word that the actor has completed his one-year contract with the CBS soap and has decided to leave the show. A show spokesperson calls the exit a "mutual decision" and a setside source tells that the character will be written off the show. No recasts are planned.

Hutchison has already taped his final scenes and will make his final on-screen appearance on July 20th.

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