Relative Newcomer Zoe Out as GL's Eden
Posted Monday, April 12, 2004 3:57:37 PM
How do you feel about GL's decision to write off Eden?
It's about time. Eden is one of my least favorite characters 54%
Zoe is a good actress, but Eden is just a bad character. 20%
Honestly, GL should have tried recasting the role again. 13%
I'm upset. I thought Zoe was doing a fine job as Eden. 10%
I really don't have an opinion at this time. 3%
Other 1%

Poll Posted: April 12, 2004 has learned that Deborah Zoe (Eden August) will exit Guiding Light later this spring.

Zoe assumed the role of the fan-unfavorite Eden in September 2003 from Teresa Hill, who originated the role in 2002. The decision to recast was said to be an attempt to take the character in a "new direction," however the change still left most fans unimpressed with the character. For a second consecutive year, Eden August was voted Least Favorite Character in the Guiding Light edition of the Soap Opera Central Awards.

The move to write off Zoe's Eden is said to be storyline dictated and a move by new executive producer Ellen Wheeler to refocus the show on its core characters. The role will not be recast.

A final airdate for Zoe has not been released. A Guiding Light spokesperson reminds Soap Opera Central that it is not policy to discuss performers' contracts.

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