Maeve Kinkead
Maeve Kinkead gets a final bow
Posted Friday, August 4, 2000 2:10:08 PM
Maeve Kinkead's (Vanessa Rearson) sudden departure from Guiding Light in early July will finally be explained within the context of the show's storylines.

Kinkead, a 20-year veteran of Springfield life, decided earlier this year to leave Guiding Light. It's been reported that the actress gave the show's executive little to no warning. As a result, Vanessa's disappearance from the show seemed awkward at best.

Fans of the actress maybe disappointed by the return; it will only be a one-day affair. Kinkead will return to the studio in September to tape the episode that will air in mid-October. Kinkead will not share any on-air time with actor Kurt McKinney, who plays husband to Kinkead's Vanessa. McKinney will depart the show in late August.

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