WINSLOW Family Tree
Prince George Winslow (deceased)

a. Unknown woman (deceased)
    c. Richard Winslow (deceased)
        m. Catherine [AKA Reva Shayne] (Invalid)
            c. Jonathan Randall (adopted by Marissa Spencer Randall)
              m. Lizzie Spaulding (Annulled)
                c. Sarah Randall
              m. Tammy Winslow (deceased)
        m. Cassie Rae Layne
            c. Tammy Layne Winslow (Adopted) (Cassie's child with Rob Layne) (deceased)
               m. Jonathan Randall
            c. Roger Joshua Winslow (Adopted) (Cassie's child with Hart Jessup)
            c. Unnamed son (deceased)
            c. William Winslow (adopted)
m. Princess Charlotte (maiden name unknown) Winslow (deceased)
    c. William Winslow/Alonzo Baptiste (given to Baptiste family) (deceased)
          m. Camille (last name unknown) (divorced)
             c. William Winslow (given up for adoption by Camille)
    c. Edmund Winslow
          a. Rachel Pizano (deceased)
             c. Lara Pizano (deceased)
               a. Shayne Lewis
                 c. Henry Cooper Camaletti
        m. Beth Raines Lemay (Divorced)
        m. Cassie Rae Layne Winslow (Divorced)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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