Henry Chamberlain (deceased)

m. Unknown Name (deceased)
    c. Vanessa Chamberlain
        a. Ross Marler (deceased)
            c. Dinah Chamberlain Marler
            (Given up for adoption)
                m. Roger Thorpe (Divorced) (deceased)
                a. Rob Layne
                    c. Laura Layne (deceased)
                m. Hart Jessup (Divorced) deceased
                m. A.C. Mallet (Divorced)
                m. Shayne Lewis (annulled)
        m. Harlan Billy Lewis II (Divorced)
            c. Harlan Billy Lewis III
                m. Beth Raines (as Lorelie Hills) (Invalid)
                m. Olivia Spencer (Divorced)
                m. Ava Peralta (Annulled)
                    c. Max Harlan Lewis (Ava's son by Remy Boudreau) (deceased)
                m. Lizzie Spaulding
                    c. Name and sex unknown (Lizzie was pregnant in Fall 2010)
        m. Harlan Billy Lewis II (Divorced)
            c. Peter Reardon (Adopted)
            (Shares custody with Bridget Reardon)
        m. Matt Reardon (Divorced)
            c. Maureen Chamberlain Reardon
        m. Harlan Billy Lewis II

a. Stephanie Ryan (deceased)
    c. Quinton McCord Chamberlain [Born Sean Ryan]
        m. Nola Reardon (Divorced)
            c. Anastasia "Stacey" Chamberlain (Adopted)
            (Nola's child with Floyd Parker)
            c. Anthony James "J" Chamberlain

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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