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Tom Pelphrey
A (positive) look back at 2007
For the Week of December 31, 2007
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Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Springfield. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Guiding Light had to offer in 2007.
It's that time again - time to look back on the year 2007 in Springfield, U.S.A. Let's start with a wrap up of the major events (please forgive me if I missed any):

Returned Home:
8/1: Jonathan Randall
11/5: Will Winslow
11/13: Bill Lewis

Left Town:
5/10: A-M Spaulding

New in Town:
3/9: Cyrus Foley
4/27: Natalia Rivera
5/18: Rafe Rivera

1/24: Tammy Winslow Randall
1/31: Jonathan and Sarah (faked their death)
10/31: Prince Alonzo Winslow

Faked Death:
1/31: Jonathan and Sarah
6/20: Matt (when Griggs wanted Mallet to kill him)

Gets Away with Murder:
Alan (Tammy's death)

1/18: Jonathan and Tammy
2/16: Alan and Doris
3/28: Dinah and Mallet
7/5: Beth and Rick
7/26: Cyrus and Alex
8/15 or 8/20: Josh and Cassie (one official, one not)

Alan and Doris
Matt and Vanessa
Harley and Gus
Cyrus and Alex

Nearly Divorced
Mallet and Dinah

Alan and Beth (Broken)
4/27: Buzz and Olivia (Broken)
11/26: Gus and Natalia

1/17 Jonathan and Lizzie

1/22: Tammy hit by a car
2/16: Alan shot by Ashlee
4/18 Marina shot by Frank
6/20: Dinah shot in the head by Marshall Griggs
7/31: Dylan in car accident (he was drugged by Alan)
8/15: Reva hit by a car (by Olivia - staged by Reva herself)
10/26: Harley/Cyrus in church demolition
10/26: Griggs falls from church staircase
12/5: Edmund fell/pushed from church balcony

6/7: Lizzie (by Reva)
9/24: Marina (by Griggs - paid by Alex)

In Rehab:

Lost Virginity:
9/12: Rafe (?) and Daisy

10/2: Daisy

Abortion: 10/15: Daisy Ghostly Visits:

Arrested (partial list):
Cassie and Josh (for shooting Alan)
Cyrus (too many times to count)
Rafe (after learning of the abortion)

Lost Millions:
Matt and Vanessa
9/21: Friends of Alexandra Spaulding (and her, too)

Jail House Hookups:
4/23: Reva and Josh

Wakes up from a coma:

5/18: Josh by Rafe
7/17: Ava (by the guy Olivia paid to do it)

Changed Paternity Test:
5/21 Cassie (Alan and Beth's baby)

Saved from drowning:
5/30: Cassie (by Mallet)

Whew - there was a lot to remember (thank goodness for recaps of the show!!). I know that over the year I've heard from plenty of GL fans both far and wide. You've told me what you've liked, and what you haven't, in Springfield this year. This week I'm focusing on the good in Springfield. You might or might not disagree, but it's always fun to look back on what went on during our 70th anniversary year.

Best Character (Male): Edmund Winslow and Jonathan Randall - it's funny to see that, looking back, their brief returns really pick the pace up tremendously and improve the show all around. But can GL sustain the pace in 2008?

Both Edmund and Jonathan's returns were no shock to GL fans - especially those who are online or read soap mags. But what was surprising about their returns was the energy that the show really poured into each one. Jonathan was around only a few days (and will return again early in the new year) but his "death" has affected so many of Springfield's residents. And you know that his next trip into town, not so "under the radar" will be a gold mine for the show. They haven't released any air dates, but keep in mind that the sweeps period is in February so I'm assuming he'll be there for that big period.

Edmund was always a character that was so multi-dimensional and fun to root against. While I was ready for him to go away in some respects (he had done so much to so many while he was in Springfield) his return was like a breath of fresh air. The Dark Prince took even the smallest scene and made it shine. You can tell his familiarity with cast mates such as Bradley Cole (ex-Richard, now Jeffrey), Kim Zimmer (Reva), Beth Chamberlain (Beth) and Robert Newman (Josh). In time, he could have the same rapport with new Cassie (Nicole Forrester) but for now that's ok, too. Since Dinah is single, and wanting desperately to be "Bad Dinah" again, maybe she could pair with Evil Eddie again. Of course, I am sercretly pulling for Mallet to get Dinah back in the New Year!!! A girl can always hope!!!

Best Character (Female): Dinah Marler Mallet - Dinah is such a multi-dimensional character that keeps surprising me with facets of her personality. Gina Tognoni is a talented performer and really stepped up her always "A" game with the Griggs storyline that ended with her getting shot in the head. I really was rooting for the story to end differently, with Mallet and Dinah working through their problems. It seems GL is giving us glimpses of the feelings they each still obviously have for one another (like them ending up in bed this month!) that I'm holding out hope for a Dinah/Mallet reunion in 2008

I have to admit that I was very puzzled with the Matt/Dinah pairing, brief although it was. I'm glad to see Matt and Vanessa back, but let them shine with stories that don't involve Dinah trying to seduce her ex-stepfather. Dinah and Van's relationship has always been a little strained, but this really takes the cake. I want to see Dinah struggle with the challenges she faces - but with some support from her family. It seems she's more than a little determined to go it alone, though. But with Bad Boy Bill's return to town, who knows what she'll do in the new year!!

Best Couple: Reva/Jeffrey and Lizzie/Bill - I'd add Dinah/Mallet if they can realize they belong together!! But I must admit that I wish this list could be longer - like we'd have more actual, happy couples to choose from. Hint, hint, GL!!

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about this couple at first. Since I know GL likes to keep Reva and Josh tied to one another "always" I didn't want to invest in another Reva romance that wouldn't pan out. But I think that Reva is much better suited to Jeffrey than the Rev. Lewis these days. Their relationship is far from perfect, but then, whose is? But who knows how the return of Jonathan will affect their relationship. Jeffrey's part in the deception could be a bad - or a good thing. After all of her troubles in the past few years, I'm glad to see these two find a relationship that works - for them.

Best storyline: Tammy's death/Jonathan faking the accident, the return of Edmund Winslow, Dinah/Mallet/Griggs storyline (with Dinah's brain injury as well). But in all cases, the storyline length should be examined. Some of them were a little long - making fans want them over already!

While I'm never a fan of killing off a character, the emotional scenes after Tammy's accident, and especially her death, were poignant. You could tell the emotional toll on all of the actors at the "loss" of their colleague. But after a few "visits" Tammy's presence was a little annoying. I'm pretty sure spirits don't tell you to change paternity tests - but I'll leave those comments for next week (and the things I didn't like column).

Who Needs to Submit an Emmy Reel: Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan), Gina Tognoni (Dinah) and Crystal Chappell (Olivia)

While the Emmys are months off, I definitely think that Pelphrey, Tognoni and Chappell should be in the running to win another Emmy. It's always hard for me to judge them once they've won one (or more) since I tend to expect more from them (and they always seem to deliver!!) but this year I thought that each of these talented performers had great stories and moments where they really shined more than normal. With Olivia's illness, I suspect we'll see even more great scenes as she deals with things in 2008. Keeping my fingers crossed for all three!! Nominations will be announced on April 20, 2008 with the 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards airing on June 20, 2008 on ABC.

Best Moments: Off-screen the "Find Your Light" events were great!! The show plans to continue these in 2008 so I hope you all have the chance to give back to the community with your fellow GL fans. It's a great experience and I applaud the show's efforts in this regard.

I was hoping to see the return of more characters from the past this year, in honor of the anniversary. It's always a great feeling to see some of your favorites back on the canvas, if only briefly. There is a lot of buzz about casting for 2008 so once I can find out more definite info I will certainly pass the information along.

With the writers strike, I know that many of you are concerned about the show running out of episodes. When I spoke with Crystal Chappell in December, she seemed to think that the show had enough to run through January. But with no NEW story planned - or at least written from the ideas they have had - who knows what will happen after that time. If I hear anything at all, I will certainly let you know.

I know that each of you have some great moments to share as well so please feel free to discuss them on the message board. Add your thoughts at:


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