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Kim Zimmer
For the Week of April 17, 2006
Josh and Reva fans can rejoice; their favorite couple is finally back together. After what seemed like an eternity of not being able to figure out that the other one didn't want the divorce, they finally came to their senses.
Josh and Reva fans (like me) can rejoice - their favorite couple are finally back together. After what seemed like an eternity of not being able to figure out that the other one didn't want the divorce, they finally came to their senses. I know there are "haters" out that - you are certainly entitled to your opinions - but the chemistry that Kim and Robert share is great - and great for the show. I just wish the show hadn't written their big reunion the day before Kim Zimmer (Reva) left for a two week vacation - where's the big romantic reunion? I guess we have to wait.

But what about the "pairing" of Jonathan and Lizzie? For those who thought that Jonathan and Tammy was a nightmare, this is so much worse. Nothing like the Beth/Lujack pairing, based on love, this relationship is based on one moment of weakness/loneliness. And one with (possibly) permanent results - what will this to do Tammy's relationship with Jonathan? I don't want to spoil the week's story, so I won't elaborate further now.

It's always interesting where I find news of GL. This week, while listening to the Tony Kornheiser radio show (a sports talk radio show based in DC but broadcast nationwide) Tony mentioned the show. Someone had told him that Caitlin Van Zandt would be joining the show in a recurring role. I did some digging, and found out that she is a new teen joining GL this week. It's always amazing where I can find GL Scoop! Although a sports talk radio show was the last place I would look. Thanks for the Scoop Tony!

Dinah seems well on her way back around the bend. Not that it's all her fault. Harley and Mallet's night together wouldn't sit well with me, either, if I were in her shoes. I've loved how this character has grown in so many ways since Dinah came to Springfield, but inside we still see the vulnerable little girl who was raised by circus performers (yes, I am not making that up).

Unlike Dinah, A-M seems just plain ridiculous. He had the girl he wanted (even though I am repulsed by the idea of a pairing with a girl who could have been his daughter) but blew it. Just like Phillip before him, A-M sees Alan's mistakes, swears not to do things the same way, but seems helpless to do anything else. He could have certainly worked with Harley then taken over when she left Spaulding (which we all know she will do eventually). If I didn't like Dinah with Mallet so much I'd say Dinah and A-M were made for each other!

I guess time will tell how this all works out. And with Sweeps coming up, I'm sure there are more surprises on the way. Not to mention the Emmys - which I have a good feeling about this year. Trying to stay optimistic this time around.

I hope each of you is spending the holiday - whether you celebrate Easter or Passover - with those you love. Enjoy the time together and make great memories to cherish.

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