Josslyn John Jacks
Actor History
Jamie Lea Willet
McKenna and Karleigh Larson
2009 to 2012
Sarah Johnson
2012 to 2013
Paige Oliver
June 2014 to present
Appeared as a teenager in her mother’s dream on October 5, 2009
Born November 4, 2009
Aged in 2014 to be approximately nine years old
Resides At
657 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Jasper Jacks (father)
Caroline “Carly” Jacks (mother)
John Jacks (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Jane Jacks (paternal grandmother)
Jerry Jacks (paternal uncle)
John Durant (maternal grandfather; deceased)
Bobbie Spencer (maternal grandmother)
Frank Benson (adoptive maternal grandfather; deceased)
Virginia Benson (adoptive maternal grandmother)
Michael Corinthos III (maternal half-brother)
Morgan Corinthos (maternal half-brother)
Barbara Jean Jones (maternal aunt; via adoption; deceased)
Lucas Jones (maternal uncle; via adoption)
Tim Spencer (maternal great-grandfather)
Lena Spencer (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr. (maternal great-uncle)
Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer, Jr. (maternal cousin, once removed)
Ethan Lovett (maternal cousin, once removed)
Lesley Lu Spencer (maternal cousin, once removed)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Hid Spencer Cassadine in her bedroom [revealed Jul 31, 2014]
Health and Vitals
Born prematurely after her mother was kidnapped by Claudia Zacchara [Nov 4, 2009]
Diagnosed with stage 5 kidney cancer in both kidneys and required a kidney transplant [Mar, 2011]
Injected with an unknown substance (later revealed to be an inoculation) and hospitalized with a high fever [Aug, 2012]
Brief Character History

Josslyn John Jacks, daughter of Jax and Carly, entered the world prematurely while her mother was held captive by Claudia Zacchara. Claudia intended to kidnap Josslyn but her plans were thwarted by Josslyn’s half-brother Michael. He killed Claudia and recused his baby sister and his mother. Not long after Josslyn’s birth, the relationship between her parents deteriorated and Josslyn became gravely ill. She was diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys and required a kidney transplant. Josslyn received new kidneys from Jacob Spencer, the son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber, after his unexpected death.

Josslyn survived the transplant but the marriage between her parents did not. After a brutal custody battle, her mother was awarded sole custody. Her father disagreed with the court’s decision and kidnapped her briefly but she was returned and Jax left town. Josslyn was briefly kidnapped again, this time by Ewen Keenan, under the orders of her uncle Jerry. Josslyn was injected with an unknown substance which caused her to experience an extremely high fever. The substance was later revealed to be an inoculation to a deadly toxin which Jerry had released into the Port Charles water supply.

As time passed, Carly allowed Josslyn to visit her father in Australia but her primary residence remained her mother’s home. Josslyn was not pleased when Carly’s boyfriend Franco moved in. She made her disproval of Franco known through her words and actions. Meanwhile, Josslyn attended a summer day camp with other children, including Spencer Cassadine. They became friends and she hid Spencer in her bedroom when he ran away from home.

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