Anna Devane
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Actor History
April 10, 1985 to January 20, 1992; February 25, 1992; November 13 and 14, 1995 [on General Hospital]; March 2, 2001 to September 11, 2003 [on All My Children]; May 12, 2006 to May 19, 2006; June 30, 2006 to August 23, 2006; July 13, 2007 to August 24, 2007; April 25, 2008 to May 7, 2008; June 27, 2008 to August 29, 2008 [on General Hospital]; September 30, 2008 to October 21, 2008 [on Night Shift]; October 29, 2008 to December 29, 2008; February 14, 2012 to June 8, 2015 (Will return in the fall) [on General Hospital]
Carmilla Moore
December 20, 1991 to January 20, 1992; temporary recast

Celebrates her birthday on October 29 [Revealed via hypnosis in Jan 2017]

Presumed dead in a boat explosion [January 20, 1992 to March 2, 2001]


Special Agent for the Justice Department

Former Commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department (fired Jan 13, 2015)

Former undercover agent for the World Security Bureau (WSB)

Former Chief of the Pine Valley Police Department (Hired: March 22, 2002; resigned: September 11, 2003)

Former WSB agent

Former police chief of Port Charles

Resides At

Metro Court Hotel, 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543

Formerly London, England

Formerly Paris, France

Formerly a cabin on Old Orchard Road on the outskirts of Pine Valley

Formerly the Valley Inn

Formerly Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (David Hayward)

Past Marriages

Robert Scorpio (divorced)

Duke Lavery (divorced; deceased)

Robert Scorpio (divorced)

David Hayward (divorced)

Noah Drake (dated)

Eli Love (lovers)


Thomas John Devane (father; deceased)

Charlotte Devane (aunt)

Alexandra Devane (twin sister)

Lindsay Devane (sister)

Gabriel Devane (half-brother)

Aidan Devane (cousin)

** Anna's mother was the cousin of Charlotte Devane's husband


Robin Scorpio (daughter; with Robert)

Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Duke)

Leora Devane Hayward (daughter; with David; deceased)

Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (granddaughter)

Flings & Affairs

Edmund Grey

David Hayward (lovers)

Luke Spencer (lovers)

Cesar Faison (while disguised as Duke Lavery; dated)

Duke Lavery (lovers)

Kyle Sloane (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Acted as a double agent

Dealer of stolen art work

Aided and abetted Gabriel Devane and Rosa Santos when they were on the run from the police [2001]

Illegally obtained hospital records [Feb 25, 2002]

Shot and killed Marius Wolfe while trying to stop him from shooting other people [Jul 17, 2002]

Kept quiet about Leo violating his parole when he left town for his honeymoon with Greenlee [Jul 25, 2002]

Refused to turn in David despite evidence that he provided an illegal drug to Edmund Gray counteract Maria's memory loss [Spring 2003]

Kept quiet about a datebook which incriminated David Hayward, Jackson Montgomery, and Erica Kane [Sep 1, 2003]

Posed as a patient to gain access to a psychiatric care facility [Sep 2012]

Conspired with Robert Scorpio to kill Cesar Faison instead of turning him over to the WSB [Dec 2, 2013]

Shot and killed Carlos Rivera and covered up the murder [May 18, 2015]

Covered up Carlos Rivera's death with Kyle Sloane's help [May 20, 2015]

Threatened to kill Paul Hornsby if he went near Emma [Nov 9, 2015]

Held Jerry Jacks at gunpoint [Dec 18, 2015]

Disabled one of Jerry Jacks guards [Dec 22, 2015]

Withheld information from police that Paul Hornsby killed Kyle Sloane [Feb 18, 2016]

Chloroformed and handcuffed Paul to her stair railing [Apr 7, 2016]

Held Carlos at gunpoint [May 10, 2016]

Held Paul Hornsby at gunpoint defending Tracy [Sep 30, 2016]

Knocked Paul Hornsby over the head with her gun [Oct 3, 2016]

Slapped Valentin Cassadine at Maxie and Nathan's wedding [Jan 19, 2017]

Broke into Wyndemere to plant a bug [Feb 15, 2017]

Health and Vitals

Suffered amnesia after a boat explosion

Hospitalized after collapsing [Sep 4, 2001]

Drugged by Wolf before Leo and Greenlee's wedding [Summer 2002]

Various problems with her pregnancy [2002-2003]

Pulled a muscle in her back [May 5, 2008]

Clobbered over the head by Heather Webber [Jul 23, 2012]

Injected with a syringe by Cesar Faison and rendered temporarily unconscious [Dec 10, 2012]

Rendered temporarily unconscious by Dr. Liesl Obrecht [Oct 14, 2013]

Haunted by taunting visions and nightmares of Carlos Rivera [May 22, 2015]

Threatened by Kyle Sloane to expose her as Carlos' killer [Sept 8, 2015]

Had another vision of Carlos Rivera [Oct 30, 2015]

Knocked out and put into a meat locker by Carlos [May 10, 2016]

Suffered hypothermia [May 12, 2016]

Suffered continuing severe migraine headaches [Feb 2017]

Hospitalized after collapsing at Wyndemere from the severity of a migraine [Feb 15, 2017]

Diagnosis was a blood clot [Feb 16, 2017]

Brief Character History

In 1985, the mysterious Anna Devane arrived in Port Charles and befriended Holly Sutton Scorpio. What Holly didn't know was that Anna shared a past with her husband Robert Scorpio. Anna secretly obtained information about Holly's past and snooped around Robert's communication room for his security bureau, the WSB. At that time, Robert was in New York, but when he arrived he was shocked to find Anna in his house! Anna decided to stay in Port Charles and became Sean Donely's secretary. However, Anna and Sean secretly formed a partnership to fence a very valuable Aztec treasure that many Port Charles citizens were after. Robert became very suspicious of the two. Suddenly, the treasure was missing! Sean suspected Robert, Robert suspected Sean, and Anna suspected them both. Putting aside their differences, Robert and Anna teamed up to recover the treasure. Their alliance made Holly uneasy and jealous. Holly wanted to know everything she could about Anna Devane, and discovered that she and Robert were former WSB partners, a fact that was kept hidden from her. Holly demanded to know the truth from Robert. She wasn't prepared to learn that Anna was once Robert's wife! Holly was outraged and left Port Charles -- and Robert -- for London.

As the search for the treasure continued, it turned out that Grant Andrews had stolen it into order to win back his ex-wife. She and her new fiancé were to wed in a Gay-nineties celebration abroad a train in a Pullman car. Sean discovered that Grant had the treasure and agreed to help him transport it on the wedding train. Sean however was going to steal the treasure away and dupe everyone. Grant discovered Sean's deception and teamed up with Anna, Robert, and others to recover the treasure from Sean. The five followed Sean to Canada where he kidnapped a returned Holly, who learned of his plot. Tragedy then struck when Robert and Sean met up in a tramway suspended by a cable high over the mountains and fought. Anna watched from below as Robert lost his balance and fell from the car to his death! Sean took the treasure and planned to sell it to the evil Mr. Wu, but he was greeted by Wu's assistant Mr. Yang, who was really Robert! The treasure quest was over.

The police returned part of the treasure, two jade Buddhas, to Mr. Wu, who was forced to give them to the rightful owner, an old gentleman known as 'The Ancient One.' He planned to sell the Buddha's black pearls to raise enough money and buy a Port Charles cannery for oppressed people. The pearls were missing though! Mr. Wu wanted the pearls too and assumed that Anna and Robert had stolen them and he instructed his grandson Kim to get them back. Meanwhile, Anna went back to New York and found her apartment ransacked and her mother Filomena tied up! At the same time, Robert and Holly reunited and planned to move to Australia -- until he got a visitor in the form of a little girl named Robin. Anna went back to Port Charles and found out that Robert had Robin. Anna told Robert that Robin was their daughter. Robin overheard the truth and felt hurt and rejected, so she ran away with her doll. Robin met up with the Ancient One who was worried over the missing pearls, but Robin knew where they were. She put them in her doll's eyes! Robin and the Ancient One were later kidnapped, but Anna and Robert rescued them. Robert then left for Australia, and Anna was named Co-Police Chief of Port Charles with Burt Ramsey.

In 1986, the mysterious murder of Jennifer Talbot, grandmother of Terry Brock, rocked Port Charles. Shortly before her death, Jennifer left half her estate to Kevin O'Connor, and Anna arrested him for her murder. Kevin was soon let off for the crime, but as it turned out, he really was the killer!

Later that year, Anna met and fell in love with Duke Lavery. Duke had a heavy Scottish brogue and handsome looks and looked every bit as opposite the mobster he actually was! Anna thought that Duke was a nightclub owner, when in fact he was deeply involved in the planning of an elaborate money-laundering operation headed by a never seen 'Mr. Big'. Duke also fell in love with Anna and wanted out of the underworld, but he was in too deep. The arrival of Mr. Big's right hand man, Damon Grenville, meant that Duke would have to hurry and put their money laundering scheme, dubbed Operation Tumble Dry, into effect. Damon immediately put the squeeze on Duke when he ordered Duke to kill Officer Frisco Jones. When Duke didn't do it, the mob framed Felicia for robbery and forced Frisco and Felicia to leave town. The two, however, took with them a coded detailed printout about Operation Tumble Dry. Anna began to investigate their disappearance and feared that Duke had something to do with it. Duke begged Anna to trust him. Duke then fell deeper into the mob, and they ordered him to marry Anna, the police chief. Anna was touched and agreed to marry Duke, not knowing it was against his will. As it turned out, Mr. Big was Anna' co-worker Burt Ramsey!

Robert came back to Port Charles when Robin called him after overhearing Damon threaten Anna's life. Robert told Anna about his suspicions of Duke and convinced her to break their engagement. Duke really did want to marry Anna, but without the mob breathing down on them. Duke went and saw Mr. Big's boss, Angus McKay, and Angus swore that he would soon be able to marry Anna free and clear. Duke again proposed to Anna and swore he meant it. Then Damon bombed Anna's house. Duke went to the police and confessed all he knew in order to keep Anna and Robin safe. He even revealed that Burt was Mr. Big! Suddenly, Burt was shot, and Duke was arrested. Robert believed that Duke was innocent and recruited Anna and Frisco to join him in exposing Burt and bringing down the mob. Duke escaped from prison thanks to Angus McKay and was shot by Burt, who thought he was dead. With Duke allegedly dead, Burt tried to finish his money-laundering, but Duke was actually alive, and he went into a final showdown with Burt. From his injury, Duke was paralyzed, and Burt was arrested and shipped to a mental institution.

In 1987, Duke was given a light prison sentence and when he was released he was free and clear to marry Anna. However, when he took her to a city called L'Orleans for Angus McKay's funeral, Angus turned out to be Duke's father, and her intuition went into overdrive. There was a young nun named Camellia who Angus said was Duke's half-sister but about whom Anna had a bad feeling. On Anna and Duke's wedding day, Camellia and a reporter named Mark Carlin revealed that Duke had helped cover up the murder of Evan Jerome in L'Orleans. Camellia had killed Evan, but had recently discovered that Duke wasn't her brother after all. She wanted him for herself. She thought that revealing this would tear Duke and Anna apart. However, she finally realized that she could never win Duke's love and she left Port Charles. Eventually Anna broke up with Duke and started her own PI agency. Soon after, Robert returned and became her partner! He needed the work to get his mind off of Holly's death in a plane crash. Robert tried to win Anna's love back, but she chose to return to Duke and they finally married.

In early 1988, Robin was kidnapped by the insane Grant Putnam. Grant even killed Filomena and kidnapped Anna, holding her in a cage inside his cottage where she was guarded by a Doberman named Satan. Robert eventually rescued Anna who embraced him as Duke watched. Anna later discovered she was pregnant with Duke's child, but someone was closely watching her; Olivia Jerome. Olivia was a mob princess who wanted two things; to run the Jerome mob family, and Duke. When Olivia realized that Duke wouldn't leave Anna, she planned to kill him in a rigged elevator which would crash. However, Anna got in the elevator instead and was hurt. Anna also lost her unborn baby. Later, shots were fired in Olivia's hotel suite, and Anna was found over Olivia's body, holding a gun! Anna was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but the real shooter was Olivia's henchmen Dino. Olivia was shipped to a mental institution after being found guilty of causing the death of Anna's unborn baby.

In 1989, Anna's marriage slowly crumbled after Duke testified against the mob. Fearing that Anna and Robin were in danger, Duke faked his death in an explosion and entered the Witness Protection Program. Anna was crushed.

In 1990, Duke returned to Port Charles with a new face and new name, Jonathan Paget, and Anna had no idea that he was really Duke. Duke wanted to get back with Anna, but he learned that mobster Julian Jerome was after him. Julian shot and killed a escaped Olivia, who told Anna that Jonathan was really Duke before she died. Before Anna and Duke could be reunited however, Duke was killed by Julian and died in Anna's arms. Robert, who was engaged to someone else, delayed his wedding so that he could comfort Anna. Meanwhile, Robin found a crystal on Spoon Island which contained an alien visitor named Casey. Anna helped Casey go back to his planet of Lumina, but in process came face to face with Cesar Faison, an old enemy. Cesar kidnapped Anna, Robin and Casey, but he was caught and left town. Casey went to Lumina.

In 1991, Robin played matchmaker for Anna and Robert by sending them faux valentines. Anna and Robert fell back in love. Suddenly, Robert was almost murdered! Everyone thought it was his brother Mac who tried to kill him. When Robert was released from GH he and Anna made love. Robert proposed to Anna, and they were married in Lila Quartermaine's Shakespearean Garden. On their honeymoon in the Bahamas, Anna discovered that Edward Quartermaine was alive and living as a beach bum! Anna took Edward back to Port Charles and reunited him with his family.

In 1992, Anna was shocked to learn that Holly was alive. Anna feared that Holly would want Robert back, but she didn't and left the couple alone. Then, tragedy again struck. Faison returned to town and wanted Anna and Robin for himself. Faison's mother, Nanny McTavish, kidnapped Robin, but she was discovered and helped Robert get Faison. Faison felt betrayed by his mother and killed her! He then kidnapped Anna and took her to a boat in South America. Robert followed him to save his wife but it was a trap! Robert and Anna were killed in a boat explosion which Faison planned and used to fake his own death. Robin was sent to live with her Uncle Mac.

Anna was learned to be alive in March 2001. Months earlier, Alex, Anna's twin sister, had been summoned to a small cabin in Canada. There, a man named Bart had been tending to Anna after he found her near death many years before. Alex was called in after Anna started developing seizures. She also suffered memory loss. Anna's condition grew quite serious, but Bart refused taking Anna to a hospital for fear that armed thugs would kill her. Anna was taken to Pine Valley where Alex cared for her in the turret at Wildwind. Eventually, Alex, her husband, Dimitri, and Dimitri's brother, Edmund, were able to convince Bart to allow Anna to go into the hospital under an assumed name -- Alex's! There, Anna was treated and eventually the seizures subsided. Anna was released to Alex's watchful eye. During the care, Anna's guardian, Bart, was found dead on the floor of the turret. The official cause of his death was listed as a massive coronary, but there remained some speculation that someone murdered him. Anna remained hidden, but she eventually sneaked into town. There, she ran into Ryan Lavery. While Ryan was with the woman whom he assumed to be Alex, his wife, Gillian, called and said that she too was with Alex. Ryan took Anna back to Wildwind where Alex and Dmitri told him the truth about Alex and Anna.

Anna hovered in Pine Valley for some time before her spy skills inspired her to get involved in the search for Proteus, a drug lord. Anna grew close to David Hayward because it was widely believed that he could be Proteus. However, Anna developed true feelings for the doctor and they married. Anna realized that as David's wife, she would never have to testify against David if he was ever brought up on charges for some of his unapproved medical treatments. Existing charges against David were dropped, and with the help of federal agent Chris Stamp, Anna was appointed Pine Valley's chief of police. Unfortunately for her, David and his wacky family were constantly creating conflict. A man looking for Vanessa's secret Proteus money drugged Anna, and though she was drugged she ran after him during Leo and Greenlee's wedding, firing her gun at him. She hit her target, but DA Jackson Montgomery was very disturbed that she would shoot her weapon while incoherent and groggy. Jackson pushed for her to be stripped of her badge. She successfully overcame this battle, but she soon discovered David had been involved in keeping Maria Santos Grey from her family for years. Anna was horrified and pushed David away, but he wouldn't let her be free of him quite that easily. They did legally divorce, and for a time were emotionally estranged.

David and Anna had been trying for a baby, and Anna realized that, at the worst possible time, she was pregnant. She was unable to keep the news from David, and he warned her he would not be separated from his child. The stress of carrying a new life and investigating her husband's ever-growing list of crimes caused her risk losing her baby. Anna leaned on Tad and Jackson around this time, but she realized that she had been involved with dark men in the past, and she was deeply in love with David. Ignoring the cries of those around her, Anna reconciled with David and stood by him through much legal scrutiny and as he pled guilty to various crimes so she wouldn't lose her badge. Aside from this, David and Anna were blissfully happy, the happiest they had ever been in their marriage, and anticipated the birth of their child. Unfortunately, their happiness was not to last.

One day in January 2003, Anna was visiting David at the run-down free clinic where he was working off his probation. A young gang member, in desperation, took Anna hostage and threatened to kill her by slashing her neck with scissors if he didn't get drugs. Anna herself talked him out of the situation, but while she and David were checking to see if she was all right, she realized the baby wasn't moving. Anna was terrified. Upon examination, Anna's doctor found a problem with the baby's heart. David told Anna he knew the perfect doctor in Zurich who could perform in utero surgery. Knowing David would have to stay stateside due to his probation, Anna refused to go, but David called Robin, who agreed to stay with Anna in Switzerland. On sad terms, Anna and David kissed goodbye, and she left for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Anna returned to America, unable to have the surgery without David there. Anna told him that she had arranged for the same pediatric heart surgeon to perform the operation in Pine Valley. Just before the operation was to begin, the surgeon suffered a stroke, leaving the scalpel in David's capable but nervous hands. David performed the surgery successfully, and Anna recovered for a short time until the birth of the baby.

Anna and David became the parents of little Leora, named after David's late brother Leo. The baby seemed perfect in spite of her heart condition. The doctors encouraged the use of a pacemaker over which Anna and David argued bitterly. Anna wanted to follow the advice of the doctors, while David insisted that he himself was a doctor -- a cardiologist, no less -- and felt that their daughter would have a better chance at a healthy, normal life if they operated when she was stronger. Anna decided to agree with David for the time being. However, as the baby grew weaker in the months after her birth, Anna signed the consent forms for Leora's surgery against David's wishes. When he threatened to take her to court, she reminded him that she had plenty of legal "dirt" on him, and that she wouldn't hesitate to throw him into jail if he interfered with the welfare of their daughter.

Although Joe Martin and the other doctors did their best, Leora did not survive surgery. Anna and David were devastated. They blamed both themselves and each other for her death. After a period of weeks they reconciled, but nothing could take away the ache caused by her absence.

In the summer of 2003, Bianca Montgomery was raped by Michael Cambias. When she finally revealed his crime, Anna arrested Michael before gathering serious evidence. Due to this and other mitigating factors, Michael was acquitted of all charges. Anna was demoralized by the uselessness of her actions. Michael vanished soon after the hearing, and Anna found a notebook which may have incriminated David, Erica Kane, and her friend Jackson Montgomery in Michael's disappearance. Rather than come forward with this knowledge, Anna resigned from the police force and decided to leave town. David pleaded with her to stay, but she convinced him that they were both so lost over Leora's death, and that this split would help them finally move on with their lives. They shared a final, mournful hug before Anna left to visit with Robin in Paris.

In 2006 Anna surprised her ex-husband Robert and old friend Luke Spencer, along with her daughter Robin, when she dropped in on them while they were in the Maarkam Islands. Luke and Robert had gotten involved in a jewelry heist with Holly Sutton and the three of them had been imprisoned. Robin arrived to offer assistance to her father and Anna was on the trail of the stolen jewels. Anna and Robert shared a less than cordial reunion until Robin intervened and asked her parents to get along temporarily for her sake. Anna enjoyed catching up with her daughter and she was intrigued by Robin's strong feelings for a doctor named Patrick Drake. Anna promised to visit soon so she could meet him.

A few weeks later, an investigation of Lorenzo Alcazar led Anna back to Port Charles, although she used visiting her daughter as her cover story. Anna was disappointed to learn that Robin and Patrick had broken up and she decided to meddle in her daughter's relationship. Anna encouraged Robin to take a chance on love and Robin and Patrick sorted out their relationship. When Anna realized Robin was in love, she made sure Patrick felt the same way before she left Port Charles and headed out on a different assignment.

Anna returned to Port Charles the following year to attend an "Eli Love" AIDS benefit concert. She was disappointed to learn that Eli would not be taking the stage for medical reasons until she learned that Robin and Patrick devised a plan for Patrick's father Noah to stand in for Eli at the concert. Anna decided to help Noah with his impersonation of Eli and she enjoyed playing the part of a rock star's girlfriend. Noah also enjoyed having Anna by his side and they started spending more time together until their children intervened. Robin and Patrick both made it clear that they were uncomfortable with their parents being together and Anna decided not to stop anything she and Noah had started.

While Anna was helping to pull off the benefit concert with Noah, Robin briefly thought she might be pregnant with Patrick's child. Robin was not pregnant but she shared her desire to have a child with her mother. Anna assured Robin she would be a wonderful mother and promised she would be ready for the role of grandmother, although maybe not the title, when the time was right. Then Anna took off on a new mission.

The next time Anna dropped by Port Charles she was shocked to learn that Robin was pregnant. She struggled to adjust to the idea of becoming a grandmother and felt as though she suddenly aged as she and Robin discussed what grandmothers do. Anna refused to feel older because she was becoming a grandmother and headed to the Haunted Star for a wild night of drinking and strip roulette with Luke Spencer. Robin and Patrick showed up and witnessed Anna leaning backward over the bar to ingest a shot. She pulled a muscle in her back as she performed the move and gave in to the realization that she was aging.

After Anna accepted that she needed to support Robin, she turned her attention to Patrick and his intentions regarding Robin, their baby, and their future. Specifically, she questioned if Patrick's plans for the future included marrying Robin. Anna was called away for work before Patrick had a chance to answer. Anna returned a few weeks later with plans to request a desk job so she could properly settle into the position of grandmother but Robin insisted she did not need to change who she was. Anna proceeded to take a call from Eli Love and joined her lover on his concert tour in Rio.

After the trip to Rio, Anna returned to visit Robin and was dismayed by the state of Robin's relationship with Patrick. Robin refused to marry Patrick and she planned to raise the baby on her own, although Patrick had filed a petition for joint custody of their child. Anna urged Robin to accept Patrick's love and not give in to the fear that her marriage would turn out the way Robert and Anna's had. Robin refused to listen and Anna offered her support to Patrick and agreed he should be a part of his child's life.

Eli Love followed Anna to Port Charles and was eager to continue their relationship until he learned she was about to become a grandmother. Anna recovered quickly from Eli's rejection and renewed her friendship with Noah, this time with Robin's blessing. Anna helped convince Robin to marry Patrick and and she assisted Robin her wedding preparations.

On the day of Robin's wedding, Anna presented her the necklace she wore when she married Robert. The ceremony barely started before it came to a halt because Robin went in to labor. Robin delivered a healthy baby girl but Robin experienced complications afterward and was unconscious. Anna visited Robin and reminded her that she had become a mother and it was her duty to be strong for her child. Anna also helped Patrick deal with the new baby and the shock of Robin's condition. Robin made a full recovery and she thanked her mother for being there for her and her new family when they needed her the most.

Patrick and Robin planned another wedding since the first had been interrupted before they were named man and wife. Robert arrived for the wedding and he walked Robin down the aisle and Anna stood by her daughter's side as a matron of honor. After the ceremony, Anna and Robert fondly reminisced their time together. They both admitted they had truly loved one another and that Robin was born out of that love. After the wedding, Anna departed Port Charles again.

A few years later, Anna returned after Patrick had informed her that Robin's HIV was unstable. Upon her arrival, she was relieved to hear that Robin had changed medications and was doing much better and she looked forward to spending time with her daughter and granddaughter. However, Anna's visit with Robin was cut short when Robin was trapped in a lab explosion at the hospital and presumed dead.

Anna was devastated by Robin's death and she leaned on her old friend Luke Spencer. He helped Anna deal with her feelings of regret over the time she had missed out on her daughter. Luke also allowed Anna to move in with him at the Metro Court hotel.

As Anna continued to adjust to life without Robin, she reconnected with a former FBI agent she had once mentored named John McBain. He was in Port Charles investigating the death of two citizens from Llanview, Pennsylvania and he believed that Sonny Corinthos was involved. Anna and John discussed the personal vendetta John had against Sonny and Anna arranged for John to receive permission from the FBI to work out of his jurisdiction.

Anna remained in Port Charles and continued to reside with Luke at the Metro Court but she questioned her decision to stay in town. After Robin's death, Anna had planned to spend time most of her time with her granddaughter but Emma resumed her normal routine which was already full of play-dates and daycare. While Anna contemplated the length of her time in Port Charles, she received an unexpected job offer from the mayor. Anna was asked to take over as police commissioner. She was stunned by the proposition and needed time to consider the offer.

Anna remained in Port Charles and continued to reside with Luke at the Metro Court but she questioned her decision to stay in town. After Robin's death, Anna received encouragement to take the job from Mac even though the position had been his until the mayor had fired him. Anna accepted the position although she was immediately placed in a difficult position when Luke and his ex-wife Tracy Quartermaine were considered suspects in the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara. Things became more complicated when Luke and Anna gave in to their growing attraction toward one another and slept together.

After their night together, Anna discussed her feelings about Luke with Felicia and her friend advised that she move forward with Luke. When Anna and Luke discussed their situation, they agreed it would be complicated but they both wanted to try being together in a relationship. Anna did request that Luke make his feelings for her known to Tracy because she had expressed her desire to rekindle her romance with Luke. He agreed to speak with Tracy while Anna made plans for them to enjoy a romantic dinner. She was caught off-guard when Luke did not show but instead Tracy arrived and announced that she and Luke were getting back together.

Tracy realized that Anna had planned to share the romantic dinner with Luke and Anna confirmed that she and Luke had slept together and planned to pursue a relationship. Anna apologized for breaking the news to Tracy and explained that Luke had planned to tell her himself. Tracy admitted that Luke had called her and said he wanted to meet with her and she had assumed that Luke wanted to get back together. Tracy wondered why Luke had never shown up and pointed out that Luke had stood Anna up as well. Tracy theorized that Luke had skipped town to avoid dealing with his feelings.

Anna started to believe that Tracy's theory about Luke was correct after he stood her up for dinner and was out of contact for quite some time. While Luke was gone, Tracy visited Anna at the police station and reported that Luke was responsible for the death of Anthony Zacchara. Anna was hesitant to believe Tracy's claim because she knew Tracy had been hurt by Luke's rejection but she was forced to consider Luke as a suspect and issued a warrant for his arrest after Anthony's deceased body was found in the woods. Meanwhile, Anna tried to link Heather to the burial of Anthony's body but was forced to release her after Heather's alibi checked out.

Anna was ready to accept that Luke had left town to avoid exploring a relationship with her after she received a letter that she believed was from him. Luke's daughter Lulu was also a recipient of a letter, which she shared with Anna. Lulu admitted that each letter sounded like her father and that she had dealt with Luke's disappearances her entire life. Anna's faith in Luke was renewed when she received word that Heather had been in contact with a known forger. The man was brought in for questioning and he confirmed that he had been hired by Heather to write the letters to both Lulu and Anna. He showed Anna the handwriting sample that Heather had provided which was a letter from Luke which contained a code to his location.

Luke revealed that Heather was holding him captive in the woods through the letter and Anna raced to rescue Luke. When Anna arrived at the cabin, it was on fire while Luke remained trapped inside. As Anna looked for a safe way to get to Luke, Heather arrived and hit her over the head. Anna was briefly knocked out but when she came to, she punched Heather and pulled Luke out of the burning cabin. Then Anna instructed her police team to apprehend Heather. However, Heather had other plans and she fired a gunshot at Anna but hit Luke instead when he jumped in front of the bullet.

Luke survived the gunshot wound and Heather was taken into police custody. Anna questioned Heather and encouraged her to confess to any other crimes she had committed. Heather tried to bargain with Anna and announced that she had seen Robin while she had been a patient at Ferncliff psychiatric care facility. Anna doubted Heather's claim especially after Luke reminded her that Heather was known for her ability to manipulate others. Despite Luke's warning, Anna decided to investigate the possibility that Robin might still be alive.

Anna searched Ferncliff but there was no sign of Robin however there was a brochure for a clinic located in Switzerland. Anna traveled there and posed as a patient in order to gain access to the facility's records. After Luke recovered he joined Anna there and helped her investigate but they did not find Robin. Anna leaned on Luke once she realized that she had to accept her daughter's death and they made plans to return to Port Charles. Before they left, Luke confessed that he had lied to Robert after Robin's death when he announced that Ethan was Robert's son. Luke explained that he believed at that time it had been the only way to convince Robert not to take his own life.

Anna disagreed with his methods and worried that Robert might be suicidal once again after he learned that Ethan was not his son. She told Luke that he needed to find Robert and tell him the truth. She also told Luke that she did not know if she could continue with a relationship with him. She returned to Port Charles alone and focused her efforts on locating Heather Webber.

Although Anna did not find Robin, her husband "Duke" arrived in town and claimed that while he had been presumed dead he was actually a prisoner in Turkey. Anna was overwhelmed by his return but Luke doubted "Duke's" story and went to Turkey to probe into his claims. Robert learned of Luke's suspicions and came to town to conduct his own investigation. Anna resented Robert's involvement in her life even though she sensed that something was a bit different with "Duke." Anna decided to place her faith in "Duke" after Robert accused "Duke" of being Faison in disguise. She proved her trust by agreeing to go on a vacation away from Port Charles with "Duke."

Robert, along with Anna's friend Detective John McBain, followed Anna and "Duke" on their getaway to Switzerland. Together Robert and John were able to unmask "Duke" and Faison's true identity was revealed. Faison was apprehended and Anna was shocked to learn that the real Duke Lavery was alive. Faison had held him captive in order to study Duke's persona and learn his history with Anna. While Duke and Anna reconnected, Faison's associate Dr. Liesl Obrecht injected Robert with a neurotoxin and he lapsed into a coma. Anna returned to Port Charles with Duke but was forced to leave Robert behind.

When Anna returned with Duke in tow, Luke declared his feelings for her but she decided to give her love with Duke another chance. Their relationship progressed slowly while Anna was haunted by Faison's impersonation of Duke. Eventually she grew to see only the Duke she once knew and she spent as much time with him as her role as police commissioner would allow. Anna realized how deeply her feelings for Duke ran after he was poisoned by Liesl Obrecht.

Anna vowed to bring the woman that had harmed Duke to justice and she learned the depths of Liesl's villainy after Robert awoke from his coma. Robert explained that Dr. Obrecht had injected him after he saw Robin. Anna was hesitant to believe Robert until she spoke with Faison. He confirmed that Robin was alive and promised to reunite Anna with her daughter but Liesl knocked Anna out and escaped with Faison before Anna could learn Robin's whereabouts. Robert and Anna believed they were close to finding Robin when they arrived on Cassadine Island. Before they could locate Robin, they were captured by Jerry Jacks but they received confirmation that their daughter was alive and had been held in that exact location by Jerry.

Together Robert and Anna were able to turn the tables on Jerry and forced him to take them to their daughter. Anna and Robert shared a joyous reunion with Robin in Port Charles and then rescued Duke and captured Faison and Liesl. While Duke ensured that Liesl was taken into police custody, Robert and Anna chose to prevent Faison from ever causing harm to any of their loved ones ever again. They shot him and vowed to keep his death secret. Afterwards, Anna was troubled by what she had done but distracted herself with Robin and her work as police commissioner. Although Anna had stepped outside the law in dealing with Faison, she was unable to accept Duke's choice to work for Sonny. She ended her relationship with Duke while her former colleague, Special Agent Kyle Sloane, arrived in town. Sloane launched an investigation into Faison's disappearance and Anna was forced to reveal that she and Robert had trapped Faison underground at Wyndemere. Even though Faison had escaped, Sloane reported Anna's actions and he was appointed the new Police Commissioner. In return, Anna took a position as a special agent within the Justice Department and kept a close eye on Sloane.

Anna and Sloane remained adversaries while they both attempted to rid Port Charles of organized crime. When Duke took over as the head of the Corinthos organization, Anna warned him that she would place the law before her feelings. Duke did not heed Anna's warning but instead entered into a relationship with Lucy Coe. When Lucy arranged for Duke and Anna to dance together at the Nurses Ball, the pair admitted that they still loved one another and made plans to run away immediately, leaving the mob and the law behind.

Anna arrived at the rendezvous point ready to being her new life with Duke but her plans were destroyed after Duke arrived with a gunshot wound to the chest. She begged him to hang on but he succumbed to his injuries. Anna vowed to avenge Duke's death and she enacted her revenge when she tracked down Carlos Rivera after Duke's funeral. Anna shot and killed Carlos. Sloane appeared after and helped Anna cover up what she had done. While Anna grieved Duke's passing, visions of Carlos taunted her. Anna leaned on Sloane and found temporary comfort in his bed. Afterwards, Sloane admitted that he had feelings for Anna but she felt as though she had betrayed Duke. She left town to grieve Duke's death but told Sloane that something might be possible between them in the future.

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