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Ingo Rademacher
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Port Charles Presence
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A heartthrob, thrill-seeking and all around a good looking, nice guy, the man known as Jax is internationally known for his unique ability to dismantle huge corporations as well as he usually gets what he sets out for. The Jack's family are globe-trotting eccentrics who are wealthy beyond measure, who thinks ahead and refuses to think any objective is unachievable. Jax has taken this heritage to the extreme. Ingo first aired on General Hospital in January of 1996.

Actor Ingo Rademacher manifests the spirit of Jax who is charming, approachable, has lots of charisma and with that Australian accent is wooing ladies all over the world. He has excelled in several professional sports, and having tasted careers in areas as diverse as farming, ranching, modeling and television. Jax inherited his parent's spirit of adventure which has taken him from Europe to the small town of Port Charles.

Born in the small village of Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany, Mr. Rademacher lived on the European continent until his parents moved to New South Wales, Australia, when he was ten. He and his sister, Anne, helped his parents work a 400-acre cattle and Angora goat station there. "I played rugby and worked the ranch," he says. "We didn't have a television for three-and-a-half years there." In 1984 the family took up vegetable farming in Queensland, where Ingo drove tractors and did other necessary jobs while attending high school.

After graduation Ingo moved to the metropolis of Sydney, where he found work as a model. He was cast as the lead character, Sean Hayden, in the popular primetime series Paradise Beach. The series aired for two years, at which point he moved to Los Angeles in 1994.

As an athlete, Rademacher has amassed an extraordinary list of accomplishments. He was a West German ski champion at the age of eight. He was a professional equestrian in jumping, dressage and cross country from ages ten to fourteen. In Australia he was a professional beach volleyball player and an Ironman tri-athlete.

The beach life of Southern California presently fulfills Rademacher's spare time -- he surfs, trains for ocean Ironman races, and mountain bikes in the Santa Monica Mountains. He is married and, together with his wife, they are the proud parents of son Peanut Kai.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
David O'Connor

Veronica's Closet
Reg; Pilot episode
September 25, 1997

Kip Killmore; "Kiss Me Kip" (Episode # 1.8)
November 8, 1996

General Hospital
January 1996 to August 28, 2000; August 10, 2001 to August 23, 2011; December 30, 2011 to January 23, 2012; August 23, 2012 to September 26, 2012; April 1, 2013 to April 4, 2013

Paradise Beach
Sean Hayden
Vital Statistics
PLACE OF BIRTH: Iserlohn-Letmathe, [West] Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: April 22, 1971
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue/Green
CHILDREN: Son, Peanut Kai Rademacher [Jul 11, 2008; weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long]
He was a West German ski champion at the age of eight.

He was a professional equestrian in jumping, dressage and cross country from age 10 to 14.

In Australia, Ingo was a professional beach volleyball player and an Ironman tri-athlete.

Is a certified lifeguard

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