General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 11, 2021 on GH
Sonny woke up in the snow with amnesia. Cyrus made Jason an offer. Olivia and Sam worked together to clear Alexis of driving drunk. Ned took steps to adopt Leo. Ava asserted her parental rights. T.J. had an altercation with Brando. Willow made a confession to Sasha.
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Sonny woke up in the snow with amnesia and Cyrus made Jason an offer
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Someone comes to Sonny's aid Someone comes to Sonny's aid
Monday, January 11, 2021

On her way downstairs, Willow was deep in thought about her time with Chase the night before when Tracy asked if Willow was all right. Willow absentmindedly went back upstairs to check on Wiley. Tracy burst into the living room and found Ned consoling a crying Olivia. Tracy demanded to know what Ned had done, but Ned updated Tracy on the search for Sonny being called off. Tracy flatly gave Olivia her condolences, and Ned wondered if his mother could pretend to feel bad.

Willow entered the room and announced that she was going to join Michael and his family for a gathering at Sonny's. Olivia wanted to go with Willow, as she'd made some food for the family. When the two were gone, Ned warned Tracy to be more careful with her words. Tracy insisted that he had no idea the lengths to which she would go to protect his marriage.

Changing the subject, Tracy asked if Ned was going to adopt Leo, since Julian had died, and he replied that it was "in the works." She observed that he didn't sound too happy about it, but he revealed that he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tracy was confident that Alexis would stay quiet, as she would soon be off to rehab or jail. Ned thought that Tracy sounded too happy about that. Tracy claimed that she wouldn't wish Alexis' legal troubles on anyone, but the misfortune was in her family's best interest, so she wouldn't question it.

Chase got into bed under the covers. He couldn't sleep and began to toss and turn as he thought about his time with Willow the night before.

Finn caught sight of Alexis at the hospital and hoped she was going to a meeting. She revealed that she had just gotten her bandage changed, and she added that she didn't need a lecture. He reminded her that driving while drunk was serious, but she maintained that she hadn't done it. She promised that he would be the first to know when she got to the bottom of it, and she left.

Later, Finn told Anna on the phone that he was fine with Maxie taking over all wedding decisions as long as he and Anna ended up married. Chase arrived, clearly wanting to talk to his brother, so Finn ended the call. Finn lamented agreeing to a double wedding, but Chase scolded Finn for complaining, as Finn got to marry the woman he loved. Chase told Finn about his dinner and kiss with Willow, and he feared that she would go back to Michael.

Finn was just glad to see Chase being honest about his feelings, and Chase assumed that they'd gotten the "honesty gene" from their father. Finn had to go, as he had a patient to see. Before leaving, Chase informed Finn that Gregory wanted another poker night to try to win his money back. He hoped that Anna and Jackie could join, as Gregory had taught Jackie everything she knew about poker.

At her apartment, Molly left a message for her study group leader, apologizing for missing the last meeting and promising to be at the next one. When she finishing packing up her books, she turned to leave as T.J. arrived home. They were awkward with each other until Molly informed him that they had been creating distance by trying to avoid saying the wrong thing. She acknowledged how wrong she'd been in sleeping with Brando and then keeping it from T.J., but T.J. blamed it on Jordan lying to Molly about T.J.'s whereabouts. He decided that Cyrus had really put the whole thing into motion, and Molly refused to let Cyrus be the reason that she lost T.J.

Molly wanted to figure out a way for her and T.J. to get past the lies and find their way back to one another. She insisted that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and she proposed that they go ahead with their commitment ceremony. "I say no," T.J. answered. He insisted that his feelings for her hadn't changed, but he couldn't go through with the ceremony without figuring out where they were. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her if that was what she wanted, and she jumped into his arms. He headed off to the shower before his shift at the hospital, and Molly followed him in.

Brando met with Jason on the pier, and Jason growled that Brando was late. Brando replied that Cyrus had been keeping him on a "short leash." Jason was incensed at Brando for ruining Jason's chance to eliminate Cyrus. Brando informed Jason that he'd texted Carly to show up with "muscle," because if Cyrus died, his lawyer had a document to send to the federal authorities, implicating the family in Dev's fraudulent citizenship. He added that Gladys had snitched, and Jason appreciated the warning. Jason instructed Brando to never involve Carly again and to stay close to Cyrus until Jason told Brando something different.

Carly sat in the kitchen, holding onto Sonny's St. Christopher medal. She thought back to when they'd gone through Mike's pictures together. "How did this happen? How are you gone?" she cried.

Out in the living room, Michael and Dante set drinks out as Sasha checked on their food order. Sam arrived and hugged Michael, and she asked about Carly. Michael replied that she'd been worrying about everyone else so much that he'd sent her off for some alone time. Dante regretted not returning sooner, and Sam remarked that people were never appreciated until they were gone. She related that she thought things might have changed with Julian over time. Dante offered to listen if she ever wanted to talk. Sasha marveled over how Carly was being so strong for everyone else, but she wondered who was being strong for Carly.

Carly emerged from the kitchen and thanked everyone for being there. She wanted everyone to "hug, tell stories, and drink his scotch" without asking why he'd been taken so soon. "To Sonny," she toasted, for living life on his owns terms, and giving so much to everyone. All in attendance toasted to Sonny and took a drink.

A short while later, Willow and Olivia arrived, and Willow took Olivia's food to the kitchen, escorted by Carly. Dante greeted his mother and regretted not returning home sooner. Across the room, Michael thanked Sasha for being there, as her presence had helped him. She offered to stay longer, but he urged her to take care of herself and go to her counseling session. She hugged him and left.

Sam offered to take care of things at the house if Carly needed to go somewhere quiet, but Carly wanted to be there with all of her loved ones. Jason arrived, and Sam wondered how he was holding up. He replied that he'd been trying to focus on the business, but it hadn't been going well. Willow made her way over to Michael and wondered how he was doing. He answered that he was going between numb and angry. Willow assured him that he could stay at Carly's for as long as he needed to. She remarked that she would have canceled her dinner with Chase had she known the news the night before. Michael asked how the dinner had gone, and she responded that it had been "nice."

Jason told Carly that later, he would have things to fill her in on that he'd learned from Brando, but she invited him to the kitchen so he could tell her. In the kitchen, Jason told her everything he'd learned from Brando. Carly insisted that Dev's papers had to be flawless, since Brick had done it, and there was no real proof. However, Jason believed that there would be a big investigation as soon as the federal authorities saw the name "Corinthos." She was upset that they couldn't touch Cyrus, but Jason assured her that there were other ways of stopping Cyrus.

Carly revealed that Diane had called about the paperwork Sonny had left behind, and she asked Jason to go over everything with her. He explained to Carly about all of their holdings in the U.S. and offshore. She asked about the waterfront and specifically about Cyrus and other families seeing an opening to distribute their merchandise in Port Charles. Jason instructed her not to worry about the business, as he refused to make her an accomplice. She promised to stay out of things on the condition that he kept her informed, but he refused. She countered that not knowing was torture, and she didn't want him to disappear and not return like Sonny had.

Alexis arrived to pay her respects, and Sam spat that she figured Alexis was only there for the liquor. Olivia sat down with Alexis and assured her that Carly would be glad to know that Alexis was there. "Unlike my daughter," Alexis said, and she explained that Sam was angry with her mother for not taking the D.A.'s "generous deal" of rehab and a suspended sentence. Olivia wondered why Alexis had turned it down, and Alexis replied that something about that night felt wrong to her.

Sam assured Dante that Sonny had been proud of him for battling his demons. Dante figured he was lucky to beat them, as some didn't.

Sasha arrived at the hospital and was startled to see Brando behind her. She reproached him for stalking her, but he insisted that he was there for a meeting with Cyrus, who had an office in the building. She wondered why a nice guy like him was still working for Cyrus, but he dodged the question. He asked about her drug counseling, and she answered that she would stop nagging if he stopped snooping. She did mention that she'd learned the difference between an addict and a substance abuser, and that she was the latter. "We have that in common," Brando said.

Sasha invited Brando to the counseling session, but he declined. She remarked that it had meant a lot that he'd opened up to her about his own battle with drugs, and she thanked him for helping her fight for herself. She went into her meeting, and he called Cyrus to let him know that he was there. When he was off the phone, he bumped into T.J., who he invited to catch up and get a drink soon. "I have a better idea," T.J. replied, and he punched Brando in the face.

An unconscious Sonny lay in snowy woods until his hand suddenly moved. He opened his eyes and tried but failed to get up from the ground. Someone approached him, and he looked up to see Mike. Sonny asked where they were, and Mike answered, "Halfway between where you left and where you're going." Mike covered Sonny with his jacket and observed that Sonny might not be able to travel, after all. He said that Sonny could go back to where he was, but only time would tell. Speaking of time, he noticed that Sonny's watched had stopped.

Mike helped Sonny off the ground and informed Sonny that he had a choice. Sonny could either "lay back down, close your eyes, and never open them again," or he could "do it the hard way, get up on your feet, and walk." Sonny groaned that he couldn't do it, and Mike replied that there was a word for guys like that: "Dead." Mike urged Sonny to fight for every breath and not take the easy way out.

Mike got Sonny onto his feet and instructed him to "never give up, never give in!" "They're waiting for you," Mike said, "at home." When Sonny stood on his own, Mike and his jacket were gone. "I did it. We did it," he repeated to himself. He noticed that his watch was running again as he sat down on a large boulder. Just then, a hiker walked through and wondered what Sonny was doing all the way out there.

Ava insists on full custody of Avery Ava insists on full custody of Avery
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Maxie and Sasha paid a visit to Nina in her Crimson office. The young women revealed that they had a plan for the magazine. Sasha admitted that she was still receiving treatment for her drug overdose, but she'd wanted to return to work. Nina thought that Sasha was rushing things, but Maxie considered Sasha's desire to be bold.

Maxie and Sasha explained that Sasha had already been a victim of gossip, and they wanted Nina to consider making Sasha a cover story instead. Sasha explained that she wanted to tell her own story, but Nina refused to listen. She didn't think it was a good move. Sasha admitted that she hadn't thought it was a good move when Maxie and Lucy had first proposed it; however, she couldn't hide, and she owed it to Maxie and Lucy to see that her situation was handled properly.

Sasha went on to say that she had put Deception at risk, and she wouldn't be able to heal without stepping up and going public with her story. Nina found that Sasha had always been ready to meet a challenge, but she had suffered more than enough already. Nina suggested that the story be taken elsewhere.

As Sasha and Maxie headed for the door, Sasha thanked Nina for her kind words. She thought that Nina was too kind. Nina apologized for throwing Sasha's deceit in her face, because Sasha had given her the experience of being a "lovely woman's mother," and she considered that a gift. It had probably been the only time that Nina might have experienced motherhood. In response to questions, Nina acknowledged that she'd decided to stop searching for her own daughter and find happiness in the present.

Jax arrived at Carly's house, followed by Ava, Nikolas, and Avery. Jax headed to the kitchen to see Josslyn, and Nikolas and Ava extended their condolences. Ava noted that Avery had had to see Carly, and the little girl disclosed that she understood that Sonny had gone to be with Mike and Kiki. Avery added that she hadn't wanted Sonny to go. Carly hugged the little girl.

Jax found Josslyn and Trina in the kitchen, and Josslyn admitted she'd been hiding. She admitted to feeling like she'd been "caught in a riptide" with so many recent deaths, and she felt numb. She didn't want to feel like that. Jax suggested that she keep busy and focus on the good things. The teens revealed that they had taken care of Donna. Josslyn went to fetch Avery from the living room.

Josslyn and Trina hung out with Avery, who sat at the table and colored. Jax asked Trina about her father, and Trina admitted that she hadn't seen Taggert. Jax understood that she was angry, although Trina admitted that she owed Curtis an apology. Jax maintained that he didn't know what he would have done in the same situation, but he did know that Trina had a second chance with her father, unlike Sonny's children.

Trina took Avery to her room at Jax's request in order for him to talk to Josslyn. She declared that she didn't want to argue and repeated that she would not go to Australia with him because her family needed her. Jax believed that it was risky for Josslyn to stay there, but he wouldn't fight with her. He knew that Josslyn was old enough to make her own choices, although he warned that he could change his mind. Josslyn was sure she wouldn't change hers, but Jax made it clear that he would prefer anger over the choice of living without her.

Ava asked Carly about Avery's missing necklace, and Carly declared that it was still being fixed. They sat on the sofa, and Ava explained why she'd told Avery that Sonny was with loved ones. Carly understood and replied that she would have said the same thing but would have added Morgan. Ava noted that Avery loved and missed Sonny, and Carly proclaimed that she was happy to have the little girl back in her own room.

Ava took the opportunity to clarify that Avery's custody agreement had been between Ava and Sonny, and with Sonny gone, she was the custodial parent. Ava wanted Avery to live with her. Carly couldn't believe it. She reminded Ava that Avery had lived with her and Sonny for her entire life, and they were family. Ava reminded Carly that Ava was Avery's mother, and the women began to argue until Nikolas stepped in.

Nikolas made it clear that he'd looked at the custody paperwork, and Ava had every right to her move. Ava felt that her daughter would be safer at Wyndemere, but she wanted Avery to stay in Carly's life, along with the family. She was open to a reasonable visitation schedule.

While Ava headed to the kitchen, Nikolas chatted with Carly. He mentioned that Spencer had been heartbroken over Sonny's death, and Carly revealed that Spencer and Sonny had grown close while Nikolas hadn't been around. She couldn't believe that Nikolas was going along with Ava's wishes, and she told him that Sonny had only granted Ava visitation during Mike's illness.

Nikolas noted that Avery would have him and Ava along with Spencer, at some point, and he had no intention of leaving his wife. He also did not plan on watching Carly raise another child who wasn't hers. They proceeded to argue over Carly's attempt to pass Spencer off as Jax's child in the past.

"Don't get high and mighty with me," Carly warned. She reminded Nikolas that he had allowed Spencer to think he was an orphan. Nikolas vowed that he wouldn't be ruled by Sonny's wishes but would take them into consideration.

Ava managed to find Trina alone, and they conversed about Trina's father. Ava had assumed that Trina was happy, and she explained how things might have gone if Trina had had to only pretend that Taggert had died. Ava was certain that it would have only gotten dangerous as more and more people had learned the truth. She understood that Trina was upset with Taggert, but it had cost him, too.

Nikolas announced that it was time for him, Ava, and Avery to leave, and he went to the kitchen. Carly called them hypocrites. Jax informed her that Josslyn wouldn't leave. Carly insisted that Avery had to stay because her sisters loved her. Avery had only been to Wyndemere a few times and would be losing her home.

Carly told Avery that she would see Avery soon, and Carly would keep Avery's bedroom exactly the same. Avery could visit anytime. Avery announced that Donna needed her big sister. Carly agreed and hugged her, and she cried in Jax's arms after the Cassadines were gone. She thought it was the final proof that Sonny was gone, and he would never have allowed Ava to take Avery. Carly had no way to stop Ava.

Jax was sorry that Carly was alone, but she insisted that she had her kids, Jason, and Jax. They shared a hug as Carly held onto Sonny's St. Christopher medal.

Josslyn thanked Trina for hanging out with her. She admitted that Sonny hadn't been her father, and she'd been mad at him for years. Her attitude had changed because Sonny had never given up on her, and he'd wanted to take care of her. He had worn her down. She loved him and missed him.

At General Hospital, Brando saw T.J. and approached him about getting together. Instead, T.J. slugged him, although Brando proclaimed that he wouldn't fight back.

Curtis spotted Portia, and they stopped to talk. Portia admitted that Trina refused to see Taggert because she was stubborn and couldn't get past her father's betrayal. Before they could discuss much else, the shouts of Brando and T.J. grew louder, and they rushed over to the young men. Curtis separated them, and he pulled T.J. into an empty room.

Curtis asked T.J. why he would risk getting fired for fighting. T.J. sputtered that he was angry at Brando, and like Curtis, he was also angry at Jordan. Curtis agreed that he was "beyond mad" at Jordan and was sick of her lies. T.J. agreed that his mother had lied in the past about his biological father, but she'd known he had been kidnapped and should have told Molly.

T.J. griped that Molly had slept with another man because of Jordan's lies, and he could no longer live with Jordan's choices. Curtis was surprised about Molly, and T.J. confirmed that Molly had taken full responsibility and had been in a bad place.

Curtis agreed that he had been present when Molly had been looking for answers, and she'd been frantic. Jordan had been afraid that Molly would ask questions and endanger T.J. and herself, so she'd lied. Curtis didn't think that T.J. should walk out on Jordan, but T.J. snapped that Curtis had done the same.

Portia tended to Brando and handed him an ice pack. Molly rushed in and accused Brando of attacking T.J. Portia confirmed the chain of events and added that Brando had refused to fight. Portia pointed to where T.J. was, and she excused herself. Brando admonished Molly for not telling him that T.J. was after him. Molly explained that she had told T.J. the truth, although he wasn't normally violent.

Brando felt that T.J. had to have believed that Brando had "played him for a fool," and he should have told T.J. the truth like he had originally wanted to. Molly admitted that she had talked him out of it, and she was sorry. Brando clarified that no one had been out to hurt anyone, and he liked T.J. They saw T.J. and Curtis emerge from the room. Molly wanted to talk to T.J. privately. Curtis urged them to be honest and said they would get through it.

Molly and T.J. entered the empty room, and Molly voiced her anger over T.J.'s move. T.J. felt that Brando should have told him the truth, but Molly blamed herself for that not happening. She explained that she hadn't thought she had been cheating when she'd slept with Brando. Her world had just been "turned upside down." She had assured Brando that it could never happen again.

T.J. finally understood why Molly had done her best to avoid Brando, and she knew that T.J. had really enjoyed Brando's friendship. Molly emphasized that she didn't want them to be like their parents and lie. T.J. grabbed her hands and agreed that they would have to do better.

In the woods, Sonny stood up gingerly and held his head. A stranger found him and presumed that Sonny was in shock. Sonny revealed that an old man had helped him earlier. The man removed his own jacket and draped it on Sonny's shoulders. He suggested they go to the hospital. Upon questioning, Sonny revealed that he didn't know his own name.

The man thought it would be faster to take Sonny to the hospital himself. He attempted to help Sonny figure out the circumstances of his unusual predicament, but Sonny was of no help. Sonny felt as though his life hadn't even started until he'd woken up in the woods. Sonny held his head and touched the St. Christopher medal that was hanging from the top of the windshield.

Sonny believed that he was missing something. Just then, sirens grew louder, and a state trooper pulled up behind the man's car. The police officer got out of his car and demanded that the driver present his license and registration. He refused to listen to the man's attempt at an explanation.

After checking the man's credentials, the cop agreed to let the driver go with a ticket for speeding. He pointed his flashlight into the car. "Do I know you?" the cop asked Sonny. The driver and Sonny got out of the car. Sonny stated that he was lost and hurt and had no idea what had happened to him. He asked where he was.

Sonny indicated that he had no identification or wallet, and the driver, Eddie, had saved him. Eddie had been trying to get him to a hospital. The cop finally agreed to escort them. Eddie thought that Sonny had had the cop eating out of his hand. Sonny admitted that it had been gut instinct. "It just came to me," he said.

After leaving Carly's, Avery asked for her necklace. Ava suggested they go shopping for a new one, but Avery only wanted the one that her daddy liked. Ava thought they should give it more time.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment hearings, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no lost episodes as a result of the programming change. The episode originally scheduled for broadcast was shown in its entirety on Thursday, January 14, 2021.

Sam begins to believe Alexis Sam begins to believe Alexis
Thursday, January 14, 2021

Brando was getting dressed in an exam room when Amy entered. Clearly flustered, she realized she had the wrong room and apologized. She made sure that he was all right, and he insisted that he was fine. She remarked that T.J. hadn't done that much damage, and Brando marveled over how fast word traveled.

Laura arrived at the hospital and was glad to bump into Curtis, as she'd been meaning to check in with him. He wondered what had happened with Florence, and she advised him to "prepare for a shock." As they walked into a conference room, she told him about her newfound family and her belief that everything Cyrus did was to win approval from Florence. She added that Cyrus kept trying to draw comparisons between the two of them. Curtis wondered if she had any idea what Cyrus wanted from her, and she figured that he only wanted her help finding Florence.

Laura continued that taking Florence would be leverage for Jason, since Sonny was gone. She stopped and realized how much she was going to miss Sonny, and Curtis agreed that he'd respected Sonny. She figured that she should go see Sonny's family, but Curtis informed her that it was all right for her to take some time for herself. He promised to be there if she needed him, and she gave him a hug. The two discussed their worry for a Port Charles without Sonny. Laura asked about Jordan's feelings about the situation, but Curtis dodged the question.

Laura wondered why Curtis was giving her "non-answers" about Jordan, and Curtis admitted that he hadn't been home since before Christmas. He confided in Laura about Jordan's lies by omission and promises to do better, even though she never did. She urged him not to give up on his marriage, and he replied that he didn't want to. While they loved each other, he thought that love was no good without trust. Laura promised to support him in whatever he decided.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Olivia left a message for Alexis, making sure that Alexis had gotten home all right. She asked Alexis to get back to her, and she hung up.

After finishing up a phone call at the Metro Court restaurant, Cyrus noticed Sam sitting at the bar and marched straight over to her. As Sasha listened in from a nearby table, Cyrus demanded that Sam tell him where Jason had taken Florence. She demanded that he back off, and she suggested that he go to Jason with the question. Olivia approached with something to discuss with Sam, so Sam followed Olivia out, glaring at Cyrus on her way. Cyrus sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Sasha walked over and snidely observed that he didn't look his usual "take-charge self." "You look like you need a fix," he shot back.

Cyrus and Sasha argued over her drug problem until she informed him that she was going to therapy for it. She suggested that he try it to deal with his "mommy issues." Cyrus was surprised at how little compassion she had for him, so she informed him that he had no empathy and only cared about himself. She continued that Jason would never harm an older person, especially a sick one. As they argued, Brando ran in and pulled Sasha away from Cyrus. Cyrus growled that Brando was late, and he wondered what had happened to Brando's face. Brando replied that he'd gotten mixed up with the wrong woman, as he hadn't known that she had a boyfriend. Sasha had "homework" for her drug counseling, so she told Brando to feel better and walked away.

Sasha watched from across the restaurant as Cyrus updated Brando on Florence. He asked Brando to get information from the Corinthos family, but Brando replied that his family didn't trust him. Cyrus threatened to "deploy my leverage" if Brando didn't get any information. He promised to be in touch and left. Brando walked over to Sasha and scolded her for getting into it with Cyrus again. Sasha countered that he needed to make better choices, like who he worked for. She'd observed that their conversation had looked intense. "You're not wrong," he replied.

Outside the restaurant, Olivia expressed her concern about Alexis to Sam. She believed that there was something about Tracy's story about Alexis driving drunk that didn't seem right, and she thought it was worth looking into. Olivia told Sam about Tracy apparently searching Alexis' kitchen for coffee, when Alexis had said that it was out in the open on the counter. Olivia knew that Sam didn't want anyone enabling Alexis, but Olivia proposed the possibility that Alexis hadn't done it.

Alexis arrived home and found a bag with her name on it by the front door. She grabbed the bag and headed inside, turning off her security alarm. She found a note in the bag from Ava, who'd found the contents of the bag with Julian's things. Ava thought that Alexis should have it, and Alexis could do as she saw fit with it. Alexis pulled out a photo album, and she flipped through pictures of her wedding to Julian until she slammed it shut and poured herself a drink.

A few minutes later, Alexis was in the process of cutting Julian out of all the pictures when there was a knock on the door. Sam called out for Alexis, who reluctantly got up to open the door. Olivia was there, too, but Alexis refused to let them in. Sam knew that Julian's death had affected Alexis, and she and Olivia didn't want Alexis to be alone. Alexis finally let them in, and Sam noticed the new alarm by the door. "You would have seen it before had you been by," Alexis said. Olivia offered to make some coffee and went off to the kitchen.

Alexis told Sam about what Ava had left, and she said that the only good thing Julian had ever done was give Sam to Alexis. Alexis feared that Julian would haunt her for the rest of her life, and Sam embraced her mother. A few minutes later, Olivia returned with coffee for herself and Sam, and she remarked that the coffee was right on the counter in plain sight. Sam wondered how Alexis had been able to turn the alarm off when she'd gotten home with Tracy on the night of the drunk-driving incident, and Alexis replied that she had no memory of being home at all.

Regardless of what Alexis remembered, Sam thought it was important for them to figure out how to fight the charges. Alexis again insisted that she hadn't done it. Sam suggested that Alexis take a shower and clear her head so they could make a plan. Alexis agreed, so she grabbed the bag with the photo album and went upstairs. Olivia insisted that there was no way Tracy could have missed the coffee on the counter. Sam thought there was a way to figure out the truth, and she walked over to the security alarm.

At Pozzulo's, Jason thanked Brick for the visit and said that the family needed a favor. Brick replied that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Sonny. Jason said that he had to meet with the Five Families, as someone had tried to make a move on the territory the last time Sonny had been gone. Brick replied that someone already had, which was why he was there. He explained that he had some friends in each of the Five Families, and he'd learned that the Novak family had already started moving their product through Port Charles the week before. Jason pulled out his gun and thanked Brick for the information. Brick invited himself along, and they left.

When Brick and Jason arrived in front of the warehouse in question, Brick told Jason that a shipment had just arrived, so it shouldn't be as quiet as it was. Both smelled gunpowder, and they opened the door to the warehouse. Inside, they saw several men dead of gunshot wounds, and Jason wondered who could have gotten there before them. They left and returned to Pozzulo's. They speculated on who could have done such a favor for the family. Jason had an idea, but he had some checking to do first. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Brick looked through the blinds and saw that it was Cyrus. Jason let Cyrus in, and Cyrus remarked that he was glad the restaurant was still open, as "I could use a nightcap."

Sonny finished dressing himself in a hospital room just as a nurse entered with dinner for him. She was glad that the clothes she'd gotten from the lost and found fit him. She introduced herself as Phyllis Caulfield. She assured him that he wouldn't be needing surgery, and she hoped that his memories would return soon. In the meantime, she gave him the pasta Bolognese that she'd made herself. A few minutes later, Sonny was done with the meal, and he complimented her on her cooking.

Phyllis summarized that Sonny knew about cooking and had "top-notch clothes." She continued that no missing person reports matched his description, but judging from his wedding ring, someone would soon be looking for him. She told him about a long-term care facility she had previously worked at where she'd seen some miraculous recoveries from traumatic brain injuries. She urged him to give it time and not lose hope. He told her that she was a wonderful cook and "a nice lady." "And you have a killer smile," she replied.

Phyllis checked Sonny's vitals and remarked that he seemed to be in good shape. She told him about a patient she'd once had that had emerged from a 20-year-long coma, and the woman was thriving in Port Charles. "Ring any bells?" she wondered, but it didn't. She complimented his vintage watch and asked if there was an inscription inside. He took it off and read off the inscription: "Mike, Never enough time. Love A." Phyllis assumed that his name was Mike and shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you," she said.

Sonny's return to the real world goes off the rails Sonny's return to the real world goes off the rails
Friday, January 15, 2021

In the town where Sonny had ended up, he and Phyllis walked into a local establishment called The Tan-O, where Phyllis revealed that the owner and man behind the bar was her husband. She introduced the men, and Lenny was gruff and rude to Sonny. Phyllis was annoyed and told Lenny how Sonny, known as Mike, had turned up at her clinic without his memory. She wanted Lenny to be nice to "Mike."

Lenny accused Phyllis of always picking up strays, but she told him about "Mike's" head injury and hypothermia. Lenny was worried that "Mike" could be anyone, but Mike/Sonny noticed Lenny's tattoo from the Marines and reminded him that Marines didn't leave men behind. Phyllis and Lenny began to argue over what should be done about "Mike," and Mike/Sonny assured Lenny he wasn't there for a handout.

Mike/Sonny offered to work in the kitchen, and Lenny agreed that he could wash dishes. Phyllis went to the kitchen to update Lenny's employees, and Lenny issued a warning that "Mike" would have to answer to him if there was any trouble. When Phyllis returned, the men were sitting at a table, and Mike/Sonny was showing Lenny the inscription on his watch. Phyllis was enthusiastic and thought the men should have hope. She mentioned a previous patient who had lost her child but still had hope.

Soon after, an unsavory-looking man walked in, and Phyllis noted that there were often customers who tried to "stir up trouble." She hoped that everyone would get along, as Lenny had a heart condition. Lenny walked behind the bar to serve the man, but the man pulled a gun instead. He wanted Lenny to empty the cashbox.

The man saw that Mike/Sonny was staring and asked him if he had a problem. "No problem here," Mike/Sonny stuttered. Phyllis asked the man to leave them alone, and Lenny ordered the man to leave. The man wondered what Lenny would do about it.

Tracy spotted Finn at the hospital and announced that she wanted to take him to dinner. Finn was busy with a patient, but he mentioned that he'd heard about Tracy from Alexis. Tracy wondered if Finn had known that she'd been with Alexis the night that Alexis had driven off the road, and they chatted briefly about Alexis being in denial over the incident.

Tracy asked Finn why he looked so "glum," and he told her about the great marriage planning that had turned into a double wedding with Maxie and Peter. He noted that both his father and stepmother were in town, as well. Tracy wanted to be invited, although she preferred to crash, and Finn agreed. She was shocked when Finn disclosed that Jackie Templeton was his stepmother, and she asked Finn if he didn't like her.

"It's not that," Finn replied. He noted that he had made some bad choices and done wrong to people after his father had gotten married so soon after his first wife's death. He thought he should tell people the truth about what he'd done. Tracy had no sympathy for Finn, and she reminded him that everyone was an adult. She asked if it would help people to carry his burden after he told them about it.

Finn stopped to think about it, and he was interrupted when he received a work alert. He hoped that Tracy would make it to the wedding so that he could have a friendly face on his side, and Tracy announced that she wouldn't miss it. They agreed to meet up for dinner and backgammon at a later date, and Finn also declared that he didn't want to let Violet down.

Michael sat down next to Chase at the bar at Metro Court. At first, they stared at each other coldly. Finally, Chase extended his condolences, and Michael declared that the Port Charles police had done all that they could. He admitted to visiting the spot where Sonny had gone into the water, which had been cold and deep with a strong current. He had known that only a miracle could have saved his father.

Chase was concerned with the safety of Michael's family, although Michael assured him that Jason would make sure that the family was protected. Chase made mention of an incident in a warehouse that had been leased through a holding company, so details had been vague. Michael assured Chase that Willow would be okay, and, sarcastically, he asked if Chase and Willow had discussed safety protocols at their dinner.

Chase wanted to tell Michael about the dinner, but Michael noted that he knew all about it. Chase admitted that it had seemed as though nothing had changed between him and Willow except for the fact that Willow and Michael were married. Chase said that it had happened because the evening had felt familiar, but it was evident that Michael hadn't known about the kiss.

Michael reminded Chase that there had been no time for explanations on the same evening that he'd received the bad news about Sonny. Michael stated that he wasn't angry or surprised, but he quickly stood and tossed money onto the bar to cover the beers.

Alexis continued to look at Julian's photo album in her room, while downstairs, Olivia and Sam discussed the possibility that Tracy and Alexis had never been in the house on the night that Alexis had allegedly driven the car off the road. Olivia couldn't believe that Tracy might have lied, and she pondered how Sam would be able to prove it.

Sam proclaimed that she would call the security company to find out if Alexis' security alarm had been activated that evening. She didn't want Alexis to know about their suspicions yet. Just then, Alexis stomped down the stairs with the photo album in hand. She exclaimed that the album had been "begging me to get hammered," and she announced that she wanted to toss it in the fireplace.

Olivia was skeptical, but Sam was agreeable. Alexis noted that Julian had bought the house for her, and she suggested that she could burn that, too. Olivia sat down on the floor next to Alexis and noted that that would be arson. Sam wanted to check on her kids, and she stepped outside. Alexis began to rip the photos and toss them into the raging fire. Outside, Sam placed a phone call to the security company.

After several moments, Sam returned, and Alexis revealed that she felt better. Sam suggested that Alexis go up to bed while she and Olivia cleaned up. They would lock up and put the alarm on when they left. Alexis agreed, and she told Sam that the security code was Scout's birthday. She headed upstairs, and Sam revealed the results of her phone call.

Olivia listened as Sam explained that she'd learned that on the evening in question, the alarm had been set early in the evening, presumably when Alexis had gone out. It hadn't been disarmed until several days later. Olivia confirmed that the coffee canisters were in the kitchen in plain sight; hence, Tracy and Alexis could not have returned to the house that night, and Tracy had been lying.

Olivia couldn't understand why Tracy had set out to frame Alexis, and Sam suggested they ask Tracy for her side of the story. Olivia thought it was a terrible idea. She didn't think they could allow Tracy to know they were onto her. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Sam opened it. They were surprised to see Tracy, who was just as surprised to see Olivia and Sam.

Olivia explained that she was there to help Sam with Alexis, and Sam added that Alexis hadn't been doing well since the car had gone off the road. Tracy admitted she was concerned, and she had wanted to stop by to check on Alexis. Tracy asked to see Alexis, but Sam stated that Alexis was in bed. Olivia declared that Alexis wasn't up for visitors. Tracy offered to drive Olivia home, but Sam replied that she would take her.

As Tracy headed out, Sam made sure to point out Alexis' new alarm system. Tracy acknowledged it and left. Olivia was sure that Tracy had never seen it before, and Sam agreed that Tracy had never been there. Upstairs, Alexis continued to go through the album. She found an old Mother's Day note from Sam, and she placed it under her pillow.

Sasha arrived at the Quartermaine mansion at Willow's invitation. Both of the women were uncomfortable, and each agreed they had looked for reasons not to meet. Sasha related that she'd had nothing better to do. Willow admitted that she was glad that Sasha had been there for Michael the night he'd learned about Sonny, although Sasha disclosed that she had been at the house to see Carly and had happened to be there when Michael had arrived.

Willow felt that Michael needed someone to turn to, although she would always be there, and they would always be friends. Sasha was confused and replied that she was aware that Michael and Willow had slept together. Willow admitted it hadn't been expected. She added that things weren't simple, and she still had feelings for Chase that had never left. She proposed that it was the same as Sasha's feelings for Michael.

Sasha insisted that she'd never denied being in love. Suddenly, she realized that Willow had feelings for both Michael and Chase, and she thought that Willow should be honest with Michael. Sasha vowed that she would not get involved in order to help Willow arrive at a decision. Sasha knew that Willow was confused, but Willow thought that, somehow, Sasha had helped. Sasha was sure there was something real between Willow and Michael.

As Willow handed Sasha her coat, Michael returned home. He was surprised to see Sasha, who announced that she was leaving. Michael pointed out that she always said that, and after she was gone, he wondered about her happy demeanor. He told Willow that they needed to talk, and Willow agreed.

At the hospital, Finn finished up a phone call to Anna. He turned and found Chase along with a wad of money that he had placed on the desk of the nurses' station. Chase disclosed that the money was from his poker winnings and also a symbol of his changing luck. He thought there was a chance that he and Willow would get back together. Finn wanted him to keep it, but Chase insisted that he owed it all to Finn. He added that he couldn't have gotten better advice from his dad.

Cyrus stopped at Pozzulo's and suggested a shared nightcap with Jason and Brick. He wanted to celebrate Sonny and set aside their differences. He wanted to raise a glass to his fallen comrade. Brick noted that Sonny had never been Cyrus' friend, and Jason snapped that they didn't want the wrong people to fill the void.

Cyrus asked if there was any information on his mother. He explained to Brick that his mother was missing, and Jason knew all about it. Cyrus declared that he was worried about his mother's fate. Brick announced that the Novacks had met their own bad fate after trying to move a shipment through town. Their place had been ransacked, and everyone was dead.

"Ring a bell?" Brick asked. He added that the job had been unprofessional and sloppy, which had left them open to reprisal. Jason confirmed that the Novacks were one of the five families, and the others would all unite. Cyrus claimed ignorance and stated that he was glad he wouldn't be the one to incur the wrath.

Cyrus was angry that the problem with the Novacks had been addressed but not the problem with his mother. "It's not my problem," Jason retorted. Cyrus lost his temper and declared that his problems were Jason's problems. Cyrus wanted a favor returned with interest. Cyrus guessed he wouldn't get a drink, and it was time to leave. He and Brick drew up close and stared each other down as Cyrus headed out the door.

Brick was confused and speculated about when Jason had begun to use old ladies for leverage. "Sometimes bad things happen to bad people," Jason replied. Jason thought that Cyrus' message had been clear, but he wouldn't do anything. He believed that if Cyrus got what he wanted, he would only take more, and Jason wouldn't allow that to happen.

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