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Monday, June 23, 2014

Lulu wondered how Maxie's hearing had gone. Maxie sadly shook her head and said, "I lost her. I lost Georgie again." Maxie explained how she'd thrown out the notice for the first hearing, but Nathan had lied to help her get a new one. She continued that the judge had been suspicious of Nathan, but Maxie had saved Nathan from lying under oath by telling the truth. The judge had concluded that Maxie hadn't changed.

As Maxie and Lulu speculated about how the judge had figured out that Nathan had lied, Rocco let out a cry. Lulu took him out of his crib and asked Maxie if she wanted to hold Rocco. Maxie wanted to but wondered if Lulu trusted her. Lulu assured Maxie that Lulu wasn't worried and handed Rocco to her. Lulu wondered why Maxie had skipped her first hearing.

Maxie answered that Levi had convinced her that losing Georgie had been the way it was supposed to have turned out. However, she added that Nathan had helped her see that she had just been afraid. She related that she'd liked Nathan when she'd first met him, but they'd clashed when Maxie had returned from her trip. She wished that Nathan and Levi got along better.

Lulu was curious as to why Nathan and Levi were always "at each other's throats." Maxie assumed it was because the two men were so different. She was happy that Levi had stuck up for Nathan at the hearing. She wished that she were holding Georgie. Lulu promised that Maxie would be holding Georgie someday, but Maxie wasn't sure about that. "You will," Lulu told her.

At the courthouse, Nathan blamed the outcome of the hearing on Levi, but Levi reminded Nathan that Nathan had been the one to lie to the judge. "And you told him about it," Nathan accused. Nathan recounted that only he, Maxie, Diane, and Levi had known about Nathan's lie, and he suggested that Levi had put in an anonymous call to the judge.

Levi reminded Nathan of Levi's interruption that had distracted the judge from forcing Nathan to lie on the stand. Nathan remembered the "big, grand gesture." He told Levi to "be a man and admit it." Levi answered that, even if he had tipped the judge off, there would be no way to prove it. Nathan shot back that only the guilty ones talked about proof. Levi excused himself to go comfort his girlfriend.

A frustrated Nina got out of her wheelchair and pushed it over. She grabbed the glass plaque off the bookshelf. As she held it, she flashed back to how she'd broken into Silas' apartment and trashed it. Rosalie entered the apartment and proclaimed it a miracle that Nina was out of her chair. "We're the only ones here," Nina muttered. Rosalie warned Nina to be careful the next time she felt like getting up. Silas could have seen her standing, and then it would have been "game over."

Nina told Rosalie that Silas was on a date with "his whore." She remembered finding out that Sam and Silas were together after seeing them together at Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. She couldn't believe that Silas thought that Madeline had been the one to trash his apartment. "He doesn't know who his true enemy really is," Nina stated ominously.

Rosalie advised Nina to get back in the wheelchair, but she danced around and jumped on the couch instead. She yelled about how she'd had to fight her entire family for Silas, and she'd supported him through medical school. She told Rosalie how she'd planted the seeds of doubt into Silas' head after noticing that Sam still wore her wedding ring. She vowed to put an end to the relationship.

Nina regretted that she had to act so supportive and loving even after Silas had "left me to rot for two decades." She vowed to get payback on everyone "who screwed me over." She ordered Rosalie to get her a pen and paper so she could make a list of everyone she needed to pay back. First on the list was Madeline, "for killing my unborn child" and for causing Nina's current situation. After Madeline were Silas, Sam, and "that slut Ava Jerome."

Nina thought back to the day Madeline had shown Nina the pictures of Silas and Ava together. She'd wanted to get revenge on Ava, but Madeline had gotten to Nina before that could have happened. She added Kiki to her hit list. Rosalie wondered what Kiki had done to Nina. "She was born," Nina replied. She was angry that Kiki was out there, walking around, while Nina's baby wasn't. Rosalie protested, but Nina told her to stop or else Rosalie would be on the list as well.

Nina reviewed the list. She knew that Madeline was in jail, which was all right "for now." She pondered what to do to Silas and decided to "take away Sam." "When, where, and how?" Rosalie asked, on board with Nina's plan. "Now," Nina said, and she asked for the phone.

Ava was surprised to find Carly sitting on the couch in Sonny's house. Carly wanted to "keep an eye" on Ava. To quote Ava's words to A.J., Carly told Ava that, "Your death has been in the cards for quite some time now." Carly remembered that Ava had threatened to kill her as well, and she wondered how that was going. "Much better now that I have you in my grasp," Ava said, picking up a letter opener.

Carly defiantly told Ava that the death threat wouldn't make her leave. Carly was there to make sure that Ava didn't mess with Sonny. Ava wondered how Franco felt about Carly being there to "protect" Sonny. Carly assured Ava that Carly and Franco were secure in their relationship, but Ava remembered Franco as being "the jealous type." Carly thought that Franco had nothing to be jealous about and added that Sonny wasn't even there. Just then, Sonny entered with a pizza.

Sonny wondered what was going on. Ava said that Carly had made herself Ava's prison matron. Sonny told Ava the pizza was her dinner, so Ava decided to take it up to her room. Carly warned Sonny that Ava was the one enemy that shouldn't be kept closer, but Sonny assured her that he would be fine. He appreciated her support, and she hugged him and left.

A short while later, Ava returned downstairs. She wondered where Sonny's "guard dog" was, and Sonny said that Carly had left. "Lucky her," he added. Ava reached for the wine on the table, but Sonny grabbed her hands. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded to know.

Franco was unpacking some of his boxes when he caught Josslyn sneaking up behind him with a crowbar. He took the crowbar away from her, and she called him a "bad guy." She wondered where Carly was. "Good question," Franco answered. Josslyn accused him of doing something to Carly and told him that she was going to call 9-1-1. He finally told her that Carly was at Sonny's. "She likes him better than you," Josslyn taunted. "I do too," she added.

Josslyn wanted to call Carly to return and get her, but Franco stopped her. He grabbed the phone out of Josslyn's hand to call someone "who knows how to handle you." "Help!" he yelled into the phone. He tried to amuse her for a few minutes and was relieved when the doorbell finally rang. "What took you so long?" he asked Kiki. "Please save me," he pleaded.

"Kiki!" Josslyn yelled happily when Kiki entered. Kiki handed a sticker book from the movie Frozen to Josslyn, who began to happily play by herself. Kiki asked Franco where Carly was. He explained about Carly running over to Sonny's, and the two speculated on why Ava had moved in. Kiki knew it wasn't for protection from Julian or romantic reasons. She got the sense that Franco knew the reason, but he claimed ignorance.

Franco admitted to Kiki that Morgan thought Franco had a reason to be jealous about Carly and Sonny. Morgan had said that Sonny would always be Carly's number one, which bothered Franco. Kiki assured him that he had nothing to worry about. "I hope you're right," he said.

A short while later, Kiki was gone, and Carly returned home. Carly saw the sticker book and asked Josslyn if Franco had gotten it for her. "Kiki did. She's thoughtful," Josslyn replied. As Carly tried to shuffle Josslyn upstairs to bed, Franco wondered if Carly had been at Sonny's that whole time. "What took so long?" he inquired. "He needed me," she answered, and she went upstairs with Josslyn.

Silas spread a blanket on the ground in the park and mentioned that the blanket was what he'd needed to go back to his car for. "I thought you were checking on Nina," Sam admitted. Silas told her that Nina had a nurse, and the night was all about Sam. They sat down on the blanket. Silas admitted that he hadn't been able to get a reservation at the nicest local restaurant like he'd wanted, but he'd found out that they did takeout. Just then, a bike pulled up with bags of food in the basket.

Silas set up the food as Sam expressed her disbelief that the restaurant delivered. "Or do they?" she asked. "I have my ways," he said mysteriously. They toasted to each other and shared a kiss. A few minutes later, Silas poured more wine, glancing at Sam's wedding ring. She noticed his stare and asked about it. He admitted that Nina had asked Silas if Sam wearing her wedding ring bothered Silas.

"Does it?" Sam asked. Silas told her that it hadn't bothered him, but he'd thought that "when we admitted how we really felt, maybe..." he trailed off. He regrouped his thoughts and told Sam that the night was about creating new memories. "No ghosts, just a fresh start," he said. She asked again if wearing her wedding ring bothered him. "No. Maybe. A little," he confessed. "Why don't I just take it off?" she suggested.

Silas told Sam that she didn't have to take the ring off if she wasn't ready. She explained that it was her way of holding on to Jason and their life together. She vowed never to forget her past and knew that she would always love Jason, "but you are my future," she revealed. She took the ring off. He told her that she didn't have to do that, but she insisted that she wanted to.

Just as Sam and Silas shared a kiss, his phone rang. He needed to check it, since he was on call at the hospital. From the look on his face, Sam knew that it was Nina calling. Silas answered and asked if everything was all right. On the other end of the phone, Nina acted distressed and told him that she'd fallen and couldn't get up.