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Monday, January 13, 2014

Nathan and Dante were discussing Nathan's 20-year-old cold case when Silas rushed in and angrily confronted Nathan about his visit to Sam. Dante calmed Silas down and then said that Silas could either answer Nathan's questions or spend time in a jail cell for assaulting a police officer. Silas chose to answer questions, and Nathan agreed to leave Sam alone. Nathan thanked Dante for having his back.

Once in the interrogation room, Nathan asked Silas what he had done the day Silas' wife, Nina, had overdosed. Silas said that he had gone to the hospital at 7:00 A.M. and had found his wife unconscious at 8:00 P.M. Nathan noted that Nina had died of an overdose of antidepressants. Nathan asked Silas if Nina had known about the affair that Silas had been having with Ava Jerome, an affair that Silas had denied at the time.

Silas said that he had not told about the affair because he had not thought that it was relevant and he had not thought that Nina had known about the affair. Nathan said it was very relevant and showed Silas a prescription for the liquid form of the antidepressant, instead of the pill form, which was what Nina had used. When Nathan pointed out that Silas had written the prescription, Silas said that he had not written the prescription and he had never seen that form before.

Nathan accused Silas of trying to kill Nina so that Silas could run away with Ava. Silas appeared relieved and asked Nathan it that was the best he had. Then Silas asked if he was under arrest. When Nathan said, "No," Silas said that he was leaving and that the next time Nathan wanted to waste Silas' time, Nathan should call Silas' lawyer first. Nathan called out, "Miller with two "L's." Silas responded in the affirmative as he left the room.

As Nathan interrogated Silas, Michael approached Dante for help finding Carly. After Michael revealed his fears about Franco, Dante agreed to aid Michael in his search for Michael's missing mother.

Alexis made a visit to Sam, who told her mother all the gory details about the predicament that Silas was in and how Sam had found out that Silas was married and his wife had been in a coma for 20 years after an overdose. Alexis worried that Sam would get hurt, but Sam assured Alexis that Silas was a good man and that Sam trusted Silas, though it did bother her that Silas had not told her about Nina before Nathan had knocked on her door.

Before Alexis could say more, she got a call and had to leave for court. Silas arrived after that and told Sam that the police had shown him evidence that proved that Nina had not taken an overdose. Silas said that someone had forged his signature on a prescription that made it appear that Silas had injected his wife with an overdose. When Silas tried to figure out who might have done such a thing, Sam suggested that it might have been Ava.

At Sabrina's apartment, Carlos was trying to persuade Sabrina to marry him and raise her child as theirs in Puerto Rico when Patrick started pounding on the door. Sabrina sent Carlos to another room and opened the door to Patrick, who got straight to the point and asked if Felix was correct and Sabrina was pregnant. Sabrina hesitated but admitted it as Carlos listened. Patrick asked if Sabrina had known the night he told her that he was reconciling with Robin, but Sabrina said that she had not known at that time.

Patrick sat by Sabrina and told her that he would support whatever she wanted to do. Before Sabrina could say anything, Carlos burst into he room and told Patrick that the baby was his and had been conceived the night that Robin had returned. Carlos said that Sabrina had turned to him. He said that they had gotten drunk and had had unprotected sex. Patrick turned to Sabrina and asked if Carlos was telling the truth.

Kiki confronted Ava outside Ava's room and demanded to know what Ava had done to Carly. Ava asked if Kiki honestly believed that Ava had had anything to do with Carly's disappearance. Kiki said that Franco had overheard Ava's threats to Carly. Ava was hurt that Kiki would believe Franco before Kiki believed Ava. Kiki said that Franco had always told Kiki the truth, and Ava had always lied. Kiki said that she did not believe anything that Ava said as Kiki walked away from a very hurt Ava.

In the Quartermaine boathouse, Heather raised a large knife as if to stab Carly, but Carly stopped her and said that she had last words. Carly started screaming as soon as Heather removed the gag, but Heather just laughed. Carly then tried to convince Heather that Carly and Heather were two of a kind because they were both mothers who loved their two sons. Heather agreed that they both had sons who had gone to prison for murder.

Heather started ranting that her sons did not appreciate her because Steve had turned his back on her, and Franco had stabbed her and buried her alive, which was why Heather had to do what she had to do. Heather raised the knife, and Carly screamed. Heather exited the boathouse in her disguise. She held the bloodied knife and mumbled that she had to get rid of the evidence.

Franco found the fake letter from Carly that Heather had planted in his room. Franco was distraught as he read the letter, which said that talking to Sonny had convinced Carly that she would lose Michael if she stayed with Franco. Carly said that she was unwilling to risk her family relationships for Franco. The letter continued that Carly was sorry, but she could not be sure that Franco was not a dangerous psychopath, so she had chosen to write the letter and get out of town for a few days.

Franco was devastated when Kiki knocked on the door. Kiki told him about her encounter with Ava. Franco showed Kiki the letter. Kiki said that she was sorry. Franco blustered that Carly had not written the letter. He said it was Carly's signature, but that she had to have been forced to sign the letter, otherwise, Carly had done a 180-degree turn since he had seen her at lunch the previous day.

Kiki sympathized, and Franco wondered why she was so nice when everyone else thought he was crazy. Kiki said that Ava had lied to both of them, and they had bonded when Kiki had thought that Franco was her father. Kiki said that she had not stopped caring because they were not related. Franco was touched. He was tearful as he explained his need to find Carly. When Franco said that he did not know where to start looking, Kiki said that she would help.

Morgan confronted Julian in the Metro Court parking lot and demanded to know what Julian had done with Carly. Julian said that he had no reason to hurt Carly because Morgan had complied with Julian's demands. Morgan told Julian that he had successfully fooled Sonny, but he had been forced to hurt Ava to do it because Ava had sought him out, and Sonny had found them together.

Dante and Michael walked up and wanted to know what was going on. Julian and Morgan exchanged hostile words, and Julian went inside. When Michael asked why Morgan had been talking to Julian, Morgan said that he had thought that he had been questioning Julian about Carly, but he was convinced that Julian was not responsible for her disappearance.

Heather pulled into the parking lot in Carly's car. She got out and left the door ajar. She arranged evidence and then hid behind the car when she heard Dante, Michael, and Morgan talking. Heather was almost caught when Morgan noticed the car, but she evaded detection and got away. Morgan noticed the open door, and Dante found the bloody knife. Michael popped the trunk, and all three stared at the contents.

Ava waited outside Julian's suite and recalled Morgan's hurtful, verbal setdown to her in front of Sonny. Julian arrived, and when Ava snapped at him, he asked what had her panties in a bunch. Ava said that she was not happy about Julian's manipulation of Morgan.

Julian said that he had talked to Morgan, and Julian knew what had happened at Sonny's place. Julian also told Ava that Carly was missing. Ava said that Kiki had questioned her. Each asked if the other was responsible. When they both denied involvement, Julian and Ava began speculating about exactly who was responsible if it was not either of them.