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Monday, October 21, 2013

Anna and Robert arrived on Cassadine Island and found Dr. Obrecht, who was unconscious. Robert woke her. When Anna tried to find out about Robin, Dr Obrecht denied that Robin was alive and instead ranted about Faison's rejection and about how Faison had refused to make love to Dr. Obrecht unless she wore the Anna mask.

Anna used Dr. Obrecht's hurt to her advantage as she stoked Dr. Obrecht's desire for revenge against Faison. She also encouraged Dr. Obrecht's love for her daughter, Britt, and used it to find out where Dr. Obrecht had hidden baby Ben. Dr. Obrecht relented and sent Anna and Robert to the lab, but not before Robert knocked Dr. Obrecht out again.

Both Robin and Nikolas were stunned speechless when Nikolas opened the lab door. Robin quickly told Nikolas how Jerry Jacks had faked her death. Nikolas told Robin that Patrick had not sent him, but he was there to locate Britt's baby, Ben. He also told Robin that Ben was not Patrick's son and that Britt had lied about the baby's paternity. Nikolas wanted to leave Robin in the lab for her own safety, but she refused to be shut up there again and insisted on going with him.

Britt found Faison and demanded her son back. Faison said that he was leaving with his grandson and heir. Britt told Faison that she loved Ben and wanted him back. Faison replied that he was not surrendering his own flesh and blood. Britt retorted that Ben was not Faison's flesh and blood. Faison accused Britt of being a bastard. Britt said that she was not a bastard but that she was not Ben's biological mother.

Faison did not believe Britt. Britt told him to get confirmation from Dr. Obrecht. Faison demanded that Britt leave. They struggled, and Faison pushed Britt away and attempted to leave the room.

Sabrina was stunned by Patrick's marriage proposal. Patrick said that he was clumsy but sincere. Sabrina wondered what had changed in the few hours since Patrick had been convinced that he had received a phone call from Robin. Patrick said that he had spoken with Elizabeth, who had shared what had happened to her after Jake's death. Elizabeth had told of how she had kept seeing her son and had wanted him to be alive, even though she had known that he was dead.

Patrick said that he had suddenly realized that he had been doing the same thing. Patrick added that even though he had received a phone call, there had to be some other explanation than that Robin was alive. Sabrina admitted that she had gone to Carlos and accused him of making a prank call, but he had denied it. She was unsure if Carlos had been telling the truth.

Sabrina wondered if Carlos was the reason that Patrick was proposing. Sabrina told Patrick that he could take the proposal back if he wanted to. Patrick said absolutely not. Patrick added that he had been wallowing in grief and had not known how he could make it another day when Sabrina had entered his life and had brightened it.

Patrick told Sabrina that she had made Patrick and Emma smile and had made him realize that he could have a life without Robin. Patrick got on his knees and told Sabrina that he loved her and wanted a family with Sabrina and Emma. Sabrina was crying as Patrick proposed again, and she accepted.

Robert and Anna got to the lab, but Robin was not there. They were disappointed until Anna found a photo of Patrick and Emma on Robin's laptop computer. Nikolas and Robin found Dr. Obrecht, who was still unconscious. Nikolas gave Robin a gun as he went hunting for Faison. Robin told Dr. Obrecht that she had won and was finally going home. Nikolas found Faison and Britt, who were struggling. Nikolas pointed his gun and demanded that Faison let Britt go.

Alexis ran into Lulu, with baby Connie, at General Hospital. Alexis told Lulu that her chances for keeping custody were not very good because family courts almost always sided with the biological parents, and despite Maxie's lies, the contract that Maxie had signed with Lulu and Dante had become null and void when Maxie had miscarried their child.

Lulu said that there had to be some way to keep Connie, other than taking the baby and running away. Alexis replied that there was a slim chance that they could prove that Maxie was an unfit mother who would harm Connie. Lulu agreed that Maxie was unfit. Lulu said that she knew all of Maxie's secrets, knew every lie that Maxie had ever told, and was willing to have everything that Maxie had ever done wrong be revealed.

Alexis urge Lulu to go home and talk to Dante before making a decision because they would be in for a long, difficult, expensive battle. Lulu said she did not have to think about it and told Alexis to file the paperwork to get the process started.

Maxie, Spinelli, and Diane had a similar conversation, except Diane told them that they had a very good chance of getting their child back, but not before telling Maxie that Diane did not approve of Maxie's lies to Spinelli. Maxie agreed that she had been delusional to think that she could give away her baby, and since the truth was out, Maxie wanted her baby. Spinelli agreed.

Diane told them that there were a couple of things that they could do. First, Diane said, the law was on their side, and they could report Dante and Lulu as kidnappers, but neither Maxie nor Spinelli wanted to do that. The second option was to file a custody petition in family court, which in all likelihood would be granted.

Diane warned that in a perfect world, custody would be easily granted, but it was not a perfect world. Diane told Spinelli and Maxie that Alexis was a good lawyer, so they could expect a fight that would be neither pretty nor simple. Maxie told Diane to file the paperwork and do what it took to get her child back.