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Monday, October 14, 2013

On Cassadine Island, Tracy got the drop on Jerry and forced him to give her the vial containing the antidote. Jerry quipped that Tracy would not kill him in cold blood, but both Tracy and Luke assured Jerry that Tracy would shoot him because Tracy held Jerry responsible for both Alan and Edward's deaths.

Tracy ordered Jerry to fill the syringe. Luke held the gun on Jerry while Tracy injected Luke with the cure. Tracy took the gun back, and then shot Jerry in the shoulder when he lunged for Luke. Despite threats from Jerry that the guards would kill Tracy and Luke before they could get away, Luke and Tracy locked Jerry in the bedroom where Luke had been held, and they took off.

In the lab, Robin found Jerry's cell phone and called Patrick. Static marred the connection, and Patrick was only able to understand Robin's name before the connection was lost and Jerry's phone battery died. Robin got a thirty-second recharge using a baby blanket to create static electricity, a trick she had learned from Maxie.

As Robin assured the baby that Patrick would soon find them and tried to call Patrick again, Jerry burst into the lab and said that the cure had been stolen from him. He ordered Robin to make another dose. When Robin demanded to be let go, Jerry said that their deal still stood. He would let Robin go when she completed the cure, and if Jerry died, Robin died.

In his office at General Hospital, Patrick could not believe his ears when he received a garbled call from Robin. When the connection was lost, Patrick tried unsuccessfully to get it back. Outside, Sabrina and Felix discussed Carlos and his attempts to derail the romance between Patrick and Sabrina. Felix encouraged Sabrina to look at Patrick's actions in a positive light, but Sabrina feared that every time Patrick took one step forward, he took one step back.

Sabrina perked up when Felix suggested that Puerto Rico would be the perfect place for Sabina and Patrick to have an adventure and start new memories together. Sabrina's joy was short-lived, when an obviously distraught Patrick burst out of his office and told her that he had just had a call from Robin and had to tell Anna. Sabrina tried to convince Patrick that it was his imagination playing tricks, but Patrick insisted that he had heard Robin's voice as Sabrina held him and comforted him.

At the Swiss prison, Dr. Obrecht, wearing an Anna mask, left Faison's cell, and Anna and a prison guard confronted her. Both Anna and Dr. Obrecht pulled guns and insisted that they were the real Anna Devane. Anna was stunned, as was the prison guard who ordered both women to put down their guns. Both women appeared to comply, but when Anna let go of her gun, Dr. Obrecht shot the prison guard. Dr. Obrecht missed Anna, who ducked, and after a physical fight, Anna clocked Dr. Obrecht and removed her mask.

Faison left his cell and complimented Anna on getting the best of Dr. Obrecht. Anna begged Faison to tell her if Robin was alive. Faison finally admitted that he had taken Robin as part of his plot to return her in his guise as Duke so that Anna would finally love Faison. Anna begged Faison to tell her where Robin was being held. He was about to relent when Dr. Obrecht recovered and knocked Anna out.

Faison stopped Dr. Obrecht from killing Anna. Faison wanted to stay with Anna, but Dr. Obrecht pointed out that Faison finally had the heir he wanted and that the future was with Dr. Obrecht and his grandson, not with Anna. When a guard eventually revived Anna, Faison and Dr. Obrecht had escaped.

On Spoon Island, Britt told Nikolas the horrible truth, that she was Faison's daughter. Britt believed that her mother's plan was to reunite Britt, Ben, Faison, and Dr. Obrecht into one big happy family. Nikolas thought that the idea was farfetched, but Brita said that no plan was too demented for her mother, who was obsessed by Faison and would do anything to gain his attention.

Nikolas assured Britt that he would call friends and have them check on Faison at the prison. When he asked Britt why she had not told anyone that Faison was her father, Britt said that she was ashamed. She explained that Faison did not care about Britt because she was a girl. She added that her mother's plan to ensnare Patrick had been based on the same plot that Dr. Obrecht had used with Faison, with a similar spectacular failure.

Nikolas told Britt about his crazy family, though Britt noted that Nikolas had had one sane parent and she had had none. Britt apologized to Nikolas for lying to him about Faison and for letting her problems spill onto him. Nikolas, ever the gentleman, told Britt that who her parents were did not matter to him. Britt said that she felt tainted, but Nikolas said that she was an amazing doctor with a wry sense of humor.

Britt and Nikolas hugged when he convinced her that he would find Ben. Nikolas made another phone call to his friend, who said that he had not been able to reach the prison but would keep trying. As Nikolas and Britt watched Dr. Obrecht's video again, Nikolas noticed that a painting on the wall looked exactly like one on Cassadine Island.