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Monday, September 16, 2013

At the Metro Court, Carly told one of her employees to comp Franco's suite and then daydreamed about the birthday cake she had given Franco earlier. Felix interrupted her reverie. He told Carly about his dismal blind date, and she sympathized. Felix asked Carly if, since having hate sex with A.J., she had found a new love interest that was not a murderer. When Carly got defensive, Felix homed in and forced Carly to tell him that while Carly was not interested in Franco, Franco was interested in her.

Felix had no kind words for Franco, whom he called "Mr. Serial Killer." Felix insisted that Carly not buy into Franco's explanation that "the tumor made me do it." Carly defended Franco, but Felix was insistent that Carly quash Franco's interest in her immediately.

Franco opened his door and was surprised to see Heather Webber. Heather said that she was there to give Franco a birthday gift and help him celebrate his birthday. Franco worried that Heather had escaped and that he would be arrested for harboring a fugitive. Heather said that her escape would not be detected because she had devised an elaborate system for entering and leaving the institution.

Heather offered Franco a cardboard tube with a bow on it. When Franco opened the gift, he found a rolled canvas that unfurled to reveal a canvas painted with vertical stripes about one inch wide and about one inch in between. Franco was not sure what to make of it. Heather took the canvas from Franco, turned it so that the stripes were horizontal and returned it to Franco as though she expected him to understand the difference. Franco said, "Thank you," and tried to send Heather away.

Heather refused to go until she got what was "rightfully hers." When Franco asked what that was, Heather said that Silas Clay had promised her a visit with Franco and a BLT from Kelly's every week if she would submit a swab for Danny. Heather said that she had kept her part of the bargain, but Silas had not. Heather added that she was not happy that her first sight on returning to Port Charles had been Silas and Sam canoodling.

Franco offered to order a BLT from room service, but Heather said that he was breaking her heart. Heather added that "brain tumor Franco" would have understood why the BLT had to be from Kelly's. Franco tried to eject Heather, but she threatened to call 9-1-1 and report that Franco had helped her escape if he did not get a BLT for her. Franco blustered and told Heather that she did not know whom she was dealing with. Heather started dialing her phone and told Franco that he did not know whom he was dealing with either.

At Sonny's home, Ava said that she would tell the cops about her encounter with A.J. at the Floating Rib if Sonny would help her throw a party for Morgan and Kiki. Sonny was distraught and said that he had not even buried Connie. Ava said that she would make all the arrangements, and all Sonny had to do was to show up. Ava reminded Sonny that Morgan and Kiki loved each other and deserved to have that love celebrated by their family. Ava told Sonny that she knew it was a lot to ask, but she emphasized how much his leadership would mean.

Ava gently touched Sonny's arm and said that if Sonny showed up at the party, it would help everyone focus on what was good in their lives. Ava suggested that a party would be a way to honor Sonny and Ava's children and might also honor Connie. Ava added that Connie might agree with her. Sonny went off on that and told Ava that Ava knew nothing about Connie and knew nothing about losing someone dear. Ava backed off immediately.

Ava told Sonny that he was right, that Ava had not known Connie, but Ava said that she did know what it meant to lose someone. As Ava described her loss, she checked out Sonny's bipolar medication. As Sonny listened to Ava describe the "dark place" she had been in, it was obvious that Sonny was relating to her description.

Sonny became defensive when Ava questioned him about his medications. Sonny accepted Ava's simplified explanation that the medication kept him on an even keel so that he did not experience peak highs and depressing lows. Ava said that she had been offered the medication once, but she had preferred to experience the pain, because she had caused the loss, and going to the "dark place" was her penance.

Ava said that she did not know what was worse, feeling too much or feeling nothing at all. Again it was apparent that Sonny was listening to Ava. Ava was the soul of courtesy and good manners as she offered Sonny her condolences and apologized for overstepping. Sonny relaxed and told Ava that her intentions had been good. Ava replied that she would not judge him about the meds, and whether or not Sonny took them was up to Sonny.

Ava got a text message and told Sonny that she had to go. Sonny stopped Ava and said that Morgan spoke highly of her. Sonny added that Morgan loved Kiki, so he would attend the party that Ava wanted to plan. Ava told Sonny that he would not regret it.

At General Hospital, Sam and Alexis waited anxiously to hear how Danny's tests turned out. Silas said that there were no signs of infection, but that there were signs of graft versus host disease (GVHD). Sam was distraught, but Silas explained that, although GVHD was usually bad a thing, in Danny's case it was a good thing because it meant that the bone marrow donation was taking hold. He said that the disease would go away very soon. Sam and Alexis hugged and cried. Alexis left to tell Derek.

Sam asked when Danny could go home. Silas said that Danny needed to stay at GH in a sterile environment for a little while longer but that the worst was behind him. Silas told Sam to go celebrate. Sam called Molly, but the call went to voicemail. Before Sam could call Rafe, Silas said that he wanted to talk about them. Silas said that although Sam and Silas had not hit it off when they had first met, they had become friends as they had cared for Danny. Silas said that since everything was settling down, he wanted to ask Sam out to dinner.

Sam asked if Silas was asking her out on an old-school date. Silas said he understood that it was like riding a bicycle. Sam laughed that she was a motorcycle girl. Silas replied that they could just call it dinner for two. Sam gave Silas a smiling "yes."

Elsewhere in GH, after learning that his henchman, Vince, had been captured by Sonny's mob, Derek told someone on the phone that he could not afford to be exposed. Derek ran into Anna and Duke as he said it. Derek covered nicely by introducing himself and explaining that he had been talking abut crossing the crime scene tape to get into his office.

Anna said no harm had been done and let him off easily when she and Duke learned that Derek had been Danny's bone marrow donor. Duke took Derek aside and asked if he could submit a résumé to Derek. Derek seemed intrigued. Derek told Duke that Derek's organization could use a man like Duke.

Shawn and Max held Vince hostage in Kelly's kitchen. Vince resisted all threats until Shawn recalled some of his war experiences and heated up the deep fat fryer. Vince cracked as Shawn forced Vince's hand near the hot grease. Loud pounding on the door interrupted Shawn and Max. Max kept Vince quiet while Shawn answered the door to a very determined Franco. Shawn gave in to Franco's demands for a BLT. Shawn hastily dumped the BLT that he had prepared for Max earlier into a takeout box, gave it to Franco, and sent Franco on his way.

As soon as Vince revealed his boss's name, Max told Vince that he was free to go. Vince was amazed. Max told Vince to take the next ferry to Toronto because once Vince's boss found out that Vince had squealed, Vince would be killed.

Alexis located Derek and told him that Danny's transplant had worked. Alexis hugged Derek and thanked him for saving Danny's life. Derek got a text that Vince had been grabbed near the pier and told Alexis that he had to go. Derek asked Alexis to give Derek's best to Sam and Danny.

Anna asked Duke what he knew about Derek except that he had saved Danny. Anna said that men like Derek did not amass power without being ruthless. Duke said that he was ruthless, too. Alexis went to Sam and told her that Derek had been called away on business.

Felix dragged Carly to the room of "the artist known as psycho" and pounded on the door. Carly wanted to wait to tell Franco that she did not want a relationship with him, but Felix was determined, especially when they heard a lamp crash to the floor after Heather accidentally knocked it over. Felix pounded on the door and yelled that Carly had something to say.

Felix was encouraging Carly to use her master key, and Heather was poised behind the door, ready to strike with a knife, when Franco arrived in the hallway with the BLT.

Vince missed the shuttle, and Derek caught up with him. Ava also arrived at the pier and wanted to know what was so important. Derek told her that Vince, who had been captured, had obviously talked because Derek had caught him trying to run. Derek demanded to know what Vince had said.

Vince was servile as he told Ava and Derek that all Sonny's gang had wanted was the name of Vince's boss. Vince said that he had not revealed what Derek was planning. Derek said, "Thank goodness for small miracles." He told Ava about his encounter with Duke and Anna. Derek's new face had concealed him. Duke and Anna had not recognized Julian Jerome because the world thought he was dead. Derek turned to Vince and said that was something that Vince and Julian had in common. Ava watched as Julian shot Vince.

Shawn went to Sonny and told Sonny that the name of Vince's boss was Julian Jerome.