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Monday, September 9, 2013

At General Hospital, Dante was in a rush to see Lulu and his new daughter, but Brad said that he needed a word. Dante was impatient to be on his way after he found out that Brad could provide no new information about Britt's mother, the evil Dr. Leisl Westbourne, a.k.a. Dr. Obrecht. Brad hemmed and hawed and finally said that Patrick had punched Brad after finding out that Patrick was not the father of Britt's baby.

Michael and Morgan returned to Sonny's home and found Kiki, who was still stunned by Olivia's odd behavior. Kiki explained that she had returned from the kitchen and Olivia had accused Kiki of wearing Connie's dress. Olivia had then said that she knew where Sonny was and had frantically rushed out of the house. Michael explained that Olivia had been having psychic visions ever since Heather Webber had injected Olivia with a massive dose of LSD.

Michael asked Kiki a few more questions and realized that Olivia had seen Kiki in Connie's wedding dress. Michael concluded that Sonny had gone to the Haunted Star. Michael called Dante to tell him that Sonny was on the Haunted Star. Dante brushed Brad off and told him to file his report at the police station. Morgan asked Kiki to wait at Sonny's home, and she agreed. They exchanged the words, "I love you," as Michael waited near the door. The brothers left together.

Elsewhere in GH, Maxie and Spinelli looked on as Lulu continued to bond with the child she believed to be hers and Dante's, who was actually the biological child of Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli agreed that they had to have difficult conversations with both Ellie and Lulu. As Spinelli went off to find Ellie, Maxie opened the door to the nursery and heard Lulu reassuring her child.

When Lulu looked up and saw Maxie, Lulu told Maxie not to get closer, Maxie said that she would wait outside but that she had to speak with Lulu. Lulu followed Maxie to the hall. Lulu implored Maxie not to make Lulu call security. Maxie told Lulu that she could stop worrying because Maxie no longer had the delusion that Lulu's baby belonged to Maxie.

Maxie said that the meds and the surgery had messed her up and since the meds were out of her system, she was back to reality. Lulu pointed out that Maxie had been getting possessive of the baby before it was born. Maxie said that she was handling that. Maxie said that Mac had made an appointment for Maxie with Kevin Collins and that surprisingly, what Maxie was experiencing was within the range of normal for surrogates.

Maxie said that she was very sorry for scaring Lulu and begged Lulu's forgiveness. Lulu said that she was also sorry. They both agreed that their friendship with each other was very important. Maxie said that she did not regret carrying a baby for Lulu and that Maxie knew that the baby belonged Lulu. Maxie told Lulu that being a surrogate had helped her focus and put her attention somewhere other than on her painful breakup with Spinelli.

Maxie insisted that she loved Lulu and would do anything for her. Lulu reciprocated Maxie's feelings. She brushed a tear from her eye and told Maxie to get better so that Lulu's little girl could love Maxie as much as Lulu did. Maxie and Lulu discussed Connie's shocking demise and Dante's search for Sonny.

Lulu retrieved a present that she had been saving for Maxie. Before Maxie could open it, the baby started crying. Maxie insisted that present opening wait while Lulu tended to the baby. Maxie watched with longing as Lulu picked up her baby. Lulu told the child that a large weight had been lifted from her heart because Maxie had finally realized that the baby belonged to Lulu and Dante.

Spinelli found Ellie in the lab, shortly after a court bailiff had returned Franco's brain tumor to the lab. Spinelli told Ellie that after observing Dante and Lulu with his child, Spinelli had not had the heart to tell them that the child they were bonding with was not theirs.

Spinelli said that he was in agreement with Maxie that it would be unbelievably cruel to tell the truth since Lulu and Dante had bonded with the baby. Spinelli asked for Ellie's agreement to keep silent. She asked Spinelli if he was sure that he wanted to give up his child to Dante and Lulu. Spinelli said that the choice was either to break his heart or his friends' hearts. Spinelli blamed his choice on Ellie for not telling the truth much sooner. Ellie agreed to keep silent.

As Spinelli was about to leave the lab, Ellie suggested that it was a good time for Spinelli to get his things from her apartment. Spinelli seemed confused, as Ellie explained that since Spinelli had been so cold, brusque, and distant, she had assumed that they were over. Spinelli said that he really had not been thinking about their relationship at all and needed some time.

Ellie took that as encouraging and told Spinelli that she loved him. Spinelli admitted that he also loved Ellie, but at the same time, he was furious with her and did not know which emotion would win out. Spinelli suggested that instead of breaking up, they take a break while he sorted out his feelings. Ellie said it was more than she had expected. Spinelli left the lab after telling Ellie that he would see her around.

Spinelli and Maxie met in the lobby near the stairs leading to the mezzanine. Maxie said that she had done her part and admitted to Lulu that Maxie's attachment to the baby had been wrong and that the baby was Lulu's not Maxie's. Spinelli said that he had secured Ellie's agreement to keep the secret that Dante and Lulu's baby really belonged to Spinelli and Maxie. As Spinelli told Maxie that no one would ever know, Brad stood above them on the stairs, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Nikolas burst through the doors of his castle and found Britt in labor and Sabrina trying to help. Nikolas sent for the launch, but Britt's labor pains were close and the baby's birth was imminent. Britt screamed that she did not want Sabrina's help because Sabrina might use it as an opportunity for payback. Sabrina said that that was Britt's style, not Sabrina's, and then cited some of Britt's mean-spirited acts.

Britt called Sabrina "a phony little twit who stole Patrick from me," but eventually, Nikolas and Sabrina convinced Britt that Sabrina was up to the task. After a short labor, Britt's baby was born. Sabrina handed Britt her baby. Britt was surprisingly tender. Nikolas told Sabrina that she had been amazing. Sabrina said that Britt had done all the work. Suddenly Britt shouted that something was wrong with her baby.

Olivia reached Sonny on the Haunted Star just as Sonny was about to pull the trigger. Sonny told Olivia to leave, but she refused. Olivia told Sonny to put the gun down. Sonny said that he could not do that because A.J. was still alive. Sonny said that he had spared A.J. for Michael's sake, but he had to end his own life. Olivia said that Michael would not want Sonny to spare A.J. and then take his own life.

Sonny was grief-stricken as he told Olivia about Connie appearing to him in her wedding dress and about their imaginary marriage before Connie had faded away after saying that she would love him forever. Sonny insisted that he had to be with Connie. Olivia said that Sonny was being selfish. Olivia said that lots of people needed Sonny. Olivia said that she needed Sonny to help her mourn for Connie and also to remember all the good times with Connie.

Olivia pointed out all the people who would mourn Sonny, but Sonny said that he was a liability. Sonny told Olivia that he had bodyguards, bulletproof windows, and bulletproof vests, but no matter how hard Sonny tried to protect the ones he loved, it was always Sonny's loved ones who got hurt. Sonny said that he was doing his loved ones a favor by ending his life.

Sonny trashed the bottles on the bar and then broke down in tears. Sonny said that it should have been him, not Connie, who was shot. Sonny remembered that he and Connie had been in a good place and that they were finally going to get a life together. Olivia gently reminded Sonny that Connie had known what she was getting into and had chosen to be with Sonny and take the risk.

Sonny was inconsolable as he told Olivia to get out immediately. Olivia refused and said that Sonny would have to shoot himself in front of her. Morgan, Michael, and Dante arrived as Olivia asked if Sonny intended for his sons to watch him pull the trigger also. Sonny told the boys to leave, but they refused. Morgan told Sonny that they could work it out. Dante implored Sonny not to take the coward's way out and to stick around for Dante's daughter's sake, and for Dante's.

Michael told Sonny that Sonny was the heart and soul of their family and that concern for Sonny had caused Morgan and Michael to get over their differences and reunite. Olivia advised Sonny to listen to his sons who were begging Sonny to stay in their lives. Dante told Sonny that all he had to do was trust his sons, and it would all work out. Sonny was convinced and laid down his gun.

Dante picked up Sonny's gun. Michael told Sonny that he had made the right decision. Dante said that they needed to get Sonny home. Olivia and the brothers left the Haunted Star with a subdued, but still grieving, Sonny.