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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tracy and Luke pigged out on junk food from the vending machines as they waited for a doctor to update them on the results of Luke's tests. Luke got impatient, but Tracy told Luke in no uncertain terms that she was not going to let him chicken out. Luke told Tracy that she was making "it" all about her. Tracy told Luke that "it" was all about her. Tracy said that if she were not there with Luke, she could be at home preventing A.J. from getting Kiki and Franco on his side.

The doctor arrived. Tracy wanted to know why they had been kept waiting so long. The doctor replied that Luke had shown no sense of urgency, so the doctor had not thought that Luke would mind waiting. Luke wanted the results and jokingly told the doctor to tell Tracy that Luke's liver was humming along like a finely tuned Maserati. Both Tracy and Luke were speechless when the doctor said that nothing was wrong with Luke's liver.

Luke was ready to leave and said that he had the liver of a Mormon. The doctor stopped them in their tracks as he told Tracy and Luke that something else was wrong. When Luke asked what it was, the doctor said that Luke had a toxic substance in his body that had been introduced somehow because the substance was not naturally occurring. He said he did not know what the substance was or how to stop it from destroying Luke's body.

Luke and Tracy were devastated. As they sat eating the remaining junk food and digesting the glum information, Luke mumbled that nothing was wrong with his liver. Tracy replied that she could not believe what she was saying, but in her heart of hearts, she wished that something had been wrong with Luke's liver because that diagnosis would have been better that the one that Luke had received.

At the police station, Anna and Dante were stunned to find out that while the bullet casing that they had found in the hotel room had matched the gun they had found in the dump, the bullet that had been taken from Olivia did not match either the gun or the casing. They concluded that there had to be a second gun.

Shawn and Carly talked in the interview room. Shawn wanted to confess. Carly cautioned against it, but Shawn said that the guilt over hurting Olivia was tearing him up. Dante and Anna joined them, and Dante immediately demanded to know what Shawn had done with the second gun. Shawn was obviously perplexed and had no knowledge of a second gun. Both Carly and Shawn were very relieved to find out that the bullet taken from Olivia did not match the gun found in the dump or the bullet casing that Shawn had left behind.

Dante questioned Shawn and tried to get him to confess to whatever he had been planning to say earlier. A calm, collected Shawn smoothly said that he was at their disposal and would help in any way that he could. Carly just as smoothly asked if the information about the gun and bullet meant that the police had no evidence that linked either Carly or Shawn to the crime. Anna agreed that it did.

Carly sincerely said that she was truly sorry about Olivia and genuinely hoped that Dante and Anna found the person who had done the deed. Carly told Dante that she was incredibly relieved that Olivia had awakened. As Carly and Shawn walked out of the station, she asked him if he understood what had just happened. Carly said that she was innocent, and so was Shawn. Carly emphasized that the shooter could not have been Shawn.

Shawn realized that someone else had fired at the same moment that he had. He and Carly agreed that ballistics did not lie. Shawn said that he was relieved to know that he had not hurt Olivia. Carly pointed out that Shawn's bullet was still out there. She said that they had to find it before the police did so that the cops would have nothing on them and the other person who wanted Franco dead would be the one who got caught.

As Dante and Anna tried to sort out the case, Dante said that someone else besides Sonny, Carly, and Shawn had taken a shot at Franco. Anna said that the evidence proved that was what had happened, and they had to figure who else wanted Franco dead. Dante was relieved that Sonny, Carly, and Shawn were not responsible. Anna said that Sonny, Shawn, and Carly might be off the hook, but the investigation into Olivia's shooting was far from over.

Morgan was listening at the door of the Quartermaine drawing room as Ava tried to blackmail Franco with her knowledge that Franco had poisoned the relish when the Quartermaines had appeared on The Chew. Franco stopped Ava and opened the door to confront Morgan. Franco accused Morgan of eavesdropping, but Morgan denied hearing anything and said that he just wanted to get his laptop. Franco called Morgan "horny ears" and then sent him on his way.

Ava said that picking on Kiki's boyfriend gave Kiki another reason to dislike Franco. Franco wondered how much Morgan had heard. Ava got back to the point and said that she had thought that Franco was a decent person when they had first met. Franco reminisced about their first meeting, and both had fond memories. When Franco recalled the smile of a food cart vendor, Ava reminded him that in the past, he had said that she had the brightest smile in New York. Franco said that he had not seen that smile recently.

Ava said that there had not been much to smile about lately. Franco asked whose fault that was. He blamed Ava for keeping his daughter away from him. Ava said that Franco had been obsessed, and it had not been an easy choice for her either. Franco said that he could have loved Kiki. Ava replied that Franco could have loved Kiki too much. Franco asked if that was possible, and Ava said, "Yes."

Franco said that since Ava had decided everything about their daughter then Ava should decide what to do about the boyfriend. Ava said that there was nothing to be done. Franco said that Ava blamed everything on him, including Kiki's creepy obsession with Michael. Franco added that he did not care what Ava thought; he only cared about his daughter.

Ava said that she would like to believe Franco when he said that he had reformed, but his actions with the poisoned relish showed that he had not changed at all. Ava told Franco that she had two choices. She could either go to the police and tell them what Franco had done, or she could keep the secret while Franco snatched ELQ out from under A.J.'s nose. Ava said that she just wanted her share.

Franco agreed that he would cut Ava in if she agreed to one condition. Ava replied that she was in control, and Franco was not in a position to bargain. Franco accused Ava of bluffing. Ava said she would wait for A.J. and see what he offered. Franco warned Ava that if he did not get a chance to bond with Kiki then he had nothing to lose. Ava asked what Franco wanted, and Franco told her that he wanted help winning his daughter back.

Ava said that she did not want Kiki to get hurt. Franco said that he would never hurt Kiki and he would not let Kiki get hurt. Franco told Ava that she had been right to keep Kiki away from Franco while she was growing up. Franco shared his vision that he, Ava, and Kiki could be a family again, though Franco noted that it would be a weird, broken family. Franco assured Ava that he wanted to win back his daughter's trust and affection and that he was serious about his intentions. Ava agreed to help Franco with Kiki as long as she got her share of the money.

Ava noted that Franco's plan would not work if he were dead. Franco said that he was not easy to kill. He told Ava that he knew who had tried to get him and that they would not try again. Ava flashed back in her memory to sighting Franco on the Metro Court terrace through a silenced rifle and pulling the trigger. To Franco, she merely said that he seemed to have it all figured out.

In the Quartermaine boathouse, Michael told Kiki that they had to figure out what to do. Kiki said that they were first cousins and that they could not be attracted to each other. She added that it was wrong "on so many levels," including that she was Morgan's girlfriend. Kiki said that she wished that she had met Michael first. Michael said that they would still have to get around the whole being related thing. Kiki said that she did not know how Michael could look at her and not hate her.

Michael told Kiki not to blame herself for something that her father had put in motion. Michael said that nothing Franco had done affected how Michael felt about Kiki. Michael said that his feelings were crazy, and he had to find a way to shut them off. Kiki wanted to know how they would do that. Michael said that they had to forget each other and try to stay out of each other's orbit. Michael agreed to stay away from the Quartermaine estate and see both A.J. and Morgan elsewhere.

Morgan walked in as they shook hands. Morgan noted that they were not the first couple he had seen making a deal. Morgan told Kiki that he had just seen her parents in a very intense conversation. Kiki said that she did not want to hear about her parents. Morgan said that it was a beautiful night, and life was good, especially with Michael and Kiki looking after him.

Morgan asked Michael to join him and Kiki for a swim, but Michael said that he had to work. Michael added that he would have to work very hard during the summer and might not see much of them. Morgan responded, "All work and no play."

Elizabeth was enjoying a day in the park with Cam, Spencer, and Nikolas, but the outing turned serious when Spencer played the recording of A.J. admitting that he had "hate sex" with Carly, and Elizabeth heard it. When questioned, Nikolas admitted everything, including that he had purchased the recording from Tracy and kept it as insurance that A.J. would not hurt Elizabeth again.

Elizabeth got a call from A.J. reminding her of their date. Elizabeth said that she was on her way. Elizabeth told Cam that she loved him and sent him home with Nikolas. Nikolas asked if they should talk, but Elizabeth merely said that she would return his shirt later, along with his phone, before she rushed off. Spencer asked if Nikolas was mad at him, but Nikolas said that he was mad at himself.

Lucy and A.J. chatted in the Metro Court bar while A.J. waited for Elizabeth, and Lucy waited for Scott and Laura. When Scott and Laura arrived, A.J. congratulated them on their marriage. Lucy left Scott to talk with A.J. while Lucy took Laura to a nearby table. A.J. told Scott about Nikolas and his rivalry with A.J. for Elizabeth's affections. Scott told A.J. that he had won Elizabeth fair and square.

Lucy told Laura that Lucy was looking for something to focus on and to give her real purpose, and for that, she needed Laura. Laura was perplexed, and when Lucy mentioned deception, Laura thought that Lucy was talking about telling lies. Lucy quickly reminded Laura of their company, Deception. Lucy said that she wanted to partner with Laura and return the company to its former glory. Laura said that the company had always been Lucy's baby, never hers, because Laura had bought it to demonstrate her independence.

Lucy said that Laura had good sense and Lucy had big dreams, so they would make a perfect team. She added that Scott had said that Laura was looking for a second act, and this was it. Lucy said that Laura would be running the company for the right reasons. When Laura asked if Lucy had any money, Lucy said that the question demonstrated Laura's good sense. Lucy added that the money would materialize.

Scott arrived at the table in time to ask what Laura and Lucy were toasting. Lucy said. "To your marriage and ours." At first Scott was not sure that a partnership between Lucy and Laura was a good idea, but when Laura was enthusiastic about the deal, Scott said that he was also in. They raised their glasses in a toast.

A.J. was not happy to see Carly when she walked in with Shawn. Carly said that she owned the place and had a right to be there. A.J. said that he was meeting up with Elizabeth, and he did not want Carly around. Carly said that she had bigger fish to fry and went to the terrace with Shawn.

Shawn found the missing bullet in a planter and was very relieved to know that he had not fired the shot that had hit Olivia.

Elizabeth arrived at Metro Court. A.J. could tell that something was wrong. When he asked what it was, Elizabeth played the conversation that Tracy had recorded of A.J. admitting to having sex with Carly.