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Monday, April 8, 2013

Britt and her mother, Dr. Obrecht, discussed the plot they were hatching while they watched the Nurses Ball on the television set in their Metro Court hotel room. Britt was reluctant to continue with the plan when she saw how happy Sabrina, Patrick, and Emma were, but Dr. Obrecht insisted. She told Britt that what she saw was just an illusion that would be shattered once their bombshell hit.

Britt wondered if revenge was enough. Dr. Obrecht told Britt that she was weak and reminded Britt of all that Sabrina had taken from her. Britt remembered steamy sex with Patrick as well as his coldness after it was revealed that Britt had been mean to both Emma and Sabrina. Britt told her mother she was ready to go on with the plan. Dr. Obrecht told Britt to pull herself together and get dressed. She said that after that night, all of Port Charles would be talking about Britt and the surprise that she had unleashed.

At the ball, Frisco finished his song and made an impassioned plea to Felecia as he proposed to her in front of the crowd. Felicia told Frisco that she loved him and always would, but their time together had passed, and she could not accept his ring because he was no longer the man of her heart. That honor, she said, belonged to Mac and always would. Frisco was devastated as he left the ballroom.

Backstage, as Lucy picked out her next dress, Richard Simmons, who had been hiding in the closet, appeared and started insulting Lucy. They squabbled. Richard bound and gagged Lucy and threw her in the closet as he prepared to go out and do a number of his own.

Maxie caught up with Frisco and asked where he was going. He told her anywhere but Port Charles. Frisco said that it had been a mistake to return to Port Charles because there was nothing there for him. Maxie pointed out that she was there. She asked if everything Frisco had said to her was a lie. She begged Frisco to stay for her. Frisco told Maxie that she would be fine.

Maxie said that if Frisco had not stepped in when he did, the truth would be out about her pregnancy. Frisco replied that Maxie no longer had to worry about Britt. Maxie said that she was not worried about the psycho doctor but about losing Frisco again, which she could see was about to happen. Maxie asked Frisco where he was going. Frisco said he did not know. He hugged Maxie and told her that he would get in touch as soon as he knew. Frisco hugged Maxie again before leaving. Ellie overheard their conversation.

Mac told Felecia that he was glad that she had chosen him, but he wished that he could trust that she really meant it. Felicia told Mac that it had always been him. Felicia admitted that she had made mistakes in the past but that she knew what she wanted, and what she wanted was Mac, because he made her happy. Felicia asked Mac to marry her. Mac said yes.

Elizabeth took over emcee duties when Lucy went missing. She introduced the tango number. Since Lucy was unavailable, Anna took her place. She and Duke rekindled the magic of their previous relationship and wiped away the stain that Faison had put on it. After it was over, Duke asked her if she had thought of anyone else while they were dancing. Anna said she had not.

Duke said that it was time to create new memories. Anna said that they were on opposite sides of the law. Duke said that was an excuse. He said that Anna was afraid. Duke admitted that he was also afraid, not of losing her, but of getting her back. Duke said that even though they were scared, they should take the chance they were being offered, and they should do it together. Anna agreed. They kissed passionately.

Next, Elizabeth introduced "Magic Milo," who did a song and dance number with Michael, Spinelli, Ivan the choreographer, Max, and Felix. The boys eventually stripped down to their underwear. As the crowd called for them to strip completely, the rumble between Lucy and Richard Simmons erupted onstage, and Lucy, once again, was spotlighted in her underwear.

The men in the crowd started clapping while Lucy tried to explain how Richard had come out of the closet and attacked her. Richard had to be restrained as he screamed that he wanted to kill Lucy. The six hunks unceremoniously carried Richard off-stage.

Sabrina sat with Patrick and Emma, who asked if Milo was still Sabrina's boyfriend. When Sabrina said, "No," Emma asked if Patrick could be Sabrina's boyfriend. Both Sabrina and Patrick looked very happy. Emma noticed Duke and Anna and asked if Anna had a boyfriend, too. After Sabrina took Emma away to get dressed for their number together, Anna gave her blessing to Patrick and Sabrina.

Lucy was back in charge as she announced that Dr. Noah Drake had arranged for Rick Springfield to appear at the ball and sing his hit, "Jesse's Girl," which elicited a standing ovation from the house. Even Dr. Obrecht approved that performance, as she helped Britt get dressed. She told Britt that she would turn heads and that "mutter" would be watching her every step of the way as they unveiled their plot.

Back at the ball, Bobbi told Noah that she had not realized how much he looked like Rick Springfield. Felix told Spinelli that it was a good thing that Max and Milo were trained bodyguards because Richard Simmons had put up quite a fight before being hauled off.

Lucy introduced Emma and Sabrina, who did a cute song and dance number together to the song "Call Me Maybe." Patrick was entranced with his "pretty in pink" girls.

Lucy got serious as she said that the ball was held in Robin's honor, and she introduced Patrick. Patrick talked about the AIDS epidemic. He said that it was not over and that Robin had devoted her life to helping fight it. He told Robin's story. Patrick called Emma on-stage and said that they were grateful for the love that everyone had show Robin. He added that Robin's legacy lived on, thanks to each and every person who had contributed to making Robin's dream a reality.

Britt walked up to the stage. Patrick asked what she was doing. Britt merely said that she wanted to add a few words of her own. Back in the hotel room, Dr. Obrecht watched Britt and looked at a photograph. She told the photograph that he would be a proud papa. A closeup revealed that the man in the photo was Faison.

At the ball, Ellie walked up to Maxie, who was crying, and asked if she could help. Maxie said that it was hormones, but Ellie said that it seemed to be more than hormones. Maxie said that her dad had just left and that she should be used to it. Ellie told Maxie that she could talk to her about anything. Maxie said, "Like what?" Ellie replied, "Like the baby you are carrying."