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Monday, March 11, 2013

With Elizabeth's encouragement, Sabrina phoned Patrick and said that she wanted to talk. Patrick told Sabrina that he was on his way to General Hospital and would see her there. Felix joined Elizabeth and Sabrina. He was thrilled to hear that Elizabeth had convinced Sabrina to tell Patrick how she felt about him.

Sabrina said that Elizabeth had given her the courage to make the phone call because Elizabeth had demonstrated her strength by giving A.J. a second chance. Sabrina revealed that she was still waiting for the results of her nursing exam and feared that if she failed, she might never have another opportunity to tell Patrick how she felt about him. When Felix asked if Sabrina would chicken out when the time actually arrived to talk to Patrick, Sabrina said that she would not waver.

Sabrina paled slightly when she saw Patrick step off the elevator and head in her direction. Elizabeth and Felix left to file charts so that Patrick and Sabrina could be alone. Patrick speculated that Sabrina had called because she had received her tests results. Sabrina said that was not the reason that she wanted to talk. When Patrick asked what it was, Sabrina started to speak, but giggled nervously instead. Epiphany interrupted with the test results.

Elizabeth and Felix, who had been loitering nearby joined them. Sabrina silently read the letter that Epiphany had handed her and said nothing. Felix asked if Sabrina had passed. Patrick said that he supported Sabrina regardless of the results. Sabrina looked at the letter and said sadly that she had failed. As the commiserations began, Sabrina laughed brightly and admitted that she had been kidding.

Sabrina had passed the exam with 100%, which proved that she had not cheated on the nursing final exam and deserved her place as the class valedictorian. Sabrina received hearty congratulations from her friends. Felix was so happy for her that he almost hugged Epiphany, but Epiphany gave Felix a stern look that stopped him. Epiphany also congratulated Sabrina and vowed not to rest until she found the person who had framed Sabrina and made it appear that Sabrina had cheated.

Patrick told Sabrina that she was amazing. He praised Sabrina for standing up for herself to Epiphany and overcoming a huge obstacle. Before Sabrina could tell Patrick how she felt about him, he was called away. Sabrina eventually caught up with Patrick in the hall. Sabrina told Patrick that she had never had a crush on Steve Webber because her crush had always been on Patrick.

Elizabeth and Felix were watching the interaction between Patrick and Sabrina. Both were glad that the truth was out. Felix turned to Elizabeth and said that it was time for Elizabeth to get ready for her date with A.J.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy demanded that Spinelli hand over the reverse engineered recipe for Pickle-Lila, including the molecular diagram of the secret ingredient, which made the relish unique. Spinelli, who was about to comply, had a crisis of conscience and refused to betray Ellie. Tracy was insistent and menacing, but Spinelli remained stubborn. When Tracy called Alice and demanded that Alice use physical force to wrest the recipe from Spinelli, Spinelli swallowed the paper. Alice held Spinelli upside down by his heels and tried to shake the paper out of him but she was unsuccessful and had to give up.

Alice let Spinelli go, but Tracy railed at him about losing the recipe and losing the chance to rebuild ELQ. Tracy screamed that she had warned Spinelli and hoped that he remembered what he had squandered when he was sleeping on cold, hard concrete. Tracy added that she hoped the recipe took a long time to digest because if she had her way, it would be the last thing that Spinelli ever ate.

Tracy told Spinelli to get out, and he did so in a hurry. Tracy turned to Alice and said that she could not believe what Spinelli had done. Alice replied that she thought Spinelli's actions were romantic and admirable. Tracy scoffed and vowed revenge. Despite the loss of the recipe, Tracy spat out that the battle for ELQ was far from over.

A.J. and Ellie searched frantically through the papers on Ellie's desk in her lab at GH, but neither could find the recipe for Pickle-Lila and the molecular diagram of the secret ingredient. Ellie was at a loss to explain the recipe's disappearance, but A.J. was convinced that Spinelli had taken it, once Ellie recalled Spinelli's visit, which had occurred immediately before recipe had vanished.

Ellie defended Spinelli, even as A.J. remembered that Tracy had slyly indicated that she had hired someone besides Duke to get the recipe. Ellie remained steadfastly loyal to Spinelli, despite A.J.'s increasingly convincing argument that Spinelli had stolen the paper. Eventually Ellie suggested that she could reconstruct the formula, including the complex secret ingredient. A.J. was mollified. He told Ellie that he was going out for a while. A.J. urged Ellie to use her time in the lab to either find the recipe for Pickle-Lila or reconstruct it. A.J. told Ellie to have it done by the time he returned from his date.

Spinelli arrived shortly after A.J.'s departure. Ellie immediately shared A.J's suspicions and her own steadfast faith in Spinelli. Spinelli quickly admitted that A.J. had been correct, that Spinelli had stolen the recipe. Spinelli spilled everything to Ellie, including Tracy's menacing threat to evict him if Spinelli did not comply with Tracy's commands. Spinelli told Ellie that he had finally decided that he would rather lose his home and office than to lose Ellie's love and trust.

Ellie was touched because Spinelli had not betrayed her and quickly forgave him for almost giving in to Tracy's demands. When Ellie asked for the recipe back, Spinelli reluctantly admitted that there was a bit of a problem.

As Sonny headed down the stairs, he remembered an earlier conversation with Kate in which she had denied knowing how the living room mirror had been broken. Before Sonny could reflect further, the doorbell rang. When Sonny answered it, Molly, T.J. and Shawn were waiting. Molly asked to see Kate, but Sonny explained that Kate had already left the house.

Shawn quickly explained about Molly's book, which Connie had stolen and claimed as her own. Molly asked Sonny to intercede with Kate, so that Molly could get the credit she deserved at the book launch later that day. Sonny said that he would call Kate and assured Shawn, Molly, and T.J. that Kate would make things right.

Molly hugged Sonny and thanked Shawn, who gave all the credit to T.J. Molly thanked T.J. and said that she was very lucky to have so many people helping her. T.J. realized that Molly was thinking about Rafe and assured Molly that Rafe would be okay. Molly and T.J. anticipated a big night and headed for the car. Shawn lingered a few moments to ask Sonny what had happened. Sonny told Shawn that Kate was back but that he was not sure what had happened or how Kate had returned.

Kate let herself and her suitcase into the apartment that Olivia shared with Steve. When Kate began a verbal tirade about moving into a place with such austere furnishings, it became apparent that Connie was masquerading as Kate. Olivia emerged from the bedroom and wondered whom Kate was talking to. Kate immediately admitted that it had been Connie. Olivia, who had been crying profusely, accepted Kate's answer and told her own tale of woes.

Olivia disclosed that Steve was leaving for Memphis that very day to be sentenced for murder. Olivia was crying because all the dreams she had dreamed about her future life with Steve would never come true. Fake Kate hugged Olivia and sympathized but rolled her eyes behind Olivia's back. Then fake Kate said that Olivia knew how men were. One minute they loved a woman, and the next they were sleeping with someone else. Olivia was stunned by Kate's bitterness, but was unaware that Connie, not Kate, was talking.

Olivia was perplexed. She told fake Kate that she had thought that Kate was over her jealousy of Connie because Kate had realized that Kate, not Connie, was the woman that Sonny loved. Connie held her emotions in check and pretended to be comforted by Olivia's words. Sonny called Kate on her cell phone. Olivia left to give fake Kate and Sonny privacy for their conversation. Fake Kate explained to Sonny that she had disappeared from his house because she had needed fresh clothes from her wardrobe at Johnny Zacchara's home.

Sonny accepted her explanation. He remarked that the psychiatrist that they were seeing later would not care about Kate's wardrobe. Connie remained in her Kate character as Sonny told her about the book and Molly's problem. Sonny said that Molly wanted to get recognition at the party that Connie had scheduled for the Floating Rib that evening. Fake Kate vowed that everyone would get what he or she deserved. Sonny took that to mean that Molly would get the credit for her book. Sonny told Kate that he would pick her up for her psychiatrist appointment.

After hanging up, Connie was fixated about getting revenge on Sonny because he had cheated on Connie with Kate. When she reentered the room, Olivia was still oblivious to fake Kate's true identity. She told fake Kate that everything would work out with Sonny, emphasizing to fake Kate how much Sonny loved Kate. Then Olivia thanked fake Kate for listening to her and being there for her. Fake Kate responded that she had urgent business to take care of and rushed out of the apartment. Once outside, fake Kate smiled and said that she had a party to plan.

At the Metro Court Hotel dining room, Carly was speechless when Todd walked in and told her that he had been cleared of all charges. Todd recounted that both Heather and the other witness against him had changed their stories, which had caused the judge in the case to toss out the whole sordid mess. Todd said that he was free to be with Carly, if she would have him.

Carly reacted negatively. She told Todd that being free did not equate to being innocent. Carly said that Todd had hurt Sam, kept Jason from spending time with Danny, and prevented Jason from knowing that Danny was his son. Carly declared that Todd belonged in the prison laundry. Todd said he was not in prison; he was with Carly and determined to get her back.

Todd admitted that he had been wrong not to tell Carly the truth about what he had done, that he should have trusted her to love him anyway. Carly called Todd's assumption that she loved him "arrogant." Todd said that if Carly did not love Todd, she would not have gone to see him at the police station.

Carly said that she had been gullible to fall for Todd. Todd said that he had never had a friend before Carly, and he did not want to lose her. Todd vowed that if Carly took a second chance on him, she would never regret it because he would spend the rest of his life proving himself to her. Carly said that Todd had no right to say that because he always screwed everything up.

Lightheartedly, Todd said that Carly liked that about him because they were alike in that way, which was what made them great together. He added that they were both screw-ups, and no one else would have them, so they were perfect for each other. Todd told Carly that he was a certifiable mess who had lost a sizable chunk of his life. He said that he wanted to spend a large portion of what was left with Carly. Todd encouraged Carly to do what made her happy.

Carly said that being with Todd hurt. Todd responded that it would be worth the risk. Carly shot back that it was too late because she had moved on. Todd was skeptical that Carly could fall for someone new in just a few weeks and accused Carly of making up an imaginary boyfriend. Carly said that she was not dating someone new but had reconnected with someone from her past. She indicated A.J., who had just entered the hotel dining area.

Carly signaled to A.J. When A.J. approached her, Carly said that she had just told Todd all about them. Before A.J. could respond, Carly kissed him on the mouth. A perplexed Todd looked on.