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Monday, July 2, 2012

As John McBain and Jason prepared to deplane in New Orleans, each averred that he would be the first to reach Joe Scully, Jr. John got off to a quick start when security officials detained Jason and told him that he was on the watch list. It became obvious that McBain was responsible for putting Jason on the watch list as a way to slow Jason down when he told Jason that it would be two hours before Jason could clear security. John offered a smug, "Tough luck," as he departed the plane.

Back in Port Charles, Olivia burst into Sonny's home to give Kate a big hug and to congratulate her for avoiding jail time. Kate said that a condition of her release was that she needed to continue with therapy. Kate told Olivia that the good news was that Connie might be gone forever. Kate said that she had remembered the childhood trauma that had caused Connie to emerge. Kate went on to tell Olivia about being raped by Joe Scully, Jr., and about abandoning her baby in a boarding house.

Olivia wondered why Kate had not confided in her, but Kate said that Olivia had been pregnant herself at the time, and Kate had felt pressure from the family to be perfect, so she had dealt with her situation alone. Kate said that if she had not pushed the situation to the background, there might never have been a Connie, Starr's family would be alive, and she would have her son. Olivia said there was still a chance to reunite with her son, but Kate said that only her doctor and the parish priest knew about the child.

Kate had guilt over abandoning her child and said that she had to make amends. Sonny told Kate that nothing that had happened to her was her fault. Olivia agreed, but wanted to know what had happened to Joe, Jr. Sonny said that Joe, Jr. had been sent to Atlantic City to run a club, and Sonny had been sent to manage it and clean up Joe, Jr.'s messes. Sonny said that, at the time, he had not known that Joe, Jr., had raped Kate or what Joe, Jr., was really capable of doing.

Sonny said everything that had happened was really his fault because he had covered up for Joe, Jr., when Joe, Sr., had sent his son into hiding after Joe, Jr., murdered a girl in Atlantic City. Sonny left the women alone as he made a phone call. A vengeful Olivia said that she agreed with Sonny and if it were up to her, she would send Jason to find and deal with Joe, Jr. Olivia tried to get Kate to take time off and relax, but Kate showed Olivia the door and said that she really wanted to get to work on her magazine, Crimson.

Sonny phoned Jason and, upon learning about Jason's detention, said he should not have told McBain that Joe, Jr., was in New Orleans. Jason told Sonny that Alexis had cleared him with security, and he was free to leave the plane. Sonny told Jason that it was important for Jason to present Joe, Jr., to Sonny so that Sonny could finish the business that Joe, Jr., had started.

Kate asked Sonny whom he was talking to, but he just told her that it was business. Sonny asked about Olivia. Kate said that Olivia was very supportive, and Kate felt lucky to have Olivia as family. Kate said that she was also grateful to Sonny for standing by her when he could have turned his back. Sonny said that all he wanted was for Kate to heal. Kate mentioned that Olivia had said that she would not put it past Sonny to find Joe, Jr., and kill him. Sonny sidestepped and said that he would be there for Kate no matter how long it took for her to recover and that he would never let anyone hurt her again.

On the Haunted Star, Kristina tried to convince Trey to hang out and decompress. Trey said he wanted to focus on work and wondered why Kristina wanted to "hang out." Kristina said that Trey did not talk very much about himself, and she wanted to know more. A phone call interrupted their talk; Trey took the call. It was Trey's father, who asked after the show. Trey said it was tougher than he thought, and he was having some trouble with the supporting cast. Trey said that he did not want his father to be disappointed in him.

Trey's father said that he could never be disappointed because he loved Trey, and that was why he was bankrolling Trey's project. A bell sounded at Trey's father's shop. It was a customer walking through the door, so Trey's father said that he had to get back to work. Once off the phone, Trey told Kristina that his dad was his biggest fan. When Kristina mentioned Trey's mother, Trey barked that he did not have a mother. Kristina apologized for prying, and Trey apologized for snapping.

Trey told Kristina that his mom had dumped both his dad and himself and had taken off when Trey was an infant. He said that his mom had not wanted his dad and did not want him. Kristina said that maybe his mom did miss him but had realized it too late. When Trey asked why, Kristina said that Trey would be hard not to miss and kissed him. Trey pulled away and said that kissing was not a good idea.

Trey said that a set side romance was a distraction that could sink the show. Trey said that his dad had gone out on a financial limb for him, and Trey did not want to fail his dad. Kristina said that the show was important to her also. Trey was glad to know that they were on the same page. Kristina asked if the show was the only reason that Trey had stopped kissing her or if he would rather be kissing Starr Manning instead. Trey said that getting involved with a roommate would cause even more complications than getting involved with a coworker.

Kristina seemed mollified, but still wanted to know what might have happened if they were both successful and had met elsewhere. Kristina asked if Trey would have noticed her. Trey said that he would have fought his way through her horde of admirers to get to know her. Kristina chortled, "Good answer," as she sailed off the Haunted Star.

Michael walked Starr back to her apartment, all the while enthusing over Starr's forgiving attitude toward Kate. Starr said it was not about forgiveness because Kate was sick, and Starr could not hold a mentally ill woman responsible for her actions. Starr invited Michael in for ice cream, but was seriously unhappy to find that Trey had left the apartment a mess and had eaten all the ice cream.

Michael offered to go out for more ice cream, but Starr wanted to get some revenge first. Michael agreed. They started by cleaning the apartment and ended by throwing the clothes that Trey had left tossed around on the living room furniture out the window. They laughed while citing Trey's many faults.

Michael and Starr accidentally bumped heads. They shared a moment and almost kissed, but Starr pulled away and tried to change the subject. Michael asked if he had done anything wrong. Starr worried that a kiss would complicate their friendship and feared that she would feel guilty or disloyal to Cole if she kissed Michael and started something with him. Michael understood because he still felt the loss of Abby, even though he still felt that wanting to kiss Starr was right. Starr said that she liked Michael a lot but that she was afraid to start something that might lead to them getting hurt.

Starr said that all she could offer was friendship. Michael said that it worked for him. Then he told Starr that it was time for him to leave. As he reached the door, Michael told Starr to give Trey his best. Michael looked thoughtful as he closed the door and paused momentarily in the hall outside Starr's apartment.

Heather sat outside Kelly's, putting the finishing touches on the gossip column she had blackmailed Todd Manning into letting her write. Heather was lost in thought as she recalled the various crimes that she had successfully committed since her recent return to Port Charles. As she gloated about the as yet undiscovered kidnapping of Luke, Heather plotted ways to take vengeance on Olivia and separate her from Steve.

Heather was still scheming when Steve approached. Heather quickly shut her laptop and said that she was having trouble writing. Steve wanted to know why. Heather manipulated Steve into dragging it out of her, and she finally admitted that she could not write because someone was following her and spying on her. She quickly added that at first she had thought that it was her meds, but she had monitored them carefully, and it was not the meds.

Heather then confessed that she had confronted the person following her and that he had admitted that Heather was right. Steve was astounded when Heather said that Spinelli was following her and that Olivia was paying Spinelli to do the job. Steve defended Olivia, but Heather said that under mild questioning, Spinelli had spilled his guts and admitted that Olivia had hired him.

Moments later, when Olivia arrived at Kelly's, Steve confronted her about hiring Spinelli. Olivia admitted it, told Steve that Heather had not been truthful and that Steve was enabling Heather. Olivia said that Heather had not been where she'd said she had been during the storm. Olivia said that Spinelli had talked to an officer who had stopped Heather driving around with a male passenger, whom Heather had identified as her husband, in Olivia's car.

Heather was momentarily stunned but recovered quickly and voiced a plausible explanation for Steve. Heather said that because of her background, she had had to resort to finding a man online. Heather referred to herself as a loser and said that she was ashamed, and that was why she had not told. She said that she had met the gentleman at the Rendezvous Motel and that they were driving around when the officer stopped them. Heather pleaded embarrassment and said that she was humiliated to admit that she was not married, so she had lied.

Steve believed everything Heather said, but Olivia was not taken in. Steve took Olivia aside and asked if Olivia wanted Heather to have a setback. Steve supported and defended Heather and begged Olivia to give Heather the benefit of the doubt. When Steve returned and hugged Heather, Heather smirked as Olivia walked away and returned to work.

Trey's father recommended an antique to a customer, who turned out to be John McBain. John pulled the blinds, locked the door, pointed his gun, and called Trey's father, "Joe." Joe told McBain to take what he wanted, but McBain said he was there for Joe, the family screw-up. McBain cuffed Joe Scully, who continued to insist that John had the wrong guy. Scully flinched when John said that Sonny Corinthos would disagree, convincing John that he had the right guy. John told Scully that he was going back to Atlantic City to stand trial for murder.

While John talked, one of Scully's men sneaked up on John and knocked him out. When John woke up, he was tied up, and Scully was standing over him. Scully told John that he should not have gone to New Orleans. Joe taunted McBain and told John that his problem was with Sonny, not Scully. Scully said that he was not running. He told John that John was the one going away and that John would soon be reunited with his beloved Theresa. Scully ordered his henchmen to put McBain in the van.

Before they could do so, Jason burst in and shot them. He got the drop on Scully. McBain taunted Scully. John told Joe that he would not be going to Atlantic City, but to Port Charles, because Jason was not a cop, but Sonny's number two. McBain then thanked Jason for the save and told Jason to let him take Scully to Atlantic City to stand trial.

Jason said that Scully would figure some legal way out and would not pay for his crimes. Jason would not let that happen. As Jason started walking Scully towards the door, McBain asked Jason to untie him. Jason shrugged and said, "Tough luck," as he marched Scully out the door.