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Monday, January 30, 2012

At Sonny's restaurant office, Sonny questioned Kate about her recent trip to San Francisco. She admitted that she had not checked into her usual hotel and had not received the flowers that Sonny had sent to her there. Under Sonny's continued questioning, Kate disclosed that the designer she had gone to San Francisco to meet had gotten drunk, and Kate had followed the designer to Monterey to help avoid a fashion industry scandal.

Sonny told Kate that she could have trusted him. Kate responded that Sonny could have trusted her. Kate then told Sonny that he could believe her or not. Sonny said that he trusted Kate and he really wanted things to work out between them. Kate replied that she wanted things to work out between them also.

Kate told Sonny that she had worried when she found out he had been shot, and she had to trust him not to get murdered. Sonny said that he was going through some tough times with the Zaccharas and that it was important to know where Kate was. Kate asked if she was in danger. Sonny said maybe, but that it was more probable that the Zaccharas would go after his kids. Kate said that she had seen Johnny on the docks, and he had said that he was not responsible for shooting Sonny.

Sonny told Kate that Johnny said a lot of things, most of them not true. Sonny said that it was okay for other mobsters to go after him, but not after his children. Sonny wanted to change the subject to the restaurant he was planning with Kate and the twosome's renewed relationship. Sonny said that the new restaurant would be better than Fortunato's. Sonny said that he wanted to move forward with Kate Howard, not Connie Falconeri. Kate said she wanted that, too, along with some food. Sonny said he was taking her to a restaurant in the city, where they would talk about what they would do next.

Carly stopped Johnny as he was kissing her and told him that she wanted to help ease the cause of whatever was paining him so much. Carly asked Johnny to tell her what Sonny had done. Carly said that she knew that something big had happened, and she wanted to know what it was. Carly said she would not leave Johnny alone in his apartment until he did. Johnny wanted to know why Carly cared. Carly told Johnny that he seemed lost. Carly said that Johnny was in a bad place, and she did not want to watch him self-destruct. Johnny told Carly that there was nothing she could do for him.

Carly said that she did not shock easily and that she could probably top any bad behavior on Johnny's part with even worse behavior of her own. Carly then told Johnny about the time she had drugged Michael's biological father, A.J., dumped him in a laundry cart and poured vodka on him to make it appear that A.J. was an unrepentant drunk. Johnny wanted to know why Carly cared what happened to Johnny. Carly told Johnny that it was because Johnny had not used Michael. Johnny said that was not how he worked.

When Carly again asked what Sonny had done, Johnny told her to ask Sonny. Carly said she was there with Johnny and wanted him to tell her what was wrong. Johnny finally relented and gave her the birth certificate that indicated that Gino Soleito was Johnny's father and Claudia was his mother. Johnny said that he did not know how Sonny had gotten the information, but a check of the records office and a chat with Anthony had convinced Johnny that it was true. Johnny said that his whole life had been a lie. Carly said that mothers often lied to protect their children.

Johnny said that it had all been part of a scheme by Anthony to throw Claudia at Gino so that Anthony could retaliate against Gino's blackmail of Anthony. Johnny said the plan had gone horribly wrong because Claudia had taken it too far. Johnny said that he knew that Claudia had hurt Carly, but that did not stop Johnny from loving Claudia. Carly said that Claudia's desperation made sense. Johnny said that everyone had used Claudia. Carly said that Johnny had not used her. Johnny responded that if only one person had looked out for Claudia, she might not have died.

Carly told Johnny that she was sorry. Carly said that those names on the birth certificate did not change who Johnny was. Johnny said that it changed everything. Carly said that she wanted to help and would stay with Johnny as long as he needed her. Johnny told Carly to be careful because he might accept her offer.

At General Hospital, Maxie saw Matt and Liz talking and laughing. She did not hear the conversation and did not know that Matt was appalled that Robin had asked Liz to take her place with Patrick and Emma if Robin passed away. All Maxie heard was Matt telling Liz that she deserved someone fantastic in her life. Maxie jumped to the conclusion that Liz was after Matt. Maxie chastised Liz, who said that Maxie made a seven-year-old look mature. Liz walked away. Matt told Maxie that she needed to stop going after Liz. Maxie told Matt that he needed to stop going after Liz also.

In the P.I. office, Sam doubled over with cramps, and Spinelli rushed to help. Sam convinced Spinelli that she was hungry so Spinelli rushed out to get food. While he was gone, Sam looked up cramping on the Internet and found out that it could indicate a miscarriage. She muttered that it would be a relief. When Spinelli returned with food and said he had gotten several dishes in case Sam had cravings, Sam said that she was no longer hungry. When Spinelli turned away to take a phone call from Maxie, Sam left the office.

Jason went to GH to see Robin. She told him that his test results indicated that he had a swelling in the brain. She said that Jason's brain was pressing against his skull and might be depriving his brain of oxygen. Jason wanted to shrug it off, but Robin said that Jason had to think of more than himself. She said he had to think of how Sam would be affected. While Jason talked to Robin, Sam arrived to see Kelly. Liz was nearby and heard Sam ask for Dr. Lee.

Robin said that she would run more tests, and they would try to reduce the swelling with drugs. Robin said that Jason might have to have more surgery. Jason said that he would not submit to more surgery. Robin said that she would look at the blood work again. Robin left, and Jason noticed Sam descending the mezzanine stairs.

Jason asked Sam if everything was okay with her. Sam explained that she had had some cramping, but that Kelly had assured her that she would be fine. Sam thought Jason was there because Spinelli had called him. Jason said he was there for other reasons. When Sam wanted to know what those reasons were, Jason said they should go home and talk. When they left, Liz emerged from an alcove where she had been eavesdropping on the conversation

On the Haunted Star, Lulu confronted Luke. She threw a glass of wine and broke the glass. She told Luke that it was not her first glass of the day. She said that she had had the first glass for breakfast that morning. Lulu admitted that she had drunk several glasses of wine for lunch the previous day. Luke said it was nobody's business but Lulu's. Lulu asked how it felt for Luke to see all his children and family except for her. She asked if it had occurred to him to congratulate Lulu on her marriage to Dante.

Lulu told Luke that everyone thought she was turning into a lush. She said that Olivia had confronted her at lunch the previous day and that even Tracy had mentioned it to Lulu. Lulu said that the worst thing was when Maxie had showed up at the loft earlier and pulled several empty bottles from Lulu's trash and pointed it out. Lulu said it sucked, and she realized that she was being treated the same way she and other members of the family had treated Luke.

Luke told Lulu that there was a big difference between having a couple of glasses of pinot and having a lifelong relationship with John Barleycorn. Lulu told Luke not to make it about him. Lulu said it was about her, not Luke's pointless misery. Luke said he had knocked around for months trying to figure things out. Luke said that he was back and sober. Luke told Lulu that he had been thinking about her. Luke said that despite his absence in Lulu's life, he loved her. Lulu was overcome with emotion.

Lulu said that she had been determined to get Luke back to Port Charles. She said that she had made that goal more important than anything else in her life, including the man that she loved. Lulu said that once she had given up that goal, she had not known what to do. Lulu said she had started drinking so that she did not have to take a look at herself. Luke said that he had gone to see the other members of the family and not Lulu because he cared about her and was afraid to hurt her. Luke said that he feared that Lulu needed something from him that he could not deliver.

Luke said that he had not been able to give Lulu's mother, Laura, what she needed, and he was afraid that he would fail and damage Lulu as well. Luke said that like Laura, Lulu held onto hope beyond reason. Lulu said that she was not her mother. Lulu said that she had a lot of Luke in her also. Lulu said that she knew that the world was a harsh place and that she did not trust easily.

Lulu cut her finger on a piece of broken glass and Luke rushed to her aid. She started crying and Luke held her. Lulu said that she had once known who she was. Lulu said that she had a man who loved her, and she did not know why she felt so lost.

As Luke comforted Lulu, she told him that he was her father, that she loved him, and he should not stay away from her. Luke said that all he ever wanted for Lulu was for her to have the life she wanted. Luke said he was not always kind. Lulu said that she was okay with brutal honesty because she knew where she stood, and she could always count on him to be himself. Lulu did comment that Luke was better with Tracy. Luke said that Tracy was happy with Anthony, but Lulu said that Tracy had been blackmailed into marriage.

Lulu and Luke each said that all they wanted was for the other to be happy. Lulu said that she loved being married and that she loved Dante. She said that she wanted something that was entirely hers. Luke said that it took a lifetime to find out what that was and then everything changed. Lulu said that she wanted to be happy being a work in progress and that she wanted to be happy with her life. Luke said that finding happiness was a long and bumpy ride, but if Lulu would fire up the engine, Luke would take the ride with her.

Back at GH, Matt cornered Liz and said that it was crazy for Robin to ask Liz to take her place with Patrick and Emma. Matt said it would ease the situation with Maxie if he told her what Robin had asked of Liz. Liz said that Maxie would make it all about Maxie and make a big production about being lied to, not to mention making Robin miserable for not telling Maxie about the change in Robin's HIV status. Matt agreed that Liz was probably correct. Matt asked Liz to try to get along with Maxie. Liz said that she would try, but warned Matt that if Maxie thought something romantic was going on between Matt and Liz, Matt would have to handle the situation.

Maxie stormed into the P.I. office. She ranted to Spinelli that Liz was making moves on Matt. Maxie said that she did not confront Matt because he was too busy defending Liz. Maxie thought that maybe Matt was using Liz to make Maxie jealous. Spinelli suggested that the way Maxie could cope was to make Matt jealous. Maxie liked Spinelli's idea and was thrilled when Spinelli volunteered to let Maxie use him to make Matt jealous.