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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lucky and Siobhan met at Kelly's for breakfast and conversation. When Lucky asked Siobhan how she had liked Thanksgiving at the Quartermaine home, she said that she was happy to have a free meal and a floorshow. They both laughed, then Lucky asked her to try to remember anything that she had overheard while being held by the Balkan's men. Siobhan said that she was focused on freeing her hands, not on listening to their conversation. Lucky apologized for putting her in danger.

Siobhan said that she had put herself in danger because she had been too hardheaded to listen to him and stay put where she was safe. Lucky said that he could have sent her anywhere in the world, but had chosen to keep her with him. Siobhan told him to cheer up because she was alive and they were together. She said she just wished she could give him a better clue than the name "Jack."

At the Metro Court, Carly was bright and cheerful as she told Jax what a wonderful time she'd had during their Thanksgiving holiday and made plans for a family Christmas celebration. Jax was suspicious and wanted to know what Carly was planning. Carly said that she was happy, and she had decided to forego revenge in favor of making Jax so happy that he would forget about Brenda.

Brenda conversed with Jason at the penthouse. She told him that she was happy for the first time in a very long time. Brenda said that she had told Sonny about killing Aleksander and about Dante's part in the killing. She said that Sonny had told her to forgive herself. Brenda said that she was going on a date with Sonny and wanted to know what Jason thought about it.

Jason hedged and said that he would stay out of her personal life and focus on the Balkan. Brenda said that she cared what Jason thought. She tried to get him to wish her well, but Spinelli interrupted before Brenda could get a response from Jason. Spinelli immediately offered to make tea, but Jason said that they had to get over to Sam's office to meet Lucky and Dante. Spinelli refused to go when Brenda said she wanted tea with a shot of whiskey, so a frustrated Jason left alone.

Spinelli stayed with a smiling, cheerful Brenda, who told him that she was both happy and nervous. Brenda told Spinelli that her sunny disposition was due to her upcoming date with Sonny.

At General Hospital, Steve and Patrick talked about how tough the surgery rotation was without Lisa. Patrick said he would work double shifts and do whatever was necessary to keep Lisa away from Robin. Lisa joined them and said that she was worried about her patients. Patrick told her that if she was that concerned, she should have stayed away from Robin. Robin, confined to a wheelchair, rolled up to the nurses' station and said that she thought the idea was to keep Lisa off the floor.

Lisa said that she was only there to drop off charts. Steve told Lisa to send the charts with an intern the next time, instead of leaving the ER. As Lisa waited for an elevator, she said that she felt like Cinderella, but not in a good way.

Sonny met Dante at his restaurant office and told his son that he and Brenda had reconciled. He said that Brenda had told him the secret about killing the Balkan's son and Dante's part in the cover-up. Dante told Sonny that it was his chance to call Dante a hypocrite. Sonny said that as a father, he was glad that Dante had protected the woman that Sonny loved. Dante said he had not known he was Sonny's son at the time.

Sonny said that it did not matter. He said he was glad that Dante was keeping Brenda safe. Sonny urged Dante to do everything in his power to catch the Balkan. As Dante opened the door to leave, Suzanne was standing there. Sonny got a phone call and asked her to wait outside, where she cornered Dante about his past with Brenda. He told her that what had happened between him and Brenda was in the past where it would stay. Dante left, and Sonny confronted Suzanne. He told her that he and Brenda were trying again. He advised Suzanne not to get in the way.

Lisa patched up an injured cheerleader, who complained about another girl who had stolen her boyfriend. She told Lisa about a website where she intended to post her side of the story anonymously. Before Lisa learned more, Nikolas interrupted and asked Lisa how she was doing. Lisa was perky and professional with Nikolas. When he told her that he appreciated that she was sticking around and making the best of a bad situation, Lisa said that she would do anything to clear her name.

Lucky met Sam at her P.I. office. He told her how grateful he was that she had space for him, Jason, and Dante to work and search phone records for a trace of "Jack." Lucky said that listening to Siobhan relive her captivity had made him angry all over. When Sam smiled, Lucky wanted to know why. Sam said it was good to see him invested in someone again. She said it was a sign that he was getting over Liz and moving on. Sam said that Siobhan had no relationship to anyone in Port Charles, so it was a fresh start and wondered what more Lucky could ask for.

Nikolas found Steve and Patrick at the nurses' station and made a plea for Lisa. He felt her punishment was too harsh with no proof. When Patrick supported Robin, Nikolas wondered if Patrick's infidelity had destroyed his objectivity. Lisa appeared and said that she had been paged to Robin's room. She wanted a witness to go with her. Nikolas volunteered. When they arrived, Robin was packing. She said that she had been discharged and was going home.

Robin told Lisa that since Mac's house had burned down, she was going to the home she shared with Patrick. She advised Lisa not to use the keys she had copied because all the locks had been changed. She told Lisa to stay away from Robin's home and family, or Robin would call the police, or kill Lisa herself. Lisa said that would be fine with her and that if she saw Robin's house on fire, she would not stop; she would just drive on by. After Lisa left, Robin turned to Nikolas and said that even with a witness, Lisa continued to make threats.

Robin was alone and on the phone, looking for a ride home, when Patrick entered her hospital room and offered to drive her home. Robin gladly accepted. Patrick wheeled Robin to the elevator, where they met up with Steve. He told Robin that he wanted her back at the hospital as soon as she was ready. Robin thanked Steve and said that she was ready to focus on her job and avoid Lisa. In the elevator, Robin told Patrick that no matter what happened to them as a couple, she was grateful that he had stood by her.

Lisa was with the cheerleader, asking more questions about the website, when Nikolas took her aside to voice his support. Lisa continued to play the victim and defend her reputation. Nikolas advised her to keep her distance from Robin. He said that Robin was very prickly and had interpreted Lisa's harmless comment as a threat. Later, alone with her laptop, Lisa logged on to the website the cheerleader had mentioned and began telling her side of the story about the relationship between herself, Patrick, and Robin.

Dante and Jason arrived at Sam's office to find Lucky working on the phone records. When he could find nothing relating to "Jack," Jason suggested looking for who had claimed the body of the Balkan's son, Aleksander Janacek six month before. When Lucky refused to proceed until he knew everything that Jason knew, Dante told Lucky what had happened with Brenda three years before. Lucky approved Dante's actions but worried that Carly would eventually spill the beans. He appealed to Jason for help.

When Lucky was unable to unearth any new clues using the name Aleksander Janacek, Jason suggested that "Jack" might be a last name instead of a first name.

Spinelli opened the door to Sonny, who inquired after Brenda. When Spinelli said that she was dressing, Sonny suggested that he would like to be alone. Spinelli insisted on conversation and wanted to know Sonny's intentions towards Brenda. Sonny was in a good mood and indulged Spinelli when he asked if Sonny intended to bed Brenda then leave her flat as he has so many others. Sonny did not take offense when Spinelli said that Brenda deserved respect. He told Sonny to let Brenda set the pace and to take precautions. He told Sonny that sex implied deep trust and love, and added that Brenda deserved the best.

Sonny agreed and said that it was nice that Spinelli was Brenda's friend and looked out for her. He told Spinelli that he would be careful with Brenda. Spinelli then worried about Brenda and Sonny going out. He feared that they were both targets of violence and should stay in. He offered to cook, but Sonny declined the invitation.

When Brenda descended the stairs, both Sonny and Spinelli reached for her jacket. Spinelli turned to Brenda and started telling her all the reasons she should not go out with Sonny. Sonny took Spinelli aside and told him there was a fine line between being concerned and being obnoxious. Spinelli said, "so be it," because he could not in good conscience let Brenda leave with Sonny.

Brenda grabbed Spinelli and told him that she knew what she was doing. She said that she could have a lifetime of "what ifs" or she could take a chance. She told Spinelli that she was alive and happy for the first time in seven years and that she would not trade that for anything, even safety. Reluctantly, Spinelli said okay. Brenda and Sonny were smiling and laughing as they opened the door to leave. Carly was standing there about to knock and said, "Wow, this is just too perfect."

Suzanne met Jax at the Metro Court and told him that Brenda needed his help. When she asked him about Brenda's relationship to Sonny, Jax said that it was very dysfunctional. He said that Sonny had taken advantage of Brenda and that he had almost gotten her killed on more than one occasion. Jax said that Sonny did not take responsibility. Jax said it was not a question of if something bad would happen, but when it would happen.

Suzanne noted how much Jax had cared about Brenda. Jax said that his relationship to Brenda was in the past. He said that he was happy with his wife and children. Suzanne said that Carly was strong and capable, unlike Brenda. Suzanne said that Jax seemed to be the only man who had been able to draw Brenda away from Sonny. Suzanne told Jax that she needed him to do that again.

Sam was on the phone, making arrangements to do some undercover work at the local strip club, when she unlocked her apartment and went to the bedroom to change clothes. A man, wearing black gloves, whose face was not visible, stepped out from behind a screen in the living room.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Lucky, Jason, and Dante discussed the possibility that the man that they were looking for could have the last name of "Jacks." Jason and Lucky realized that their suspect might be Jerry Jacks. Jason and Lucky quickly filled Dante in about Jerry's crime spree in Port Charles and the lengths that Jerry would go to for money. Lucky didn't discount the possibility that Jerry could be in cahoots with the Balkan, but Dante wondered if it were possible that Jerry was the Balkan. Lucky conceded that Jerry was a sociopath, while Jason acknowledged that Jerry had been known to haunt the Balkan region and was old enough to have a son Aleksander's age.

A mystery man quietly ducked into a room in Sam's apartment, while Alexis knocked on her daughter's front door. The moment that Sam opened the door, Alexis ordered Sam to stop trying to set Alexis up with Mac. Sam was curious if Alexis would rather date someone like Jerry Jacks. Alexis explained that there weren't any sparks with Mac. Sam made it clear that sparks were overrated and hadn't helped Alexis in the past.

Alexis argued that Sam was hardly in a position to judge. Sam agreed, but she insisted that she had finally found someone who respected her. Sam wanted Alexis to find the same kind of person instead of another Jerry Jacks. Alexis acknowledged that she had made a huge mistake by dating Jerry. In the other room, the mystery person tapped his foot impatiently as he listened to Alexis and Sam talk about Alexis' poor choice in men.

Alexis realized that she had some unresolved issues with her father, Mikkos Cassadine. Alexis readily conceded that she was vulnerable to unattainable men whom she wanted to save and change. Sam suspected that Alexis was drawn to certain men because Alexis subconsciously knew that the relationships wouldn't work out. Alexis was impressed by Sam's insight. Sam insisted that Alexis needed to go out with someone like Mac, but Alexis argued that it was easier said than done because Mac hadn't called to ask her out.

Sam's cell phone rang, so Sam begged her mother to accept a date with Mac if Mac called. Alexis reluctantly agreed and then left while Sam answered the phone. Sam chatted on the phone as she followed Alexis out of the apartment. Moments later, the mystery man slipped out of the room and then left the empty apartment. A short time later, the man placed a call to Jerry Jacks to let Jerry know that he had gained access to Sam's apartment.

Jerry wasn't pleased that the man hadn't carried out Jerry's orders. The man assured Jerry that he understood what was at stake. The man then wondered when Jerry planned to arrive in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Jason met Sam at her apartment. Sam explained that there had been an unexpected change with one of her cases, so Sam had hoped to spend some time with Jason.

Jason broke the news to Sam that Jerry Jacks might be the Balkan. Jason was concerned that Jerry would try to harm Sam in an attempt to distract Jason from protecting Brenda. Sam thought that it was a stretch to conclude that Jerry might be the "Jack" that Siobhan had overheard the Balkan's men talking about. Jason admitted that he had some doubts, but he didn't want to take any chances with Sam's safety.

At Jason's penthouse, Sonny became suspicious when Carly calmly accepted the news that Sonny and Brenda had decided to start dating again. Carly was annoyed because she realized that she was in a no-win situation with Sonny. However, Carly insisted that she was happy with Jax, so she didn't care if Sonny wrecked his own life. Sonny didn't buy it, but he decided to leave with Brenda instead of continuing the argument with Carly. After Sonny and Brenda left, Spinelli offered to let Carly vent if she needed it. Spinelli realized that Carly had to be upset about Sonny's decision to date Brenda.

Carly hid her annoyance and then feigned concern for Sonny, Jason, and Lulu because she had discovered some possibly damaging information about Dante. Spinelli was stunned when Carly admitted that she had spoken to someone who had worked with Dante in 2007 during Dante's assignment to protect Brenda. Carly used Spinelli's concern for Brenda to paint Dante as a callous heartbreaker who had ruthlessly seduced Brenda. Spinelli refused to believe the suspicions of a police officer he didn't know, so he decided to find proof that there had been an affair. Carly could barely contain her elation; however, she cautioned Spinelli to keep quiet about the affair until they had all of the information that they needed to decide what to do about it.

Later, Dante showed up at the penthouse. Carly was stunned when Dante revealed that Jerry Jacks might be connected to the Balkan. Dante wondered if Jerry had recently contacted Jax. Carly was certain that Jax would have mentioned it if he had heard from Jerry. Dante reminded Carly that Brenda was the prize, so Jerry might use Jax to get close to Brenda.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Suzanne confided that Sonny had warned her to stay out of Sonny and Brenda's relationship. Jax wasn't surprised. Suzanne pleaded with Jax to stop Brenda from making a mistake by going out with Sonny, but Jax refused to get involved because of Carly. Suzanne insisted that Jax had some influence with Brenda, so Brenda might listen if Jax tried to reason with Brenda. Jax explained that he and Carly had just worked things out, so he didn't want to risk his marriage by trying to keep Brenda from dating Sonny.

Suzanne feared that she would lose her friend to Sonny's lifestyle. Jax admitted that he had already warned Brenda not to get involved with Sonny. Suzanne wanted Jax to try again, but Jax insisted that he had made his choice between Brenda and Carly when he had married Carly. Suzanne warned Jax that he was putting Brenda in danger by refusing to intercede. Later, in Jax's office, Jax ordered Olivia to arrange for a dozen orchids and a box of chocolates to be sent to Brenda.

Olivia was surprised that Jax had decided to call it quits with Carly. Jax explained that he was only trying to keep Brenda distracted from Sonny until the Balkan had been caught. Olivia warned Jax that he was making a grave mistake by trying to keep Sonny and Brenda apart, but Jax was certain that he could do what was necessary without risking his marriage. Olivia was curious how far Jax was willing to go to keep Brenda from Sonny. She was certain that he would eventually lose Carly, the kids, and Brenda if he continued down the path that he had chosen.

Jax argued that he owed it to Brenda to try to help her. Olivia wondered how Jax would feel if Carly had tried to do the same thing for one of her old flames. Olivia was also certain that Sonny wouldn't take kindly to Jax's interference.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny ordered Brenda's favorite drink. Brenda smiled because she was certain that Sonny had a knack for remembering a woman's favorite drink. Sonny smiled sheepishly, but didn't deny it. Brenda changed the subject to question why Sonny had chosen Jax's restaurant for their dinner. She was curious if it was some kind of test.

Brenda suggested that he might be trying to throw their relationship in Jax's face, but Sonny made it clear that he didn't give a damn about Jax. However, Sonny was a bit concerned about Carly's lack of reaction to his earlier announcement. Brenda wondered if Sonny thought that Carly might be up to something. Sonny promised Brenda that he wouldn't let anyone, including Carly, hurt her. As they sipped their drinks, Sonny confided that Spinelli had questioned his intentions in regards to Brenda.

Brenda was touched by Spinelli's concern. She admitted that Spinelli was a sweet person who ran all over town to get her organic fruit and vegetables. Brenda and Sonny then began to reminisce about their past with Robin and Stone. They were laughing when Jax entered the restaurant. Moments later, Jax joined Brenda and Sonny at their table.

Sonny made it clear that Jax had interrupted their date, but Jax ignored Sonny. Jax had ordered a bottle of champagne and three glasses. Jax smiled at Brenda as he sat down and then proposed toasting to old times.

At Kelly's, Abby was happy to see Michael enter the diner. She hoped that he hadn't felt pressured to spend time with her. Michael assured her that he didn't as he took a seat at her table. However, he was curious why she continued to put up with him. Abby wondered if Michael had been glad to see her. "Yes," he assured her.

Abby admitted that she was happy to see him too. She confessed that she thought about him constantly and that he was the first friend that she had made in a long time, which was why she put up with him. Michael confided that he thought about Abby often and that he had regretted his harsh words on the pier. Abby didn't blame Michael; she realized that she had pushed him when he hadn't been ready to discuss what had happened to him in prison. Michael was curious why she kept suggesting that something had happened to him in Pentonville.

Abby didn't know anything about his time in jail until Michael was ready to talk about it. However, she promised to stop trying to get him to open up about it because she didn't want him to feel guarded around her like he was with others. Michael explained that Jason had taught him how to defend himself in Pentonville, which made Michael dangerous when he was angry. Michael realized that the person that he was really trying to fight was already dead. Abby thought it was a good sign that Michael was trying to fight instead of seeking escape with booze or drugs.

Michael realized that Abby understood what it was like to want to avoid the reality of one's life because of her job as a stripper. Abby acknowledged that when things became difficult at work, she found escape by dancing around her apartment. Abby was embarrassed when she realized that she had shared something extremely private about herself. Michael smiled as he assured her that she didn't have anything to be embarrassed about. Abby insisted that it went both ways; Michael didn't have to fear telling her anything that might make him feel embarrassed.

Abby then changed the subject to find out how Michael had spent the holiday. Michael told Abby about his Thanksgiving with the Quartermaines and then opened up a bit about his relationship with his great-grandfather, Edward. Abby noticed that Michael made an effort to hide his true feelings about things as he talked about what his parents had done for Thanksgiving. She assured Michael that he didn't have to hide how he felt when he was with her. "I know," Michael admitted.

Michael confessed that he could talk to Abby in a way that he couldn't talk to others. Abby confided that she felt the same way. Abby noticed the time, so she explained that she had to leave, but she invited Michael to call her any time.

At the Scorpio-Drake residence, Robin was happy to be home. However, she had missed Emma. Patrick offered to fetch Robin something to eat from her favorite Thai restaurant. Robin agreed and then started to ask Patrick something, but Maxie breezed into the bedroom, bearing gifts. Maxie immediately realized that she had interrupted a close moment between Patrick and Robin, so she quickly explained that she had to get back to work.

After Maxie left, Patrick wondered what Robin had been about to ask him. Robin assured him that it wasn't important and then claimed that she had changed her mind about ordering out because she wasn't hungry. Patrick realized that it was his cue to leave, so he told Robin to call him if she needed anything and then left. Later, Maxie returned to find that Patrick was gone. Robin claimed that Patrick had needed to get back to work, but Maxie didn't believe her.

Maxie suspected that Robin had asked Patrick to leave. Robin tried to change the subject by talking about Emma, but Maxie refused to let Robin off the hook. Maxie wanted to know why Robin hadn't invited Patrick to stay for dinner. Robin explained that it was too soon. Maxie reminded Robin that Patrick was Emma's father and still legally Robin's husband, so Robin would have to make peace with him.

Maxie warned Robin that the clock was ticking on saving her marriage. Robin admitted that she wasn't ready to file for divorce, but neither was she ready to reconcile with Patrick.

At the hospital, Lisa sat in an office, recording a confession about her affair with Patrick on a laptop computer. Steve demanded to know what was going on when he walked in. Lisa lied by claiming that she had been checking her email. Steve seemed to believe her, so he switched gears to commend Lisa on saving a finger and the use of a young boy's hand. Lisa claimed that she had only been doing her job, but then grumbled about her probation.

Steve hated what was going on, but he suggested that it served as a valuable lesson not to have affairs with co-workers. After Steve left, Lisa smiled with satisfaction as she posted her video confession. A short time later, Steve approached Liz at the nurses' station to talk about Lisa's job performance. Liz admitted that she still had her doubts about Lisa. Liz then spotted Patrick.

Steve was surprised to see Patrick at work. Patrick admitted that he had intended to have dinner with Robin and Emma, but Robin hadn't seemed enthusiastic about it, so he hadn't tried to push it. Liz suggested that it would take Robin awhile to feel comfortable again because of Lisa, so she advised Patrick to give Robin some time to adjust. Lisa walked up to the nurses' station moments later to discuss a patient who needed a neurological consult. Lisa looked pointedly at Patrick and then innocently wondered if Patrick were off to spend some time with Robin and Emma.

Patrick let Lisa know that Robin and Emma were at home. However, he warned Lisa not to get any ideas because the locks to the house had been changed. Patrick then reviewed the charts of Lisa's patient. Patrick agreed that the patient needed to have a neurological consultation. After Lisa left, Liz admitted that Robin had been right; Lisa was quite good at impersonating a sane person.

Steve warned Liz to leave Lisa alone. According to Steve, Lisa was doing a better job than all of them. Later, Patrick passed an office where he heard Lisa talking about her affair with him. Patrick followed the sound of Lisa's voice to find Liz sitting behind a desk watching a video on a laptop. Liz explained that Lisa had posted a video on "" to tell the world her version of the affair.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At the hotel, Dante questioned Carly about Jerry Jacks. He was curious if Jerry had recently contacted Jax. Carly explained that Jerry loved Jax, so it was unlikely that Jerry would call Jax if Jerry were doing something illegal. Carly was certain that Jax hadn't heard from Jerry and that Jax had no inkling that Jerry might be after Brenda. Dante wanted access to the hotel's phone records because he hoped to find something that might lead them to Jerry.

Carly flatly refused Dante's request. She was curious why Dante seemed so fired up about protecting Brenda. Dante reminded Carly that he was a police officer and then warned her that she might be aiding and abetting a fugitive if she didn't cooperate. Carly wasn't swayed; she wondered why Dante behaved as if it was his personal mission to save Brenda. Dante ignored the question as he assured her that he had proof that Jerry was involved.

According to Dante, a woman had heard Jerry's name mentioned while she had been held captive by the Balkan's men. Dante wondered if Carly's vendetta against Brenda was worth risking Brenda's life. Carly didn't seem fazed by the question; however, she was curious if Lulu was aware of Dante's obsession with saving Brenda.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax chatted with Brenda in a clear attempt to put a damper on Sonny and Brenda's date. Sonny smiled indulgently as Jax tried to monopolize Brenda's attention. Brenda was delighted when Jax mentioned that he intended to make a substantial donation to ASEC. Sonny offered to do the same, but Jax warned Sonny not to taint Brenda's charity. According to Jax, nothing was confidential because of the Internet, so someone would find out that Sonny had donated money.

Jax was certain that no one would be pleased to discover that Sonny's tainted money was attached to the charity. Jax smiled victoriously as he excused himself and then turned to leave. However, Jax stopped short when he realized that Carly had been standing behind his chair. Jax's smile disappeared as Carly asked everyone how dinner had been. Sonny complained that the service had been a bit slow, so Carly offered to pick up Sonny's tab.

Sonny assured Carly that it wasn't necessary, but Carly insisted on compensating Sonny for the poor service by sending Sonny and Brenda a complimentary dessert of chocolate mousse. Brenda happily accepted the offer. After Carly and Jax left, Brenda admitted that she had been impressed by how Sonny had kept his cool while Jax had been at their table. Sonny realized that Jax had been trying to show off, so Sonny had decided not to rise to the bait. Brenda reminded Sonny that Sonny wasn't exactly innocent, since he had tried to provoke Jax by selecting the Metro Court Restaurant for dinner.

After dessert arrived, Brenda once again praised Sonny for not letting Jax goad him into an argument. Brenda hoped that it was a sign that Sonny and Jax might turn over a new leaf. Sonny assured her that would never happen. Sonny explained that he had taken her to dinner at the restaurant to prove to her that he didn't have anything to hide; however, he promised to understand if she didn't want to go public with their relationship. Brenda made her intentions clear by leaning forward to kiss Sonny.

Carly followed Jax to his office to let him know that Jerry might be involved with the Balkan. Jax decided to call Lady Jane to see if his mother had heard from Jerry. Lady Jane denied that she had talked to Jerry, but Jax later admitted to Carly that he suspected that his mother had lied. Jax had no idea how he could stop his brother if Jerry didn't want to be found. However, Jax refused to allow Jerry to harm Brenda or anyone else.

At Sam's apartment, Jason explained that he feared that Jerry Jacks would target Sam because Jerry knew how much Sam meant to Jason. Sam was touched by Jason's concern, but she assured him that he didn't have to worry about her. Jason asked Sam to move in with him until the Balkan had been captured, but Sam didn't want to live at the crowded penthouse. Jason was disappointed, but he respected her decision. Sam let Jason know that she would shoot Jerry if he showed up at her apartment.

Jason confided that the timing couldn't be worse because Brenda and Sonny had decided to start dating again. Sam insisted that Brenda and Sonny were adults who were capable of making their own choices. Sam pointed out that Jason's job was to protect Brenda and Sonny, nothing more. Jason agreed, which proved to Sam that her instincts were as good as Jason's. After Jason and Sam made love, Jason decided to head home to have a talk with Spinelli about Spinelli's obsession with Brenda.

Sam noticed that Jason had checked the locks on her front door. She opened the top drawer of her desk and then pulled out a handgun to show Jason that she was well protected. Jason relaxed a bit, but he still ordered her to lock up behind him. Later, Sam was on the phone in her living room while the handgun rested on her desk. Sam was unaware that a mystery man lurked nearby.

Jason arrived at the penthouse to find Spinelli pacing the living room. Spinelli was upset because Brenda hadn't returned from her date with Sonny. Jason ordered Spinelli to stop interfering in Brenda and Sonny's relationship. According to Jason, Sonny knew Brenda better than most, including Spinelli. Jason suggested that Spinelli could help Brenda by tracking Jerry Jacks's whereabouts.

Spinelli was stunned to learn that Jason suspected that Jerry was somehow connected to the Balkan and might be after Brenda. Spinelli assured Jason that he would begin tracking Jerry immediately. Jason suggested that Spinelli start with Jerry's mother, Lady Jane. Spinelli began to work on the laptop, but stopped when he heard footsteps in the hallway. Spinelli sprinted to the door to peek through the peephole. Spinelli was relieved that Brenda had finally arrived home.

Spinelli grew livid when he realized that Sonny intended to kiss Brenda, but Jason pulled Spinelli away from the door to give the couple some privacy. In the hallway, Sonny wondered if he would see Brenda again. She assured him that he would, so Sonny leaned forward to give Brenda a passionate goodbye kiss.

Johnny entered the Haunted Star, looking for a card game. Luke offered to fetch Ethan, but Johnny was reluctant to get into a game with Ethan because Ethan tended to stack the deck. Luke chuckled proudly. Moments later, May a arrived to meet Ethan. Johnny was surprised when Ethan greeted Maya as "my bride."

Ethan and Maya gave Johnny the highlights of their trip to Las Vegas with Luke and Tracy and the wedding that had followed. Tracy entered the casino a short time later and immediately demanded to know what Luke was doing behind the bar. Luke claimed that he was taking care of their "floating empire," but Tracy didn't want Luke anywhere near the money until Luke has signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Meanwhile, Johnny was curious why Ethan and Maya hadn't annulled their marriage. Johnny was surprised to learn that Edward had offered to pay the newlyweds a million dollars in exchange for them staying married for one full year.

Tracy grumbled that she wished that she had known how easy it was to obtain an annulment after Luke had tricked her into their fake marriage. Maya suggested that Tracy could have discovered how to annul the marriage with just a few clicks of a mouse on a computer. Lulu walked in moments later and then wondered if Dante had arrived. Tracy confessed that she had nearly forgotten that Lulu was dating "the spawn of Sonny." Johnny found Tracy's description of Dante apt and amusing. Lulu wasn't nearly as entertained as everyone else.

Dante entered a few minutes later. "Speak of the spawn," Tracy commented when she spotted Dante. Dante realized that they had been talking about him, but he didn't seem overly concerned about what had been said. Johnny observed that it appeared that weddings were in the air, so he wondered when Dante and Lulu intended to tie the knot. Dante and Lulu appeared shocked by the question.

Ethan spared his sister and Dante from having to answer the question by reminding Johnny that Ethan's marriage to Maya had been all about the money. However, Ethan complained that he wasn't thrilled by the lack of intimacy. Maya explained that Edward hadn't made any stipulations about Ethan and Maya living together, so Ethan and Maya hadn't spent any time alone since they had agreed to Edward's terms. Ethan decided to tempt Maya by offering to play a game of poker; if Ethan won then Maya would have to spend a couple of nights with Ethan. Maya readily agreed to Ethan's terms.

Johnny wanted in on the game, but he preferred to wager money. Dante decided to head to his mother's place, so he agreed to meet Lulu at the loft later. Lulu followed Ethan, Johnny, and Maya to the card table to play poker, while Tracy and Luke lingered behind the bar. Tracy urged Luke to have a word with Lulu about Dante. Tracy argued that Dante was only honorable when it suited his purposes, so she was worried that Dante would break Lulu's heart. Luke didn't want to get involved, but Tracy wondered if Luke were prepared for Lulu to marry Dante.

A short time later, Tracy decided to take over for Lulu when it became clear that Lulu had hit a "cold streak." Lulu joined her father at the bar. She was certain that Tracy expected Luke to lecture Lulu about what a terrible catch Dante was. Luke didn't deny it; however, he seized the opportunity to let Lulu know that Dante was a young man with plenty of oats to sow. Luke warned Lulu not to make the mistake of thinking that she could change Dante. According to Luke, men didn't change, they just got older.

Dante went to his mother's apartment to talk to her about Jerry's possible connection to the Balkan and to find out if Jerry had contacted Jax. Olivia was fairly certain that Jerry hadn't been in touch with Jax, but she didn't think that Jax would ever allow Jerry to hurt Brenda. Olivia reminded Dante that Jax had loved Brenda deeply at one time. Dante was frustrated because he wanted everything to be over, so that Brenda could return to Italy. Olivia sensed that something else was troubling Dante.

Dante talked about his first encounter with Brenda in Jason's penthouse after she had arrived in Port Charles. He acknowledged that he had handled the situation with Brenda poorly because he had been caught up in being the hero. He realized that Brenda was her own worst enemy. Olivia noticed that Brenda had made quite an impression on her son during the short time that Dante and Brenda had known each other. Dante admitted that he had been star-struck by Brenda.

However, Dante insisted that he had a great life with Lulu, wonderful siblings, and a long-lost father. He didn't want to be the one to save Brenda, but he hoped that someone would keep her safe from harm.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Lucky was on the phone when Siobhan dropped by with some takeout food from Jake's. Lucky admitted that he needed Siobhan's help to track down the Balkan. He wondered if she would think back to everything that had happened during her time as the Balkan's captive, in case there had been something that she had forgotten. Siobhan was happy to help, but she wished that she knew more about the "Croatian" because she suspected that it might jog her memory. Lucky and Siobhan were surprised when Agent Bates entered the office.

Agent Bates immediately recognized Siobhan as the young woman who had helped Lucky. Siobhan didn't extend a warm greeting to the Interpol agent, so Agent Bates explained that he needed Lucky to pose as Ronan O'Reilly one more time. Siobhan was outraged at the suggestion because the Balkan was fully aware of Lucky's true identity. She was certain that Agent Bates was sending Lucky to his death. Agent Bates didn't appreciate Siobhan's interference.

Lucky warned Agent Bates to leave Siobhan alone because she had been through enough. Lucky cut to the chase by demanding to know exactly what the assignment was. Agent Bates explained that Ronan had left a safety deposit box under another name. Interpol wanted Lucky to go to the bank in New York City to retrieve the safety deposit box and then contact Interpol once it was in Lucky's possession. However, Agent Bates made it clear that Lucky was not to go after the Balkan alone.

Lucky agreed to take the assignment. After Agent Bates left, Siobhan insisted on accompanying Lucky to the bank even though she was certain that the job was doomed to fail. Lucky refused to consider endangering Siobhan any further than he already had, so he made it clear that she was to remain in Port Charles. Siobhan objected, claiming that Lucky needed a partner to help create a diversion. According to Siobhan, the Balkan likely knew about the safety deposit box, so there might be men waiting to grab Lucky when Lucky left the bank.

Lucky argued that he wouldn't be able to concentrate on the assignment if he had to worry about Siobhan, so he didn't want her anywhere near the bank. Siobhan wasn't happy with Lucky's decision. After Lucky placed a call to arrange a flight to New York City, he charmed a kiss out of Siobhan and then offered to walk her out. Siobhan declined, but she wished Lucky well on his "suicide mission." As soon as Lucky left, Siobhan picked up the phone and then booked a flight to New York City.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kristina and Michael went to the loft after school. Kristina thought that it was cool that Michael lived with Dante because it allowed Michael to be an adult. She also envied Michael for not having to worry about his grades the way that she had to. Michael reminded Kristina that she did well in school, but Kristina pointed out that Michael had fantastic grades without even trying. She was curious if he had applied to any colleges.

Michael didn't think that he had the same pressure that Kristina had because ex-cons weren't likely to be accepted to an Ivy League college. However, he assured Kristina that their father would pay whatever was necessary to get them into a good school. Kristina was determined to focus on her grades, so that she could put the past year behind her. Kristina then began to talk about Taylor. According to Kristina, Taylor had been wonderful and patient with her.

Kristina hoped that Michael could find someone like that. Michael was curious if Kristina and Taylor were dating. Kristina explained that it difficult to describe their relationship, but she conceded that they were sort of dating. She then mentioned her friend Ali. Michael didn't want to discuss Ali, but Kristina refused to drop it. She didn't understand why Michael didn't like Ali.

Michael explained that he hardly knew Ali, but Kristina insisted that Michael and Ali had a lot in common. Michael wondered if Ali had killed someone and then gone to prison for it. Kristina didn't find the comment amusing. She clarified that Ali was athletic like Michael, and she enjoyed skiing. Michael acknowledged that Ali was nice, but he didn't think that anyone at Madison Prep could understand the things that he had gone through.

Kristina was curious why Michael felt that having lived through something bad meant that he couldn't have anything good in his life again. She recalled how she had tried to cover up how sick, angry, and alone she had felt when Kiefer had abused her. Kristina suspected that Michael had felt the same way after he had been released from prison, but he had been better at hiding it. Michael conceded that it had been difficult for him after he had left Pentonville, but he assured Kristina that things were better for him.

Dante dropped by Sonny's office to give Sonny an update on the Balkan. Dante warned Sonny that Jerry Jacks might be involved, which meant that Brenda might be in greater danger. Sonny wasn't surprised by the news. They briefly discussed Jerry's criminal history before Dante revealed that he didn't want Jerry to realize that they were onto him. Sonny trusted Dante and Jason to do what needed to be done, so he shifted gears to let Dante know that he was dating Brenda.

Dante was curious why Sonny wanted him to know. Sonny explained that he and Dante had the same desire to keep Brenda safe. Dante reminded Sonny that Brenda would return to Italy after the Balkan had been captured. Sonny wasn't as certain, which seemed to annoy Dante.

In Jax's office, Jax wrapped up a call with someone he hoped could help him track down Jerry. He was stunned when Carly entered the office to announce that Lady Jane would arrive within the hour. Jax was reluctant to use his mother to get to Jerry, but Carly didn't think that they had a choice. Carly was certain that Lady Jane was their best hope of locating Jerry. Jax reminded Carly that they didn't know anything for certain, so there might be a possibility that Jerry wasn't involved with the Balkan. Carly warned Jax that it was just wishful thinking.

At the police station, Dante let the desk sergeant know that an autopsy report from New Jersey was expected. Jax approached Dante as Dante headed to his desk. Dante wondered if Carly had told Jax about Jerry. Jax confirmed that she had, so he wanted Dante to give him the opportunity to deal with Jerry privately. Dante appreciated Jax's request, but Dante feared that it might endanger Brenda further.

Jax assured Dante that he was perfectly capable of separating his feelings. Dante admitted that he had once thought the same thing about Sonny, but they all knew how that had turned out. Jax insisted that he and Jerry had drifted apart over the years and that Jax would do whatever was necessary to protect Brenda. After Jax left, Dante received the fax from New Jersey. The desk sergeant warned Dante that the autopsy revealed that the murder weapon had been a regulation sidearm.

Dante studied the autopsy report after the desk sergeant walked away. Ronnie approached moments later and immediately recognized the case file that Dante was reviewing. Ronnie was curious what Dante found so fascinating about the murder of "Aleksander Janacek."

Sam stopped short when she noticed that the lock on her front door had been tampered with.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda informed Jason that she had a date with Sonny. "That's nice," Jason responded. However, Jason added that she wasn't permitted to leave the penthouse. Brenda suggested that Jason take it up with Sonny. Jason explained that Jerry Jacks might be linked to the Balkan, so Brenda was in grave danger. Brenda laughed at the idea of Jerry harming her.

Jason warned Brenda that Jerry was not the man that she had known long before. He explained that even Jax couldn't control Jerry. Moments later, Jason received a call from Sam asking him to meet her at her apartment because she had discovered something that he needed to see. Jason promised to be there as soon as possible and then placed a call to Spinelli. When Spinelli arrived at the penthouse, Jason explained that Brenda was not to leave under any circumstances.

Jason made it clear that he expected Spinelli to stand firm. After Jason left, Brenda explained that she had a date planned with Sonny. She assured Spinelli that she would be safe with Sonny. Spinelli strongly disagreed. Brenda tried to work her wiles on Spinelli, to no avail.

Eventually, Brenda confided to Spinelli that Sonny actually liked Spinelli, but he just had a hard time showing it. Spinelli had his doubts, but Brenda insisted that Sonny hid his true feelings for Spinelli because Sonny was secretly intimidated by Spinelli's vast knowledge of computers. According to Brenda, Sonny was old school, so Sonny was all about honor and protection. Brenda again assured Spinelli that she was safe with Sonny. Spinelli refused to relent, so Brenda reminded Spinelli that Sonny was Jason's boss.

Spinelli insisted that Brenda couldn't leave; however, he had arranged for Brenda and Sonny to have their date in the penthouse. As if on cue, Max and Milo arrived dressed in chef uniforms complete with chef hats. Max and Milo headed straight to the kitchen, ready to cook.

At Sam's apartment, Jason examined the lock on Sam's door and then agreed that someone had obviously tried to pick the lock. Sam suggested that she had numerous enemies because of her work, but Jason was certain that Jerry had been responsible. He reminded her that Sam and Jerry had some unfinished business, so it made sense for Jerry to target Sam. Sam assured Jason that she could take care of herself. However, Sam looked worried after Jason left.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu showed up looking for Luke. Tracy revealed that Luke was busy attempting to break into the new safe in the office. Lulu was curious why Tracy was so determined to keep Luke from the money. Tracy explained that she wanted to be certain that Luke wanted to marry her for love, not her fortune. Lulu thought that Tracy was underestimating herself by not accepting that Luke loved Tracy for many reasons.

Tracy explained that Luke's tendency to run when he felt "squeezed" was a burden on Tracy's assets, so she was tired of funding his getaways. Lulu confessed that she would love to have the opportunity to take off occasionally. Tracy suggested that Lulu apply the urge to Dante by leaving him. Lulu made it clear that she would not change her mind about Dante, which prompted Tracy to warn Lulu that Lulu was in for a rude awakening. Lulu decided that Tracy should focus on getting married rather than on Lulu's relationship with Dante.

Tracy smiled as she took the opportunity to ask Lulu to be her maid of honor. Lulu happily accepted the offer. Tracy suggested that Lulu could start fulfilling her duties by keeping an eye on Luke. Luke appeared moments later. Tracy wondered if Luke had managed to break into the safe. Luke pretended that he had no idea what Tracy was talking about.

After Tracy walked away, Lulu revealed that Tracy had asked Lulu to be her maid of honor. Luke was pleasantly surprised by the news. He began to talk about trust and how important it was for a good relationship. Lulu admitted that she trusted Dante with her life. Luke cautioned Lulu not to.

Later, Sonny stopped by the Haunted Star to see Luke. Tracy made it clear that Sonny's money was not welcomed in the casino. She insisted that Sonny had been a plague on the Quartermaines for years. Tracy blamed Sonny for the death of several of her relatives and for others leaving town. After Tracy stormed out, Sonny admitted that he had hoped to reserve the casino for a night to wine and dine Brenda.

Luke assured Sonny that it wouldn't be a problem; however, Luke was a bit surprised that Sonny and Brenda were dating again. Sonny confided that he had given up on working things out with Brenda a long time before. Luke explained that the problem with shark attacks was that one never saw the sharks until it was too late. Sonny chuckled as he suggested that "the great white" had just left the building. "Touché," Luke acknowledged.

However, Luke explained that he was going after Tracy, so Luke was prepared to live with the damage that might result from the pursuit. He wondered if Sonny could say the same. Sonny revealed that he felt that he needed to give it one last shot with Brenda. Luke understood because difficult women were worth fighting for. Moments later, Brenda called Sonny to see where he was.

Sonny revealed that he had made arrangements for his date with Brenda, but Brenda warned Sonny that she couldn't leave the penthouse. A short time later, Sonny arrived at the penthouse to pick up Brenda. Spinelli insisted that Brenda had to stay put. Sonny warned Spinelli that it wasn't Spinelli's decision to make. Sonny started to lead Brenda to the door, but Spinelli blocked their path and then blew on a whistle.

Within moments, Max and Milo materialized in the living room. Max warned Sonny that Jason had left specific orders for Brenda to remain in the penthouse. However, Max assured Sonny that Sonny could still have a date with Brenda because Max and Milo had been hard at work preparing dinner in the kitchen. Sonny was not pleased, but Brenda persuaded Sonny to give them a chance. A short time later, Spinelli poured Brenda and Sonny some white wine as they waited for the first course of dinner to be served.

Sonny had his doubts about the food because he knew that Max couldn't boil a pot of water for pasta. Spinelli revealed that Max had been taking culinary classes in the evenings, so Max's skill in the kitchen had vastly improved. Shortly afterwards, Max and Milo served some soup. Brenda was impressed, so Sonny decided to give the soup a try. Sonny was pleasantly surprised when he tasted it.

Carly escorted Lady Jane into Jax's office. Carly assured Lady Jane that she would see Josslyn before Josslyn's nap; however, Carly wanted Lady Jane to know that Brenda was in town. Lady Jane smiled with understanding as she realized the reason for Carly's invitation to visit. Lady Jane made it clear that Carly, not Brenda, was the woman for Jax and that Lady Jane wouldn't have any problem making sure that Jax and Brenda knew how she felt. Carly appreciated the support, but she clarified that was not why she had called.

Later, Jax entered the office to find his mother and wife waiting. Lady Jane warmly greeted her son and then asked Carly to fetch the special cookies that Lady Jane was fond of. After Carly left, Lady Jane warned Jax not to get drawn in by Brenda again. Jax explained that Brenda was in trouble, so he had to help.

At the hospital, Matt and Epiphany talked about Lisa's video confession that had gone viral. Patrick approached them and immediately let Epiphany know that he was not happy with Lisa's latest stunt. Epiphany complained about the effect that it had on the staff and then walked away. Patrick made it clear to his brother that he was furious with Lisa for posting the damaging video. Matt groaned when he spotted Lisa at the nurses' station.

Patrick immediately confronted Lisa about the video. Patrick was curious why Lisa had felt the need to go on the Internet to post her lies about him and Robin. Lisa informed Patrick that what she did on her own time was her business. Patrick accused Lisa of acting out of spite and suggested that her accusations had been slanderous. Lisa reminded Patrick that she hadn't mentioned any names, so she hadn't slandered anyone.

Matt warned Lisa and Patrick to keep their voices down, but they ignored Matt. Patrick was certain that Lisa had posted the video in an attempt to make Robin appear unstable. Lisa argued that the video had been anonymous, but Patrick laughed. Patrick reminded her that her face had been on the video, so everyone in the hospital knew exactly whom she had been talking about. Lisa insisted that she didn't have any regrets because it was her truth and most of the responses to the video had been supportive.

Later, Lisa smiled with satisfaction when she spotted Nikolas on the pier. Lisa pretended to be surprised to have bumped into him and then began to talk about how much she loved her work. Lisa then admitted that she was determined to accept the consequences for her affair with Patrick and to focus on the good things in her life.

At the nurses' station, Patrick sarcastically thanked Matt for his support when Patrick had confronted Lisa about the video. Matt warned his brother that Patrick had played into Lisa's hand because Lisa's goal had been to get a reaction from Patrick. Patrick had no idea how he was going to break the news about the video to Robin. Matt looked up in time to see Robin exit the elevator. Matt suggested that Patrick figure something out because Robin had arrived.

After Matt walked away, Patrick approached Robin to let her know that he had something to tell her. Robin realized that it was about Lisa. Patrick told Robin about the video. Robin demanded to know what Lisa had said, but Patrick would only reveal that Lisa had spun her usual lies and thrown them to the dogs. Robin wanted to see the video, but Patrick advised her against it. After Patrick was called away, Robin went to one of the computers at the nurses' station to find the video.

Robin's fury mounted as she watched Lisa portray the victim in an affair with a married man. Lisa accused Robin of being vindictive and out to get her. According to Lisa, Patrick knew that he could never please his wife, so he had broken free for a night to be with Lisa. Robin looked up in time to see Lisa and Nikolas approach the nurses' station. Robin immediately confronted Lisa about the "crap" that Lisa had posted online.

Nikolas suggested that Robin take it easy, but Robin ignored the advice. Robin angrily accused Lisa of being a "psychotic freak." Nikolas was stunned by Robin's vehemence. He reminded Robin that it wasn't like her to be so confrontational. Robin was hurt that Nikolas had sided with Lisa.

Robin warned Nikolas that Lisa was manipulating him. Patrick walked up as Robin accused Lisa of attempted murder and trying to dismantle Robin's life. Nikolas was concerned because he didn't think that Robin was behaving like herself. Robin was horrified when she realized how she appeared.

In an alley, Sam was on her cell phone with Maxie as a mystery man followed her. Eventually the mystery man lunged for Sam, but Jason was there to stop the man before Sam was harmed. As Sam ran to Jason's side, Jason aimed his gun at the man's back and then warned him, "This is where it ends, Jerry."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Max and Milo made a fancy dinner for Brenda and Sonny at Jason's penthouse. A jealous Spinelli acted as their waiter and tried to keep the couple from talking seriously. As Sonny depicted a possible romantic interlude between himself and Brenda on a yacht, Spinelli interrupted. He asked Max and Milo to switch hats and escort Sonny out, because Sonny was, in Spinelli's opinion, a lothario. Brenda explained that she would be fine. Sonny excused Max, Milo, and Spinelli.

As they prepared to go upstairs, Brenda urged Sonny to ask Jason to go easy on Max and Milo for having let her out of their sight. Sonny assured her that all three men worked for him and did what he said. Sonny expressed his continued annoyance with Spinelli but admitted that Spinelli had been right about Sonny's past with women. Jason phoned Brenda, but Sonny took the call. Jason informed him that Jerry was definitely involved in the attempts on Brenda's life.

Soon thereafter, Brenda welcomed Sonny into her room at Jason's penthouse. They joked about how regrettably pink the room was. They reminisced about Brenda's old apartment and lamented the fire that had destroyed it. They kissed.

Downstairs, Spinelli, Max, and Milo entered the living room. Spinelli was worried that Sonny and Brenda had left together. Max and Milo left to check outside. Carly walked in and told Spinelli she could help him keep Brenda away from Sonny. She urged him to help her convince Sonny that Brenda had slept with Dante so that Sonny would drop Brenda. Spinelli agreed.

Jax's mother confronted Jax over his insistence that he should protect Brenda. She worried that his marriage to Carly was in peril and that it wasn't his duty to run after Brenda whenever she was in danger. Jax replied that it was his duty, because the danger was coming from his brother. Carly entered the room as Jane began to ask what Jerry could have to do with Brenda. Carly stated that Jerry didn't care whom he hurt, as long as he got whatever it was he wanted.

Jane explained that Jerry had sent her a music box, made in Bulgaria, for her birthday, which supported Jax and Carly's suspicion that the Balkan was Jerry. Jane was not convinced but, if the two men were one and the same, she wanted Jax's assurance that he would not harm his brother. She asked Carly whether Carly would be able to sacrifice one of her boys in favor of the other.

After Jane left, Jax and Carly discussed Jane's desire for Jerry to be protected. Jax wondered if Jerry was working for the person hell-bent on Brenda's death or if he was indeed the Balkan. Carly offered to help Jax find his brother, but Jax refused. He said he had to do it on his own. Carly asked if it was because Jerry was involved, or if it was Brenda.

Later, Jax called one of his contacts to ask if Jerry had been heard from. Mac walked in and threatened to charge Jax as an accessory to murder if Jax was trying to warn Jerry. Mac clarified that the murder he referred to was that of a man who'd worked for Jerry. Mac made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to kill Jerry if given the opportunity.

Later, Jax went to his and Carly's home with Suzanne, having asked for her help. He showed her a photo of Jerry and asked if she'd ever seen him. She hadn't and wondered if he was somehow involved with the Balkan. Jax admitted that Jerry was his brother.

At the police station, Dante explained to Ronnie why he was so interested in Alexander, whose body had been found in a swamp. Dante was hoping that the body could help them identify the Balkan.

Jason and Sam faced off with a stranger and demanded to know what the man knew about Jerry Jacks. Jason held a gun on the man and threatened to kill him. Jason frisked the man and found Sam's wallet. Sam asked the stranger why he'd broken into her apartment. As the man explained that Jerry had hired him, he was shot from above.

Soon thereafter, Dante responded to Jason's call and showed up at the scene of the crime. Sam updated Dante on what had preceded the shootout. Jason explained that he'd shot at the sniper and found blood on the window frame where that person had been. However, the assassin was nowhere to be found.

Later Mac arrived and scolded Dante for having been involved in yet another death. Dante stated that the dead man had worked for Jerry Jacks. Mac was shocked to learn that there might have been a connection between Jerry and the Balkan. Mac warned Dante to be vigilant when Jerry was concerned. Jerry was extremely dangerous and needed to be stopped.

Jason and Sam went to the Jackal & McCall offices to try, unsuccessfully, to get information from the dead man's phone. They wondered why no one in town had seen Jerry until Sam theorized that he might have altered his face, as he had once before. Dante arrived and let them know Mac had changed his tune and wanted finding Jerry to be the top priority. Dante clued Sam in on what he and Jason knew: that the Balkan was after Brenda because she'd been involved in the death of the man's son.

At the nurses' station, Robin apologized to Nikolas for having accused him of siding with Lisa. Nikolas suggested that the two women find a way to work together. Patrick pointed out that Lisa was on probation and that she should return to the emergency room. After Lisa left, Robin suggested that Nikolas check out the "pack of lies" Lisa had posted on the Internet.

Nikolas explained that he had to remain impartial. Robin argued that Lisa wasn't playing fair, and her having posted a "confession" online had crossed the line. Maya passed by and said that, though she hadn't seen the post, the whole staff was buzzing about it. Nikolas advised Robin to take the high road and not draw attention to Lisa's actions. Patrick suggested that Robin speak to a therapist to relieve some of the pressure, but Robin worried that Lisa would find out and use it against her.

A wounded Johnny returned home to find Ethan preparing for a date with Maya. Johnny asked Ethan to call a doctor. Ethan attempted to call their mob doctor, but Johnny refused, worried that he would be killed.

Nikolas ran into Lisa as she took a patient file to another doctor. She apologized for creating such a mess by giving in to her temptations with Patrick. Nikolas advised Lisa to put the past behind her and concentrate on her future actions. Lisa promised that she had changed.

Ethan arrived and pretended to have been late for his date with Lisa. He dropped hints that led her to believe that Johnny needed something from her. Nikolas was confused, since Ethan had just married Maya. Ethan responded that he and Maya had a progressive relationship. Ethan and Lisa entered the elevator.

Later, Patrick again asked Robin if they could attend couples therapy together, but Robin said that she didn't think their marriage could be saved. Nikolas returned and informed them that Lisa's attention may be diverted as she had begun dating Ethan. Maya arrived just as that proclamation was made.

Ethan and Lisa arrived at Johnny's penthouse. Johnny made an allusion to having recently dated Lisa, which caught Ethan off-guard. Johnny said that what Olivia didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Ethan left to get supplies. "Good cover," Lisa commented. Lisa asked Johnny what had happened, and Johnny replied that he didn't think it was a good idea to divulge that, given what he knew about her. As Ethan left the penthouse, Johnny asked Ethan to tell Olivia that Johnny was out of town.

Lisa told Johnny that she had to take him into the hospital. Johnny refused and threatened to tell the chief of staff that Johnny had witnessed Lisa leave Robin's room, holding a syringe. He let her know that he'd kept the syringe and its contents. She suggested that blackmailing her as he lay dying on his couch was not a good idea.

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