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Monday, November 23, 2009

At the art gallery where Crimson hosted an installation by the artist, Franco, Maxie made a last minute inspection of the "Murder Room" exhibit. She spotted an interloper, who unknown to her, was the artist himself. Maxie asked him to leave the room, but Franco seemed intrigued with Maxie and insisted that he had the right to be there.

Franco flirted with Maxie and bandied words. After she referred to his artist persona as a pompous twit, he revealed himself to her, causing Maxie to blush. Maxie, however, was not fully convinced of Franco's identity, especially when he added a peace sign to the wall.

Dominic stopped by Lulu's apartment to escort her to the art show. She told him that she knew he was there because he needed an alibi. She told him that she had heard sirens only an hour before. Dominic responded that the four-alarm fire that was burning in his heart for her had caused the sirens.

A tearful Olivia was bemoaning her choices and praying for forgiveness when Sonny knocked on the door to invite her to the art show. She did not want to go, but Sonny shared what had happened at the ambush and how Dominic had saved his life. He told her that he needed to be seen in public and carry on as if nothing had happened. Olivia reconsidered and agreed to accompany Sonny.

Sam and Jason were dressed up and ready to leave the penthouse but Lucky stopped them. He told Jason and Sam that the slayings that he was investigating looked like Jason's doing except for one thing: Joey Limbo's windpipe had been crushed after he was shot and his body had been posed in an unnatural position.

Neither Jason nor Sam showed their surprise, but Sam was quick to agree with Lucky that Jason would never act in such a manner. Lucky let Sam and Jason go to the art show but reserved the right to ask further questions of Jason.

Port Charles denizens flocked to the art show. Jax, Robin and Patrick discussed the grimness of the exhibits that all seemed to focus on crime, specifically murder. Tracy called it tawdry, but Luke thought he could have some fun with it.

Luke found the "Murder Room" as Franco spray-painted the wall with a peace sign. Luke made humorous sarcastic remarks. He took the spray can and drew a tic tac toe square with an "x" in the upper right corner and gave the can back to Franco. They had a spirited conversation about what defined art. Franco told Luke that what made his work art and Luke's not was that his would command $50,000.

Luke laughed and made an excuse to get rid of Maxie. Once she was gone, he told Franco that even though Luke felt Franco's art was a scam, he wished him well in getting all he could from the rich and clueless. He then told Franco that his work lacked authenticity and that Franco would soil himself if he ever looked at a real murder scene. Franco smiled at Luke's back as he exited.

Maxie found Lulu in the main gallery with Dante. She told Lulu that Franco was a wacko but she was determined to do what Kate wanted and get him to do a photo shoot for Crimson. Lulu noticed that Dante was drawn to the paintings. She said she could see why he liked them since he was an undercover cop/gangster. Dante said that he did not like them at all, but that there was something familiar about them that he could not identify.

Sonny arrived with Olivia on his arm. They had a brief conversation with Patrick and Robin, who commented on Sonny's sudden interest in art. He said that he and Olivia were supporting Kate.

Robin was doubly surprised when Jason showed up with Sam. When she asked Sam said that Jason was consulting with her on security.

Jax and Tracy commiserated across the room. She wanted to know why Sonny had been invited. Jax said that like the choice of art, it had been Kate's decision. Tracy commented that Sonny was just like the art: dreary, blood-soaked and pretentious. A smiling Jax noticed Dante with Lulu and reassured Tracy that it was just a matter of time until Sonny was behind bars.

Spinelli spotted Dominic and Lulu viewing the artwork. He hastened to join them. Though neither Dominic not Lulu seemed to like what they saw, Spinelli was very enthusiastic.

Spinelli became concerned when he enquired about Maxie's whereabouts and Lulu told him that Maxie was babysitting Franco. Lulu said that Maxie had been ordered by Kate to convince Franco to do a photo shoot for Crimson.

Maxie was trying to convince Franco to do the Crimson photo shoot when Sonny entered the "Murder Room" exhibit room. Sonny complimented Franco on his art and said that the scene looked very real. When Franco asked how Sonny knew, Sonny said that he read a lot.

Sonny then asked Franco how he made it look so real and Franco responded that he read a lot. Sonny got serious and cautioned Franco to beware because sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between what was real and what was imagined. Franco looked delighted as Sonny exited.

Jason and Sam were next to enter the exhibit room. Franco tried to get Maxie to introduce him to Jason. She was reluctant, but finally agreed to ask Jason. When she did, Jason said no, even though Maxie begged and pleaded and reminded him of all the favors that she had done.

When Maxie told Franco that Jason had refused an introduction, he insisted that she leave with him. As they left by a back door, Franco smiled at Jason and gave him the same distinctive wave as he had earlier in his homeless disguise at the site of the Joey Limbo's demise.

Luke and Sonny ran into each other in the main gallery. Luke accused Sonny of using him to set up Joey Limbo so that Sonny could kill him. Sonny assured Luke that he had been sincere about the peace offer and that it was Joey who had set the ambush.

Luke was still disgruntled, but mollified, when he told Sonny that even though they were friends, he was strictly neutral and he did not want to be used as one of Sonny's foot soldiers.

Franco steered Maxie to a waiting limousine, then insisted that she put on a blindfold. She was wary, but when Franco told her it was to protect the location of his studio and insisted that she either put on the blindfold or leave the limo, Maxie chose the blindfold.

Once they reached the studio, Franco persuaded Maxie to keep the blindfold on. He posed her on the cold studio floor in the chalk outline of a body. When Maxie caught on that she was modeling a death scene, she ripped off the blindfold, leaped up and slapped Franco, while calling him a sick, perverted freak.

When Maxie told Franco about Georgie's death and how she felt about it, Franco apologized for making his artistic sense more important than her feelings. He asked for Maxie's forgiveness. Franco tried to start again by offering a tour of his studio. Maxie agreed, as long as Franco was willing to wear the blindfold.

Jason grabbed Sam and Spinelli and headed for the penthouse. Once there, he ordered Spinelli to pull up the footage of Franco leaving the art gallery. Spinelli was stung to see Maxie leaving with Franco. Jason urged him to concentrate on the wave, which Jason said was the same as that of the man in a hoodie who had waved at him as he left the scene of the ambush.

Spinelli said it was coincidence, but when he pulled up footage of the man in the hoodie waving, and placed it beside that of Franco waving, it was clear to Sam, Jason and Spinelli that the distinctive hand wave was the same in both videos.

Lulu was fascinated by Dante's interest in the art photos. When she questioned him he could only say that it was very, very familiar to him.

Lucky went back to the ambush site. He ran into the crime scene technicians who confirmed that Joey Limbo's windpipe had been crushed.