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Monday, August 25, 2009

Jason was on the road to recovery and feeling much better as he and Sam exchanged remembrances of their past. They acknowledged to each other that they had a deep bond. Sam admitted that she had trusted Jason more than anyone else. Jason said that he had always felt comfortable with Sam. She wondered where it had all gone wrong. He said that they had made some bad choices.

It seemed that Sam would say more, but instead, she left Jason alone while she went out to try to fix one of the cars so that they could leave the abandoned church.

Jason was limping around the room, trying to exercise his leg, when Sam came back to check on him. When Jason almost fell, she helped him back to the bed. When he asked her if she could fix the car, she said that she could. They shared a long smoldering look, then Sam abruptly left the room to go back to the car.

Jason was up again, trying to walk when Sam returned with a basin and water so that she could clean the grease and dirt from her hands and face. Jason's leg gave way and he fell into Sam, who helped him sit. Involuntarily, she traced her finger along his. She pulled away and went to the basin to wet a cloth.

Before Sam could use it, Jason stood behind her and put his arms around her, He picked up the cloth and began washing her hands and face. Sam was skittish, but did not resist. When Jason began kissing her, Sam turned to face him and responded ardently to his passionate kisses.

At Sonny's place, Claudia was very pleased when Sonny showed her the papers, which would establish a scholarship in the name of their dead baby. Sonny then told her that he wanted to stay married.

Claudia thought it was because he felt guilty for not believing that the child was his, but Sonny said that it was because he had seen a different side of her while she was in the hospital and he believed that they had a friendship, which they could build on. He told her that he had come to admire her because he had seen her put their child's welfare before her own.

Claudia was willing to stay married, but she told Sonny that she wanted more respect. He said that he could do that, but he also expected to be respected. Claudia said that besides respect, she also wanted another child. She asked Sonny if that was a deal breaker. Sonny said he did not know.

Claudia said that she could appreciate his honesty. She went on to say that a child of theirs would be the heir to all that they had. She said that Sonny's other wives had kept their children out of the business, but a child of theirs would not have those restrictions and would be able to enjoy everything that Sonny had to offer with no reservations. Sonny seemed to be considering Claudia's argument.

Nikolas and Liz shared a passionate kiss before she called a halt and pointed out that Lucky and the boys would be back any minute and how much it would hurt Lucky if he saw them kissing. She also told Nikolas that he could not use her as a substitute for his feelings about Rebecca.

Nikolas apologized for his boorish behavior, but Liz said there was no need because part of the reason she was upset was because she enjoyed his kisses. Lucky and the boys returned with ice cream but did not notice the tension between Nikolas and Liz.

Later, after the boys were in bed and Nikolas was gone, Lucky told Liz how much better Nikolas seemed after the picnic. Liz had qualms, but Lucky did not notice. He hugged Liz and said how glad he was that they had decided to take it slow and try again. He took Liz in his arms and started kissing her. Liz returned his kisses.

Dominic was at Kelly's talking to Carly and Morgan when Olivia came in. She was flustered to see them together. She was sitting by Dominic when Jax appeared. He noticed the resemblance between Olivia and Dominic and Olivia noticed him noticing. She quickly made an excuse about a remembered appointment and hustled Jax away from Kelly's and back to the hotel.

Mike came over to the table and Morgan gave him a souvenir from Yankee stadium. Mike wanted to show off some Yankee memorabilia and Dominic was all set to go along with Morgan and Mike, but Carly preferred that Dominic stay with her.

Carly told him that Morgan felt comfortable with him because he worked for Sonny. She wanted to know why a nice guy like Dominic worked for Sonny. She told him she was concerned for him and thought he could do much better than being a gangster. He told her that he had started something and he would not quit until he finished it.

He asked her how she came to have children with Sonny and she told him her story as well. Carly seemed to genuinely like Dominic but could not understand his lifestyle choice.

At the hotel, Jax told Olivia that he had figured out that Dominic was her son, Dante. He told her that she had to do a better job of hiding her feelings or she would give Dante away. Olivia said that she was sorry that she had not told Jax the whole story, but that she lived in constant fear that Sonny would kill Dante without knowing that he was his son. She begged Jax to use his influence to get Dante off the case.

Jax said he could not do that because he would never do anything that would help Sonny and he did not want to interfere in a police investigation. Olivia said that Jax cared nothing for Dante's life. She said that all Jax wanted was to see Sonny out of his life and that he saw Dante as a means to that end and nothing more. She was angry at Jax when she stormed out of his office.

Jax went back to Kelly's. When Morgan asked Dominic to take him to Sonny's so he could deliver his present to Sonny, Carly was about to say no. Jax interfered and said that he thought it would be just fine for Dominic to take Morgan to Sonny. Carly was very surprised.

After Dominic left with Morgan, Carly wanted to know why Jax had changed his mind about Dominic.

Rebecca was sitting in a chaise lounge on the Quartermaine patio when Nikolas appeared. She was surprised when he said that he had come to apologize. He told her that he had overreacted. He said that he was drunk, furious and out of control and that he had not really listened to her and he wondered if she would answer some questions.

Rebecca was agreeable. He asked if she had meant it when she said that she was sorry and that she had intended to tell him everything. Rebecca was hopeful when she told him yes. Nikolas asked her if there was a chance that they could start over. He said that he missed her and that he did not think that they were done with each other. He asked Rebecca if she felt the same way.

Sonny was alone when Dominic and Morgan arrived. Sonny was excited about the pennant that Morgan had brought him. He asked questions about the new stadium, which both Dom and Morgan answered. They discovered that they all had a longstanding, fervent interest in the Yankees. They were amazed to also discover that when they played baseball, they all played shortstop.