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Monday, August 10, 2009

At the Lake house, Kiefer had a meltdown and smashed a glass against a wall when Molly did not provide him with a means for reaching Kristina. When he saw that he had frightened her, he quickly made it seem that his upset was caused by his concern for Kristina.

Kiefer had started pumping Molly for information again when Alexis walked in. Kiefer quickly transferred his oily attention to Alexis. He apologized for letting a glass slip out of his hand and shatter. Alexis said that it was no big deal and she would clean it after he left. Before he departed, Alexis assured Kiefer that she would let him know if they heard from Kristina.

Alexis spent some quality time with Molly, but to her dismay, found out that because of the legal charges swirling around Alexis, none of the children at the day camp Molly was attending, with the exception of Morgan, would speak to her because of Alexis' troubles with the law.

Molly told Alexis that Morgan had gone home with her and that Sonny had picked him up. Molly asked if Alexis was a criminal like Sonny. She also worried about what would happen to her if Alexis went to jail and Kristina never returned home.

Alexis assured Molly that she was not a criminal because, even though she had been charged with a crime, she was innocent and would prove it. Alexis continued to comfort Molly and assured her that Kristina would be found, Alexis would be cleared, and their lives would return to normal. Alexis hugged her daughter closely and said not to worry because, when the time came to worry, Alexis would let her know. Molly was comforted by her mother's calm logic and loving arms.

At the resort where Jerry had provided a room for Michael and Kristina, the teens discussed Jerry and his reasons for helping them out. Kristina was all for leaving matters in Jerry's hands and staying put at the resort.

Michael was more suspicious. When Kristina said teasingly, "You're turning out to be a real problem," Michael flashed back to hearing Jerry say the same thing while he was in a coma. That made Michael even more suspicious of Jerry. He told Kristina that Jerry had been behind the hostage crisis at the Metro Court, and that neither Jason nor Sonny trusted him.

Kristina was reluctant to leave the safety of the resort, but when Michael said he was leaving and asked Kristina to trust him more that she trusted Jerry, she packed her bag and prepared to leave with him. When Michael opened the door, the teen runaways found one of Jerry's henchmen guarding the door, ostensibly to take care of any of their needs, but in reality, Michael understood that they were prisoners

Jerry grabbed Sam and took her to an old burnt-out church, where he taunted her. Jason called her cell phone and left a message saying that he was on his way to the Internet café where Michael and Kristina had last been seen.

Jerry found Jason's number on Sam's phone and threatened to hurt Michael and Kristina if Sam did not follow his instructions. He forced her to call Jason and read a script that he had prepared. Sam did as Jerry asked, but at the end of the message, she warned Jason that Jerry had her.

Jerry got a good laugh as he dragged Sam away and told her that she had done exactly what he wanted her to do. Jerry smirked when he told Sam that warning Jason was a sure way to get him to fall into Jerry's trap. He told Sam that he was going to lock her up while he prepared a suitable welcome for Jason.

GH Recap Photo 090810 Olivia and Dante were in her apartment, arguing about his occupation as an undercover cop, as well as Olivia's very real fear that she might accidentally give him away by showing too much interest in him in public, when Sonny banged on her door. Dante quickly exited via the fire escape and Olivia turned on the TV, but Sonny was not fooled. He accused Olivia of having Johnny in the apartment. Olivia told him no, Johnny had not been there, and then added that it was not any of his business.

Sonny said she was flaunting herself in front of him; otherwise, she would not have made a scene in Kelly's when she advised Dominic, a young man she hardly knew, to quit his job working for Sonny. Olivia did not reveal her relationship to Dominic, but did tell Sonny that she had no interest in him, and ordered him to go home to his wife.

At Mac's house, Robin, Patrick, Emma, Lulu, and Maxie looked on as Spinelli tried to ask Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage. As soon as Mac figured out what Spinelli wanted, he was adamant that he would never consent to a wedding between Maxie and Spinelli. Mac was so disparaging to Spinelli that Maxie jumped in to defend her suitor. Both Robin and Lulu tried to get Maxie to back off, but her inner warrior woman rebelled against Mac's high-handed treatment, and she insisted that she did not need Mac's approval to wed Spinelli.

She encouraged Spinelli to ask her again and, when he did, Maxie accepted Spinelli's proposal. Mac was floored. Robin took him aside and said she would handle it. She sent Mac back to work. Lulu also left. When Robin and Patrick went upstairs to tend to Emma, Spinelli told Maxie how happy he was. When they embraced, Spinelli glowed with happiness, but Maxie looked uncertain.

Dominic dropped in on Claudia when he was looking for Sonny. She called him a traitor, and he asked her what would happen if he told Sonny that she had ordered him to kill Jason. Before she could answer, Johnny walked in. When he mentioned Olivia, Claudia went ballistic and called Olivia a slut and accused her of sleeping with Sonny.

Dominic reacted and defended Olivia. Claudia got more vicious but Dominic held back while Johnny defended Olivia and his relationship to her. When Sonny got home, Johnny told him that he had learned of a Zacchara drug shipment. Dominic added that he had been able to confirm the arrival time and location. Sonny told them to go take care of the traitors and burn the drugs.

After Dominic and Johnny were gone, Sonny told Claudia to stop insulting Olivia. He told her he did not want things to go back to the way they were. She told him that she did not want them that way either, but she said that when she got hurt, she hurt back.

Sonny said that he wanted things to be better between them. He told Claudia that, for that to happen, they had to find some common ground. Then Sonny asked if she were hungry. He said he had the urge to cook. He asked Claudia to join him in the kitchen. Claudia was honored. She was happy and smiling as he escorted her to the kitchen.

Nikolas and Liz had coffee in Kelly's and discussed their behavior the previous evening when they had been drinking and had shared some very passionate kisses. They agreed that they did not want to lose years of a very good friendship because they were attracted to each other when they were drunk. Nikolas gave Liz a kiss on the cheek. As he left Kelly's, he looked back inside with what might have been regret before moving on.

Johnny and Dominic burst into a warehouse and got the drop on two guys and a shipment of dope. They let the guys go, but kept the dope. Dominic wanted to take it back to Sonny's house, but Johnny said no, they would burn it just as Sonny ordered, because the Corinthos mob did not deal in drugs.

Before they could torch the shipment, police sirens sounded nearby. Dominic told Johnny to hide. He said that he would take the fall. As Johnny waited in a hiding place out of sight of the cops, Lucky arrested Dominic.

Jerry dragged Sam to a sleazy bordello, then handcuffed her to a chair and left her alone. While Jason conducted a search nearby, a man entered the room and told Sam that she had better be worth the money he had paid to Jerry for her.