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Monday, June 29, 2009

Liz and Lucky were in Kelly's discussing Lucky's anger issues. She had just asked him why he hated Ethan so much when Lulu arrived with Ethan in tow.

Everyone tried to make nice. Liz was willing to make friends with Ethan, but she warned him that she did not like Rebecca, and she would not be surprised if Rebecca tried to use Ethan to make Nikolas jealous.

When Lucky said that Ethan was more Luke's son that he was, Ethan said he did not know if that was an insult or a compliment. Lucky made a few more sarcastic comments to Ethan, who said he was not going to waste his time trying to fit in, and then walked out.

At Wyndermere, Rebecca told Nikolas that since they'd had an Emily-type date, she wanted to suggest that they have a date more in keeping with what Rebecca would do. She told Nikolas that it would be a chance to peel away another layer and he would have a chance to find out something about her that no one else knew.

Nikolas was intrigued, and when Rebecca requested a DVD player, Nikolas gladly complied. She pulled out her favorite horror movie and they started watching. At first, Nikolas did not get into the spirit and marveled at Rebecca's pleasure in the genre. Rebecca explained that gore was both scary and funny at the same time. She told Nikolas that it gave her pleasure and she reminded him that she had warned him that she was odd.

Nikolas finally understood the delights for himself when Rebecca screamed and burrowed her face into his chest and he got the chance to put his arms around her. After that, they laughed, ate popcorn, and enjoyed the corny parts of the movie.

The atmosphere was appropriately eerie with the lights out and lightening flashing outside. Rebecca kissed Nikolas, then screamed in earnest. Over Nikolas' shoulder, she had seen Ethan standing silently near the door when the room was lit temporarily by lightening. When Nikolas inquired if Rebecca was okay, she told him that she had an urgent need to have a bath, and hurriedly departed the room, leaving a puzzled Nikolas behind.

Reporters swarmed Alexis at the Port Charles Police Station because Mayor Floyd said that his arrest for murder was bogus. He accused Alexis of pursuing a personal vendetta against him because he had dumped her after they had an affair.

Kristina, who was standing at the back of the room, was stunned. She wanted to defend her mother, but Robin convinced the girl to go outside with her instead. Once there, Robin told Kristina about her experience with the press when Robin's mother had been police chief, and she and her family had weathered a scandal. Kristina was comforted and took a cab home.

The mayor demanded that Alexis resign, but she refused. She told the reporters that she would recuse herself and have an assistant DA handle the case. Mac hurried the reporters away as he ordered his men to book the mayor. The mayor threatened him with dire consequences but Mac remained stoic as he carried on with the arrest.

Alexis asked Robin and Patrick if they were sure about what had happened. They told her that Brianna had definitely taken two blows to the head. Alexis blurted out that it was no excuse, but that she had only slept with the mayor one time and that was the night that she walked in on her then husband Ric, and found him in bed with her oldest daughter, Sam.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason begged Monica to take Michael, but to treat him gently. Edward blustered that if Jason wanted to help Michael, he should set an example and move back, also. Monica started to rail at Edward for interfering, but Jason interrupted her to tell a flabbergasted Edward that he was right.

Jason apologized for his behavior toward all the Quartermaines at the time of his own accident. He told them how sorry he was that he had made the choices he had when he was angry and unsure after the car accident had left him brain-damaged.

He also told them that the choice he made then was the reason he could not move back with them. He told Monica and Edward that he did not want the violence of his life to touch their lives. Both Edward and Monica were moved. Jason hugged Monica and shook Edward's hand before leaving. Monica and Edward promised Jason that they would give Michael all the love and care that he would need.

Carly was not happy about the sporty new car that Sonny had bought for Michael parked in the Corinthoses' driveway. She tried to talk to Sonny alone, but Michael had a mini-tantrum of his own when Carly made her feelings known. She expressed her fears that the car was too dangerous for Michael to drive. Rather than get into an argument, Michael walked away. When Carly tried to follow him, Sonny stopped her.

She was irate with him because he did not consult her about the car. He explained that he was just trying to do something nice for Michael. Carly expressed her very real fears about teenagers and fast cars.

Maxie went to Jason's and wanted to talk to Spinelli who did not want to let her in, but Maxie persisted. She told Spinelli that she wanted to be with him in all ways, but Spinelli said that he did not want to make love to Maxie because he did not want to risk losing what they had. He told her that the last two times that they had slept together had led to huge problems between them and he did not want to risk that again.

Maxie was completely honest with Spinelli about her past motives and behavior, but assured him that she had changed. She said that her love for him was soul-deep and she would never stray from him again. Despite his initial reluctance, Spinelli was drawn in and began kissing Maxie passionately.

Sonny left Carly in the driveway and followed Michael into the house. Sonny was unable to explain Carly's point of view to Michael in a way he could understand. They were at loggerheads when Kristina called. When Michael said he needed to see her, Sonny let Max drive him over to her home.

Carly met Jason outside when he arrived at Sonny's. She showed him the car and asked him to get rid of it. Jason refused. He said that the damage had been done and it would not help Michael. Carly disagreed. She said that she did not care how mad Michael got at her as long as he was safe. Carly said that she did not want him risking his life in that car.

Jason told her that she needed to calm down for her baby's sake. She said that she would when she knew that Michael was safe at the Quartermaines.

At the lake house, Michael and Kristina shared their teenage angst. Michael was mad at Carly because she would not let him have the car and Kristina worried that everyone would think her mother was the town slut. Alexis arrived home a few minutes later and wondered what Michael was doing there unchaperoned. Kristina spat out that Alexis was a fine one to be chastising Michael when she had just been outed as a woman with no morals.

Nikolas was eating popcorn and enjoying the horror movie alone when Liz arrived. He told her that he did not want to talk about Rebecca. She said she was there to talk about Lucky, but since he had mentioned Rebecca, she still did not like her. Nikolas said that he did like Rebecca and that he was thinking of asking her to move in.

Rebecca confronted Ethan on the patio. He said he was there to check up on her. She said she had everything under control. Ethan agreed that she had the prince literally eating popcorn out of her hand. He said he just wanted to remind her which man was the mark and which man was the partner. Rebecca said she knew which was which, and reassured Ethan by kissing him passionately.

Spinelli and Maxie were on the couch kissing ardently when Jason walked in. Maxie wanted him to leave, but Spinelli leaped off the couch and said that Jason had arrived just in time.

When Carly found Sonny inside the house, he apologized and told her that she was right, that he should not have purchased a car for Michael without discussing it with her. Carly was somewhat mollified. Then Sonny told her that his day with Michael had been very bad, because Michael informed him that he wanted to learn the business. Sonny added that Michael did not mean the coffee business.

Carly was not pleased and told Sonny that "wanting to learn the business" was exactly why Michael could not live with him. When Carly told Sonny that she had decided that Michael would live with the Quartermaines, Sonny asked if she was joking. Then he said that there was no way in hell that he would let Michael live with the Quartermaines.