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Monday, June 15, 2009

After Kristina picked up Michael, they almost had an accident as she drove him to Sonny's. They laughed about the fact that she was driving on a learner's permit. After a few encouraging words from Michael urging her to let loose, she drove even more recklessly than before. At Sonny's, Claudia prepared to move out, but after overhearing Claudia talking to her unborn child, Sonny's attitude softened and he did not want her to go. She told him that if she stayed, they would have to have rules, because his shifting attitudes toward her were too stressful on her and the baby. When he asked her what rules she wanted, she told him to stop accusing her of sleeping with Ric and to promise to keep Ric away from her. Before the conversation went further, Michael showed up at the door. At her place, Carly was frantic with fear for Michael. Jason did his best to reassure Carly. He told Carly about his experience and warned her that she risked alienating Michael if she was too hard on him. Carly wanted to be a good parent, but her concern for Michael made her want to hold him closer, not let him have more freedom. Sonny called to tell Carly that Michael was at his place. Carly and Jason rushed out of the house to retrieve him. Jason went to Alexis' house and found Kristina alone. When he threatened to expose her for driving Michael around without a license, she stood up to him. She told him flatly that she would lie to her mother and that Alexis would believe her over him. Jason tried to reason with her, but she slammed the door in his face. GH Recap Photo 090615 Johnny went to Jake's for a beer and found that Coleman had bought a used piano for the bar. He sat down and started playing classical music. Alexis also stopped by and met up with Diane. They shared wine and talked about shoes before Alexis asked Diane to drop the wrongful death suit she was pursuing against Matt Hunter. Diane demurred and said that there was ample evidence to suggest that Matt was at fault. Alexis felt that the lawsuit would make the mayor appear in a bad light, but Diane said that Alexis should look at the opportunity it presented her. Diane said that if the mayor fell out of favor, Alexis could take his place. Spinelli was in pain after his massage treatment, and was walking very gingerly when he and Maxie arrived back at the P.I. office. They were still amazed that Giselle was blackmailing Kate into giving away Crimson secrets. They were determined to check out Kate's financial records to find the mysterious backer who was the reason for the blackmail. Spinelli's preliminary check of Kate's personal banking records failed to turn up any backer except Jax. They decided to go out for drinks before checking further. While they talked, a mysterious person hovered outside the door unnoticed. At Jake's Spinelli decided to order whiskey instead of orange soda, because he thought that a hard-boiled P.I. should drink hard liquor. Maxie chuckled and ordered a beer. Spinelli feared that Maxie would be impressed by Johnny's piano playing, but she told him that she had heard Johnny play on other occasions and she found it boring. Spinelli was relieved. Carly showed up at Sonny's and was not happy to hear that he was on the grounds taking a walk with Claudia. Sonny told her that they needed to talk. He wanted her to let Michael live with him while Michael adjusted and healed, but Carly would not let go. She feared that if she let Michael live with Sonny, Michael would treat that as rejection, and accuse her of building a life with Jax and Morgan without him. Michael was more relaxed as he and Claudia walked and talked. She tried to be helpful and told him that he had to be realistic. She told him that he had lost a year of his life and he could not get that back. She asked him what he wanted. He said that he wanted his mother to stop treating him like a baby and to listen to him. He said that he wanted to live twice as much and twice as hard to make up for lost time. GH Recap Photo 090615 At the hospital, Patrick and Robin talked about Matt. Patrick blamed himself for letting Matt do the surgery instead of doing it himself. He feared that he only let Matt do the surgery because Matt was his brother and had wanted to prove himself. Patrick feared that he might not have had the same response if Matt had not been his brother. Robin also took a share of the blame, because she wanted to have a family day in the park with Patrick and Emma and had encouraged Patrick to let Matt do the surgery. Matt was already drunk when he showed up at Jake's. Diane noticed him and had several disparaging words for his behavior. Matt started hitting on Maxie and saying unkind things about Spinelli. When Spinelli tried to interfere, Matt decked him. Johnny tried to help Spinelli, but Spinelli pushed him away. Johnny went back to the piano and Spinelli took a swing at Matt and missed. Matt hit him again and that time Spinelli fell into Johnny, who got up and punched Matt. Rebecca went to see Ethan. She told him that Nikolas had not contacted her since he had found out that she was Emily's twin. She said she was having reservations about lying, and just then, Nikolas walked in and wanted to know what she and Ethan were talking about. She said that she was making reservations for a card game. Ethan noted that Luke was gone and he did not know when he was coming back, but that he would be running the casino until then. Rebecca and Nikolas sat down at the blackjack table while Ethan dealt the cards. She asked Nikolas why he had been avoiding her since he had found out that she was Emily's twin. At her office, Sam was being threatened and manhandled when Jason walked in and knocked the guy out with his gun. Sam told him that they might both be in trouble because the guy he had hit was a cop acting for the mayor. Sam told Jason that the case she was on had just gotten very complicated. Patrick told Robin how much he appreciated her trying to comfort him, but he felt guilt and responsibility for surgery that Matt had done. He was convinced that the surgery would have been successful if he had performed it instead of letting Matt do it. At that moment, Coleman called to tell Patrick that Matt was in trouble at Jake's and was about to become embroiled in a brawl that he started. Michael apologized to Carly for his outburst earlier, but did not want to go home with her. He begged her to let him live with Sonny. Carly said no. When Michael appealed to Sonny, Sonny stood behind Carly. Carly told Michael that Jax also wanted him to be with them. Michael said that if Jax got a vote, then Claudia also got a vote. Carly did not want Claudia to have a say, but curiously, Claudia also supported Carly's position. Carly was surprised by Claudia's support, but was suspicious of her motives.