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Monday, January 19, 2009

Patrick continued to tell Agent Rayner his story about the events leading up to a horrific event in Port Charles. Elsewhere Winnifred talked to officials higher up in the chain of command.

The following events occurred seven hours before Patrick conversed with Agent Rayner.

Patrick and Robin were kissing on the sofa in their new home, but when things started to get passionate, Robin told Patrick that she was not recovered enough to make love with him. Patrick told her he understood and changed the subject. Robin said she felt fat, ugly, and out of shape, but Patrick told her he loved her and she was beautiful to him.

Robin worried out loud about her own negative feelings and said that she did not feel like herself. When she said that she thought she should talk to her obstetrician, Kelly, Patrick encouraged her. Before they could converse further, Matt knocked on the door with a gift for the new homeowners.

Shortly after Robin had opened and admired Matt's gift of a barbeque set, Maxie also dropped in with a housewarming present. She did not respond well to seeing Matt there. The two of then sparred verbally before Maxie left in a huff after calling Matt egotistical. He laughed.

After she left, Matt told Robin and Patrick that he liked Maxie and wanted to date her. Patrick told him to proceed at his own risk, but Robin cautioned Matt that Maxie's tough veneer hid a vulnerable heart.

After Matt took off for work, Robin and Patrick shared many heartfelt words. Robin was surprised to learn that Patrick had fallen in love with her early in their relationship, when he had been exposed to HIV. They shared their love for each other and sat on their couch and admired their new home.

Johnny went to Coleman for a job, but Coleman told him that business was slow and he had just let a bartender go. Coleman did tell Johnny that he had a friend with a chop shop that would give him $500.00 for every stolen car he brought in, but Johnny said the job had to be legitimate. As Johnny was about to leave Jake's, Coleman told him that the janitor had called in sick and offered Johnny forty dollars to do the job. Johnny picked up the mop and pail that Coleman indicated.

Spinelli went to Jake's looking for a place to sit with his computer, since his other two haunts, Kelly's and the coffeehouse had burned to the ground. He spotted Johnny mopping floors. Johnny told Spinelli his story and begged Spinelli not to tell Lulu.

Spinelli agreed and offered to loan Johnny money so he would not have to pretend. Johnny said, No, that he had to do it own his own. Spinelli also offered to give Johnny computer lessons to enhance his job skills. Johnny said maybe and thanked Spinelli for being a friend. Both Spinelli and Johnny were working when Maxie came searching for Spinelli and spotted Johnny.

Maxie immediately wanted to know what he was doing there because Lulu had told her that he got a job as an orderly at General Hospital. He told Maxie the truth, but pleaded with her not to tell Lulu because he did not want Lulu to worry about him or be disappointed. Maxie agreed, but told Johnny that in her experience, lying to the person you trusted and who trusted you was a recipe for disaster.

After Maxie left, Spinelli wondered why Johnny did not tell Lulu the truth. Johnny said he wanted to protect her, and that there were worse things she could learn about him than that he had lied to her about a job. When Spinelli jumped to the conclusion that Johnny was cheating on Lulu, Johnny quickly told Spinelli that he loved Lulu. He said that the truth was that it was hard to be from a mob family and not be party to some action that you regretted.

Carly went to Crimson in answer to Lulu's frantic call. Lulu told Carly that Johnny was pretending to have a job because he did not want to disappoint her. Lulu outlined her scheme to lure Johnny to the hotel to meet her while Carly had a pretend argument with Marty about hotel security in front of them. At that point, Carly would notice them and spontaneously offer Johnny a job.

Carly listened, but advised Lulu not to manipulate Johnny, but to let him find a job on his own, no matter how hard it was for him. Carly told Lulu that every time she had lied or manipulated someone she loved, it had ended up hurting more than it helped.

Jax and Kate met in the lobby. When he told her that he was getting back with Carly, Kate was stunned. She told Jax that he was heading for another fall, and that she had truly hoped that he would find a woman of quality. She wished him good luck before flouncing off to the elevator.

At the penthouse, Sam outlined to Jason her plan to go undercover and join the Zacchara mob so that she could get information that would help free Spinelli from the FBI; Jason did not think it was a good idea. He thought her ties to him, Sonny, Lucky, and her mother, the DA, might make the Zaccharas suspicious. She thought she could handle the situation. Jason recognized that Sam would do what she wanted to. He told Sam that if Spinelli ended up behind bars, it was on her head.

Jax congratulated Olivia on completing the construction of new luxury suites that had been dragging on since the hostage crisis more that two years before. They were making plans to rent the suites when Nikolas came in and handed Jax an injunction, which stopped the opening until an inspector that Nikolas hired had cleared the suites for occupancy. Behind Nikolas, a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Emily walked to the elevator, talked on her cell phone, and then left the hotel unnoticed.

Nikolas and Jax bickered while Olivia tried to make peace, but it soon became clear to her that the fight between Jax and Nikolas involved more than the suites. Nikolas wanted Spoon Island back from Jax, who blamed Nikolas for taking advantage of Carly to buy into the hotel and for seducing Courtney when she was married to Jax.

Nikolas offered to buy back Spoon Island for twenty percent over the purchase price, but Jax refused. Nikolas was smug. When he left, he told Jax not to count on opening the suites until spring.

Jax was upset after Nikolas left, but not for long. Olivia pulled out a cell phone that she had picked from Nikolas' coat pocket. She called the inspector and told him that Nikolas wanted an appointment for the following day. When he obliged, she told the inspector to send the bill to Nikolas. Jax was overjoyed by her quick thinking.

Olivia placed a call to Wyndermere to say that a guest had found Nikolas' cell phone. Before she could complete the call Nikolas came back for it. She gleefully told him that the inspector would be at the Metro Court on the following day. Nikolas, not a fan of her quick thinking, told Jax that he would regain control of Spoon Island by any means necessary.

Ric went to Jason and delighted in saying that Anthony would come after Jason if he destroyed Anthony's property again. Jason remained stoic, even when Ric said that Jason's friendship with Sonny would not help him avoid retaliation. Jason showed Ric the door as Carly entered.

Carly had come to talk to Jason about the benefit she was hosting that evening for pediatric head trauma and the foundation she was setting up to honor Michael. She worried that the coming blizzard might interfere with the party, but primarily she wanted Jason to attend and try to heal the rift with Sonny. Jason was noncommittal on the subject, but asked Carly if the real reason she was starting the foundation was because she believed that it might bring Michael back.

Maxie was in a snit about a scuffed shoe by the time she got to Crimson. She babbled on to Lulu as she changed shoes. She was talking about Spinelli when she almost let it slip that she had seen Johnny at Jake's.

Sam spotted Ric in the Metro Court and made a beeline to him. When he wondered what she wanted, she quickly answered that she wanted an introduction to Anthony Zacchara so that she could get a job. Ric was ready to turn her down when she said that she could pilot a boat and do a lot of other things for Mr. Zacchara. Behind her, Anthony said he wanted to know what kind of things Sam had in mind to do for him.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, today's episode of General Hospital was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, picking up where Monday, January 19's episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patrick continued his story about the events leading up to the catastrophe in Port Charles. He told Agent Rayner that he first became aware that Earl Bragg, a patient in the operating room, was carrying classified materials when Patrick saw the x-rays. Agent Rayner responded that it was not the FBI's fault that the accident had happened, but that of Equinox Corporation. He said the FBI was only there to clean up.

In an office somewhere, Winnifred was on the phone being grilled. She told a higher-up that she was still compiling a list of potential victims, and that Sonny Corinthos and his wife, Claudia, were on the list.

Six Hours Before Surgery - 1:00 p.m.

Jerry taunted Claudia as he gave her oblique clues to the whereabouts of another DVD hidden in Sonny's study. Sonny entered the room while she was crawling around looking under the furniture. When he wanted to know what she was doing, she said she was looking for a lost earring.

Claudia turned the subject to mob business and urged Sonny to kill Jason before her father came after him. Sonny told Claudia to back off and let him do things his way.

Patrick and Liz chatted at the nurses' station. Patrick thanked her for her help earlier in the day when she had stayed with Emma while Robin ran errands.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Anthony wanted to know what Sam could do for him. Sam told him that she was an experienced pilot and knew all the good places to land, with no questions asked. Ric immediately pointed out her relationships to Jason and Lucky.

Sam responded with tales of her own. She told Anthony that Ric was being vindictive because he had slept with her while he was still married to her mother. She told Anthony that she and Jason were over, and that her relationship with Lucky was on-again, off-again; the bottom line was that no man told her what to do.

Before more was said, Johnny entered the hotel. Anthony spotted him and called out. Johnny tried to ignore him, but Anthony would not be denied. Sam took the opportunity to tell Anthony that she did not want to intrude on his personal life, and she left the hotel.

Anthony told Johnny that everything he did was for Johnny. Johnny said that he did not want to be part of Anthony's world. As Johnny walked away, Anthony told him, "The longer you defy me, the more people who are going to get hurt. Eventually it's going to be somebody you care about."

Upstairs at Crimson, Lulu and Maxie worked and talked. Maxie almost blurted out that she had seen Johnny at Jake's and knew that he did not get the job at General Hospital. Maxie started asking questions about Lulu's relationship with Johnny. She said that she knew that Johnny loved Lulu because he gave up his family, money, and power to be with her. What Maxie wondered was if Lulu really loved Johnny or if she was mimicking her parents' relationship because that was the way she thought love should be. Lulu got defensive.

Carly and Jason talked about the benefit that Carly was hosting and the foundation she wanted to endow to research pediatric head trauma. Jason was more than happy to contribute to the cause, but wanted to make sure that Carly was not setting herself up for a fall. He wanted to know if her real motive for starting the foundation was to try to save Michael. Carly admitted that she did hope that a cure could be found for Michel, but she accepted the reality that chances were very slim that Michael would ever recover.

Jason offered to attend the party if Carly really wanted him there, but she told him it was not necessary. She said she would let him off the hook if he wrote a big check. They had a good laugh.

As Patrick left the nurses' station, Lucky arrived. He had an opportunity to score four tickets to Disney on Ice and wanted to take Liz and the boys. Liz worried about the coming blizzard and was afraid that she could not get off work. When she checked, she found that she could not go.

After Johnny left, Ric tried to talk Anthony out of bringing Johnny home. Anthony gave Ric a real setdown. He said that his plan was working perfectly. He had shot Kate and blamed it on the Russians. He had persuaded Sonny to take over his organization and marry Claudia. Then he had caused trouble between Jason and Sonny. Soon he expected Sonny to kill Jason and, when that was done, Anthony would kill Sonny and the Zaccharas would be the only ones standing. Before having his attendant wheel him away, he chastised Ric's lack of faith.

Claudia entered the hotel just in time to see the end of Ric and Anthony's conversation. Ric's demeanor aroused her curiosity. She went up to him and made sexual advances. Ric was an easy mark for her charms.

Johnny went to see Sonny and thanked him for not letting Anthony's frame-up stick to him. Johnny wanted to know why Sonny had helped him. Sonny said that he owed Johnny because he had kidnapped Johnny and beaten him when Michael disappeared and was believed kidnapped by the Zaccharas. Johnny said that everything was square between them.

Johnny told Sonny that he had no interest in the family business and did not want the life that Sonny had. He warned Sonny to watch Anthony carefully. He said Anthony always got what he wanted and never forgot a grudge. He told Sonny that he had run away at 16 and stayed with a non-mob cousin and his family. He said that when Anthony found him, he had killed the whole family as a lesson to Johnny. Sonny listened but insisted that he could handle whatever Anthony threw his way.

Maxie was on the phone with Kate when Johnny came to see Lulu. Maxie was very forthright with him when she advised him to tell Lulu the truth about his lack of a job. She asked him if he really loved Lulu, and when he told her he did, Maxie advised Johnny to go online and read up on the Luke and Laura romance. Johnny had a puzzled expression as he left.

Kate called Lulu, who arrived at Crimson moments after Johnny left. When she got off the phone with Kate, Lulu asked Maxie if Johnny had called. Maxie told her that Johnny had not called. She did not mention that he had stopped by the office in person. Both went back to their jobs with a somber attitude.

Claudia took Ric to Sonny's and started kissing him passionately in Sonny's study. When Ric indicated the danger, Claudia said she liked it, and took him upstairs to her room.

Epiphany and Leyla talked at the nurses' station. Epiphany noticed that Leyla was glowing. When questioned, Leyla took Epiphany to the hallway and told her that she had become engaged the previous evening. Epiphany was shocked. Leyla explained that she had not told anyone about the man she had met through her mother because he was her dream come true and she had not wanted to jinx it. Leyla was sure that her engagement made it okay to share her happiness with her friends.

Patrick left a message for Robin telling her that he would be home soon. He commiserated with Liz, who had to pass on Disney on Ice. They went on rounds together. Just as they exited the area, the elevator opened and an Emily look-alike got off and walked to the nurses' station

Matt spotted her and introduced himself. She said that her name was Rebecca Shaw, an x-ray technician looking for a job. Matt tried to make small talk when she asked the way to administration, but Rebecca was not interested. Reluctantly, Matt showed her the way.

Sam went to Jason and told her about the meeting with Anthony. She was convinced that she would get a job with him. Jason warned Sam not to underestimate Anthony. He worried that she was getting in over her head, but Sam's only question was whether or not Jason was going to help her investigate Anthony for Spinelli's sake.

Carly went to see Sonny. She wanted to talk about the benefit that evening, but she also wanted Sonny and Jason to make peace for Michael's sake. Sonny said that they would always all be on Michael's side, but the business relationship between him and Jason would resolve itself or it would not, and he did not want Carly to be in the middle. Carly had to be happy with his answer because Sonny said his feet were cold and wet, and he left to change shoes.

Claudia and Ric were making sounds of whoopee when Sonny went upstairs. He heard thumping noises in Claudia's room and had his ear to the door, poised to investigate.

Downstairs, Carly waited for Sonny and thumbed through his DVDs. Without realizing it, she passed over a DVD that had the distinctive markings found on DVDs that Jerry had hidden throughout Sonny's house.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Agent Rayner continued to question Patrick about the events that had led up to the incident at the hospital. Patrick was annoyed because of the way that the FBI had handled things. Agent Rayner justified their actions by insisting that they had tried to avoid a full-scale panic. Then Rayner reminded Patrick that Patrick was there to answer questions, not critique the FBI on their actions. Rayner got the interrogation back on track by asking him what had happened after Patrick had reviewed the X-rays.

Patrick explained that he had ordered Epiphany to call the OR and warn Matt not to open the patient. Rayner wanted to know if Patrick had given Epiphany a reason for halting the surgery. Patrick said that there hadn't been time. When Rayner revealed that he knew that Matt was Patrick's brother, Patrick realized Rayner was more informed than he had let on.

Meanwhile, Winnifred was on the phone with an unknown person whom she called "Sir." She told the caller that all she could confirm was that there were several high-profile guests who had attended the benefit at the hospital. She was unable to verify if any of them had been associated with Equinox Industries. However, Winnifred was able to tell the caller that Nikolas Cassadine had been on the list.

Five Hours Before Surgery - 2:00 p.m.

Nikolas arrived at Robin's house bearing a housewarming gift. Robin was delighted to see Nikolas and invited him inside. When Nikolas asked Robin how she was doing, Robin deftly changed the subject by telling Nikolas that she knew it was Emily's birthday. Nikolas admitted that Emily had been on his mind quite a bit over the past few weeks. Robin understood what Nikolas felt because she had experienced similar feelings after Stone had died.

Eventually their conversation drifted back to Robin and motherhood. Robin confessed that she realized she was not a natural mother. Nikolas identified with Robin. He said that Emily had been wonderful with Spencer, while he tended to rely more on the nanny. Robin downplayed how difficult things had been for her since Emma's birth. Instead, she focused on opening her housewarming gift, a beautiful vase.

At General Hospital, Rebecca Shaw approached the nurse's station as Matt worked. They exchanged some small talk about the paperwork that Rebecca needed to complete before she asked him where she could get some coffee. She wanted to know if the coffee in the cafeteria was worth buying. Matt suggested a coffee bar near the hospital. When he offered to take her there, Rebecca declined.

Sam was at Jason's penthouse trying to convince him that her plan to work for Anthony was sound. When she asked Jason what he wanted her to do, Jason refused to comment. He said it wasn't his place to make decisions for her. That was enough for Sam to move forward with her scheme to infiltrate the Zacchara organization. Jason cautioned Sam about the danger she faced. He reminded her that the game she intended to play could cost Sam her life. Sam thought that she had the situation under control. Jason didn't appear to have the same confidence. He advised her not to underestimate Anthony. He also told her not to hesitate to ask for backup if she needed it. Spinelli's arrival interrupted them. He was clearly agitated and rambling.

Jason couldn't make sense out of what Spinelli was saying, so he pawned him off on Sam and left. Spinelli quickly realized that Sam was working with Jason and took umbrage over the idea of Sam protecting Spinelli from the FBI. It made Spinelli feel like a big wimp. However, it didn't keep Spinelli from trying to pump Sam for information. Sam was wise to Spinelli's tricks. She understood his concerns, but advised Spinelli to trust Jason to handle matters.

Jason went to General Hospital to talk to Patrick about Carly. Jason was worried that Carly had unreasonable expectations for Michael's recovery. Patrick made it clear that everything he had told Carly about Michael's prognosis had been true. If she had derived hope from what he had said, then there was nothing Patrick could or would do to take that away from her. Patrick went on to point out that Carly's foundation for children with head injuries was a positive step to channel her hope.

Before Jason left, Patrick asked Jason about his visit with Robin. He wanted to know what Jason's impression of Robin had been. Patrick wasn't surprised when Jason told him that Robin had seemed a little tense.

Jason returned to the penthouse where he found Spinelli working on his laptop. As soon as Spinelli saw Jason, he stopped working. Spinelli's fidgety behavior and eagerness to work in his room alerted Jason to the possibility that Spinelli was hiding something. At first Spinelli was reluctant to tell Jason what he had been working on, but Jason pressed for answers. Finally, Spinelli blurted out that he had been attempting to hack into FBI files.

Jason was furious. He asked Spinelli why he would risk doing that given the circumstances of his recent arrest. Spinelli felt he had little choice because Jason had refused to share the details of the deal he had struck with Agent Rayner.

Sonny was about to walk into Claudia's bedroom, after hearing loud banging coming from inside, when Max suddenly intervened. Max explained that the noise came from a loose shutter in need of repair. Sonny believed the lie. He ordered Max to make sure the shutter was repaired quickly, then walked away.

In the bedroom, Claudia breathed a sigh of relief when she overheard the exchange between Sonny and Max. While Ric and Claudia got dressed, Ric sensed that Claudia was keeping secrets. He became convinced when Claudia tried to use sex as a diversion tactic. Claudia managed to convince Ric that she felt vulnerable because she was caught in the middle of a power play between Sonny and Anthony. Ric decided to throw caution to the wind and trust Claudia. Ric revealed that Anthony wasn't paralyzed. He also told her that Anthony had shot Kate on her wedding day.

Claudia was stunned as Ric went on to tell her that Anthony intended to drive a wedge between Jason and Sonny. His goal was to push until Sonny killed Jason. Once Jason was dead, Anthony would arrange for Sonny to follow his friend to an early grave. Ric reminded Claudia that he had entrusted her with his life by telling her all of Anthony's secrets. It was clear he expected Claudia to honor the trust he had placed in her. Claudia wondered why Ric didn't appear to have a problem with the idea of his brother being killed by Anthony.

Carly was sifting through CDs when she heard Sonny come downstairs to the living room. She put them aside and turned her attention to Sonny. The two talked about the snow and how they viewed it differently. Sonny hated snow because it reminded him of bleak times in Bensonhurst with his stepfather, Deke. Carly, on the other hand, loved the snow because she had grown up in Florida without it. It reminded her of Christmas and family time. As they chatted, Carly noticed that Sonny picked up the CDs to put them away. She laughed and accused Sonny of being a control freak. Sonny didn't think putting things in their proper place was a bad thing. Carly disagreed. She challenged Sonny to prove her wrong by leaving the CDs where they were. Sonny put them down then changed the subject.

They discussed the guest list for the benefit gala. When Sonny learned that Robin had not been invited, he called Carly on it. She tried to convince him that she had not invited Robin because she didn't think Robin would be up to it after recently giving birth. Sonny didn't believe a word out of Carly's mouth, which prompted her to offer to go over to Robin's house to personally invite her to the event. Carly then asked about Claudia. She wanted to know if Sonny intended to bring Claudia. Sonny was noncommittal, but he reminded Carly that Claudia was his wife so it was within her rights to attend the benefit with him.

Later, Sonny found Claudia in the living room. As she poured herself a drink at the bar, Sonny asked her about the noise that he had heard in her room. Claudia pretended that she had no idea what Sonny was talking about. She told Sonny that she had been checking her email in the den, and therefore hadn't heard any banging in her room. Sonny didn't believe her, but he was distracted by how skittish she seemed. He asked her why she was nervous, which made Claudia more jumpy. She was forced to explain her behavior, so she told Sonny essentially the same thing that she had said to Ric: she was worried about being a pawn between two powerful men.

At the Port Charles police station, Agent Rayner was on the phone in the interrogation room with an unknown person. He admitted that their situation was bigger than they had thought, but assured the caller that he had a coffee importer working on things. After he ended the call, Spinelli walked into the room. Agent Rayner was livid. He reminded Spinelli of the serious charges that he had faced and the possibility of life in prison. He also informed Spinelli that even though the charges had been dropped, Rayner could reinstate them at any time. Knowing that, the agent asked, how could Spinelli risk irritating Rayner by demanding a meeting with him? Spinelli answered that he needed to know why the charges against him had been dropped.

Friday, January 23, 2009

In black and white, Patrick spoke with Agent Rayner and explained that he had left Dr. Matt Hunter to perform a surgery so Patrick could go home to check on Robin. No one in the operating room that evening had expected to risk their lives while they were trying to save another life. Meanwhile, Winnifred spoke to a superior on the phone and said the guest list was in Carly Corinthos' handwriting. She was one of the only ones they could confirm, but she didn't explain what was confirmed.

Four hours previously:

Spinelli spoke with Agent Rayner and tried to cut a deal to help the agency out and free Jason from whatever deal he had struck. Agent Rayner wasn't impressed and told Spinelli to get out of the police station before he decided to put Spinelli back in jail for being a nuisance.

Carly went over to Robin's new house to invite her to the benefit that evening, as Sonny had requested. Emma was crying and Carly gave Robin numerous opportunities to go get the baby. Robin wasn't interested in attending to Emma and just wanted to know more about the benefit. Finally, Carly couldn't stand it any longer and asked if she could pick Emma up. The baby girl immediately stopped crying, and Carly said she was jealous of Robin because Carly had always wanted a little girl. Robin asked Carly if she had ever felt guilty for not wanting to pick up or spend time with Michael when Carly was suffering from post-partum depression. Carly said she stopped feeling bad once she knew what was wrong; after all, post-partum depression was a medical condition. Carly was very grateful for Sonny and Jason, because Michael always knew he was loved. As Carly prepared to leave, Robin said she would be at the benefit that evening. Carly and Robin agreed to try to get along during the benefit that night.

After Carly left Robin's house, she went to the hospital to speak with Patrick. Carly was sure something was wrong with Robin, especially since she took extreme measures not to hold the little girl. Carly knew that was one of the signs of post-partum depression, especially since when she had suffered from the disorder when Michael was born. Patrick started to make excuses for Robin, but Carly pointed out that Patrick must have been worried also if he were making excuses for his wife. If Carly hadn't stopped by the house, Patrick's little girl could still be crying.

Once Robin was alone, she started to clean up the house and then called to get an appointment at a local boutique. No one could fit her in that day, but Robin made a later appointment for a manicure, pedicure, and massage. She started to move Emma back to her nursery and prayed that Emma wouldn't wake up. The little girl started crying, though, and Robin tried to pump herself up by saying she had been through worse things.

Maxie met up with Spinelli at the Metro Court restaurant. Jason and Spinelli had gotten into a fight after Jason caught Spinelli trying to hack into the FBI's sites. Maxie wasn't very happy about that information, but she was even more upset after she heard that Spinelli had met with Agent Rayner. Maxie told Spinelli to stay away from the FBI and let it go.

Kate walked into the lobby and overheard Olivia on the phone doing hotel business. Olivia was explaining to the person on the other end of the phone that Carly wanted Mr. Corinthos' donation prior to the party, so Olivia would be coming by later to pick up the check. When Olivia hung up, Kate asked for a favor. The watch Kate had made for Sonny's wedding present had finally arrived, and she wanted Olivia to deliver it for her. Olivia started to ask questions, but Kate stopped her and asked that she just deliver the watch.

Claudia talked to Sonny and tried to convince him to eliminate Jason. Sonny didn't want to take any business advice from Claudia, especially considering how badly she had treated him. Claudia was shocked to hear that, but Sonny elaborated by reminding her how she slept with Ric in Sonny's house, and was sneaking around and telling lies. Claudia decided she was going to leave, but Sonny told her not to be gone for long. They would need to leave for the benefit soon. Claudia said she knew what Sonny was trying to do, and she would not allow herself to be used as collateral damage.

Olivia showed up at Sonny's house to collect the check for the benefit that night, and Sonny asked if Olivia was working for Jax or Carly. Olivia said she was actually working for Jax, which surprised Olivia even more. Sonny warned that Jax couldn't be trusted, and he also reminded Olivia that Jax was the exact type of guy she grew up making fun of back in Bensonhurst. Finally, Sonny congratulated Olivia on her new job and gave up the check. Olivia remembered the watch from Kate and gave it to Sonny before leaving.

Olivia walked into the Metro Court just as Anthony was speaking with Kate about her wedding to Sonny that never happened. Kate explained that marriages and weddings usually ended better when the bride wasn't shot. After Kate walked away, Anthony called her a bitch. Claudia asked why Anthony was bothering Kate, and he said he was just trying to gather information about Sonny. Claudia said the best source of information was from Sonny's wife.

Sonny showed up at the Metro Court and asked the manager to tell Kate she had a delivery. When Kate showed up, Sonny gave her back the watch and said he had enough watches. Kate said she didn't want another reminder of the past year, and Sonny asked if their relationship really meant so little to her. Sonny said it might not matter to her, but he was going to find out who shot her. It could be anyone, even his own wife.

Claudia and her father sat down at the Metro Court restaurant for a meal. This was something they hadn't done in a while, but Claudia wanted to discuss some things with her father. She knew she was more valuable to Anthony than her mother ever was. Claudia asked if an aneurism could be caused by someone who sat down all the time, suddenly got up and walked into a church, picked up a Russian rifle, and shot Kate Howard. Anthony started to deny it, but then asked why Claudia was stupid enough to tell him she had figured out his plan.

Edward told Monica and Tracy that they needed to support Carly's benefit to preserve Michael's memory. Tracy wasn't interested in doing anything for Carly, but Monica thought the benefit was a good cause. The money would go to children with head trauma that didn't have insurance. Edward spoke up on Carly's behalf and said he had always liked his former granddaughter-in-law. Nikolas walked in just as everyone was about to fight. He said he was there to pay his respects to Monica, but Tracy pointed out that she wasn't dead yet. Nikolas reminded everyone that it was Emily's birthday.

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