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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ric found Marianna at the docks. Randy was lying on the ground, apparently dead. Elsewhere on the docks Carly led Michael away after she told him that he would never be a part of his father's world. Claudia also met Sonny on the docks to exchange Zacchara shipping lanes for her brother Johnny's release. As Trevor's assassin zeroed in on her and pulled the trigger, a bomb, set by Diego Alcazar before he died, exploded on the docks and blew up the cannery warehouse where they were all meeting.

Sonny was the first to regain consciousness after the explosion. He wandered outside. Johnny survived and began calling for Claudia, but found and rescued Michael instead. Jax ran to the burning warehouse. He found Sonny, who was perplexed to learn that Carly and Michael might still be in the burning building. As Jax and Sonny argued about how to conduct a search, Johnny brought Michael out. Michael told Sonny that he and Johnny had looked for Carly but could not find her. Sonny took Michael aside and Michael revealed that he had shot Kate. Sonny told him that he knew and that it was an accident. Sonny assured Michael of his love and told him that nothing could ever change that. Sonny also apologized to Michael for telling him to "run and keep running" if Michael ever disobeyed Sonny and used a gun.

The fire department and police arrived on the scene. Sonny sent Michael away with an EMT. He stayed behind to search for Carly. Mac prevented him from entering the cannery. Sonny answered Mac's questions about who was inside. When Mac told Sonny that his department was responding to reports of shots fired, Sonny responded truthfully that no one in his party had fired a gun or heard gunfire. When Mac turned away, Sonny rushed inside the burning warehouse. Sonny called for Carly, but found Trevor. While Sonny questioned Trevor's motives for being in the warehouse, Johnny snuck up, grabbed the gun of a dead thug, and then pointed it at Trevor and Sonny. The police arrived and Trevor left with them. Johnny played innocent, but continued his search for Claudia while Sonny looked for Carly.

Ric and Mariana escaped unscathed. Randy was not so lucky. Mariana denied killing Randy. She told Ric that Randy demanded that she meet him, but he was already dead when she arrived. Since Randy did not have any visible wounds, Ric told Mariana that the explosion would work in their favor because Randy would be assumed to be a victim of the explosion. Mariana kept professing her innocence, but Ric told her that there was powerful circumstantial evidence that she was guilty. Ric convinced her to let him tamper with the evidence and move the body closer to the origin of the explosion to cover Randy's death. He sent her outside ahead of him, so that if he were caught, she would not be blamed.

Alexis arrived on the scene in her official capacity as DA to assess the scene. She met Jax who was about to enter the warehouse to hunt for Carly. She tried to stop him, but he was adamant that he would not be stopped in his search for Carly, just like he would not be stopped if it were Alexis who were missing. Jax went into the building. Jerry arrived and followed him in with Alexis' blessing.

Robin had a bad moment in the hospital locker room. Patrick noticed that Robin was nauseous from morning sickness. She immediately blamed Patrick for her stress, then ran away gagging and about to vomit. Later at the nurses' station Epiphany gave Robin advice about her morning sickness. Robin seemed to have a chip on her shoulder as she was short-tempered with everyone. When Patrick tried to consult with her, she snapped at him. Before they could get into their usual argument about the baby, Epiphany told Robin that she was needed to look after Michael. She and Michael talked about how she had known him when he was a baby. After Michael was treated, Bobby picked him up.

Lulu arrived at Logan's room and wondered out loud if he was glad to see her or if it was hurting him inside. Lulu shared her heart with Logan and told him how much she wanted him to recover. After she left, his fingers moved. Lulu asked Patrick about Logan's odds for recovery. Patrick gave her hope that Logan would recover. When Lulu heard about the explosion from Robin, she rushed off.

Robin tried to apologize to Patrick for her earlier behavior, but he was curt to her as he left a chart behind for her to study. Robin followed Patrick to the locker room. He told her that he did not want to argue. She told him that she was sorry, because she had realized earlier that shift that she was the biggest hypocrite of all.

Trevor hounded Alexis to find Johnny. He told her that it was a coincidence that he was there at the same time as Sonny and Claudia. Lulu arrived and asked about Carly. Johnny staggered out of the building and Lulu ran to him and they hugged each other. Trevor latched onto Marianna and demanded to know why Ric was still inside. Ric dragged Randy's body closer to the center of the explosion so he could dump it in the water. A hurting Sonny heard a moan under some beams and boards that he assumed was Carly. He struggled to remove the debris, only to discover Claudia, who sat up and asked if Johnny was okay.

A woman with red shoes wandered away from the explosion and entered Jake's. When the camera revealed her face, it was Carly. A seemingly unconcerned Carly shot pool and drank beer in Jake's bar. At the other end of the table, Jason, or a look-a-like, put money on the table. Carly won the right to break.

The camera panned across the burning docks. An unconscious woman was laying in the water. A close-up revealed that it was Carly. She was unconscious and dreaming about the time she first met Jason.