GH Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on General Hospital
Lulu realized that Logan was Scotty's son. Jerry Jacks resurfaced. Kate had a glimpse of Sonny's violent side. Sam refused to let Lucky and Liz make an appeal to Jake's kidnapper on her show.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jax is held at gunpoint by the bartender after asking about Jerry. Just then, Carly comes out of the back room of the bar and tells the bartender she is Jerry's wife. She sits down with Jax and tries to get him to go home with her. Just then, two men show up and threaten them because of something Jerry has done.

Jason asks Spinelli to help him escape to which Spinelli refuses. He tells Jason that he believes Sam didn't take Jake.

Kate comes into the coffeehouse and realizes that Sonny is in the back with a woman. She uses a lighter and sets off the fire alarm. After Amelia leaves, Sonny questions one of his employees about what happened then fires him. Alexis visits and finds an earring. She gives it to Sonny who recognizes it as Kate's. He goes to Kate's hotel room to return the earring and questions her motives. He says he believes she wants him.

Liz and Lucky argue and Liz tells him that the reason she goes to see Jason is because he gives her hope and doesn't blame her for Jake being kidnapped the way Lucky does.

Amelia is back at the studio and finds the file on the table. Alexis comes in to question Amelia about Sam's contract with the show. Amelia tells Alexis everything about Sam's past and what she has done.

Sam sees the file that Amelia has on her and, while looking through it, has a full flashback of the night Bill died. Bill found out the truth and started beating her. He then came at her with a fireplace poker and was going to stab her when she shot him. She takes a break and goes to visit her daughter's grave. She speaks out-loud about Jason and Jake and decides that she needs to tell the truth. She goes to the police station and badgers a guard into letting her see Jason. While in the room, she comes clean and tells him that she knows he is Jake's father.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Carly and Jax overpower the two thugs in the bar, and manage to get away. At the airport, Carly is angry and hurt when Jax sends her home. She accuses him of walking away from everything. They share an emotional goodbye.

At her hotel room, Kate denies trying to start the fire at the coffee house and that she has any interest in him. Her assistant Clarice interrupts, and presents her with a delivery that turns out to be a diamond necklace. Kate tells Sonny that "Connie" would never have been in possession of such a beautiful piece. Sonny observes that despite all of her riches, Kate is lonely. The necklace falls and nearly slips through a crack in the floor. Sonny leans over to help her, and they appear to be in a suggestive position when the hotel staff arrives to help. The necklace is saved and Sonny reminds the staff to be discreet as they leave Kate's room. Kate is angry that Sonny did not do more to make their relationship look platonic. She overhears Marty tell his assistant that Carly cannot find out that Kate is sleeping with Sonny.

Lucky catches Maxie as she tries to leave a note of comfort for Lucky and Liz. Lucky thanks her for her support. Lulu arrives and chases Maxie away. Lucky apologizes to Liz for doubting her, and they start to kiss. Later, Liz dreams that Jason brings baby Jake back to her and tells her that he loves her. Lulu pays a visit to Maxie at the hospital and warns her to stay away from her family.

Confronted by Sam, Jason admits he is Jake's father. She recalls how she found out about the paternity and wonders how he could keep quiet about it for all these months. Jason justifies his actions, but they continue to argue. She questions why he didn't consider joint custody. Later, she tells Jason about her history of swindling men and the accident where she killed Bill Monroe. She goes on to speculate that Amelia could be behind the kidnapping in order to frame Sam. Sam is livid when Jason asks her if she had anything to do with the kidnapping.

At the studio, Amelia tells Alexis all about Sam's background. Alexis disputes the idea that Sam/Angie is responsible for Bill's death since she was exonerated on the self-defense plea. Amelia clues Alexis in on her plans for Sam. Alexis threatens to blow her out of the water, but Amelia does not does seem moved. She brings up the affair between Sam and Ric, but Alexis maintains her support for her daughter. Later, a stranger watches as Amelia goes to her apartment.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jason is convinced that either Sam or Amelia is connected to Jake's kidnapping. Diane gives Jason the surprising news that he's been granted bail. Alexis warns Sam that Amelia is out to get her. Sam opens up to Alexis about her sordid past. Sam confronts Amelia, who makes it clear she's calling the shots. Amelia phones Maureen, the mother who taped a segment for the show about tragically losing her baby, and is alerted by what she hears. Carly turns to Jason for a shoulder to lean on and gets an unwelcome surprise when she returns home. Maxie tells Logan she wants to witness his seduction of Lulu firsthand to prove he did the deed. Tracy finds that Lulu is the only one on her side. Scott tries to make a deal with Tracy but she wants nothing to do with him. Tracy thinks she has leverage to use against Scott after Lulu gives her the information from the private investigator Tracy hired.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sonny shows up at the coffee shop to go to his office when he finds Logan arguing with Maxie. He tells Logan to get back to work or he will let him go. Maxie enjoys watching Logan squirm around Sonny and leaves. Scott shows up to see Sonny in his office while Sonny is laying down the law to Logan. Scott warns Logan to back off or he will have him arrested. Sonny is amused by Scott's visit and asks him what he wants from him. Scott insinuates that Sonny must have helped Luke escape with Laura or at least helped him get out of the country safely. Sonny denies having helped Luke this time around. Scott offers to help Jason go free if Sonny is willing to tell him where Luke is. Sonny refuses to say anything to Scott. Scott leaves his office and runs into Logan again. He tells Logan that the next time he tries to slug him he will hit him back. Meanwhile, Tracy talks to Lulu about the evidence she got on Scott for her. Lulu leaves with an idea in her head about finding out who Scott's son is. Alan tells Tracy that he thinks that Lulu is hiding something concerning Scott. Later, Scott shows up to pay Tracy a visit at Shadybrook and finds her talking to Alan's ghost again. Tracy is happy to see Scott so she can blackmail him into dropping the kidnapping charge he brought against her for helping Luke. She shows him the files she has on him that show he stole money from some woman he got pregnant and left them. Scott doesn't seem threatened by her evidence and tells her he doesn't care whether she reveals he has a "bastard son." Lulu heads over to see Spinelli and asks him to do a background check for her on some woman. Spinelli finds nothing that links the woman from Scott's past to Logan at all. Spinelli is surprised when Lulu defends Logan's character to him. She tells him that she didn't like him when she first met him because of how he behaved and that she felt that way about Logan at first but realizes that not everyone is all bad or all good and she is going to get to know Logan some more before making a judgment on him. Logan shows up at Jason's to see Lulu. He tells Spinelli to get lost so he can talk to Lulu alone. Lulu tells Logan that she remembered him mentioning how his father left his mother and him before he was born. She asks him if he knows who his father's name is or not. She tells him she thinks that Scott Baldwin is his father. Logan isn't too happy that she was digging into his business.

Carly comes home to find Jerry sitting with the boys in the living room. She asks the boys to go upstairs and watch a movie while she talks to Jerry alone. She demands he tell her where he had Jax run off to to find him and asks him to bring Jax back. Jerry tells her that he had Jax take off so he can spend some time alone with her so they can get to know each other better and start to like each other. Carly feels threatened by him being there with her and the boys and Jax being out of town. Meanwhile, Jason is released on bail and goes home to find Spinelli there. Spinelli is pleased to see him home. Jason tells him to keep having Amelia and Sam followed. Spinelli makes a case for why Amelia would have benefitted from kidnapping the baby, to get back at Sam and set her up. Jason finds that plausible but can't rule out the idea that Sam kidnapped the baby also. He tells Spinelli that he has to be objective about this whole thing and suspect everyone including Sam. He tells Spinelli that he has known Sam for three years and he can tell she is hiding something else from him. Sam shows up as he is talking to Spinelli. She tells him she didn't know that he had been released on bail. Spinelli tries to calm the waters between them and tells her that Jason just got there a few minutes ago. Sam gets upset with Jason when he questions her about the kidnapping of Jake. Sam denies she kidnapped the Jake and can't believe he doesn't believe in her anymore. Spinelli tries to help by defending Jason which upsets Sam more. She yells at Spinelli to stay out of their business and leave the penthouse so she can talk to Jason alone. Spinelli leaves them alone to talk. Jason tells her not to take out her anger on Spinelli. Sam refuses to apologize. She tells Jason that he has been lying to her for months about being Jake's father but now he is accusing her of lying to him. Sam doesn't understand why no one is questioning Liz's motives. Jason defends Liz and tells Sam that she didn't do anything to the baby. Jason tells her that he knows she is hiding something from him and wants to know what it is. Carly calls Jason on his cell-phone while they are arguing. Jason answers the call and asks what is wrong. Carly tells him that Jerry is back in town and has Jax going on a wild goose chase again and needs him to meet her somewhere so they can talk alone. Jason plans on leaving Sam to go help Carly. Sam is furious with him for leaving while they are having an important conversation. Jason tells her that Carly needs him help right now and their discussion will have to wait. Meanwhile, Kate shows up at the television studio to talk to Amelia. She tells Amelia that she would like her to go public with her relationship with Sonny so the press will get off her back about her being a couple with Sonny. Amelia refuses to help her out since she could lose her job if she was connected to Sonny publicly also. Later, Sam shows up for work late. Amelia reminds her that she has an ironclad contract with the show that even Alexis can't get her out of and so they are stuck with each other. Sam makes it clear to Amelia that she doesn't want to mess with her or underestimate what she can do to her. Amelia tells Sam that she needs to talk to the woman who lost her baby in the fire and convince her to sign the release so they can air her interview with her. Sam surprises her when she tells her she refuses to make the woman do anything she doesn't want to and put her through the hell she has already been through again. Maxie shows up at the studio with some outfit for Sam to wear for taping. Sam tells Maxie that she isn't going to wear anything that Amelia picked out for her and will wear what she wants to wear on the air. Maxie jokingly accuses Sam of becoming a diva already. Sam snaps at Maxie that she isn't being a diva but that she is actually very pissed off right now. Maxie reminds her that she was a big help for her when she got the job at the hotel and she wants to return the favor by lending her ear to her to talk about what is bothering her. Sam tells Maxie that her relationship with Jason is falling apart. Maxie tells her that maybe she should just let Jason go if he doesn't love her anymore. Sam refuses to give up on their relationship. Meanwhile, Jason shows up at the basement of the hotel to find Carly waiting for him outside the boiler room. She opens the boiler room and explains that she couldn't have him meet her at her house because for all she knows Jerry had the whole house bugged. Jason asks her what is going on with Jerry and if he actually threatened her and the kids. She tells him that Jerry wants her to make nice with him and convince him and Sonny not to kill him. Jason asks her why she feels threatened still. She tells him that the last time that Jerry had Jax go out of town to find him was when he held everyone hostage at the hotel. Meanwhile, Jerry shows up at the hotel and meets Kate for the first time. He introduces himself to her. She is pleased to meet Jax's brother and is charmed by him. All the hotel employees watch them talk and look over at Jerry uneasily several times and talk in huddles. Kate asks him why everyone on staff is looking at him that way. He continues the lie about how he bears a striking resemblance to the man who held everyone hostage at the hotel and blew it up. Kate explains that she is staying at the hotel until the renovations on her house are complete and invites him and Jax to join her after her house is all done. Kate leaves the hotel. Two men in suits show up at the hotel lobby and grab Jerry and take him away. They end up being two of Sonny's goons who bring Jerry to see Sonny at his office. Sonny threatens to kill Jerry just as Kate shows up outside his office door and hears him. Back in the boiler room, Jason and Carly realizes they are locked inside because Carly forgot to tell him that the door automatically locks when it is closed. She apologizes for her mistake but Jason can't figure out why they would need to lock the boiler room. Carly explains that she mentioned that it would be a good thing to do because of what happened with the hostage crisis in case someone tried to mess with things in the boiler room. Carly makes things worse when she breaks the valve on the heater and causes it to break. The room fills up with steamy heat. Jason takes his shirt off and tries to turn the heater off by twisting his shirt around the broken valve. Carly bangs on the door and tries to get someone to hear them and let them out. Jason insists that he needs to get out of there now. Carly doesn't understand why he is so insistent that he needs to get out of there. Jason doesn't tell her that he needs to go find his son. Carly sees that he has his shirt off and can't help but be affected by his gorgeous, muscled body.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sam stuns Lucky, Liz and Amelia when she adamantly refuses to allow Lucky and Liz to make a televised appeal for Jake's return on Everyday Heroes. Jason grows more suspicious when Liz informs him of Sam's strange behavior and seeks out Amelia, who shares some intriguing information. A troubled Sam has a disturbing memory of the day Jake disappeared from the park. Kate warns Carly that Sonny seemed ready to kill Jerry. Carly is glad Kate got a glimpse of the man Sonny really is before getting too close. Kate doesn't want to be anywhere near a man like Sonny but he doesn't think she'll be able to fight her desire. Carly is flustered by Jason's sex appeal but they are soon rescued from the boiler room. Scott accuses Logan of trying to run a scam on him and warns he'll send Logan to prison if he doesn't back down. Jerry traps himself in the boiler room with Carly.

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