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Monday, October 2, 2006

Jax arrives to Sonny's house to pick up Carly for their date. Michael and Morgan are playing with the remote control dinosaur Jax bought them and it isn't working. Sonny and Carly try to fix the toy but they aren't able to. Jax picks up the remote and presses some buttons and fixes it. Jax tells Sonny and Carly that Alexis is refusing to have chemotherapy. Sonny is upset by this news and asks Jax if he tried to convince Alexis that she needed to have the chemo. Jax feels that Alexis has the right to make up her own mind and says he will support whatever decision she makes.

Alexis and Epiphany are talking in Alexis' hospital room. Alexis wants to know from Epiphany's medical standpoint how bad the chemotherapy actually is. Epiphany doesn't pull any punches with Alexis. She tells her that the side effects are bad and then she reveals that she knows this from her own personal experience. Epiphany reveals to Alexis that she had breast cancer and that chemo saved her life. Epiphany says that as of July 24th she has been cancer free for ten years. Alexis says that the odds for survival are not as good for lung cancer. Epiphany reminds Alexis that no matter what her decision is that there are no guarantees in life.

Liz and Nikolas are talking at the hospital and Nikolas asks Liz if she could take Lucky back once he is clean and sober. Liz is adamant that her marriage is over and the fact that she is pregnant will not change her feelings about this Liz says that she has done everything for Lucky to try to help him and that she has had enough and is not willing to save Lucky at the expense of her children. She tells Nikolas that things have changed and the 4 Musketeers have grown up. Liz then admits that she still loves Lucky and that she probably always will, but their love is not a healthy love.

Ric and Lorenzo are meeting at the Metro Court and discussing their plan to take down Jason. Ric advises Lorenzo that he will distract Jason with Sam and then Lorenzo can kill Jason.

Liz is standing outside an Al-Anon meeting debating whether to go in. Patrick walks up and tells Liz that the first meeting is always the hardest. He then goes on to say that the meetings saved his life, his career, and his relationship with his father. Patrick offers to go to the first meeting with Liz. After the meeting Liz and Patrick are talking, and Liz tells Patrick that she felt that she could protect Lucky and save him if she was strong enough.

Nikolas tries to convince Alexis to have the chemotherapy. Nikolas catches Alexis up and tells her about Lucky's addiction and that he is now in rehab. Alexis comments that she has missed a lot and Nikolas tells her that she will miss everything if she doesn't have the chemo.

Sam and Jason are talking on the rooftop of the hospital discussing how they can learn to trust each other again. Just then Sam's phone rings and interrupts their conversation. Ric is on the other end and he tells Sam that Kristina is having problems in school and her teacher wants to meet with both of them to discuss this but that he is not able to go. Sam says that she will go and meet with Kristina's teacher. She reassures Jason that she co-exists with Ric just for the sake of Molly and Kristina.

Jason and Sonny are talking at Sonny's house about Alexis' refusal to have chemotherapy. Sonny tells Jason that he has to protect Kristina. Jason tells Sonny that Sam is willing to take both Kristina and Molly if Alexis dies. Sonny tells Jason that he has not agreed to this plan yet. Jason tells Sonny that he can make Ric "disappear". Sonny advises Jason that killing Ric won't change the fact that Sam and Ric had sex, and he tells Jason not to let Ric get to him.

Sam arrives at the Metro Court for what she believes is a meeting with Kristina's teacher. The woman from Kristina's school says that she is the head of the fundraising committee. Sam is confused and says she thought they were meeting because Kristina is having problems at school. The woman says that Kristina is a pleasure at school and is not having any problems. Just then Ric shows up. Sam says she thought he had a meeting and couldn't make it, but he says his meeting was cancelled. The woman from the school then asks Ric and Sam to take over as the fundraising parent in Alexis' place. Sam is reluctant to take on this task but Ric pressures her into it. As they are talking Jason arrives at the Metro Court and observes them talking.

Edward is sitting at the bar of the Metro Court drinking. Emily comes up and comments that happy hour was over hours ago. Edward says that he is drinking because he is worried because ELQ is facing a major class action lawsuit from the faulty Enduro condom debacle. Edward then laments to Emily that he and the Quartermaine family once ruled Port Charles but that is all gone now. Edward sees Lorenzo across the room and he becomes enraged because he blames Lorenzo for Skye leaving Port Charles. Edward lunges to go after Lorenzo and Emily has to restrain him.

Emily thanks Jason for coming to help her with Edward. Edward is ranting about Lorenzo and tells Jason that he should have killed him when he had the chance. Jason tells Emily to take Edward home and says he will stay at the Metro Court to keep an eye on Lorenzo.

Jax and Carly are in his hotel room discussing Jax's concern about Alexis. He tells Carly he purposely riled Sonny in the hopes that Sonny will be able to convince Alexis to have chemotherapy. Jax then tells Carly that this situation with Alexis has made him realize that he wants to live each day to the fullest with Carly. Carly tells Jax that she heard him when he told her he loved her after they had made love as he was leaving for Africa. Carly then admitted that she waited until the door closed to say that she loved him too. Jax then told Carly that he still loved her and she responded that she also loved him.

Sonny visits Alexis and confronts her on her decision not to have the chemo. He tells her that if he can take medication for his kids then she can do the same. Alexis argues that there is no comparison between taking Lithium and going through chemo. Sonny tells Alexis that she needs to have the chemo and if she doesn't he threatens to take Kristina away the moment she dies.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

When Liz went home, Audrey was there to let her know that Lucky had called and left a number at the rehab center. Liz was frustrated that he did not understand that she wanted to be left alone. Audrey tried to make her understand that she needed to keep the lines of communications open, especially since she was pregnant with Lucky's child.

At Kelly's Lulu was reading when Professor Pete came in. He told her not to waster her time, since she could not read the book that he had assigned. She retorted that he was just afraid to have anyone question his authority since he never bothered to call her in class. He let her know that she was just reading the words of the book, not understanding the author or the characters, and that whatever was her excuse was no reason to be mad at the entire world. She let him know about the pregnancy and the abortion, and instead of being sympathetic, he let her know that everyday people were having to make much more difficult decisions. He let her know that using the incident as an excuse was a waste of time and energy. She let him know that she thought he was a jerk and rude, and that to prove him wrong, she would ace his class. Before leaving, he let her know that he did not have much confidence that she would be successful.

At the Metro Court Jason saws Ric put his hand on Sam's leg while they were talking to the Charity Director from Kristina's school. As he walked away, Sam noticed that he saw what had happened. She quickly excused herself from the meeting and called Jason and asked to meet him on the roof.

At the hospital, Sonny was trying to convince Alexis to get the chemotherapy. He threatened to take Kristina away from her if she refused treatment. Alexis called his bluff, and said that she knew that he would not take her to court while she was fighting for her life. Sonny then tried to convince her that he would wait until she died and would take Kristina away from Ric. Alexis once again called his bluff, and said that she knew that he would not do anything to harm their daughter.

Carly and Jax were together at his home, where they talked about the night before he had left. Carly let him know that she had heard him declare his love to her before walking out, and she shared that she had said "I love you" after he had shut the door. Jax took the opportunity to let her know that he still loved her, and she let him know that she loved him as well. Once they declared their love for each other, Carly was afraid that something was going to jinx it. She said that whenever they were in sync something would go horribly wrong. This is when she got a call from Sonny asking for her help.

Back at Kelly's, Liz walked in and sat down when Maxie approached her. Even though Liz did not want to talk to her, Maxie said she wanted to apologize. She let Liz know that she had apologized to Lucky and that she was glad that he was in rehab. Liz let her know that she did not care what she thought, and that in a way she was glad that Lucky had lost his job, because that had forced him to hit rock bottom, and go into rehab. She left the restaurant, and Lulu approached Maxie. She let Maxie know what she had thought of her, and that she had taken advantage of her sick brother, changing his and Liz's life forever. Maxie let her know that she did not care about her opinion because of what she had done to Dillon and Georgie over the summer.

On the roof, Sam and Jason met up. Sam tried to explain the situation, and Jason let her know that he knew that Ric was playing him. She tried to understand why he was so upset, if he knew that it was all Ric's doing. He let her know that he was angry and that he didn't know what to do. She let him know that she was tired trying to make everything right, and that maybe they should take a break from trying so hard. He agreed, and left.

Carly met Sonny at the hospital and wanted to know why he called her over there. He let her know that Alexis was refusing chemotherapy and that she might be able to able to help. Inside Alexis' room, Carly let her know that she was sorry about her decision but that not to worry, because when she was gone, that they would make sure Kristina would be alright. Sonny and Carly acted like they had gotten back together, and that they were going to have a happy home for Michael, Morgan and Kristina. Alexis asked both of them to leave her room, and outside they felt that they had gotten their message across.

When Liz got back home, she saw the pad with Lucky's number on it, and remembered a happy time between the two of them. As she was about to dial his number, she flash backed to when her and Jason made love, and did not call her husband.

Back at Sonny's place, Bernie was trying to explain to Sonny about problems that the business was having. When Jason came to talk to Sonny, he was willing to go to Puerto Rico to take care of business. Sonny told him that he should go to show strength, and that Jason should not be running away from his problems in Port Charles. Jason let Sonny know about the conversation he had with Sam, and that it would be helpful if he could leave. Sonny disagreed, and decided that he would be the one to go to Puerto Rico.

Back at Jax's place, Carly let him know about the role playing Sonny and her did in front of Alexis. While he did not agree with her methods, he hoped that it would help Alexis make the correct decision. At the end, they reiterated their love for each other, and Carly gave back the heart he had given her, letting him know that he now had her heart.

At the hospital, Ric and Sam were arguing when Alexis came back to the room after having some tests done. She let them know that she had decided to go through with the chemotherapy, and that they would need to get along while she was going through treatment. Both of them promised to do whatever necessary to help her recover.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

On the docks, business went bad between Jason and Lorenzo, so much so that Lorenzo pulled a gun on his rival. No worries, Jason fans, he wasn't shot. Lorenzo wanted Jason to know he was serious. Meanwhile, at the hospital, little Cameron told Emily that Liz is pregnant, and Em was hurt her BFF didn't tell her. Liz had a good reason for staying mum: "I may be pregnant with your brother's baby," she revealed. Liz spilled about the affair with Jason, and Emily urged her pal to tell Jason the baby could be his. Later, Liz gave Jason a call (while Lorenzo eavesdropped) and wanted to meet him. Later, Emily went to visit her brother and Jason asked Em if he knew why Liz seemed upset. Em remained zip, and when Liz eventually arrived, she informed Jason herself that she told Emily about their affair. While discussing their night of passion again, Jason asked Liz: What if the baby she was carrying was his?

Lucky visited his mother to tell her about going to rehab and that Liz was preggers. Robin arrived and told Lucky about an upcoming experimental treatment they were doing on Laura, and Lucky was hopeful he'd get his mother back. Later, Robin and Patrick argued over that experimental treatment. Soon after, they shared a tender moment, but they were interrupted when Lorenzo came and threatened Robin. He wanted her to tell Robert that he wanted his child. After said threat, the mobster exited. Later, Robin overheard Patrick advise Luke against the experimental treatment and the duo fought again.

At Kelly's, Maxie was curious about which rehab facility Lucky was in, but Georgie told her sis she didn't know. When Lulu arrived, the scene instantly turned tense. Georgie begged Maxie not to act like an ass, but no such luck. However, Maxie got "Lucky," because Lulu unknowingly spilled where Lucky was. Later, Lulu exploded over Georgie siding with her sister and ridiculing her. After she fled, Georgie tried to explain to Dillon that wasn't the case. The two ended up discussing how much Dillon has changed since everything with Lulu happened. Meanwhile, Maxie went to see Lucky and wanted to get back together with him. Lucky was insistent that he wanted to stay with Liz, specially now that they were having a baby. "I'm sorry I hurt you," he apologized. "Liz needs me right now." He asked a very upset Maxie to leave, and once alone, had flashbacks of his time with Liz and began writing a letter full of hopes for their future.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Maxie starts reading the instructions for a home-pregnancy test in her bedroom. Georgie comes in her room to talk to her about her crazy behavior lately and sees the kit on the bed. She tells Maxie that she can't be thinking that she is pregnant and trying to get Lucky back. Maxie tells her that maybe that is the reason she went to see him in rehab. Georgie tells her off for getting involved with a married man and tells her that Lucky loves his wife, not her. Maxie takes the test and checks the results and smiles. Meanwhile, Dillon comes into Laura's room at Shadybrook while Lulu is visiting with her. Lulu steps out of the room and tells Dillon off for coming there and passing judgment on her. Dillon asks her if she is really judging herself and asks her if she is now regretting having an abortion. Lulu tells him she doesn't regret it but does feel like she has changed because of it and doesn't know who she is anymore. Lulu asks Dillon why he came to see her. Dillon tells her about the potential lawsuits that ELQ. will have brought against them for the faulty condoms. Lulu realizes that he wants her to cover for the Quartermaines by acting like the condoms weren't faulty. She refuses to help him and tells him that she won't cover up their lies after what happened to her. Later, Lulu visits Lucky at his room and wonders if he will be upset with her still for going through with the abortion. Lucky is busy trying to write a letter to Liz. He is happy to see her and apologizes for how he reacted to her decision to have an abortion. Lulu forgives him and they share a tender moment and hug. Lucky tells her he has his own demons to fight right now and tells her about Liz's pregnancy. Dillon meets up with Georgie outside of Kelly's. Georgie seems very preoccupied and doesn't pay much attention to Dillon. She apologizes and tells him her mind is on her sister. Dillon asks her if she feels differently about him because he decided not to major in film. Georgie tells Dillon that she wants him to be happy and she doesn't think he is right now.

Ric talks to Alexis on his cell-phone while finishing lunch at Kelly's. He finds out that she is going to be released from the hospital later that day. He leaves Kelly's and runs into Carly at the front door. She acts hostile toward him as usual and he tells her he should thank her for the mind game she and Sonny played on Alexis. Carly makes it clear to him that she didn't do it for him and that she was doing it for Kristina. Ric tells her he cares about Kristina as if she was his child. Carly accuses him of just using Kristina to get leverage over Sonny and that he took advantage of Sam. Ric refuses to defend Sam's innocence in what happened. Carly tells him that she hopes she is around when Jason finally takes care of him for good. Alcazar overhears their conversation and is not pleased with Ric. Later, Ric has a run in with Alcazar on the docks. One of Alcazar's men grabs Ric from behind and puts him in a choke-hold while Alcazar warns Ric that he better help him with his arms deals or he will have him eliminated.

Liz and Jason talk at his apartment. He asks her if he could be the father of her baby. Liz tells him he could be and she is waiting for a paternity test to reveal who the father is. Jason sits and listens as Liz confides in him about her problems with Lucky and how she doesn't really know what to do. Jason asks her if she could take Lucky back if he does get better and kicks the drug addiction. Liz thinks that drug addicts can't be trusted not to lapse and go back to the drug they got addicted to and she doesn't know if she wants to take him back. Jason doesn't have a solution. Liz feels that she put Lucky's needs ahead of her own son's when she sent Cameron to go live with her grandmother for a month and that she can't do that now. She tells him that Lucky couldn't seem to get help for Cameron and herself but is willing to do this because he thinks he is going to be a father. Jason tells her he will help her in any way he can but feels she and her children will get through this rough time. Liz goes back to work. She seems very preoccupied when Epiphany approaches her and notices she made a mistake with the patients' medication. Liz apologizes and Epiphany thinks she needs to do her job correctly with no excuses. She suggests she take a break and also to tell a certain someone she could be carrying his child, meaning Jason. Carly happens to walk by and overhears Liz tell Epiphany that she already told Jason that he could be the father of her baby. Carly is shocked by what she hears and goes right over to Jason's place. Jason is right in the middle of a meeting with Bernie. Bernie is hesitant to involve Sonny in what is going on with Alcazar. Jason reminds him that this is Sonny's business and he makes the final decision. Carly barges right in and insists she needs to talk to Jason alone immediately. Bernie decides to leave right away. Carly mentions Liz's pregnancy and asks him if he knows he could be the father. Meanwhile, Liz calls Lucky to talk to him but doesn't talk when Lucky answers the phone. Liz listens to him ask who is calling.

Nikolas and his butler, Alfred go into the tack room and discuss the renovations for the room. Alfred tells Nikolas that he doesn't have a heart condition and never did and that he was poisoned instead. Nikolas thinks that Helena was the one who did it to try to get to him. Colleen comes in and hides around the corner to eavesdrop. Emily comes in and interrupts their conversation. They clue Emily in on what the discussion is about. Alfred alarms Colleen when he mentions that it may not have been Helena that poisoned him. Colleen doesn't want Alfred to mention that she may have poisoned him so she suddenly calls out Nikolas' name in a frantic voice and makes up some story that Helena saw Spencer and her in the park and tried to hold the baby and that she ran off with Spencer and came back home immediately. This convinces Nikolas that Helena poisoned Alfred after all. Emily asks him what her motive would be and Nikolas tells her that Helena never has to have a reasonable motive to do anything and that she is probably trying to get to him through Alfred. Emily mentions that she has to go to a medical conference in Greece. Nikolas doesn't like the idea that Emily will be going to Greece with Helena out and about. He tells Emily that he, Alfred, Colleen and Spencer will go to Greece and stay at the house there so he can keep an eye on Emily's safety. Alfred reminds Nikolas that he is not allowed to fly for a couple of weeks on doctor's orders. Colleen also tells Nikolas that she can't go either. He asks her why she couldn't go. She lies and tells him that she can't leave Alfred alone to fend for himself after what happened to him. Colleen panics when Nikolas plans to take Spencer himself without her and accompany Emily to Greece. Emily and Nikolas talk about it in private. Emily doesn't think she will have much free time to spend with Nikolas and Spencer since she will be in a conference for a few days all day long. Nikolas still wants to go anyway. Colleen overhears their conversation and realizes she must stop Nikolas from going to Greece with Emily. She overhears Nikolas tell Alfred to get his horse, Sasha ready for riding so he can take her out for a ride. Colleen gets a hold of a big carving knife, with a sinister plan to keep Nikolas away from Emily.

Friday, October 6, 2006
by AMY

Colleen dreams about taking care of Nikolas after he gets hurt from a riding accident (that she caused). Her dream is interrupted by Alfred running in to tell her Nikolas was hurt. Colleen went to the hospital with Nikolas, where Robin and Patrick took care of him. He pulled a ligament in his leg. Later at home, Colleen was helping him get settled and told him and Alfred that the synch on the saddle was cut. She told them that Helena asked if Nikolas still rode the palomino mare, trying to make Nikolas think that it was her that did it.

Colleen walked in the baby's room and talked to Spencer about what she did. The baby monitor was on, but Nikolas was sleeping – did he hear it? Nick was then trying to get out of bed and Colleen walked in with a sandwich and told him he was supposed to be resting. She made him go back to bed. He didn't let on that he heard anything on the monitor.

Lorenzo had a couple of his men grab Robin to scare her. Lorenzo threatened her to get her father to bring back Skye or there would be consequences. Patrick came up after Lorenzo left and she told him what happened. He asked her to go to Paris with him to meet with the doctor about Laura's condition. He wanted to be convinced about this new treatment. She refused to go with him because of her work with a patient. Patrick called Robert to look after Robin while he was gone. Robert showed up at the hospital and Robin was upset with Patrick for calling him. She later apologized to him and they both admitted they cared about each other.

Liz received a message from Lucky saying that he will gain her trust back and that he wanted to hear her voice. She called him back, but didn't talk. Lucky told her that he loved her, but she hung up. Liz ran in to Patrick and he asked what was wrong. She told him that Lucky called and when she called him back she couldn't talk. She left and went to the Kelly's Diner where she ran in to Georgie and told her that she was glad Maxie wasn't taking advantage of Lucky anymore because he was in rehab and she was pregnant.

Maxie fought her way in to see Lucky and told him that she is pregnant. Lucky didn't want her to tell anyone for awhile, but she said she is going to keep the baby and she was proud of it. She told him that she would explain to Liz the pregnancy was an accident, but Lucky stopped her and told her to stay away from Liz.

Carly confronted Jason after overhearing Liz saying that her baby could be Jason's. Jason asked her to stay quiet about it right now. Carly wanted him to be careful and not to make any promises he can't keep. She wanted to know how he was going to handle Sam, because this would break her heart. He told her he was going to tell Sam the truth. He told her they were making progress, but Sam made a decision to be with her family. He told her that if the baby is his, Liz doesn't expect anything, but he will take care of her and the baby. Carly just asked him to think about himself for a change, not everyone else.

Robert is then on the cell phone at the docks and acting like he is talking to Skye. Lorenzo takes the phone from him and tries to talk to Skye. Robert told him that he wasn't going to tell him where Skye was. Lorenzo had his men come out with guns to threaten Robert. Robin later found her father beat up.

Carly walked in at Sonny's to hear Bernie talking on the phone. He was telling someone that Sonny didn't want her house finished on time; he wanted it delayed. Carly called Jax and asked him to Sonny's for dinner. Sonny was out of town and her mom was going to take the boys.

Lucky went to the hospital looking for Liz and ran in to Patrick. Patrick told him to go back to the clinic and work on his recovery. It was the only chance he had to work on his marriage. Maxie was watching from afar.

Jason called Liz over to tell her that he wanted to do the right thing if the baby is his, he wanted to marry her.

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