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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jason and Carly board the plane to come home and Carly tells Jason that they should start working together. Jason points out to her all the bad ideas she has had in the past and tells her that he worries about her too much to work with her. She takes that as a compliment, of course. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman packs an envelope with a letter and one vial of antidote and sends it to General Hospital.

Sonny tells Emily that he's worried that she's not ready to be intimate because of the rape. Emily insists that she has feelings for him, and that in itself is improvement. Emily convinces Sonny that she's ok, and they make love in the guest house. Afterwards, they go back to the main house to check on the kids. Carly and Jason call to check in and tell Sonny that they are on their way back home. Liz also calls from the hospital to tell Sonny that Courtney has had her little boy. The kids wake up after the phone calls and come downstairs. Sonny tells them about their new cousin and then both he and Emily take the kids back up to bed. Sonny comes back downstairs to talk to Carly when she gets there. When she sees Emily she realizes that Sonny and Emily slept together.

The baby is taken to the NICU at the hospital, while they attempt to stabilize Courtney. Jax comes to check on Courtney and she tells him she wants to name their little boy John Michael, after their fathers. Jax comes clean with her and tells her that he had her followed and switched the second set of paternity tests also. The baby's real father is Nikolas. Courtney is furious and wants to talk to Nikolas right away. Jax warns her that when she tells Nikolas the baby is his, the baby will be at risk from Helena. She doesn't care, though. She thinks that she and Nikolas can figure things out with his grandmother. She falls asleep, but when she wakes up she seems to make peace with Jax. When Nikolas comes in, she says her final words to him and then dies.

At the hospital, Alexis is doing worse but still gets up and tries to help Sam. She is delirious and Alexis tries to answer the questions she has for her own mother. Ric comes in and tells Alexis she is doing all she can and she needs to get back in bed. When Sam wakes up later, she asks Alexis what happened. Alexis tells her that she was trying to find out a secret from her mother, and Sam tells her that any secrets her mother may have had died with her. Later, she wakes up again and is relieved to find Jason there. Jason promises that he isn't going anywhere.

Robin and Patrick go to the nurse's lounge to try to rest a little in between shifts. He tells her that they should be off on an island somewhere, and she makes a joke about him always hitting on her. Liz comes in to give them updates, and they notice that Robin is hunched over on the bench. Patrick goes to check on her and realizes she has a fever. He carries her out of the room and insists that she get her own room. When Robert realizes that his little girl is sick, he is furious. He comes in and tells her that she should have gone home when he told her to, but Patrick tells him to back off and let her rest. Robert leaves, and Patrick and Robin both relate to how their father's have abandoned them. When Patrick leaves the room, he finds a package with a note in it. He takes it to Robert, who reads the note while Patrick finds the vile with the antidote in it.