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Monday, December 19, 2005

Alcazar talks to Diego before he's shipped off to Pattonville. He tells him he will talk to the judge and tell him what he did to save Maxie to see if it can get him out early. Diego tells him not to do that. He wants to pay for what he's done and who he's hurt.

Emily asks Liz to stop trying to get her and Nikolas back together. Liz tells her she will stop trying, but she still thinks they are meant to be. Emily tells her she moved out of Sonny's house and Liz seems surprised. She tries to convince Liz that she's happy to be back to her studies, but Liz isn't convinced. She tells Emily when people protest that much, they're lying.

Courtney and Nikolas find out that Jax really is the father of her baby. Nikolas tells her that doesn't change anything; he's still going to be there for her and the baby.

Patrick is furious with Robin. Robin tries to convince Patrick that patience is the key to her brain medication. Patrick can't believe she cancelled his surgery, and Robin seems surprised. Noah steps in and explains that he's the one who cancelled the surgery. He felt the patient didn't need the surgery either and thinks his son just wants to be the hero. They all go consult when Manny is wheeled in. Patrick asks for a CT scan, but sarcastically verifies it with his dad.

Sonny explains to Michael that Emily needed to get back to her life so she's moved out. After he gets done explaining it to him, he ends up explaining it all over again to Alexis when she comes to drop off some books for Emily to read to Kristina. Alexis isn't very happy that Emily left because she felt more secure with her there. Just then, Sonny gets a call from Sam telling her about Manny. He asks Alexis if she can watch the kids while he goes to the hospital. Alexis agrees, but doesn't realize what she's in for. She finally gets Morgan to sleep, but then Michael won't turn down the video games he's playing with the bodyguards. She calls Jax to help her take the kids to Kelly's. They run into Courtney and Nikolas there. Courtney walks over and attempts to apologize to Jax, but he doesn't want to hear it. He's furious that she would risk their baby for another paternity test just so she can be with her prince. Nikolas walks over and tries to break up the argument as it grows increasingly loud. Even Max comments that there are children there and they need to lower their voices. He threatens her and tells her she will pay the price if she doesn't stop risking their child's life. Michael finally stands on a table and tells them to take it outside. When they leave, Jax tells Nikolas that Courtney is his wife and she's pregnant with his baby, so he needs to butt out.

Emily overhears Carly talking to Jason about how Sonny and she are in love. Carly welcomes her in and tells her to tell her brother how she's in love with Sonny. Fortunately, Lainey walks in and tells Carly it's time to go back to Rose Lawn. Emily is relieved and tells Jason that she moved out of Sonny's house. She tells Jason he was right. She could fall in love with Sonny and she thinks she already started. She explains how Sonny doesn't need her and vice versa. With Nikolas, he was always there to save her. She's been there for Sonny just as much as he has been there for her. Jason tells her that Sonny won't change. There's no way she won't get hurt. He asks her to walk away from Sonny.

Lucky is surprised to see Liz at the hospital when he escorts Manny there. Liz explains that she was called back in. Lucky doesn't want her there while Manny is there. It's too dangerous. She tells him she doesn't complain about the danger in her job, so he shouldn't complain about her job. She goes to help patch up Dillon with Georgie watching. He makes a joke about dodging a bullet and both Georgie and Liz groan. Dillon is very unhappy when he learns he will have to stay in the hospital overnight. Georgie tells him to stop making jokes and mentions how grateful he should be that Diego saved their lives. Dillon is surprised that she would continue to side with Diego, seeing how he is the reason why they're in the hospital. Georgie erupts at him and tells him she can't believe he could have so little compassion.

Carly calls to check on the boys and finds out that Sonny asked Emily to leave. She finds Sonny at the hospital and verifies the information. She's confident this is a sign that he really was falling in love with Emily. He pulls her into the chapel. He tells her what isn't there to fall in love with about Emily. She's compassionate and she doesn't lie to his face every time he turns around. Little does he know, Emily is at the door listening. Sonny tells Carly she needs a hobby and should take up knitting. Emily gets fed up listening to the arguments and leaves. Sonny then tells Carly she needs to get back to Rose Lawn and he leaves. As Carly and Lainey get into the elevator, they see Emily. Lainey gets off and lets Emily get on the elevators and tells Carly to deal with a real life problem with a real life person. Emily asks Carly why she cares if she loves Sonny since she's supposed to be over him. Carly stops the elevator.

Sam vents to Jason about the doctors trying to save Manny. How could they save him just so he can be put to death? Noah interrupts and comes in to argue with Sam and Jason about his recovery. He's not taking it easy enough and if he doesn't start, his problems will come back. He tells Jason he can either take a sedative or be strapped down again. Before he leaves, he takes some of their Chinese dinner and gives Jason the pills. Sam decides to go find Manny in the operating room. He's getting ready for surgery and she walks in wearing scrubs. She tells him she's going to get him back for everything he's ever done to her. She grabs a blanket and prepares to suffocate him. Jason comes in before she can kill him, though. Meanwhile, Sonny goes into the prep room and attempts to bribe Patrick into killing Manny. Patrick tells him he can't be bought, and Robin comes in and agrees.

Maxie finds Georgie outside Kelly's and apologizes for her behavior towards Diego. He saved Georgie's life, and maybe even hers. She forgets how special her sister is. They hug and make up.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sonny makes an offer to Patrick for something to happen to Manny while he's on the operating table. Robin steps in and tells Sonny they're in the business of savings lives, not taking them. Sonny tries to excuse her, but she won't leave. She tells Sonny that she believes Manny should be punished, but by the justice system. After Sonny leaves, Patrick tells her she wasted her breath because he never would have blemished his record with a murder.

Jax and Nikolas take their argument outside of Kelly's. Jax wants Nikolas to leave his pregnant wife alone, but Nikolas points out that the wife part if just a technicality of Jax not signing the papers. Alexis asks Max and his sidekicks to help out and split up the fight outside between the two men. Max starts to protest that they're just there to protect the kids, but Michael steps up and tells him to do what Alexis says. They go outside and separate the two men. While they are busy, though, Michael convinces the waitress to take back the vegetables she brought him and return with French fries. Alexis and Jax come back inside, and Alexis tries to straighten out Jax. He's still upset that Courtney would take risks with his child by putting the baby through another unnecessary DNA test. Meanwhile, Nikolas is asking Courtney is Jax is succeeding in bullying her into going back to him.

While stuck in the elevator, Carly tells Emily that by falling in love with Sonny, she will hurt her brother. How could she make him choose between his best friend and his little sister? Emily is appalled that she would involve Jason after he's recovering from brain surgery. Carly points out that Jason would only be caught in the middle. She asks Emily if she's that selfish to put Jason in that situation. Emily is fed up, but before Carly restarts the elevator she tells Emily to make the right decision because she always has in the past.

Jason stops Sam from killing Manny. Manny yells out that he should allow Sam to do what he is too weak to do. When they get outside the operating room, Jason explains that Sam would be caught if she killed him there in the hospital. Manny would succeed in taking her away from him if she is arrested for murdering him. They get back to Jason's room and meet Sonny there. Sonny tells them how he tried to arrange with Patrick for Manny to die, but Robin came in on her high horse and wouldn't let any deal take place. He is interrupted by Max calling to say he is needed to help wrangle the boys at Kelly's. As he's waiting for the elevator, Carly and Emily get off another elevator. Carly realizes that Sonny is going to see the boys. Carly thinks something is wrong, so she tells Lainey she's going to see her boys no matter what. In the elevator, Carly mentions how furious she is that Sonny would leave the boys with Alexis. Sonny points out that he had no one else and if she wants to point the finger at anyone it should be at herself. Lainey is fed up with Carly's lack of treatment, but Emily tells her this is as sane as Carly gets. Meanwhile, Lucky is visiting Jason and Sam in Jason's hospital room. He is there to tell Jason that Durant is going to arrest Jason if Manny dies during surgery. Sam is furious that he thinks Jason could have anything to do with a brain surgery, but Luck y reminds them both that Jason could have anyone dead whenever he wanted if he just called the right people. Lucky tells them that he thinks Manny deserves whatever punishment he gets, and he doesn't particularly care for Durant, either. He's going to leave so Jason can make other arrangements, though. Jason makes a point of telling him that he had no plans.

Robin and Patrick enter the operating room where Patrick explains what is wrong with Manny. He tells him he thinks he can fix it, though. Manny is upset that Robin would be in the operating room because he doesn't trust her. She wants him dead just like everyone else. Patrick says he is wrong, because she is the only other one besides him who feels his life should be saved. They begin the surgery and Robin has a suggestion to make Manny's recovery easier. Patrick doesn't take it though and Manny's blood pressure starts to fall. Robin keeps telling Patrick to hurry up, but he is able to complete the surgery in its entirety. After the surgery, Robin goes to tell Jason and Sam that Manny's surgery is over. They will have to wait to see what the results are until he wakes up. Jason warns Robin that if she goes in to check on him to make sure she has someone with her. Manny is known for preying on women who are alone.

Ric stops in the hospital and chats briefly with Liz. She asks how fatherhood is and he explains how his life has changed since having Molly. He talks to her about how a few months ago he and Alexis split up because of their disagreement over Sonny. The train wreck changed all that, though. He apologizes for the way he behaved at her wedding and tells her she was a beautiful bride. Liz thanks him and tells him she will always cherish their relationship and the memories they have together. Ric leaves and goes to talk to Jason. He's finishing up his work for Sonny and needs Jason's signatures on a few agreements. Jason takes a look and tells him he will have to have Justice look over them first. He won't sign anything without reading it first, especially if Ric gives it to him. Ric attempts to apologize for his past behavior, but Jason tells him when he sees him all he sees is Carly chained to a wall. Ric gives up and leaves.

Back at Kelly's, Jax tells Courtney he will get a court order to prevent her from doing anymore frivolous tests. Courtney can't believe Jax thinks those tests are frivolous and she tells him she would never jeopardize her baby. Alexis tries to step in again, but Jax and Nikolas both jump on her with her treatment of Sonny in regards to his fatherhood to Kristina. Unfortunately, Carly walks in just as Alexis is defending Jax as being a legitimate businessman. Sonny, on the other hand, is a mobster who keeps breaking up and getting back together with a lunatic. Carly, in turn, calls Alexis a split personality nut case. Jax decides it's time to leave, while Nikolas walks Courtney home. Alexis asks to speak with Sonny outside and asks him to please keep Kristina away from Carly. Carly also overhears this and tells Alexis that she's getting better and she shouldn't worry. Alexis is familiar with the way Carly was before she lost her mind and isn't that impressed. Alexis then goes on to tell both Sonny and Carly that Michael and Morgan are both overindulged children, while Carly tells Alexis that Kristina is so overprotected she can't breathe without asking permission. Sonny notices the children are watching so they all stop the arguing and go inside to comfort the kids. Michael tries to get Carly to come home with them, but Sonny steps in and says that Carly has to go back to Rose Lawn. Max goes to take her back and Carly attempts to bribe him into taking her to the Metro Court. Max isn't deterred and just tells the driver to speed it up.

When Sonny and the boys return home, he tells Michael and Morgan to start cleaning up. Michael back talks and tells Sonny how upset he is that he keeps Carly back at Rose Lawn when she hates it there. He makes Carly leave and then he kicks Emily out. Emily steps in and tells Michael that she left because she needed to get back to her own life. She tells Michael he owes his father an apology. She may not live there anymore, but she'll still be around (like today) to see them. The boys go up to bed, and Sonny explains that Carly will be getting the boys for Christmas. He'll be all alone for Christmas. Emily decides it's time to leave.

Back at Rose Lawn, Lainey attempts to step down from being Carly's therapist. The doctor doesn't allow it, though. Carly has trust in Lainey and while some things may change, Lainey's therapy will not. When Carly returns she learns that her privileges to the outside world have been cut off. The staff has packed up her computer so she can focus on getting better. She won't be allowed to go home for Christmas, either.

Ric comes into Kelly's and tries to calm down Alexis. She's all in a tizzy because Michael gave Kristina a video game that Alexis doesn't approve of. Ric is finally able to get Alexis to realize she is overreacting a bit. Just as Alexis sees the light, Kristina says "bang, bang" after playing her video game.

Sam and Jason watch Patrick speak in a television news conference about Manny's surgery. Patrick says that Manny's aggression was caused by the brain problems that he just operated on and he is no longer a danger to society. Meanwhile, Robin and Lucky go in to check on Manny. She asks if he remembers the surgery and he says he does remember. He also apologizes to her.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

At GH, Manny seems truly remorseful for his crimes, but Dara wants him transferred to the infirmary post haste. Patrick and Robin both feel he doesn't belong in prison; his crimes were due to his tumor, but Dara is not at all moved.

Ric arrives home, where his wife (barely recognizable with long hair sporting tight blue jeans and a fiery red turtleneck sweater) is anxious to go chop down a Christmas tree. Ric is still against continuing the "tradition", but Alexis insists and even promises not to whine or complain. Just then, Dara arrives with bad news-Alexis has been appointed to represent Manny!! The stunned attorney brings up the conflict of interest involved, but according to Dara, both John and a judge-whom Alexis once called a "fossilized blowhard"-think she can be objective. Alexis makes tracks to GH, where she rips Manny a new one in an attempt to get him to drop her as his counsel. But he won't! After listening to him, Alexis learns from the docs that it was the tumor that made Ruiz the violent man he was/is-and she decides to fight for him.

At Kelly's, Jax apologizes to Courtney and Nikolas for his part in the fight. Nik accepts, warily. Minutes later, Nik gets a call that he's needed in Europe immediately to handle a business matter; he reluctantly agrees to go. Jax overhears the discussion from the counter and seems intrigued.

At Rose Lawn, Carly forcefully declares to Lainey and Dr. Kim that she WILL BE spending Christmas with her sons, and they cannot stop her. Kim says while he can't stop her from leaving, he WILL put out a restraining order to keep her away from Sonny's if she does! As an incensed Carly follow him out, she accidentally knocks down a Christmas tree, which only supports Kim and Lainey's beliefs that she is not fully healed and still has emotional issues to resolve. Still very, very angry, Ms. Benson first informs Sonny of the news, then Courtney when she stops by to visit. Carly asks her friend to fill in for her on Xmas day, but Court has plans with Nikolas. Carly and Lainey argue some more, neither woman changing the other's position whatsoever. When Lainey mentions Emily's name, Carly goes off in a bitter, jealous rant, laying out all the reasons her kids would want Em as a mother over herself-"Emily can SEW!" among others.

Justus stops by Sonny's to get a couple of signatures. He compliments all the dressings, which gives Sonny a chance to inquire about Emily as he credits her work. The conversation turns to Justus, who practically blushes when Sonny asks if he "likes" Lainey. The two men shake hands and wish each other a happy holiday; they have come a long way from the whole Faith/gunpoint-in-a-cave debacle.

At the Q asylum, Tracy berates Lesley Lu for having the audacity to touch the family cars. Emily comes to her step-cousin's rescue and suggests Tracy try a kinder approach when dealing with her. Just then, Dillon storms in, and he's not at all happy-it seems his college fees have gone unpaid, and he's been evicted from the dorm! Tracy admits she deliberately cut him off because he's needed at home to corral Lesley Lu. Dillon's protests fall upon deaf ears-he's stuck at the asylum, at least for the interim.

A little while later, Nikolas arrives to drop off his sister's Christmas gift since he's going out of town. The two share loving words about their ill mother as a touched Emily looks on. Opening the box early, Lesley Lu finds it is a diamond necklace; she is especially happy to receive this gift on Laura's birthday.

Michael soon learns from his father that Carly isn't coming home, so he sets off to pick up a "special present." With help from Max the boy goes to the Q asylum, blowing right past his cousin Lesley Lu without so much as a 'hi' and bee-lining to aunt Emily.

Courtney arrives at her brother's to ask if she-and Nikolas-are welcome for Christmas, but the mob boss refuses to have Nik in his house at all. Next, Michael returns with his present: Emily, who seems absolutely elated to be there. As the Corinthoses and Em set up their new tree, Court sadly slinks out, completely unnoticed by her family. She chats briefly with Nik back at Kelly's-they don't see Jax outside making a secret, expensive deal with someone over the phone.

As the episode ends, Sonny, his sons and Emily gather around their new tree while the "replaced" Carly is alone, resigned to memories.


"I like the snow. I just don't like being cold." - Alexis to Ric, who is reminding her of all the reasons they shouldn't chop down their own Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Georgie freaks out a little when she finds Dillon hanging by a noose in the front atrium at the Quartermaine mansion. She tells him what he is doing is very dangerous. He assures her he is just doing this to drive his mother crazy so she will let him move back into his dorm at college. He shows her that he is attached to a harness and that he is not in any danger of strangling himself. She points out to him that he is hanging near the mistletoe. She gets up on a chair to kiss him while Lulu comes down the stairs. She ignores them to leave. Georgie notices her and tells her she brought something for her to wear for the General Hospital Christmas party, an elf costume. Lulu runs up to her room to escape Georgie. Later, Tracy comes downstairs and tells Dillon that he can go to Georgie's house on Christmas Eve but he will be spending Christmas at the house with his family on Christmas day. She totally ignores the fact that Dillon is hanging from a noose. Alan and Monica come home to overhear Georgie and Tracy arguing with Lulu when she refuses to put on the elf costume to help with the children at the hospital Christmas party. Luke comes home and Tracy tells him that he is going to make Lulu wear the costume and help at the party since the family always helps out at the Christmas party for the child patients. Luke tells Lulu it is her choice. Lulu says no to wearing the costume. Skye is also there as well. Alan and Monica try to shame Lulu into wearing the costume but Lulu still refuses to put it on. Georgie gets upset with her also and tells her that she will have to return the costume to her Aunt Bobbie herself and explain to her why she won't help with the children at the party. Later, Skye talks to Luke about drinking too much again to try to numb the pain of Laura's Birthday and Christmas. Luke tells her he isn't so sure he wants to forget the memories he has. He tells Skye about when he first met Laura. He tells her that Laura was dressed as an elf at the General Hospital Christmas party and he was there to visit his sister Bobbie and saw her and thought she was so beautiful and that Laura has always loved Christmas and would decorate anything she saw, even a rock. Lulu overhears Luke talking about memories of her mother while standing in the doorway. Later, Luke is surprised when Lulu comes in the room dressed as an elf for the Christmas party. He tells her she reminds him so much of her mother.

Courtney brings a Christmas present over to Kelly's for Mike. She tells him she is delivering presents early and plans to spend Christmas with Nikolas once he gets back from Europe. Meanwhile, Jax makes a mysterious call about wiring money to someone. Skye finds him drinking early in the day in the front lobby of the hotel. She tells him it is a little early for him to be drinking. Jax tells her that he wishes that Courtney would realize that Nikolas isn't right for her and that he will eventually go back to Emily and that she should be with him so they can raise their baby together. Skye points out to him that he has been acting like a jerk lately concerning Courtney and the baby and suggests that he needs to be less controlling toward Courtney and remind her of what a nice man he really is and why she fell in love with him to begin with. Meanwhile, Courtney gets a call from Nikolas that he won't be able to be home in time for Christmas because there is something wrong with his private jet and he can't get a commercial flight back home because it is booked up because of the holiday. Mike suggests she spend the holiday at Sonny's house then. Courtney tells Mike that she and Sonny have been arguing about Nikolas lately and she doesn't feel comfortable going to Sonny's for Christmas when Emily will be there. Mike invites her to spend the holiday with him and she accepts. Emily and Michael show up to pick up a care package for Jason. Emily twinges a little when Courtney's cell-phone goes off and it is Nikolas calling her. Later, Jax shows up at Courtney's appearing drunk. He tells her he didn't drive and has been wondering around the streets. She invites him inside her apartment. Jax tells her that he still loves her and he was stupid to let his pride get in the way of things and let her leave him for Nikolas. Jax tells her he will be leaving since Nikolas will probably be showing up soon to spend Christmas with her. Courtney tells him that Nikolas won't be able to make it back in time for Christmas. Courtney allows him to lie on the couch while she gets him a blanket from the other room. While she goes in the other room, he gets his cell-phone out and seems disturbed by some message on it. Courtney comes into the room and suspects he isn't as drunk as he has let on and confronts him about it.

Alexis and Ric argue about her promise to go out a cut a tree down for them for Christmas in the forest. She is busy on her laptop and asks him to go out with Kristina while she works on Manny's defense. Ric grumbles about it since it was her idea. He tells Kristina that they are doing this because last year her Mommy and him did the same thing and it turned out they had a happy ending when they realized they were in love. He gets out of the car and takes Kristina out to find a tree. Alexis talks to someone on her cell-phone about researching cases that are similar to this case concerning Manny. Ric and Kristina return with a little pine tree. Alexis comments on how small it is and reminds Kristina that she asked for a big tree for their home. Alexis suggests donating the little tree to the children at the hospital and makes Ric go out with Kristina to find a big tree for them while she changes and feeds Baby Molly. Ric and Kristina return with a big tree. Ric tells Alexis he is going to back the car up a little and they will put the tree up on top of the car and tie it up. Ric goes to turn the key to the ignition and the car won't start. Ric asks Alexis if she used the laptop the whole time they were looking for a tree and also if she hooked her cell-phone up to the car battery as well. Alexis told him she did. He tells her that she just killed the car battery. Alexis and Ric tie the tree to the car while they wait for a tow truck. A park ranger shows up and they ask him to give their car a jump start. He asks them if they got the tree from the forest. They tell him they did. The park ranger tells them he is fining them $500 for chopping down the trees and tells them they are in a state forest and that it is illegal to chop down trees. Kristina tells the park ranger that the tree is for the sick children at the hospital. The park ranger is charmed by the innocent look on Kristina's face and agrees not to fine them for the trees and agrees to jump start their car as well. Meanwhile, Sam finds Jason getting restless in his hospital room. She tells him she will have to just distract him by any means possible to keep him in bed. She kisses him just as Robin walks in the room. She apologizes for disturbing them but she needed to ask Jason for his help. She explains to Sam and Jason about Manny's surgery and how he seems like a totally different person after it and that when they were operating on him they found that the problems he was having were on the part of the brain that deals with aggression. She tells Sam and Jason that a case can be made that Manny was not responsible for the crimes he committed before the surgery. Sam doesn't believe that Manny could be a different person than he was before the surgery. Robin points out that Jason Quartermaine was a totally different person before his accident. Sam points out that Jason was never a psychotic and demented person out to hurt other people including all of them either. Robin asks him to consider seeing Manny in person for her to get a read on whether he is different or faking it. Later, Emily shows up with Michael to deliver a box of cookies for him from Mike. Michael thinks Jason will be released from the hospital in time for Christmas. Jason and Sam tell him that Jason won't be able to come home for Christmas this year because his doctors think it is too soon and he needs to stay there so nothing bad happens. Michael mentions how disappointed he is because Carly can't come home for Christmas either. Emily explains to them that Carly's doctors think it is too soon for her to return home yet. Jason tells Michael that he needs to show Morgan he is having a good time since he looks up to him as his big brother and asks him to help Morgan with his toys. Michael agrees to help Morgan, who doesn't understand why Carly can't come home. Later, Emily shows up at Rose Lawn to speak to Carly's doctor. She tells him that he needs to release Carly so she can spend Christmas with her boys and that she thinks Carly is ready to do that. Dara Jensen shows up later to see Sam and Jason to go over their testimony at Manny's trial. She tells them that Durant wants to make sure their testimony is solid because Manny is now being represented by Alexis who will be a tough person to beat. Sam and Jason can't believe Alexis would defend Manny since she almost lost her baby after the train wreck. Dara tells them that Alexis sees this as a high profile case that she wants to win. Sam confronts Alexis about defending Manny. Alexis explains to her that she didn't ask to defend Manny, she was appointed by the judge to do it. Sam points out that she will still be defending him and will want to get him off as proof that she can help get any guilty person off. Alexis doesn't know what to tell her. Alexis meets with Manny and tells him that there have been cases similar to his and that she could get him a not guilty verdict and then he would be free to start his life over again. Robin walks with Jason to Manny's room. Robin tells Jason that she doesn't know whether to believe Manny is changed or not and needs him to see him for himself since he is good at telling if someone is lying or not. Robin goes into Manny's room and tells him he has a visitor. Jason comes into his room a little. Manny looks at Jason and seems scared of him. He tells Jason that he is sorry for what he did to him. Jason looks at him and wonders if he is for real or not.

Friday, December 23, 2005

At Rose Lawn, Carly takes a stroll and happens upon none other than Emily conversing with Dr. Kim. Naturally assuming Emily is plotting against her, she is surprised to find that Emily is pleading her (Carly's) case to the doc. Em explains how good a mother Carly is and how badly her kids need her, but will Dr. Kim listen?

At GH, Sam is livid to learn Alexis is representing Manny, the man who shot Jason in the leg and was responsible for the crash that nearly took Molly's life before it began. Alexis' attempt to justify her acts by comparing Manny's situation to Jason's does nothing to cool Samantha down.

At a restaurant, Justus spies on Lainey enjoying a meal with an older gentleman. When she steps away, Justus confronts Lainey's "date," who reveals himself to be her father! When she returns, she's not happy Justus has followed her, and insists he leaves. As he goes, he overhears Mr. Winters asking Lainey "Who are you?" She eventually blasts Justus for following her and admits her father suffers from Alzheimer's-she's about to blast him all over again when she drops off her dad at his care home and finds Justus waiting for her. But Justus just wanted to apologize this time, and Lainey opens up about the brilliant lawyer her father once was.

Liz and Lucky enjoy a peaceful night at home, despite Cameron's flu; Lucky eventually puts his wife to sleep with a Christmas poem. At Courtney's loft, Jax continues to pledge his love to his wife-until Nik calls with love of his own for her, and a request she open his gift early. But when Jax tries to "call a cab", Court insists he stay put until he sobers up. Just then, her baby moves inside her, and she allows Jax to feel for himself.

The Q, Scorpio, Lansing and Corinthos clans gather at General Hospital for holiday festivities, where we enjoy Audrey, Edward and Ned sightings-in fact the whole cast except Lorenzo, Luke and John appeared in today's show at some point. Patrick wonders what Robin would look like in an elf costume. In full Santa gear, Noah appears at the hospital to distribute gifts-but not before getting sloshed in the elevator; Patrick informs Robin that's how he's celebrated every Christmas since his (Pat's) mother died. Michael asks "Santa" to bring his mom home for Christmas-soon Carly appears! Alan continues his annual Christmas reading, and receives not-so-annual praise from Jason.

Patrick eventually asks his drunken father to leave; in private, the elder Drake lets his son know how proud of him he is, then listens ashamedly as Patrick recalls a not-so-jolly Christmas of yesteryear. Carly takes the boys-without Sonny-to her new house, where Max delivers their Christmas tree. After the GH reading, Sonny returns home and receives a hand-delivered present from Emily, fresh from visiting her "dysfunctional, yet cheerful" family.

As the episode closes, we see a montage of Bobbie hugging Lucas, Brook Lynn hugging Ned, Skye hugging Alan, Liz and Lucky lost in each other's arms, Ric and Alexis smooching, among many others. There's also a very poignant scene in which Edward and Audrey hang photos of their late loves, Lila and Steve.

During the closing montage, Tracy taps Monica on the shoulder. Monica is stunned to see Tracy handing her a gift! Saying nothing, and temporarily forgetting their history, the two smile uneasily and begin to embrace. Suddenly, they both snap out of it before any physical contact is made, and head off in opposite directions.

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