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Monday, November 28, 2005

Sam walks in and finds Jason and Robin kissing. Sam explodes and accuses Robin of taking advantage of Jason. Sonny takes Robin out of the room and tells her he knows her and Jason's past. He knows they loved each other, and she's taking this opportunity to save him. Meanwhile, Sam listens as Jason relives Robin's betrayal. Robin comes in to check on Jason and Sam goes outside to talk with Sonny. Robin comes out and tells Sam that Jason is calling for her. Sam is relieved to see that Jason is waking up. Tony comes in and examines Jason. Much to their relief, Jason is showing great sign of improvement. They all leave so that Robin can run some more tests. When they exit the room, Jason tells her he always knew she would be a brilliant doctor. Sam comes back in when Robin is done with the tests. Jason tells her he remembers everything since his accident 10 years ago. Sam is relieved, and they revel in the moment. Robin and Tony discuss Jason's test results, which are not as good as they expected. Robin is afraid that Jason's memory returning still has not solved the problem.

Tracy is furious when she realizes that Luke is determined to have Lulu live in the mansion. She doesn't want to take care of her when Luke disappears again. Skye comes in and takes Lulu's side. When Tracy storms out, Skye and Lulu appear to bond. When Skye leaves, though, Luke confronts Lulu. He asks her why she's scamming Skye. He always thought she was like her mother, but now he realizes she's a Spencer through and through. Lulu tries to take offense, but he tells her he's impressed with her scheme. Lulu starts crying just as Skye comes back in. Skye comforts her and yells at Luke for hurting his delicate daughter's feelings. Luke laughs when Lulu leaves at Skye's suggestion. Tracy sees Lulu outside in the foyer stealing money from Skye's purse. She tells her if she can steal from her only champion, then welcome to the family.

Alcazar takes Diego to the police station and turns him into Mac. Diego is furious that his father could be so hypocritical. When Jesse verbally attacks him, Alcazar stops him and reminds him of Diego's rights. Diego tells him to stop acting like he cares.

Brook Lynn comes into Kelly's and tells the gang that Diego was the real stalker. They're surprised when they learn that Alcazar turned in his own son. Georgie tries to make them all understand that maybe Sage's death did have something to do with this, but Brook Lynn is furious that she would stand up for him. There is no excuse for what he did to them. Maxie goes to the police station to confront Diego. When she gets there she learns that his reasoning for stalking them was to avenge his cousin, Sage's death. Jesse tries to stop her from going after Diego, but Diego (who is uncuffed) grabs a policeman's gun in the confusion and escapes. Diego goes to Kelly's and attempts to hold up the place. He asks Mike for all the money in the cash register and his car keys. When he looks away, Mike grabs a shot gun and tries to turn the tables on Diego. Diego has other plans, though, and grabs Georgie to take her hostage.

Carly accuses Emily of falling in love with Sonny. Emily tries to explain that she's just caring for the boys, but Carly tells her that Courtney told her she had offered to watch the boys months ago and was turned down. Emily admits she had an ulterior motive. Michael and Morgan reminded her of everything pure and innocent in the world. Carly tells her she's going to get him back, but Alcazar comes in and asks who he is. Carly tells him that Emily was just leaving and she gathers her stuff and leaves. Carly tells Alcazar that she and Emily were discussing Jason. She thinks that Jason trusts her more, and the key in any relationship is trust. Alcazar tells her he doesn't think they're still talking about Jason.

Back at Sonny's house, Monica arrives and asks Emily about her sabbatical from med school. She accuses Emily of sleeping with Sonny, especially since she‘s been living with Sonny for so many months now. Emily tells her that Sonny was with Reese the majority of the time that Emily lived at Sonny's. Monica doesn't think that Reese had anything to do with Emily, but Emily points out that Reese died because of her. Monica realizes that the sabbatical is because of Reese Marshall, and not Sonny. Monica leaves before Sonny comes home. When he gets home, he tells Emily that Jason is ok. She is so relieved, she jumps into his arms.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Emily is thrilled to learn that Jason is doing much better. She hugs Sonny and they share an uncomfortable moment being so close to one another. Michael comes downstairs and asks for Sonny's help in making a card for Jason. After they leave, Emily falls asleep on the couch and dreams of Sonny coming home and kissing her.

Carly is visited by Alcazar at Rose Lawn. When she realizes that he's not going to get her released, she's furious and turns against him. She tells him she wants to divorce him as soon as possible. She says they've made a complete circle and gone nowhere. The first time he met her she was chained to a wall at Ric's house and he wouldn't release her. Now she's stuck at Rose Lawn and he won't release her. Alcazar tells her that she's obsessed with Sonny just like he was obsessed with her and it will get her nowhere. Before he leaves, he tells her he will get the divorce started right away. Soon after he leaves, Courtney comes to visit. Carly probes her for information about Emily and Sonny. Carly insinuates that Courtney needs to leave Nikolas alone so he can go back to his marriage with Emily. Courtney assures her there is nothing going on between Emily and Sonny. Carly wants to talk to Jason to reassure her, though. Courtney tells her to leave Jason alone because he's still in the hospital recovering. After Courtney leaves, Carly decides to fake sick in order to get to the hospital. She fakes stomach pains and uses the light bulb to make the thermometer read higher. She succeeds and the doctor sends her to the hospital. Courtney finds her as she tries to escape her hospital room, and Carly is forced to admit her scheme. Courtney gives in and tells her Jason's room number.

Robin comes in and tells Jason and Sam that Jason seems to be improving, but she's still concerned that the test results were not as good as they should have been. Robin assures them both that Jason is on the road to recovery. When she leaves, Jason suggests that he and Sam get married tonight. Sam does want to marry Jason, but she wants the wedding to be someplace special for both of them. She wants it to be a memorable experience. Sonny comes in to talk with Jason, so Sam goes to question Robin some more. Robin is concerned about a relapse and intends on keeping Jason at the hospital for at least another week. Meanwhile, Jason is apologizing to Sonny for accusing him of taking advantage of him while he had amnesia. Sonny understands and they start talking about Carly and her craziness. Sonny tells him about Carly escaping from Rose Lawn and arriving at the house all done up. Jason laughs, but isn't too surprised that Carly is back to her old ways. Sonny tells him that it's over between him and Carly. He will protect her until the day he dies because she is the mother to his children. She is just a shell of the former woman he loved, though. He has no idea that she's outside Jason's hospital room listening to their conversation.

Diego takes the money from the cash register and Mike's keys and grabs Georgie and leaves. Dillon is beside himself, but the police are there soon due to Maxie's quick thinking. She called the police while Diego was still there, so they heard everything. Mac insists that Jesse stay out of it since he took him off the stalker case weeks ago. Jesse thinks he knows where Diego is heading, though, and Maxie decides to go with him to the Pizza Shack. Jesse is correct, and Diego takes Georgie to the Pizza Shack. He tells her he will lock her there and call Dillon when he's far enough away so he can come and rescue her. Georgie insists that he turn himself in, though.

Skye tries to convince Luke to be a good parent and leave Tracy. She thinks he will be a better parent if he's without Tracy. Luke tells her no matter what happens with Lulu, he's not leaving Tracy and the millions of dollars he owes her. Meanwhile in the foyer, Tracy thinks Lulu will be a great spy. If she can steal from Skye, the only person who has stood up for her, then she can spy on anyone. As they are arranging a deal of money and a car, Skye and Luke walk out. Lulu converts back into her tirade and acts as if they two women are simply fighting as usual. Skye and Luke buy the act and Lulu is able to storm off without suspicion. Skye also storms off with her purse, unknowingly empty. Luke goes back in the living room to relax with a drink that Alice made for him when Alcazar arrives. He's looking for Skye. Luke asks if he and Carly have reconciled and he assures him that their divorce will be quick. Luke questions if he is going to pay alimony, and Alcazar tells him he will give Carly anything just to get rid of her.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

At the hospital, Carly eavesdrops as Sonny explains to Jason why he has no future with his ex-wife now that the love they shared is gone. While hiding out at the Pizza Shack, Georgie tries to convince a distraught Diego to turn himself in but he feels certain it's too late to go back and make amends. Shaken by an erotic dream about Sonny, Emily struggles to hide the truth from Liz. Lorenzo assures Luke he can't wait to be legally free and clear of Carly. Diego is surprised when Georgie offers to tell her father she went with him voluntarily. As Jesse arrives with Maxie and Dillon, however, Diego forces the officer to surrender his weapon and then shoves Georgie free before taking off alone. Robin tells Sam why Jason needs to spend at least another week under close medical observation. Courtney finds an agitated Carly on the roof of the hospital. Tracy eyes with open suspicion Luke's sudden husbandly attentions. Monica asks Sonny to relieve Emily of the obligation her daughter believes she owes him and his kids. Jason reassures Sam that he wants only her. Tipped off by Courtney, Sonny races to the roof and discovers Carly teetering on the building's edge. Jason takes an abrupt turn for the worse. Tracy again attempts to enlist Lulu as a partner in crime. Carly tearfully declares to Sonny that she's done with him. Georgie runs off to rejoin Diego and handcuffs herself to the startled fugitive. Returning to Rose Lawn, Carly tells Lainey she's finally ready to work hard at getting well by Christmas. Upon learning that he has no options left save for risky brain surgery, Jason informs a dismayed Sam and Monica he's decided to spend whatever time he has left living the life he wants.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu was admiring a watch when Tracy walked in. Lulu quickly closed the jewelry box and then slipped the watch into her bag before Tracy noticed it. Tracy reminded Lulu that she had paid Lulu handsomely to find out what Luke was up to. Tracy expected a return on her money, but Lulu insisted that she needed more cash. Luke entered the parlor in time to hear Tracy threaten to send Lulu to boarding school in Siberia if Lulu didn't cooperate.

Luke ordered Tracy to leave his daughter alone. Lulu covered for Tracy by explaining that Tracy was upset because Lulu had borrowed one of Edward's cars without permission. Luke didn't seem concerned, so Tracy pointed out that Lulu could have had an accident. Luke was confident that the Quartermaines could afford the insurance on the vehicle. After Lulu left, Luke made it clear to Tracy that Lulu would not be sent to a boarding school. However, he offered to move out with Lulu if Tracy agreed to a divorce and to cut him a check for fifteen million dollars.

Tracy vowed to find out what Luke was up to; she warned him that she would snap him like an "old twig" if he crossed her. Luke decided to call Lorenzo after Tracy stormed out. Lorenzo was unavailable, so Luke left a message explaining that they needed to discuss Lorenzo's impending divorce and how it related to Lorenzo's ELQ stock. Next, Luke called Lainey Winters to find out if he could visit his niece. Lainey informed Luke that he was not allowed to see Carly, so he would have to check back in a month to see if anything had changed.

At the hospital, Lulu dropped by to visit her brother. Lucky became suspicious when she gave him an expensive watch. Lulu explained that Tracy had given her a generous allowance, so she had decided to buy her brother a nice present. Lucky wondered how things were going at the Quartermaine mansion. Lulu confessed that it wasn't as bad as she had feared.

Later, Luke arrived for a visit with Lucky. Lucky revealed that he would be released from the hospital the following day. Lucky then mentioned that Lulu had stopped by. Luke suspected that Lulu was up to something, so he questioned Lucky about it, but Lucky didn't know anything. Luke feared that Lulu was more of a Spencer than he had thought.

Courtney was stunned when she opened her apartment door to find Nikolas standing on her doorstep, flanked by two burly bodyguards. The bodyguards explained that Jax had hired them. Courtney was not pleased. She ordered the men to leave her apartment and then invited Nikolas inside. Courtney's anger turned to concern when she realized that Nikolas' arm was in a cast and sling.

Nikolas assured Courtney that he was fine; he attributed the injury to a scuffle with Helena while he'd had his grandmother committed to an asylum in Europe. Nikolas assured Courtney that Helena was no longer a threat to Courtney or the baby.

At the hospital, Liz noticed Jax talking to Dr. Meadows. Liz approached Jax after Dr. Meadows walked away to make certain that Courtney and the baby were okay. Jax explained that he was just being cautious because he didn't want to lose another child. Jax then admitted that he didn't think that Courtney and Nikolas were truly in love or soul mates. Liz reminded Jax that it was Courtney's call to make, not his.

However, Liz admitted that she couldn't believe that it was Nikolas and Emily's one-year wedding anniversary. Jax was surprised by the news; he suggested that it was fate urging them to give Nikolas and Emily a push towards reconciliation. Jax tried to enlist Liz's help set up Nikolas and Emily, but Liz thought that Jax should stay out of it. Their talk was cut short when Courtney suddenly appeared. Courtney informed Jax that she didn't appreciate the bodyguards that he had hired.

Liz excused herself while Courtney and Jax continued to argue. Courtney resented Jax's controlling ways. She made it clear that it was unnecessary because Helena had been confined to a sanitarium. After Courtney left, Jax quickly tracked down Liz to persuade her to help his cause. A short time later, Courtney returned to her apartment, where Nikolas was waiting.

Courtney apologized for leaving, but she explained that she had wanted to let Jax know that Helena had been dealt with. Courtney sensed that something was troubling Nikolas. Nikolas admitted that it was the one-year anniversary of his marriage to Emily. Courtney assured Nikolas that she would understand if he wanted to be alone. Moments later, Nikolas' phone rang.

Liz explained to Nikolas that she wanted to take Cameron to Wyndemere to pick some holly. Cameron had been eager to see Nikolas, so Liz wanted to make certain that Nikolas would be there. Nikolas promised to wait for them in the courtyard and then ended the call.

At the hospital, Emily approached the nurses' station to talk to Liz about returning to medical school. Liz was happy for her friend, but she changed the subject by asking Emily for a favor. Liz explained to Emily that Cameron had left his favorite toy behind at Wyndemere while they had been picking holly, so she wondered if Emily would go to Spoon Island to fetch the toy.

On the piers, Jax met with Coleman. Jax wanted Coleman to go to Wyndemere when Emily and Nikolas met later that evening. A short time later, Emily arrived at Wyndemere to find Nikolas standing near the fountain in the courtyard. They both realized that Liz had set them up. Emily and Nikolas acknowledged the significance of the date as Coleman lurked nearby in the bushes with a camera in hand.

Jax stopped by Courtney's apartment to apologize for assigning bodyguards to watch over her. He admitted that he had gone overboard. Courtney argued that he always realized it after the fact. Jax conceded that Nikolas would never intentionally put Courtney or the baby in harm's way. Courtney appreciated Jax's comment. Jax feigned surprise when he pretended to notice that Nikolas wasn't there.

At the police station, Detective Cruz Rodriguez hauled Lorenzo in for trying to flee to Buenos Ares. Lorenzo insisted that it had been a business trip, but Mac and Cruz didn't believe him. Mac threatened to have Lorenzo charged with aiding and abetting a kidnapping if Lorenzo didn't cooperate. Lorenzo had no idea what Mac was talking about, so Dillon stepped forward to explain that Diego had escaped the police station by taking Georgie hostage. Lorenzo was surprised by the news, but agreed to cooperate because he didn't want his son harmed when the police caught up to Diego.

Diego took Georgie to a cabin in the woods. Diego explained that his father had recently purchased the cabin, so that he could spend some time with Diego as they bonded as father and son. Diego led Georgie to the fireplace, where he picked up an axe. Georgie drew back in fear, but Diego explained that he only intended to use the axe to break the handcuffs that bound them together. Diego revealed that he planned to set Georgie free, contact the police to let them know where they could find her, and then flee the country.

Georgie tried to convince Diego to turn himself in, but Diego refused to consider it. Georgie refused to give up, which made Diego wonder why she was so determined to help him after everything that he had done to her and others. Georgie conceded that she despised Diego for drugging and violating everyone who had hurt Sage. She didn't think there had been any excuse to justify what Diego had done, especially since he hadn't even known his cousin. However, Diego had been her friend once, so she wanted to help him.

Moments later, Mac called out over a bullhorn to warn Diego that the cabin was surrounded by the police. Mac urged Diego to give himself up. Georgie promised to stand by Diego's side, so he agreed to surrender. Georgie yelled out to Mac that Diego was unarmed and ready to walk out. As soon as Diego left the cabin, the police swarmed on him and then quickly placed him under arrest.

A short time later, Diego was led to the interrogation room at the police station, where he was left alone with Lorenzo. Lorenzo felt that he had failed his son, so he was determined to stand by Diego's side. Lorenzo realized that he had no right to expect a perfect son when Lorenzo was an imperfect man. Lorenzo wanted to be the father that Diego deserved. Diego was moved to tears as he walked into his father's outstretched arms. Lorenzo held his son tightly while Diego wept.

Jason and Sam returned to the Hawaiian beach house, where they had once stayed. It was just as they had remembered. Jason glanced around while Sam quietly wandered to the window to look out over the ocean. He approached her when he noticed that she was weeping. Jason worried that perhaps they shouldn't have returned to Hawaii.

Sam wiped away the tears as she pulled away from Jason. She realized that it was useless to cry over something that couldn't be changed, so she was determined to enjoy every moment that they had together. Jason smiled as he leaned down to kiss Sam. Later, Sam entered the living room with a tackle box that she had found. She announced that they were going to spend the day fishing.

Jason immediately grumbled, so Sam leaned down to pull off his boots and socks. She explained that walking barefoot in the sand was fun and sexy. Jason suggested that they simply shoot the fish instead of trying to catch them. Sam accused Jason of being afraid that she would catch more fish. Eventually, Sam managed to drag Jason to the boat.

Later, Sam gloated because she had caught their dinner while Jason hadn't caught anything. Her joy quickly turned to suspicion when she realized that it didn't bother Jason. Sam accused him of somehow rigging the fishing contest. Jason denied it, but Sam didn't believe him. They laughed as they entered the cottage and then tumbled to the floor in a passionate embrace.

A short time later, Jason wondered what was next on Sam's wish list. Sam made a couple of funny suggestions, which Jason quickly nixed. He clarified that he was interested to know what she truly wanted. Sam admitted that she would like to try to make a baby with him. Jason didn't think that he could leave Sam and their baby. He insisted that it wouldn't be fair to their child. Sam argued that it was inevitable that he would leave her because of his illness.

Sam was certain that after he was gone, she would be cold, empty, sad, and angry. However, a child would be her love, heart, and her constant reminder of him and what they had shared. Sam had accepted their fate, but she didn't want Jason to leave her alone. Jason looked deep into Sam's eyes, took her hand in his, and then led her to the bedroom.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Liz confides to Lucky how she helped arrange a "chance" meeting for his brother and Emily at Jax's request. Meanwhile, on Spoon Island, Emily and Nikolas indulge in a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Unwilling to accept the inevitability of Jason's demise, Sonny presses Robin to find his friend some help. Sam has a nightmare about discovering Jason dead. Carly tells Dr. Kim how determined she is to regain her focus and get well. Later, Carly is perplexed to see Luke masquerading as a Viennese psychiatrist interested in "consulting" on her case. Sam tearfully admits to her lover how she still can't wrap her head around the fact that she's going to lose him. Sonny decides to fly to Hawaii in hopes of persuading Jason to undergo the brain surgery which could save his life. Though Lucky accuses Jax of manipulating the people in his orbit, Liz reminds her husband how Emily and Nikolas deserve a chance to reclaim their love. Luke advises his niece to press Alcazar for an alimony payment in the form of his ELQ stock. Acting on instructions from Jax, Coleman secretly photographs Emily's encounter with Nikolas. Tony tells Robin about the one neurosurgeon who might be able to give Jason the miracle he needs. Liz suspects Emily of protesting too much when she insists no old flame was rekindled that night. Sonny implores an emotional Jason not to give up without a fight. Robin goes in search of Noah Drake and is surprised to find the once esteemed doctor face down in a seedy bar. Lorenzo agrees to sign his ELQ shares over to Carly, who then proceeds to doublecross her sputtering uncle. Sonny promises Jason he won't let him exist in a vegetative state if the surgery should fail.

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